This little drone did pretty good indoors, but i wanted to test it outdoors today is not the best day, its january 2nd 2022. Just the beginning of the new year, although its not raining its really misty and wet, and we have a seven mile per hour wind, i dont know how this little guy is going to do, but im going to try it out anyway, its difficult to get any Good day to fly these little things outdoors so lets see if its going to be able to take it. Okay, everything is set for the little guy. I dont know how its going to do im just a little worried about this phone holder has been sliding lately. So i i need to make sure to hold everything correctly. Okay lets start the video, because i want to have a lot of footage. Although the lighting is not that good, okay, the video starts recording – and maybe you should arrange the camera now lets leave it at this angle, whatever it is and lets do a calibration again calibrate it lets get started and im going to set it to 100 because It is breezy, as you can see its flying away and then full full left and im trying to bring it back. Music lets see if i can do a little bit of a forward flying come wow, it is flying away, the wind is taking it kind of. I am just following it to bring it back, and this is full back towards the wind and still moving forward.

Let me get it a little down in the altitude because its flying away right now, so i need to land it. Okay, i landed it because it could not overcome the wind, and i think it has. It has been too much for it. Of course, it is not happy because it kind of like did a kind of like a sideways crash landing, so lets make sure that everything is straight but im going to continue recording the video just so you can see what the quality is and maybe try it Again, the wind is uh stronger than i expected and its shoving at seven, but when it goes up a little bit, you know its. The wind speed increases so lets this time. Take off this orientation and again lets do a calibration just want to make sure that everything is right and lets take off again all right here we go yeah, i mean this is uh kind of pushing it forward towards the wind, and let me get it down Its full forward and its still kind of coming towards me and towards the back and from time to time the wind speed decreases a little bit and then it can just go slightly forward. But right now its full forward. And if i decreased, the speed lets use the speed button. So this is oh no. Actually this is flying better now, maybe the app didnt maybe register okay. So probably when the app is not on, i was i was wrong.

I was still at 30 sorry about that. So now its at 100 percent, its its flying pretty good and its coming. It can come back if i can rotate it its turning im, trying to bring it towards me and landed again it just the battery went too low start blinking and it could not overcome the wind anymore so now its blinking because of the battery light. Anyway. Let me stop the video long press should stop. I didnt im going to use the app instead. Okay, the video should have stopped now and lets take a couple pictures all those they are going to look like really bad, but uh lets take a picture over here. Like this, so it made the sound and the lighting is really bad right now it is uh close to 4 30 p.m and its already getting dark. One of me alright folks. Well, this is definitely not an outdoor flyer when its windy outside and uh, but still for learning on a good day or indoors. It is pretty good. I like it for what i paid it kind of makes sense to buy something like this for learning for practicing again its a mini drone, its really small, so it doesnt have much juice to be able to overcome any wind thats five miles per hour or over Right now, its good to have two batteries, because the batteries dont last very long, probably this was like five six minutes on a full charge.

So you know if you are, if you can get the two or three battery version, get that one other than that. It is what it is. It is good its crashed into the wall, no damage at all. I like the the transmitter. Everything was labeled, as you have seen the video and photos. I dont think they are hd quality 1080 quality, probably its just recording at a much lower quality and upgrading it electronically, just to increase the number of pixels thats. What i think, but what do you expect its like? 25 drone? All right, i decided to do one more short flight with the second battery uh lets, start the video and then im going to increase the speed immediately to 100 percent. Three beeps calibrate it and then arm and fly because the previous flight was way too short and im just going to try to keep it close by its the flyby and come back, not sure how the how well the video is right now. But i think i didnt charge this battery fully, so its already giving me showing me low battery alarm and then the wind keeps changing, picking up and changing Music, as you can see all right, i think its time to land this time, hopefully without crash landing. It im going to do manual landing lets, see if ill be able to make it on top of the helipad, its very breezy, as you can tell all right, i just missed it, but overall it is pretty good.

I mean 100 percent was able to handle the breeze with a lot of tomb action all right folks.