Today Id like tointroduce, a probably useful and fun gadget for your drone thats, the Flyfire drone parachute Manti 3.. They have two versions: one is thestandard, while the other is the plus, which comes with a larger size. Canopy. In the box, you willfind different accessories for different drones., Like this black carbon fiber bracket is for theDJI Phantom series just attach it to the drone landing gear.. While for the DJI Mavic series, you just use that strap to attach to the body of your drone. Nothing will block the sensor or something. Just to show you how it works. We attached the Manti 3 parachute to 5 water bottles just for the show. Short press once and long press for 2s. Then it enters the airdrop mode. BTW make sure its horizontal. When you activate this mode, otherwise it wont work, We ascended the drone to about 65meters height and then Thats itAll 5 parachutes opened.. After that, of course, the first thing was to find the parachutes., As you can hear, it will beep, so you canfind it easily. After you found your parachute long press the button to turn off the beep. Yeahthat thing on our trousers made us look like hedgehogs., But As long as you can find your parachute or your drone in real life, it is totally worth it.. The beep can be clearly heard around 50 meters, so you got ta act quickly, just in case other people go and steal. It.

. We also tested on a real drone and its an FPV drone. We just rolled it in the sky to simulate a power failed drone to see if the Manti 3 can detect and open the canopy.. Yes, it worked and the descending process was slow and stable.. Of course later we found the drone and also tested it. It performed as good as new.. Alright, one last question you might have is: can the Manti 3 be reused after already opened? The answer is no., Unlike the second generation which you can fill back the canopy and then reuse. For the Manti 3. You just replace it with a new parachutecapsule., Take off the base by using the Allen Key and then screw back a new parachute capsule.. Well, in this way, the cost is higher, obviously, but much more convenient and also avoid the failure that you might not be able to open after refilling like the Manti 2.. Anyway. Do you think this is a practical tool for your drone and makes you feel safer or just a useless gimmick gadget that only consumes more battery? Let me know in the comments section., Of course, special thanks to my partner Beibei for providing the content.. Please subscribe. If you think this video is entertaining anduseful. Thanks for watching.