Okay, im excited im a child with an adult toy mm. Hmm memory stick, so we dont forget, remember we have a bag, so sexy ready, ready, make sure it falls out right, Music, thats. It okay extra propeller blades the controller to play. I think the batterys already hooked in where is theres something missing: no there. It is theres a manual and theres wires. There should be wiring somewhere uh right. Maybe where are the wires its a charger battery? I think these are just, i think, its just the blades yeah, so we have extra blades because im a bad driver. Oh here it is wire charger, wire, extra blades charging, wire device box carrying case controller youre, just still recording youre so funny i dont know. If i have to cut this, but this is paper, should i take off the front? Oh sorry, safety tape, please remove the gimbal cover before you turn on the power switch. I remove the tape oops. You can actually keep this on as a safety precaution there. Gimbal gimbal gimbal cover gimbal. So this is the front, so you open the top yeah open the top first open the bottom. I think it comes with power. Lets just see if theres power, all right turn on you push the power button twice the second time you hold it. We we have power, theres, four dots but theres, three dots here so thats 70 charged as you can see, theyre flashing red.

That is because it is not connected to anything once it turns, i think, blue or green. That means its connected to a device im such a smarty, pants, whoa, whoa, all right normal mode, shes connected hey, should i play with it no way, no um uh.