? This is what im going to show in this video. So stick around till the end, so we know that standard 5.8, gigahertz fpv goggles dont work with normal drones, the only way to actually seat what the drone sees in a pair of gobbles is to have the screen. In this case, the phone inside a pair of gobbles, but the problem is that most vr goggles you can buy online, have binocular vision, which means they have two round lenses inside, and for that you need an app that splits. The screen view in two. While there are apps out there like lichi, that can split the screen, it only works with some specific dji drones and not the dji mini 2. In this case, you also need to buy the app as well as the goggles and it doesnt work with any other drone. One simple solution to this problem is to have the other kind of vr, gobbles ones with one big lens, so you can see the entire screen. This way the resolution wont be downgraded. The goggles i have here today are called drone mask and they are quite well suited, especially for drum use. The process is quite simple: you connect the controller to the foam of the longer cable. You put the foam in the goggles, you adjust the focus and voila lets dive a bit into some characteristics of the drone mask first and then well. Take it for a ride to see how it works.

Doesnt come with much in the box. Besides a bag and the manual, this thing seems to be designed in finland. These are the goggles and they feel more premium than other cheap plastic ones, because the exterior is made of a rugged textile material that doesnt keep the heat in as much. They have a sort of hole in the front, maybe for cooling or foam camera use. The padding is quite comfortable and felt pretty good sitting on my face, just like my girlfriend. The only drawback is that this type of gobbles are quite big, and the center of gravity is in front, so youll feel the weight on your face a bit. The strap is completely adjustable and pretty secure. The front compartment is opened by a zipper and its quite easy to access it inside. You can actually see that the lens is quite good quality and the image is pretty sharp. This is probably the most important differentiation compared to other types of vr goggles out there. The socket for the phone to fit in seems frail, but its actually quite solid, and i didnt have issues with it so far. It is a bit more difficult to fit phones with cases like mine, but its achievable. The distance of the screen can also be adjusted too, although i must admit, is a bit difficult to connect the goggles to the dji mini 2, for example. You may first add a longer usb c to usbc, cable or whatever kind of foam you have.

I recommend at least a 1 meter cable for the proper length. You then connect it to the phone close. The zip tie until only the cable sticks out and the setup is ready to go. Of course, i would first recommend connecting to the drone itself, so you dont have to fiddle around with the screen. You can see how clear the image is in there. It feels like youre at the cinema. This reminds me that you can indeed watch any movie or youtube videos in this mode and it completely changes the experience you can wear the goggles with glasses as well, but i dont wear any, although some sun shade would be nice to start. I put the drone down and insert the foam in the gobbles. I still have to learn how to do this faster. Then i connected the long cable between the phone and the dji mini 2 controller and closed the phone holder on the controller completely after the app is all set up. I close the zipper and put the goggles on my head to check how it looks. I definitely look really weird with the goggles on my forehead like that, but a really ugly rhino. In this case, i had to first launch the drone with my line of sight because its too dangerous to do it otherwise, on a balcony, as it flows away to a safer distance, i put on the goggles and fly it in fpv mode.

Unfortunately, i cant show you what the image looks like, even if i try, but you can see over here, that the image is quite crisp, even through the camera, its like piloting, a drone in a cinema. It changes the experience of flying drones. Quite a lot, in my opinion, especially on a sunny day like this Music.