Youve seen elf, on a shelf no on a girl. You can focus on flying while he gets the shot, he can shoot in any damage. Shout there now. The hardest thing about drone videos is that you got ta. Do two things at once: you got ta fly the drone, while also moving the camera cinematically its hard enough that some drones even have a dual operator mode, where one person flies a drone and the other person can focus on moving the camera. But even that requires very careful coordination and what, if you dont, have any friends, fortunately theres a simpler way, using a drone that can let you focus on flying and aim the camera later? Yes, really. This is a 360 camera drone. So is this and this and this and this and they have another one at the bottom of the ocean, but thats a story for another day. Now you might be thinking well, i dont really care about shooting 360 video and thats okay, because three 360 drones are not just for 360 videos. What these drones are most useful for is to let you focus on flying instead of trying to get the shot. When you capture a video using a 360 drone, you can reframe the video any way you want. You can show any direction or even multiple directions simultaneously, but thats only half the story, because 360 drones are also invisible, hey mac. You know i can see the drone its right in front of you.

Of course you can see the drone, but in the video the drone is invisible. Wait. How did that happen? See 360 drones carry a 360 camera like this. The 360 camera has one lens facing up and another facing down. Each lens can cover around 190 degrees, put those two together and you have a fully spherical 360 view, but look at this area here, its not captured by either of the lenses 360 drones are designed to be thin enough to fit within this area. This tiny blind spot and when the 360 camera combines the images from the top lens and the bottom lens, the drone disappears and thats. Why theyre also called invisible drones? Okay, thats cool, but does this work in the real world im gon na? Let you decide for yourself see im a licensed drone pilot and one time i shot a drone video for a dental office, and i offered to do the drone video, both with a regular fpv drone and an invisible 360 drone. So lets compare the shots: Music, Music, Music. While you were chasing everything else, but me im, starting to break Music Music. The future starts right. Music. The future is now Music. The future is Music. Now im not backing down cause the future. The future is now not backing down cause. The future is known. Music now, im sure there are pilots out there who could have done a better video than the one. I showed you with a standard fpv drone, but my point is that even with my meager skills, these are the shots that i could get with a standard fpv drone versus a 360 drone.

Now, although 360 drones are really awesome, they do have some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage, in my view, is that they have a stitch line. Remember that blind spot that we were talking about a while ago that stitch line well, if anything, crosses that stitch line, youre going to notice a little bit of the stitch line. So when flying a 360 drone, you got to make sure that that stitch line falls into an area thats not super critical or at least not very close to the camera. Another disadvantage is that it has a lower bit rate and lower resolution compared to a gopro. So gopros can shoot at 4k or even 5k, whereas reframed 360 videos using a 5.6k camera will appear as something like 1080p. Another thing is that the lenses on a 360 drone are totally exposed. If you put anything around them to protect the lenses, those can show up in the video so flying a 360 drone requires you to be extra careful. The pavo 360 has a landing gear that helps solve that problem. Im going to talk about that later on. Lastly, these 360 drones are fpv drones. That means theyre fully manual and theyre, not assisted by gps, unlike dji drones, where you have stabilization from gps, so theyre much harder to fly now, if you want to learn fpv in the easiest and simplest way, then check out my new channel fpv for dummies. So, just as i showed you a while ago, there are several 360 drones in the market, which one should you get now here are a couple of them.

This one is the stan fpv cinebert, and this one is the beta fpv. X9 360.. They fly reasonably well in my opinion, but the problem with them is that the 360 video that they capture has a little bit of waviness along the stitch line, kind of like jello and im not really sure how to get rid of it. Now these are newer ones that do not have jello. This is the newbie drone invisi 360., its a 360 drone thats designed to fly indoors as a cine whoop. You can see its much more compact than lets say the x9360. It was also revolutionary in having two separate batteries on either side of the drone, which helps with weight distribution, so its very evenly balanced. The even weight distribution helps it fly really well now. The issue with this drone is that is severely underpowered when im hovering. My throttle is something like 60 plus percent. Now remember that drone video that i showed you well, i also did a video outside and the first time i tried it with this drone. This one didnt have enough power to arrest the descent, so it i actually crashed and ruined one lens now. This is the newest 360 drone. This one is by beta fpv, its called the pavel 360.. It has design cues that are inspired by the newbie drone invisi 360.. It improves on the invisi 360 in several important ways. One of them is power. This has way more power number one.

Its got larger motors two, the motors have higher kv, and three. This is powered by 6s, whereas this one by default is just 4s, so this is way more powerful. Another major improvement is this retractable landing gear. This is the first bnf 360 drone to feature a retractable landing and its really useful to me. I always leave it down like on practice runs, and i only lift it up when im doing the actual shot, so it minimizes the risk to the camera. Now the powerful 360 does have an issue which is banding in low light in low light. You can see these like waves around the camera, and the good news is that beta fpv has worked with insta360 to find effects for it. Now, if you want to learn details about how its fixed its here, but going forward better fpv says that all their inventory will be fixed so that this will no longer be an issue now. Another disadvantage of the pavo 360 is that the camera is more expensive. This one is the smo 360., its kind of like a modified version of the insta360 one r and its about ‘9 dollars. Now the invisi 360 uses an insta 361r, but it doesnt use the whole thing. It just uses the 360 mod and the core mod. So uh this one, if you buy it by itself, this is like, i think 200, and this one is like a hundred dollars or so so, if you have an if you crash it and scratch it, this will cost you about 300, this one.

If you crash it and scratch the lens well thats going to cost you like 400, so which one would i use well, if im shooting purely indoors, then i would choose the invisi 360.. Why? Because the insert 361r is shorter, it has a smaller stitch line. So the smooth stitching will be smoother, not only that, but the tuning, in my opinion, is better than the pavo 360.. On the other hand, if the flight is outdoors or both outdoors and indoors, then i would choose the pavel 360, because its more powerful motors can handle outside conditions much better and can handle things like rapid descents much more than the invisi 360.. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, i do my best to answer all questions now this week is super.