This is the mobula sex it's, a 2.4 gigahertz bind and fly micro. What with a free sky, compatible receiver I'm gon na fly this with this, the tango 2 from TBS, but this is 2.4 gigahertz, 915 megahertz. How am I gon na? Do that and what's going to look like well stay tuned and you'll find out and you'll find out how you can do it too. Cuz know a lot of you got these little tiny whoops on 2.4 and you'd love to use the tango for good reason. It'S! Really nice so stay tuned watch. This video you'll find out how I did it g'day and welcome back to ask your model. Ruby'S got something interesting here for you. I hope I'm sure you'll all be interested now. Tibias sent me this tango 2 transmitter to test out to review and I immediately discovered oh gosh, I don't have any crossbar equipped craft here. I have. I have got some cross flag, give it a head and installed it in anything. So mmm. What can I test? It and how can I get a feel for this transmitter if I don't have a quad now I am building a quad I'm building. This quad, which is the speedy B II and I've, already got the air for the tires and other bits of places. So but it's gon na take a while, so vit yeah, maybe I'll just work on another project. Now this is a project.

You may also find useful, interesting and desirable. So let me know what you think in the comments now I have the mobula sex here. Does mobula sex? It is a micro fpv, whoop whoop whatever, and this one is a free sky. This is on the Box. Free sky bind and fly, so it comes with a little board which has a built in receiver and flight control when it's sort of stuff. You see so, but the problem, of course, is that this is grass fire. This is 900 megahertz, and this is 2.4 gigahertz. So mm hmm bit of an issue and, as you can see, this has not been modified in any way. This is a stock standard, tiny. What was it mobula sex? Absolutely there's? No, in fact, you still got the original antenna on here somewhere there's one antenna there. I think that might be the RC, and all this is the. I don't know one of them's 5.8 for the one's for the 2.4 receiver. So this is on 2.4 gigahertz, okay, let's get that quest rate and here's the crossfire on 900 megahertz. Now, hmm, if I hold it really close, do you think it'll work? Do you think you'll be so much power from the crossfire that it will work thing? Will it so let's try, arming it and see what happens whoa? Do you see that I just moved a bit further away: ooh it's, pretty Schmidt, look at this how's that work mmm, okay, let's just see if the your works, oh, how about role? Yeah, oh that's, interesting, isn't, it okay, I'm gon na move the camera back a bit I'm gon na try and fly this little micro wop with the crossfire transmitter.

You see how that goes. Okay, now, probably won't be able to get my hands in shot. I don't know I can't see it I'll turn that turn the little thing around. Can we see that here we can see the transmitter? Hopefully we can see the transmitter of trying hold up here and you can see there my input, so I am at you flying this thing: okay, that's and probably crashing it because I'm, not very good at flying on a site in here say: Music. You know I'm just hovering it. Oh here we go as you can see, your blue one was a bit sensitive, but hey. How can I fly this 2.4 gig Modula 6 from the crossfire tango and I must say the transmitter feels very nice in my hands. This is yeah. I, like it, I'm liking this trend with this batteries flat I'm. Sorry let's disarm, need to charge a new battery, but saw it here folks, you sword here what kind of evil magic is this? I should also point out, of course, that this is a stock stain. I haven't opened this. This is just EPS, there's no stuff in here no extra stuff. This is absolutely stock standard, tango, transmitter unmodified in any way – and this is an absolutely stock standard – modulus X, unmodified in any way. So how did I make this magic happen, and how can you make this magic happen? Well, I'll. Give you a glimpse now, if you're interested, please mention in the comments and I'll show you how to do it.

I'Ll do a DIY on it. Well, maybe, as I mentioned in a previous video, maybe someone else will decide aside to say: hey we'll make these because everybody wants it for those of you who hadn't guessed now I'm. Looking at a quite a few of you will have guessed. This is how I did it. What we've got here is a little bit of a macrame, a little bit of basket weaving, but there are a few key components see here's a crossfire nano receiver. There you go and the output from that this is switched into ppm mode, so it's sending a serial pulse train out, and that goes into this free sky, DIY module that I've had lying around for ages and ages and ages. This is just the DIY I've got. It switched to d8 mode telemetry mode through this little has a little switch here. So what happens here is the crossfire transmitters broadcasting to the nano receiver, the Nano receivers in turning that into a pulse train which goes down here into the 2.4 gigahertz transmitter, which then transmits it out to the little modulus X or any other any other tiny watt. Micro or any other model that has a frisk ID 8 compatible receiver in it. Ok, so this is what you would call a repeater. This is a it's, a repeater, and it also does a conversion. It converts from 915 MiG's down to up to 2.4 and it just the pulses through.

So what we've done is we put a man in the middle we've got this unit sitting in between transmitter and aircraft that's all I've done. So, as I said, this is not modified in any way. This is not modified in any way. We'Ve just used a bit of external smart, so it's quite I know a lot of people have got plenty of little craft like this and they would love to fly. These craft with crossfire well hi. This is one way to do it, and I think these will used to be like about 20 bucks and now you've got your cost of you know. Any old crossfire receive you got lying around. You could use that and instantly all those little whoops that have got the free sky compatible d8 receivers. You can use with you tango and I'm loving this little transmitter I'm finding it I'm warming to it quite a bit: it's it's, really nice it's, initially Oscar. So it doesn't have any damn trims, but it it. You can change the terms with it'll really leave it here. You can actually trim the stuff, so the lack of trim levers, isn't, an issue and if it's nicely in my hand, it's nice and light. But the best thing of all is I can throw this in my backpack and although this isn't the pro model, so I wind up breaking the spring the sticks. Eventually, I guess you know it's it's so much easier, then throwing a Tyrannis or a 2 X, 7 or even a jumper 16 in my backpack.

I just love it now. Having said that, I've got some stuff from jumper today, which I'll show you in a future. Video which looks like they're, trying to slim down the transmitter a bit but hey there, you go now. If you've got one of these old DIY kits, you could use that or if you've got an old frsky transmitter module. Now, back in the old days, we all had the transmitter modules. I think I do think I've got one laying around here: that's, the the J or the JR or the Futaba compatible transmitter modules. You could use that instead of this DIY kit, if you've got a telemetry capable module, you could use that wired in. But what I'm thinking here is to make this much useful instead of using one of these use, one of the multi protocol modules – I'm, not a multi protocol board, so you could then use your tango and your crossbar connection to connect up to anything. You know that the multi protocol transmitter module will handle so yeah just take the PP melt into the multi protocol module and then you can bind up to just about anything a flight with you, Dan go brilliant. I so I know I don't think we will see a lot of little quads like this I'm coming out of China with crossfire support. Why? Well? Because I doubt that team black sheep really want to release the inner workings of the crossfire protocol to a Chinese, because I think there could be a little bit of copying cloning a little bit unauthorized reproduction going on.

If they did so. I think they will keep it close to the chest now. I know they do have their own little tiny, what a meteor 65 or something I think I can't remember. But this thing he was talking about at the other night on his live stream, so yeah they you can buy across for equipment machines. But if you've got already got ones and you want got them and you want to fly them with 2.4 bingo there you go, you know probably 30 40 bucks with a gear odd and what the nanos are worth in New Zealand. These are about four thousand five hundred and twenty seven dollar 65. I think I paid for that one. He thinks it's been to the New Zealand but yeah for a handful of pocket change. All these now become able to be driven from across fire transmitter. Yes, so there you go more reasons to Russia and by tango to I suppose, because now you can, what put it with your favorite little thing anyway, a full review of the tanker coming up. I just wanted a machine that I could not lift a bit sitting. This up – and you know, going through the process, so yeah I'll give you the full review on this coming up very soon. But if you would like me to do I step by step, walk you through hold you by the hand. Basically, you know grew, come you here and all that sort of stuff show you how to do it.

I will get hold of a multi protocol. Module and I'll do a little DIY for this show just which wise are sold aware and away you go and as long as you've got even basic soldering skills, this will be a walk in the park or, as I say, someone is bound to come and say Well, we can make money on it, let's build it and it'll be don't, bang, good or whatever, maybe it'll be a bingo no expose because they went they don't sell crossfire receivers, but maybe they'll provide one that you just like a crossfire onto or maybe team black Sheep will say: hey, this would be good, will sell more Tango to transmit, as if we provide a box like this and I'll make one, and then you won't have to bother building it yourself. But here you go that's it enough renting for today on RC model reviews. I thought this must be quite useful and fun and now I'm going to go and do some flying okay. This could end badly it's a bit 4p down with rain, so I'm going to work very quickly here, but I never fly. This is not a fresh battery. It'S turn all this gear on not a fresh battery, so we won't get much flight time so I'm plugging in the relay you know. Turning on the 10 go to I'm gon na sit these goggles up to record because my skies have stopped recording.

Sadly, they are broken. I love them. They'Re wonderful! I just wish they weren't broken, but they still work, but they just don't record today. Alright let's put this here. Yeah come on wise either way. My skies along trust me there's. A lot of work involved here. Ryan gets the end, it's very close pocket. You should have a picture, we do say record okay, so you get what's going. Okay, I've got this I'm here at the main camera I want to. I want you to be able to see my hands as I fly. This is gon na, be a bit tricky a bit dodgy, but we'll see what happens so. Let'S go to ear mode. Let'S go oops throttle down here. We go switch we're armed it's fly whoo. So, as you can see, we don't have a lot of voltage, but we are flying bit of jell o on this at the moment. Yes, she doesn't yeah. It does flips. Oh yeah, perfect. I can. I can detect no latency with this at the moment. So this is flying very nicely for an old guy. What better make sure I got this camera shot, so you can see what I'm doing. Hopefully, I can't see because I got my goggles on so I may not be in shot yeah I'm having good time. Hopefully, I've got most of this in shot, but I don't know may end up being a complete that's all down to three point: one a bit early and because it's really the low point for these let's see if I can land in the back of their truck Without landing on all that wiring, no, I totally am in the growl in doubt here, because there's all sorts of iron in the grass, if I'm filing some things, I ended up getting one of the motors stuffed on the mobula before so I'll.

Just whoops nearly had a battery 3 volts it's landed here. There we go this arm, you go so that was that that was it. I shall now go and get there. I hope, I'm hoping that wasn't sharp hard and I it's going get the quad gods too. Small, I can't find it here.