My name is rudys and welcome to another youtube video. If you’re new around here consider subscribing as i post a lot of content about stocks, real estate, investing entrepreneurship, the whole bunch of stuff, um, honestly yeah, if you aren’t, already subscribed, consider subscribing, i don’t should hit 5 000 subscribers, but anyways let’s get right into drone Delivery, canada, ticker symbol, flt, a canadian stock. Now this isn’t, your typical gamestop or your amc or your you know, wall street bets. This is actually a stock that i’m actually going to look to purchase and hold long term. This isn’t, you know a meme stock or a short squeeze, is actually a company that i believe, has a lot of long term potential and a company that i am looking to hold long term. Now you see, this company is pretty cheap and it’s, currently trading at a dollar and 73 cents, i’m gon na get into what exactly the company does and why. I believe in them, but it’s important to note that recently, this company has actually been making some moves. You see just a few days ago, the company was trading at a dollar and 21 cents and again on friday, it closed at 1.73 cents. Now. Are we gon na see continuous upward movement in the next week to come potentially, but i do want to really emphasize the fact that for me, this is a long term play and whether it goes up or down in the short term that isn’t really going to Influence my decision on what i do so drone delivery.

Canada is, you know as obvious as it sounds a company that focuses on drone delivery. Now you see, they literally help deliver things with drones and drone delivery. Is this new? You know potential industry that could emerge out of nowhere. You know similarly to how electric cars is, something that knew something new that came out. Drone delivery is also something new that you know could potentially be making moves in the future, and i strongly recommend everyone to go check out their website and to own and to also do your own due diligence as there’s. A hundred percent gon na be certain things that i miss out in this video. The first and most important thing i do want to say, is they actually do not make profit on their company and for a lot of people that’s a huge turn off for me. I don’t really mind because i also want to say the fact that when i first invested into tesla they were not making profit, but i still invested into them and there are a lot of companies. You know that do tend to do well, but aren’t necessarily making profit when you start to invest in them. This is another one of those companies that i don’t mind, taking a risk with so just reading off the website. Real quick, which again i strongly recommend you go check out. Some key facts to know is drone. Delivery is a disruptive technology that is redefining the traditional logistics industry.

Obviously, this is, you know very good. I like people who are game changers and making moves in industries. Drones offer a most cost effective way or sorry, a more cost effective way to deliver cargo by minimizing shipping times and reducing operational and overhead costs, allowing businesses to grow their revenues and bottom lines. So it sounds like this company is really trying to help other companies and not so really focus on a consumer to um business. Standpoint i’m, assuming they’re looking to work more b2b, and we will get into that in a second. The website also states that industries. That would utilize this drone delivery service are endless, but can include healthcare, remote communities, airports, oil and gas, mining, career and logistics, and industrial and commercial. So a lot of people might already be thinking. Oh well reduced. What about amazon and the things that they’re doing with drones, that’s cool, but everyone needs to understand that i don’t think amazon is really a competitor to drone delivery. Canada or you know, flt, due to the fact that amazon is mainly working. You know from a you know, business owner to a consumer’s perspective, whereas drone delivery, canada is looking to help other businesses and really, you know, become on like a business to client business, to business transaction or again, very b2b and not b2c business to consumer. Another thing is they actually have a partnership with air canada now i’m, not too exactly sure on what ex like is precisely in that partnership, but to me that’s very interesting, because air canada is one of the largest airlines in canada, if not the largest i’m, not Too sure, but having a partnership at such a small company with air canada just sounds insane to me because let’s just say in the future that becomes a real like proper partnership.

That would just be insane for the company’s growth and for their marketing. They also have partnerships with university of toronto uft as well as ford. Another interesting thing is they actually plan on integrating ai to their services? For example, they plan on leveraging operational data connect collected by the company’s flight software as related to weather, air traffic patterns and package delivery patterns, including radar data vehicle and marine traffic data and battery and fuel consumption data. So basically they’re gon na they’re able to really intake a lot of data which to me is very interesting, because i find that companies that have access to a lot of data can then go leverage that data to either sell it or to even rent it out Or to just even innovate on that data, which, again to me that just means that company can have a lot of you know exponential growth just because of the data that they have and they’re able to collect and learn from. One thing that i would love to see with this company is: you know more proof that what they have to offer actually works and can actually change. You know the industry, for example, if a lot of people are going to be using this company, but they don’t continue to use them and it’s just something that is like a fad. I i’m not going to really be interested but again i’m willing to kind of put my money into this and just give it a shot because let’s just say on the off chance.

This does drone delivery does become, like you know, one of the biggest things or one of the best ways to deliver things. Then you know i would want to be. You know, on the beginning stages of a company. A lot of people are saying that this is the infancy stages of the company, and i 100 agree. This company probably has one of the most biggest potentials we’ve ever seen when it comes to newer companies. You know similar to my other video that i posted about. Tsnp it just or humble stock. I should say it just there’s, just so much potential and to me personally i’d. Rather, you know risk a bit of money and lose it all then be missing out and not reaping the rewards of getting in on this early. As more and more hype comes around this stock, i can personally see this stock breaking to the two dollar range within the next few weeks. We’Re gon na have to see what happens if there’s any like news that comes out negative or positive. Obviously, that will like highly affect the price of the stock because again remember this stock. It doesn’t really have much to show in terms of results, but it has a lot of potential and that’s why a lot of people are squirming to get in. Also. Another thing i do want to say is: the company is also pretty much like it’s, essentially a sas company, which is a subscription as a service company that’s the business model that they follow.

They also have three different drones. Um. They have, like you, know, a small one, a bigger one and then a much larger one and again i’m, assuming eventually they will have more drones or more like to their fleet. But again at the moment they only have three drones and, like i said guys, it’s going to be interesting to see where this company goes in the next few months and years when i’m going to be investing in this company i’m, not too sure exactly when i’m Going to be looking for you know what i feel like is a decent time to buy um if there’s any dips that come in the next few weeks, i’m definitely going to be looking into buying some shares. If you do want to know more about that um, i strongly recommend doing my free discord down below honestly. You guys can just come in. There talk about stocks real estate, whatever it looks like and yeah, i recommend joining that and i’m probably going to be buying some shares. As i said, i do also want to say remember guys: please do your own due diligence and if you have any questions or comments about this company down below in the comments, drop them and i’ll, see if i can answer them and i’m always interested in hearing Other perspectives, and, like i said, none of this is investment advice. This is purely for entertainment and educational purposes. Um, please only you know risk money that you’re okay with losing, buy low, sell, high that’s.

All i can say, and with that being said, guys pretty much wraps it up for this video, like i said, i’m on a mission to get to 5 000 subscribers.