Its called the drone mask from our good friends over at movie mask and before i get too deep in all the nerdy details of what makes this product so cool. I thought id give you the back story on where it came from, because anytime i find a new product thats. Incredibly interesting. I immediately start thinking about the person that sat down at a kitchen table with a blank sheet of paper and designed this product. What problem were they trying to solve, and did they really accomplish that task? Now? The back story in this one is incredibly cool, because this product was started back in 2016 by two young students from norway, eric wallstrom and harold manheim. Now they came to the us. I think it was california and decided to go to a movie and i think they walked into one of those imax theaters, where, when you come in the movie, it seems like the screen goes on forever. The sound is absolutely amazing to watch the movie hateful eight, which is a quentin tarantino movie, and i am a huge tarantino fan, so im immediately a fan of these two guys, but when they left the theater, they thought boy. That was amazing that that film was tremendous and i felt like i was right there in the action. Why is it different when we go home and watch it on our widescreen tvs its because theres all this ambient stuff going on around you and they thought why dont we try to find a way to bring that movie experience home.

So you can have some of that in your living room and they originally designed this product as the movie mask and essentially what it did was take your phone put it inside the unit and its got a set of lenses in there that magnify that image to The point where its so big and so bright that you feel like youre in the movie theater and a couple of years later, either they started flying drones or people suggested it. They thought you know what this would be: a perfect solution for fpv on drones. Now, if you dont fly fpv today, first person view is a different way of flying your drone, its its almost like youre, superman and youre strapped to the bottom of the drone. You feel like youre up in the sky matter of fact, when im flying fpv for some reason im looking up as if i mean im, not really looking at the drone im looking at a screen, but you tend to look up. You tend to move around a lot so whenever i fly fpv, if its a long day im going to sit down a little bit because ill tip myself over and thats a question i have to give you dont fly it for a long time, especially if youre A little bit older or youre on medication, where youve got dizzy, spells that kick in or youve got heart conditions fly a little bit. Take it off fly a little bit more, its not dangerous, but its so immersive that you feel like youre in that drone and that throws off your perspective quite a bit so always take a break.

The other thing is you: cant fly fpv without a spotter, so every time i go out with this mask, ive got a buddy with me: ill fly for a little bit ill. Let him fly for a little bit and ill spot for him, and that way you can go back and forth. You really shouldnt fly fpv, because if youre flying first person view and dont have somebody around you, you cant really see the airspace around your drone. So again, the rule is if youre flying fpv have a spotter with you, but back to this, so they went to the movie theater and came back and said were going to design this product. Now they spent thousands of hours. Hundreds of meetings designing this prototypes having manufacturers, send them equipment and whats so unique about this product, unlike other fpv goggles and fpv headsets, and if youre using vr goggles, is that its incredibly simple, its, not complicated theres? No batteries? No software, no special software to use it. You basically use your phone youre using today with your drone controller, you snap at the front of the unit and theyve got a set of proprietary lenses. Theyve developed that actually magnify that image to the point where you can see it crystal clear: you can wear it with glasses, you can adjust it to get the right focus length on it. Everything about it is incredibly simple and the best part is its universal itll work with any drone any controller any phone as long as it fits in the front of the unit youre good to go now the challenge with it, and this is something they solved, and I dont know how their companies missed.

This is that most of the fpv goggles that are out today are very proprietary, theyre dedicated. So, for example, if youre flying dji today, you may have seen these type of goggles now djis been a manufacturer of goggles like this. For a lot of years, essentially, what youve got inside a standard pair of vr goggles like this or fpv goggles? Let me try to separate these two get rid of that is youve got two lenses and in the front, youve got two high resolution screens, but the problem is when youre, generating an image in here, theres, actually a processor inside there. That will generate different images for both of your eyes and that doesnt give you a 3d view, but it gives you a bit of a 3d view of that image. So youve got two displays up front: youve got two lenses behind it and then youve got to adjust for your eye distance, the ipd distance, all the rest of that, but it does a pretty good job. The downside to a dedicated set of goggles like this is that theyre theyre tied to a certain operating system or a certain drone. So if you own, these goggles theyd work with some of your drones. But if you change drone manufacturers to autel or skydio or somebody else, you cant really use these theyre locked in to a manufacturers drone and specifically a manufacturers set of drones with this one. You dont have to worry about that because the only thing youre looking at is your phone.

So if your phone connects up to your controller, you can pop at the front of the unit and you can actually use it. Theres no issues the other challenge with this one is these tend to be really expensive, because those those screens on the front are high resolution. So youve got essentially two high resolution screens youve got a very specific set of lensing inside there. That has to be adjusted for ipd and everything else. With this one, its drop dead, simple. You basically open up the front of the unit like this. You flip this down. You pop your phone in right here, you close it up, zip it up and youre off and flying, and you can see the goggle lens is in there right now. So theres one big lens across the front of it and it just works fantastic and what they figured out in this world of prototypes came in, i think was they figured out how to actually take that single image and magnify it, but not throw it off because Theres all kinds of things that come into play: there are things around parallax, where both eyes really kind of have a hard time focusing on that front screen at the same time, theyve eliminated all those issues completely now early versions of this and some of the less Expensive versions you can buy for a couple of dollars, use an old style lens called a fresnel lens now fresno lenses, its sort of a concentric circles that are cut into a piece of plastic and really what it was designed to do is in years gone by.

Lighthouses needed a way to amplify the light, so they could see it miles offshore and that came from that french inventor fresnel. Who came up with the fresno lens, and it was basically designed to take a single source of light and spread it out for a long distance. It was really never designed to take a bunch of light and focus it on your eyes, but a lot of people use that fresno lens and it does an okay job. This is an optical lens, its actually, i think its lexan, but its a formed lens that actually takes that image and perfectly amplifies it or magnifies it. So your eyes see it and you can focus on it now. One other thing they figured out – and this is a problem with a lot of other goggle sets – is if this is a fixed length between your eyes and that actual image youre looking at its not going to be perfect for everybody, because our focal distance are different On our eyes, our eyes are further apart or closer together, i tend to have eyes that are closer together, so im a little beady eyed. A lot of people have eyes that are really wide and thats where the ipd comes in the inner pupillary distance, where you can make that adjustment to move the lenses back and forth what they figured out here was the way you can focus this theres a little Lever on the bottom, you can loosen that you can actually extend these out so that you can adjust that focal length to get it perfect for your set of eyes and then lock this and youre good to go the other cool thing they did with this, and This is important is that a lot of these goggle sets this one included.

Dont, really work well with glasses. Now i tend to wear, i dont tend to wear. I wear glasses that are 2.0, so its sort of correcting for my lenses because im getting a little bit older. Those 2.0s really focus in really well. The problem with a lot of the goggle sets is i cant wear those glasses when im wearing the goggle set. So i either have to replace those lenses with a 2x multiplier, or i just got to find another set of goggles with this one. You have plenty of room inside here to wear your glasses, while youre wearing the goggle set, which i think is really cool. Another nice thing they did is theyve got a really soft foam here, thats a breathable material. So its not like a lot of the goggle sets. I use tend to foam up and foam up to fog up over time, because youre outside youre sweating a little bit and the lenses get foggy. These i dont have that problem with the last thing ill say is its an incredibly durable design, but its lightweight. So you put this thing on im gon na look goofy and i dont care here we go, you put it on its almost like youre, not wearing anything, its its really that lightweight completely dark inside there. It just gives me, i feel, like im sitting in a theater waiting for the movie, to start its absolutely that that dark in there and that exciting and when you put these guys on theyre great but theyre, really heavy.

So you know youve got them on there. They do a pretty good job of balancing them across your head, but again theyre heavier than the other ones and thats because of the lensing and the technology and all the core electronics in there all right. So i love this unit a lot i didnt do the unboxing. Let me do that. So you get a set of goggles, you get a really nice carry bag. Thats got the drone mask on the front of it there, so you can put that in there and protect it, not get it dusty youll get a instruction manual, theres, not a lot of instructions. Everything i just explained to you is in the instruction manual, but you get an instruction manual and you get a really nice. Thank you card and heres a picture of the development team that worked on this and again im such a huge fan of inventors in general, and when you have young people that say you know were going to do something different. No ones ever done before were going to build this drone mask and we think its pretty cool and then have the persistence to spend the time needed to go through those development efforts to come up with prototypes and well that one didnt work lets. Try it a different way lets: try it a different manufacturer, different materials. We have to champion that kind of stuff because thats, where brilliant things come from so good in the team over at movie master building this i do want to show you how to connect up your phone.

So, for example, if youve got a standard phone like an apple phone, ive got an apple iphone over here. Let me connect that up. First, essentially, what youre going to do is theres two little clamps inside here right there that are expandable. You just put your phone in the first one: pull it out, put the second one around it like that, make sure theyre clipped in nice and tight then fold it up and thats it. You can zip it up and you can use your controller now. I did find one challenge with this because when i first started flying, i thought okay thats great. I got my phone in there, but my controller. How do i connect my controller to the actual phone? Because if youve got a controller lets, say youre using one of the new dji drones and youve got a controller like this. You have a short little cable inside the controller, and this is great if youve got a phone or a tablet up here, just plug it into that. But how do i make this long enough to actually connect to that? So i came back. I went out in the field to fly with it and didnt think that through i came back to the shop – and i said guys, we got a problem. I mean this is a brilliant set, but how do i connect my controller up to the the goggles? So we spent i dont know about three weeks.

Ive had this about a month, we spent about three weeks trying a wide variety of cables that in this case, its a usb c on the on the back of the unit. So i tried a usbc to my apple connector, no joy, didnt work or if i tried, if i tried ten cables, maybe three would work, itd be intermittent and the challenge is when youre flying in the open. The last thing you want is for the connection between your phone and the controller to go bad, so we sat down actually put together a custom set of cables that actually fix that problem for you, because connecting a cable from here to there may work for some Cables, it wont work for all of them and it could be intermittent for most of them. So what you need to guarantee that is, you need an otg connection on this end, so we we went out with the manufacturers. We worked with. We picked up a bunch of different otg connectors. A lot of them were kind of funky. Some were solid where they stuck in the bottom, and then that was awkward to close it up, and we came up with a set of otg connectors here that actually plug right into the back of the controller. So theres two sets theres one thats, usbc thatll plug in there that mates up with a female usba and then the kit we put together would have that with whatever cable you need.

So, if youre flying with an apple product, youll connect up the usba here, just like this and get this guy out of the way, connect up the usb right here and then plug the other into your phone. The other end of it into your phone and have it extend outside the goggle case. So you plug this into the phone really quickly. Then you can close the zipper up around it like this and youre good to go. So this will hang nice and nice and easy for you when you put this on your head and youve got this cable hanging off the back. Now. What we did was we had a couple of different manufacturers that tried to put products together for us im a big fan of having these nylon coated cables that are really really flexible, and this works really well, because it gives you strain relief off the back of The controller – and this will work just perfectly now, theres in the kit theres going to be two of these adapters weve got one here, thats the usbc for this one and, if youre flying another drone, whether it be an evo product, youre flying the older versions of The products from dji weve got one here: thats micro, usb that plugs in the side, but its the same connection here so essentially were gon na have two kits available were gon na have one that works with android. If you got an android phone like this thats usbc on the bottom, well have another one thatll work with apple, which is the standard iphone connection and thatll assure you that youve got a great connection between them and youre not going to have problems with an intermittent.

Now my concern again when i was up in the sky is a couple of times. I tried a ton of cables. We, i probably tried about 50 different cables, heres two that did work and the reason these work. This is an android product, its usbc. On one end and usb c on the other end and the reason these worked is because theyre the highest performance cables you can buy, these are typically used for charging and transferring video between this and a display. But these are like 35 cables and theyre as stiff as garden hoses. So theres no flexibility in this at all. So i got it working, but i hated it so we went out and we put together a kit like we do because we manufacture products. Our guys are engineers and they sit down and tinker with stuff, and they come up with this really nice kit that allows you to again connect up a cable right here and plug in the back of the controller and youre off and running its going to work. Every time for it, its going to just be great one added benefit of this is, if you have an android phone, this otg adapter will plug into a usbc connection on the android phone, and now you have an otg connection here, so you can connect up a Thumb drive a keyboard, a mouse whatever, as long as the phone supports otg youll be in good shape, apples a little bit more.

I dont know queasy about that. They dont like that, but if you do plug the the cable in on an otg for the uh, the usbc youll be fine and thats pretty much all i had for today. Now again i love this product. I think theyve done a phenomenal job, but i know whats going to happen. Youre going to get excited about it, youre going to buy them and again you can buy them directly from the company theyre not available yet on amazon or in the states. But the company has them on their website they ship by dhl. I think it took them about four days to five days to get them to me in the states, but you can buy them right from their website, but i promise you when you get them youre gon na get excited like i did. Youre gon na race outside to start flying and youre, going to realize pretty quickly. How do i connect it now? You may get lucky. You may have a cable that works, but if you need one thats going to guarantee to work every time, thats the kit, its two adapters and a cable and again were trying to make this reasonably priced. But everything in here is heavy duty. Its been well researched. Well, tested weve been flying with this thing for the last three or four weeks, and it just works really well so thats all i had for today. I think these guys have done a phenomenal job of this product, because what it does for me is it solves that fpv problem i can fly in any of my drones with any phone ive got no software, no batteries, no headaches nothing to charge, and it works Really well and that fpv experience, i have to say it again, flying a drone looking at it.

Looking at your screen, where you see what the drone sees through the camera and putting on those goggles that immersive experience its like youre superman youre flying through the woods youre flying over the rivers, its just gorgeous absolutely brilliant experience, so support these guys. I think its a fantastic product and i can totally recommend it.