I wan na go. Do you wan na follow Music? Do you wan na follow baby Music? Do you wan na follow baby Music Music, but they dont know what we have is real love, arent, you, sick and tired of having too high. I know a place Music. I want to know Music. Do you want to follow Music? Do you wan na follow Music Music? Do you wan na follow baby come with me, Music whats up everybody welcome to the live stream and apparently weve killed their whole website. I am here with james christensen, james. How are you yo, hey guys? Can you hear me? Okay, i think uh, i think they can uh and here let me switch over to this view. It says resource resource limit is reached. The website is temporarily unable to service your request. So apparently some people are seeing the movie start playing. I dont know if were going to be synced up yeah. If we do that, if not everybody starts at the same time, yeah whats the deal here. Everyone tried to log in at the same time and we crashed it im, also getting resource limit uh reached. Let me try it again: im going to reset the page here: no t1 ledly! I will not be streaming it. You have to have bought the ticket and stream it from the festivals website, but then were just going to chill with you, while youre watching it im. Also getting resource limit reached im going to screenshot this and send it over to uh the festival director.

Here i mean i think james. He said that we sold more tickets than uh he had expected, so maybe we are killing their website yeah. Four to five times the amount of tickets theyve ever sold before yeah thats kind of its kind of cool shows theres some interest in this wonderful film um. Can you watch the film for free later theyre currently? Currently, if you want to watch it, then you have to watch it uh as part of this film festival and at some point in the future, who knows how itll be distributed, but uh yeah uh. Personally, i would like to see it on a streaming service uh. I would like to stream a stream resource limit is reached im gon na keep hitting release. I dont think its amazon servers. I think their website is just crashing because their website specifically doesnt have the traffic capability to route everyone to aws. I think so um. If you got the ticket, you can watch it anytime before the 14th of november. So if you dont make it tonight, you can watch it before the 14th of november um yeah well its something we can always tie back to and say we crashed their side yeah. We crashed their site im going to continue reloading um Music crabtree at mike crabtree bro. You go uh, you said yeah yeah, you go to this page golden gate. International film festival, slash screenings, dot php here lets lets back up.

Even some people are having trouble figuring. It out you go here: goldengate internationalfilmfestival.com, you go to screenings2021 and you get a resource error because were killing their website. Go to screenings 2021.. Think about this guys think about it. We they did not have any technical issues. As far as i know, the entire festival, yeah and now were crashing it. Then you go and you hit the screening button and then you take your ticket and you put this number in right here, thats my ticket, so please dont use it. You put this number in from your ticket once you once the screening. Oh screening instructions, nope still didnt work. I didnt get a resource error, though uh so were all just trying to get past this. I hope that i hear that some people are watching the film. So thats nice yeah um yeah. They probably got in earlier like right at five minutes before i dont know, we started uh clicking on this. Maybe four minutes before three uh john rosner says. If its playing at the festival, i guarantee its on the internet, scrape the internet youll find it. So this is actually james. The very first time this film has been shown to the public if its streaming or anything. So if it does get uh pirated, then well know where it came from at least uh but uh. I hope it doesnt um, because uh i dont know about you, but uh im really looking forward to seeing this on uh streaming service uh, so that it can be.

My dream is that somebodys, mom or dad or sister or grandma, who has nothing to do with fpv, is scrolling on netflix or whatever, and then its like. Oh whats, this film and then Music. They they learn about fpv thats. My goal yeah. I think, in terms of you know the comment towards pirating, i think the fpv community realizes this is a beneficial film for all of us and we can all help to maybe be vigilant, keep an eye out for any kind of pirating, yeah, yeah um. I will personally dislike you if you pirate it uh, but you know eventually itll get leaked. Obviously everything does everything is on the internet uh, but uh yeah its. You know heres the thing james heres, what i would say if it was on a streaming service and you and i had succeeded at our goal of getting it out to the general public and then some like one guy was pirating. It id be like i dont care, but here in these moments, when it hasnt been picked up yet and its so precarious, it feels very precarious and if it leaks, then it can affect our ability to get it picked up. So its important that we sell the film to a distributor and they can get it to the most eyeballs possible thats. The goal for sure yeah um well have board isnt really annoyed. I paid and i cant watch it so im going to pirate it.

Well. First of all, you cant the currently. No one has pirated it. It doesnt exist, but second, you can watch it between now and the 14th. So you will not lose your money. You just have to watch it another time. People say so starting starting tomorrow. You know its on demand anytime, um. Liam wilson says the intro made me tear up. This is amazing. Thanks jb, oh, that means thats thats fantastic. It was supposed to make people cry at the very end of the film originally fyi and you moved it to the beginning. I did because yeah we just needed more fly footage up in the beginning, yeah yeah. It feels like an ending still feel like an end. Yeah very sentimental, but very strong emotional beat there at the beginning of the film. Now i mean if i could, patch the audio through somehow to your stream, where i could just play the file off of my computer too yeah. We could all be synced up. Um! No have boards, you didnt, say you were gon na pirate it. You said you want your money back, wait. What did you say? What did you actually say lets just argue about it. I paid and i cant watch so pirate this. It sure sounds like youre saying youre gon na pirate. It im not misquoting you. You said pirate. This youre either saying youre going to or youre encouraging someone else to blah blah blah um anyway.

Im still getting resource limitly reached while were trying to get in james lets. Uh lets talk about the film, though oh here, ive got this. On top of your face. I didnt realize i was streaming that page there we go never can see. You lets talk about the film james um when what was that remind me, the very first time uh. We talked about this film yeah, so i think uh you and i met um sometime in october, no no september. I think it was. We went to a race in tennessee in knoxville sevierville. We were at like some little whoop race, yeah and uh. I came up to you and i think at the time you were kind of getting into more of the 3d printing scene right and youre like. Let me see your prints and i had printed some prop guards for um. You know uh some prototypes, i think at the time it was either steels. You know rat what is it called again? The rat, i think its pretty much yeah. There was just like some three inchers that i was working on: some custom props prop cards and designing them um and i think also um. Now that specific one was from tommy and he i was looking at like different variations of some prop cards for his um acrobat acrobrat and basically um you were just taking taking a look at my 3d print job youre like howd. You get these layers whats.

Your resolution height, you know, and all that and uh what kind of material and then so we chatted from there and i think at some point i just said hey, you know no ones made a documentary on fpv culture really in terms of like just jumping on A feature film talking about it from the origin and what would it look like that kind of thing? And you said i thought about something similar. You know, and so we just started chatting at that point. So were talking about fall into winter in, like 2019, come january 2020. You know we knew already about the notice of coles rule making and um. We then had to just jump on more serious calls and start brainstorming. You know uh. What would this look like if we made a documentary and weve got to get out to washington dc and just start capturing this? So i think thats thats in my memory, thats kind of like how it started out and uh. You know there were some discussions with some other influencers and getting some good opinions and some guidance would you say: joshua yeah yeah, my my the idea that i had uh to start the project was uh. I have this idea to do a sort of a morning to to daylight. You know, dusk, to dawn, dawn to dusk, uh, where you, where you fly a bunch of locations around a city, and you know, follow the fpv pilots around and kind of make a.

I dont know i didnt have a really concrete idea and i think thats, one of the things that you really helped with, because you know i knew i wanted to make a feature film about fpv and i really didnt know where to go from there and you Said i well, i made a documentary and got it on netflix. Well, you made a documentary about that girl who uh sailed across the ocean right yeah. Is that right, right right and that was um back in like 2010 or 2011? I created this. I helped to produce this documentary. It brought on another company consulted the family, and we just happened to have someone who was a fan of this story. Who was a legendary hollywood? Dp uh bill bennett pretty much. He could just have entire crews come out to work for free on it because they wanted to work with them. You know its kind of a celebrity, and so it was a great great. You know uh experience for me coming out working in malibu and then working in la and various projects, but that specific project i felt like i had a lot of creative control. So you know when youre editing a feature documentary you have like. You know, youre. Writing it as well when youre creating it um right, and so we go back to principal. We we did our principal filming and we had archival footage that other companies that had passed on that said we dont know what to do this.

We captured this. This was going to be like some reality. Tv show took a bunch of that footage. We filmed a bunch of interviews and reenactments, and that was um yeah. It was. It went on netflix uh, but that wasnt until it went through at least a year and a half two years of film festivals, um and uh. You know i just took the credit as uh editor, but i sat in the directors seat. You know interviewing um, Music and doing some other things like you know, storyboarding everything, but that was probably my first larger feature documentary and i felt empowered by some uh hollywood producers who just basically like james. This is your project. Do it see what you can do and uh you know? I think that since that time i had taken on other smaller documentaries, but mostly um, just the love of start storytelling and you have to be strong at being able to seek out. Where is the story here, and how does this you know culminate into something? Thats, cohesive and uh documentaries are not just like a feature film, where you just shoot for two or three weeks, and then youre done. You keep revisiting over and over again gaps and topics and revisiting you know, interviews like even for this film. We did multiple interviews. Josh wanted to reshoot a whole interview, we shot my interview and i looked at the footage and um i i said: look james im not happy with how this turned out through no fault of your own uh, but i said: look, do you mind if we reshoot This because we we had uh, it was it was during spring, i think, of 20 or maybe summer of 2020.

. We couldnt we didnt want to go inside my house because we werent sure about the whole coven thing. It was a lot of uncertainty in the air and maybe covid and uh. So we sat on my porch and you did. You did the best you could with the lighting in the camera, but at the end i looked at it and i was like i really. I really dont like how it turned out. I feel like im being super picky, but its a film, its gon na be around forever, and if i dont, like my footage, im gon na hate it i said, can you come reshoot the whole interview with me and you i was like? I was like. I hate to ask you this, and you came back and weve reached out to basically the whole interview yeah and i think that um there was one or two other reshoots, because i released a um, a teaser. That was six minutes in october and then i think when i released that some people realized like either one i need to be on board in this and be one of the interviewees yeah, so we brought in a quite a few new interviewees after that october. Point last year and then also um steele also he was like. I need to reshoot, so i said: okay well figure it out well find the time um, and so i think you know beyond just interviews some a lot of uh.

The filming just gets revisited time and time again when youre doing a documentary, some people spend years on it. You know so, and i mean the difficult part is that its reality youre not trying to make up a story youre actually just trying to find the story in reality. So you have to be soaking everything like a sponge, and you know filming ten times more than in some cases, ten times more than youre, actually going to use yeah to find that, so i think im gon na im still not getting in to start the filming. If i, if i do start the film, we wont be all sort of watching it together, synced up, like i kind of imagine, we might well, i think streaming though it is streaming, some people are watching it right. I think everyone who is everyone who is watching it or jumps on board would probably see it at the same point. They would be synced up, but we wouldnt right, oh interesting. No, we wouldnt be playing it from the beginning, its not on demand yet its streaming. I see so if they watch it tonight, theyre gon na not theyre gon na miss the beginning at this point right exactly so they kind of at this point. You know youve missed 15 minutes of it. You probably should just wait and watch it tomorrow on demand. Yeah yeah, unfortunately, okay, so thats, our official call right now, uh the on demand.

Viewing will start tomorrow and you can watch it anytime between the 9th and the 14th. It looks like they are not up to uh to the technical requirements of our of our demand. I mean, i guess, its kind of cool that we crashed their server, its annoying uh to to the people who are trying to watch the film i mean you know. Jeff bridges is in here: hes got his uh experimental animation category film its about acting the first six lessons and uh. I mean you think jeff bridges might pull some people in and test the servers right, but i dont know i dont know um im still super excited and super happy that people will get the opportunity to watch it. Even if its not tonight, i know some people are disappointed that its not where theyre not able to watch it when they were planning on watching it. Maybe some people got together, or maybe you know, sat down with their with a big bowl of popcorn or whatever people do and now now its not able to work so thats, very uh, disappointing um. This is a its a small festival, i suppose, and they may not have the technical resources but see the lava lamp is on man. The lava lamp is always on the lava. Lamp is on its just. You cant see it its. There look its right there, its on its just, not that bright um. We could go through some other.

If you want, we could talk more about the film if you like it yeah. I would because people are here and we should at least hang out with them. Theyll be like okay, everybody good night. One of the things you said james was that you wanted to find kind of a through line for the documentary and – and i think you had a lot of perspective on what goes into making asics like you. Dont just shoot a bunch of footage, but you have to have well what are some of the things that go into making a good uh a good documentary yeah its like investigative journaling. You basically are just a be at first youre, just youre, just absorbing it. You have to have certain elements in order to anticipate having a successful documentary um. You know. The main question i come around is: why are you the one to tell it right? What do you have as an advantage in your network or access to key people in that topic in that field? Can you cover it properly thoroughly enough? Are you the one to tell it thats the first question i usually ask the second one: is you know, do you have someone whos very recognizable or famous to a degree, whos involved um, you know. In our case we dont necessarily have famous people. We just have a worldwide community and its influencers right, so there is a good following in fpd, but you know theres a political part to the documentary and so a lot of the time youre.

Looking at a documentary for something thats potentially going to highlight something that could be potential change, something thats, a hot topic politically, maybe or its about a niche topic, people dont know about, and it scratches their curiosity itch. You know theres certain things that make a good documentary that you need that are just elementary to what people expect in the genre, but then youre not going to have a successful documentary unless it has something recognizable to boast about. You know like you, have you know you have the inside scoop, you have the exclusive access to xyz topic. You know what i mean. That kind of thing is really. You have to weigh those things because i mean im: not the only one whos been in documentary feature documentary field and know that you can film for two or more years on a topic follow a subject, and it really comes to nothing because theyre, not famous enough. The subject isnt as noteworthy its not about a political change, it doesnt have the key ingredients, and maybe it does maybe it has some key ingredients but its still a flop, because you dont have the content to make a feature work. You know what i mean and so thats why you do see a lot of documentaries that are 30 minutes or less because theyre just thats all the content that we have thats relevant to the subject. You know yeah. Now we um we, i i dont, know how much footage you shot.

I mean i couldnt even begin to estimate uh, but the initial cut of the film you cut it into like three 40 or 45 minute episodes um with the idea being that it would be episodic on a streaming service, so you ended up well. How long was your first, edit yeah i mean the first edit is probably over two and a half hours. It was probably two hours 40 minutes. You know you want to start with a larger edit, because youre trying to just be comprehensive with the content that you have and then from there youre trying to trim it down into something thats. Obviously, more viewable people are not going to sit, you know were pushing it at two hours for a documentary, thats really yeah, um yeah its really because you eventually, we showed the full edit at rotor rampage, and it was a lot to ask people to sit down Because if youre supposed to watch three episodes, then you you know youd watch one and then the next night you watch another to watch. The whole thing in one sitting was pretty long and then you further edit it down to about two hours, which i think the final two hour. Edit is a really good edit yeah thanks um, i we had to cut out uh three channels, not that the other edit wasnt good for the record. It was more thorough. You know i mean in terms of the grand scheme of things we talked about part 107.

What it means to be a pro pilot in that regard and the development of the faa regulations where they were where they came in one chapter: it wasnt a long chapter. We cut it. We cut out a 10 or 11 minute chapter on building. Joshua came to my house, we we built it. You just wanted me to build you a quad, tell the truth. I do have that quad, yeah um, and so you know theres a 10 minute chapter all on building specifically and thats. Joshuas, like you know, core component to the film, but at the same time we had to pull it, because this is something that wasnt core to the film itself right in terms of the narrative. Does it build on as much so you have to kind of think about you know weighing in how does the cohesive chapter structure you know build on itself? The other one that we took out was um simulation. We had a whole chapter on simulation and why you know if youre going to get into fpv, you should start with the simulator. We talked about the different stimulators theres, some adjusting in there. You know Music but yeah. It was basically a whole other topic that we didnt mention, but people probably really you know we would think people should know that simulators exist and that you probably shouldnt just you know, get an fpv quad put together like a ready to fly and just rip it At your local park – and you know, ram it into something or chop your own arm off or whatever you might do.

You know you just need to uh. You know we. We want people to know like hey, theres, all these options for um easing your way into it, especially if youre a gamer, you know, and you can jump into um doing a virtual for at least 20 hours or 30 hours, whatever you want to you to feel Comfortable before you fly um, so these are things that like say, is an fpv community. We would think are great for people to know, but at the end of the day, um theyre not going to sit for more than two hours, so i had to cut it down to an hour 59 minutes. Well, thats. Always the challenge is to get something out there, that people will watch and we wanted something that thatll definitely hold them for the whole time. Um, i think, um the crisis with remote id was what really kind of galvanized our sort of vision of the film uh into that created this sort of focal point for the the drama of the documentary, which is that fpv is under threat. Um. In fact, we have two chapters in the film one about remote id and then one about the protest in washington, um and uh. You know its. I think its really great, that the film starts out saying fpv is great heres. Why we love it, and here are some people, some cool people and then says, oh and by the way, its under thread and then sort of turns a corner in in the third act and uh provides.

You know some hope and perspective yeah. Originally the first cut. I think what i have uh. The protest was like chapter three and then now weve pushed it. It was back, i think, its like at the 45 minute mark or 40 minute mark its pretty far back in terms of like you know so, thats why i allude to it and when you were edit. What i did was i sat down and i did a revisit on you know promising. You know whats coming up and why its important and uh doing a couple foreshadowing of you know heres heres an event thats happening um that we had to capture. You know the protest was really important and i think being able to just mention it up front in the film. I think that that helps so that they understand thats coming because originally you know there was nothing alluding to this is about a protest and about you know a community fighting for their their rights to build and fly and um. So you know all that comes its kind of like youre sculpting, a film trying to make it. You know, make sense to people who have no clue what this is um, and you know when you get when, when people watch flow state. What i really love in terms of the feedback that weve gotten um from events, private events, that weve shown it at um right, joshua, the one that was in uk also they were saying that yeah and the one that i did the first, even the first private, Showing i did the small one, um girlfriends of fpv pilots that would come and they usually are just kind of like uh were gon na go fly again.

You know how long were gon na be out in the park. You know how long were gon na go on this trip and you want to catch this. You know fly spot and theyre okay with it, but then we had this feedback that their significant other had this deeper understanding of their passion. After watching the film and some of them even said they wanted to start to get, you know pick up the goggles and fly themselves. I thought that was really cool. You know that was some feedback that you know definitely made my day. Um that you know someones significant other would would actually want to join jump in on their passion with them. After watching the film and just feeling like they understand a better picture of what what were about a lot of grumpy people in the chat im, really sorry guys, i dont know i know i dont know what to tell you uh its its its, not something that We have any control over im, still not able to get in myself um. All i can say is that all i can say is that your ticket is good until the 14th. You can watch it on demand, starting tomorrow. It might be yeah i mean were for our time. Its gon na be 12 am soon. I dont know if amazon keeps track of the time zone for them, specifically in the meantime. In the meantime, though, here we are youre here in a private chat with with me and the director of the film and youre welcome to chat with us.

I know you want to be watching the film right now and its disappointing that youre not. But what can you do? James? You are the director of the film you are, i like to say that um that i was the executive producer? Am the executive producer of the film, and that means i put up some money mostly and you were pretty much everything else, uh, how many credits do you deserve for this film james? I wish i could have given more to someone else, but you know it comes down to budget. You know yeah yeah. It comes down to budget so its like. How much could i afford to pay someone at my level of ability and film to do another role? Mm hmm for now, thats awesome. You kept you kept saying. I need to do this. I need to do that, and i kept saying is that something you need to do or is that something we can hire someone to do and because you spent how many you said you spent like 400 hours editing this yeah, probably his total. We probably was yeah a total of 700 hours in production 700., my god at least 450 in editing, but i mean its like managing two. So its not just me, we had the color house, we had the um, you know the the sound design going on the sound engineers um, and that was all in la. So we got some really great sound design and colorists working on it, and you know theres more to it theres an animator who did some animations.

I can do animation myself, but right. You outsource that yeah um and i think that um, you know if it when you get to hiring people to come out. To i mean say i had more contacts in atlanta. I might have helped because its really close to us, you know we actually did do a lot of principal filming around atlanta um. But if we flew out people, i knew in la its just the cost gets. You know very steep yeah youre gon na rent, more equipment higher. You know people who cost thousands of dollars a day, yeah yeah, so it just adds up. Amr madden wants to know how much the film costs to make james. I dont know if theres any reason not to reveal that information uh, i would say an estimate. You know all of our hours and our efforts and monetary is probably 80 000 yeah. I mean i know, i know how much cash i put in and then you value your time at whatever your editing rate is yeah and i think our attorneys, you know, for the entertainment attorneys that cost a penny: yeah yeah, yeah, um and uh. I think i think thats about right. I think im out somewhere between 30 and 40. I mean my accountant. My accountant knows the actual number. I assure you, but i think, im out somewhere between 30 and 40 grand in cash thats travel time, thats travel for you. You flew all over the place, doing interviews its a theres some equipment uh.

We spent a fair chunk of that is the sound and the coloring yeah, and i i thought that it was incredibly those those things would be so easy to overlook and say yeah james. Can color it and you dont need a professional mixer to do the sound or mastering, and i thought those are the kind of things that really make a film feel professional, yeah and – and so i thought it was very, very worth putting those in the budget, especially If youre going to show in a in a you know a theater at any point, youll know right away when its mixed well in the sound in the theater um. You know and then also uh on any screen. If you watch something that has been really well uh and artistically crafted in terms of color, yeah, um youll know, i mean at least people who are in film theyll, say: okay, they had a budget for a colorist here, yeah, so thats always a benefit, especially because What we have i mean this guy gave us a steal of a deal like think about it. Oh, the colorist yeah yeah, i mean like this guy will probably charge 10 000 for a commercial and he charges less than that for a featured documentary um and he colored. He ended up coloring like two and a half hours of footage, um and its all kinds of cameras. I mean think about it. Gopros well actually theres a question in the chat theres, a question in the chat james speaking of your cameras, which is what equipment did you use? What was your? What was your primary camera? The primary camera was uh blackmagic, um uh, pro 4k uh, basically um.

Let me get the body out here. I can show Music its a black magic, ursa mini pro 4.6 k, and i used just some sigma lenses and i also had a sony alpha camera as a b camera. So we rented – i sometimes i rent equipment as well. Depending on how much is needed on a shoot – and i did that for you know atlanta – i had a couple: other crew come out and um yeah, so um, you know pretty light budget. Nothing crazy! Like a you, know, red epic dragon or we didnt – have a big budget for uh rentals, but typically renting is a good way to go. If you can plan ahead and do like more focused film work, but for documentaries, you do have to buy principal um camera setup, because you would you would just pick up and go somewhere. You would go to a race, you would go to an event and you would just bring that big honking camera and, and you would just shoot and shoot and get tons of footage, yeah and its important to be able to just have. You know your primary camera setup and audio and youre ready to just rock so most of the time. During that time, i did have everything packed ready to go yeah if i needed to to jump out in the car on a plane, so bad for you at the protest. It was so cold and you were carrying that.

What does it weigh? What is the rig weight all up? I mean it probably. Will it weighs like you know, 12 15 pounds. I guess you were carrying that around with the protest, its harder its harder. If you do like a gimbal all day, um yeah thats, why they have like an overhead arm yeah, you know chest chest mounted overhead or you have uh if youre, just holding a gimbal and ive done that before all day, your arms get really tired, but definitely A shoulder mount helps and thats the style. So if you want to shoot documentary, you typically are doing like more of the handheld movement rather than just smooth gimbal, at least for me, thats kind of the the feel and um it helps. We won best cinematography. For this i didnt mention that you know we won the award of oh right. I just heard about that today, so we won. What did we win at this festival? Uh yeah best cinematography, um Music. You know for the film we were nominated for two different things: um, for you know, best feature documentary as well as uh best cinematography, so um take this. I mean part of it probably plays uh, probably part of it probably plays into the fact that we have uh just epic cinematography, with the drones. All of the pilots involved. Well lets talk about that because we people submitted footage. So many people submitted footage to be included.

We knew that we would need just all the epic fpv role, and so you put up a a google drive for people to submit footage who are some of the folks who who sent footage in yeah um. I actually had a list lets see. If i go to my drive here, my drive ive got. You probably see my phone looking all over the place, because i have three big screens while youre doing that. Let me just say guys, like obviously were gon na be in were gon na, be in contact with the responsible people, and i cant promise you what will or wont happen, but obviously, if you bought a ticket, if i said hey, this is our film. You can watch it, please go buy a ticket and then there was a technical glitch that caused that to fall apart, obviously, were going to do everything we can do to make that right. I dont know what form thats going to take, but well be talking to the festival, people and well be talking to eventbrite and uh. If you bought a ticket, suffice to say, were gon na. Do everything we can to make sure you get to see the film or you get your money back um i dont know what the situation is right now, its late its the middle of the night uh. Well, not the middle of the night, but uh there will be more information coming out. So uh yeah were not just gon na, be like well screw you.

We have our q a going from 11, our time to like 11 30. im, probably going to stay up till 12, just to see if it resets on based on time zone, yeah like if someones at their certain time zone, an amazon server knows what their time Zone is maybe at 12, you could play it, you know or well. Some people are saying that they it started playing, but then glitched and now when they put their ticket number in that its saying its invalid and im, not sure james. Do you know if its a one time use ticket, they should be one time use but thats, not good, so im gon na im gon na? I wonder i wonder if the the that ticket has been marked as used and if thats happening. Oh hang on heres kapil right here: okay, hang on hows it going wait. Should we meet you, james, okay, hey hows it going yeah im just on im gon na mute, james, real, quick thats, the uh thats, the director of the film festival, calling him so lets see what he comes up with um yeah uh anyway. Lets watch lets all watch jamess face while he talks here. Wait hang on the this is the respectful thing to do there we go. Oh here we go um, so um yeah. We get to watch the film in two weeks just like when the next tbs thing is coming out. Um cory man says he just got in and it did start at the beginning, so thats good um chris lee.

Thank you for the congratulations. On best cinematography, we won a few other awards at the other film festivals as well uh. These are its, of course, very uh were very honored to have won these awards, and we are very hopeful that this will provide a springboard to some other platform. Some platform, like a like a streaming platform, um yeah, i also eli bagan – was seeing screening taking me to the top of the page, and the website is basically dead. Oh apparently, there are super chats uh. Thank you for that. I actually was not looking at super chats, i think, for the reminder: uh, there are no new super chats theres, only one theres, a 20 super chat from james pollock. Thanks for the effort guys, so i think thats, the only super chat hang on a second. We ddos their site, uh tron kid fpv. I would love to see this on netflix uh, as a documentary uh, like i think, of all the documentaries ive watched on netflix about rant, like the one that stands out in my mind, is jiro dreams of sushi, which is a documentary about a sushi chef in Japan – and i just was wrapped through the whole thing, even though i dont know the first thing about sushi, so i just hope that people have that same experience with fpv um schuyler wants to know. If i use the sigma 1835 f 1.8. Is that a lens for jamess camera? I dont know what he had um is he is he going out? I think he should be muted.

James. Are you muted lets see, i think, hes muted, no hes, muted, i think uh hey there bort. Thank you for the 5 super chat. Apology accepted no problem, man, i i know its super frustrating uh. I know its frustrating um, um uh. I really want you to be able to see the film. I also was looking forward to just sitting here with you guys and watching the film the whole way through um hang on hang on im listening to jamess conversation, okay, hes uh, no hes, hes uh on his live stream. Hes, not gon na call you right now. Yeah hi im live streaming, hey james youre, uh, youre yeah were checking back in with you here james, oh james, has me muted. He cant hear me: okay, well, uh quad doc, i wouldnt say their websites trash. I mean. I think he said that we we sold. Six to eight times more tickets for our film alone than they had ever sold in total before so i think we just have way way more demand than their website was ever expecting. So what what can we do? But i do hope they get you sorted out. Uh, if youre getting invalid ticket or any warning like that, i would tell you to contact the uh festival first and uh. Let me meet james again. Thank you for the reminder. Nathan and obviously their goal is to get you to take care of you. So um yeah, thank you.

Thunder goose for a two dollar super chat, uh ticket invalid. Yes, some people are reporting that theyre getting that error. You did hear my unmuted him temporarily, but he had me on mute, so he couldnt hear me telling him that he was on the on the film on the on the stream diminished says no, i used to work for an unnamed adult video company. I can say with confidence: their website is trash well, fair enough. Uh thats always the thing with this, but the good news is the good news is that none of you are going to be able to pirate it because you couldnt watch it all the way through um. So what else do you guys want to know about? The film uh well, while james is uh indisposed uh. What else do you guys want to know? I will do my best to answer your questions. Music, just pulling the final edit from his google drive, robert rittenhouse james has been super protective of the by the way. If you hear a little noise im down here using my newest fidget toy, this is the dji action 2 and whatever my review of its coming out on my channel soon, but i just like to do this repeatedly. So sorry about that um lets see here. What was the, what was the question uh pulling? The final edit james has been super protective of the edit uh everywhere weve gone, he has brought his laptop and he wont send the film out like on a thumb, drive or anything.

So rcatic wants to know if the uncut version will ever be available, that that probably depends on what whoever buys the film once. If netflix buys the film and says that they want a three episode cut thats. What well give them if they say they want a two hour cut thats. What well give them razors edge wants to know about the the uh film poster uh that was mostly jamess work. That was mostly jamess work, who did the music uh the james james selected? The music, i believe he got most of the music from like libra music libraries he didnt like create the music or commission it. He did an amazing job with the music in the film, though its super impressive, what a great job he did. How strong is the magnet? Would it uncouple if shaken hard? Okay, here, im gon na its got a clip right here, so im gon na undo the clip and shake it its pretty strong, but yeah itll come off. I just heard james say we got to make sure that we address it and we want people to be more polite. Are you guys, emailing, the film director and cussing at him, um uh, ghost branch uh, the post, the work you did on the poster uh without going into too many details about the creative process? Um. I think that james had an idea for how he liked the poster to look uh and he had some assets he created with with steele, and he felt that it was important to use his assets and that was uh, something that uh so far.

He the the poster, reflects his desire, but i certainly appreciate the work that she did ghost branch it was. It was amazing, work on the poster. All right james is about to come back hold on one. Second, you know the bad attitude some people have but okay yeah uh. Here he goes hes putting his headphones back and hes coming home hes coming back, yeah, hey jake, sure i hear you james okay, talk to you soon, bye, hey everybody! Can you hear me? Okay? We can hear you james youre, back yeah. I was just on the line with kapil hes, the director of the event and his uh ittech team in new york. They said that they have likely surpassed five to maybe even ten thousand viewers simultaneously trying to log in um. We crashed their their their website um. They said that uh his his inbox and his messages are full of uh nasty comments. I mean um yeah hes, very frustrated, very irritated right now, but hes saying that um they they are willing to give tickets reissue tickets to those who had a failed attempt tonight. If you did end up entering in your ticket number – and i brought up that issue – someone had posted that um. Basically, you know if you glitch out of it and youre not able to get back in. He said that amazon was red. Flagging people were trying to use their same ticket multiple devices from the same ip or something like someone was trying to hack multiple views out of the same ticket different devices.

It might just be somebody trying to watch on their laptop or their phone. It doesnt necessarily have to be like hacking yeah. I think the main thing is hes, just saying if you need a new ticket number or refresh ticket, please be polite about it. I mean somehow people got a hold of his like the personal phone number and his oh, my god is completely. You guys are the worst and like like you guys are the worst. He has these like just hes just slammed, with like nasty emails, okay and thanks and texts, and so lets be a little more polite. His request is be polite: they will reissue tickets, they will redo a q, a if you, if we want this week. He said that you know they have internationally known stars that have you know, put their films in this festival and theyve never had a crash like this. So we definitely rocked the house, but we need to be polite about requesting our our uh on our. I will uh ill make a video about that uh, but in the meantime, james yeah uh lets continue. Lets continue our discussion for at least a little while longer. What was there something you were about to do when you got interrupted, or should we just pick up a new question? Oh yeah, thats right, you were asking about the pilots right, yeah, the pilots who are in it so basically on the website. If people dont know that theres a website for the film um, you can find out a lot of statistics or information about it.

Um and you can see photos of the pilots who are in the film. Oh yeah, you got us up on imdb didnt, you uh not imdb, yet i was working on that. That is uh that was submitted right now. Technically, if you go to uh our website, um just flowstate, documentary.com yeah, then uh. We can look up. You know images from the film. You can see a photo gallery. The pilots there you can see. You know how many people were interviewed. Some productions photos. Yes, somebody somebody asked. Is this uh kid safe? I believe it is despite the fact that bach grinder is in it james. You managed to edit it and or shut it clamp him down and keep him from cussing. We did four interviews at steels house that day and i didnt give them too much time but uh. At that point i could. I was actually capable of being able to do. A 15 20 minute sit down with bot and ciati, and you know we also had um steele. Did it earlier that day or was it the day before, but anyway schizos there as well, and all three of them were just hanging out in steels kitchen im amazed that you got schizo schizo is very hard to get. Actually, he just showed up on his own accord. We had no idea. Steele was like i didnt know he was coming yeah. He just pulled in someone must have uh said something um when we were flying in atlanta and theyre like yeah.

James is out here filming a documentary and somehow he knew we were at steels house and he showed up so yeah. Now you uh you. Actually. Steel was the first interview. You did, and i remember talking uh to you about it and saying basically, if we make a documentary about fpv and mr steele isnt in it, then that is irrelevant and thats not to say that other people in fpv arent important, but obviously he had to be In it – and so i said he has to be the first one, we go interview, you go interview and – and i said, if you cant get him, then the whole film is dead and yeah. He actually was pilots. He actually was super hospitable to you, wasnt. He. He was yeah. Surprisingly, he was like come on out. I had. I only had met him just once we chatted um in las vegas. You know for um the greatest fpv party of all time that one year i think it was 2018. and um. He said hey. If you ever want to come out and just hang out um, you know and youre in the atlanta area i was like: okay – probably will never be out there, but i ended up moving within three hours um. You know, as i said in the documentary um im close to tennessee im close to georgia, im close to so many places. I can even jolt down to florida pretty quickly but um.

I feel that uh. You know that was part of the reason why i felt that it was much more feasible. I could drive to his house and it just crashed at his house that night he cooked in some vegetables for dinner and uh, hey cooked for you yeah. It worked out. Yeah so and – and he uh he – he talked to you for just hours – i mean i have a i i dont know how realistic this is, but i feel like youve got two or three hours of footage interviewing mr steele about so many things that and – and You know probably 20 minutes of that at most made it into the film right. I wish we could release these foot these interviews separately, because i know a lot of people would sit down and watch that yeah. We have more than 40 hours of interviews. I think so um theres a lot of content there. For instance, i mean you cant, imagine here im going to new jersey, right and im in jersey, and i show up at uh, brendans uh. You know djis lawyer, the like number one drone lawyer in the world. Basically, in terms of history and reputation and oh hes, here i am still in the chat right now. Oh steels, in the chat he is in the chat yeah talking about how nice you are to make james breakfast, oh yeah. He actually, i forgot about that. He made breakfast also in the morning before he went to.

I just remembered. You said that yeah oh yeah, okay, um yeah, so basically like here. I am in new jersey, right and im interviewing um this. You know legendary drone lawyer right and in his backyard, and i show up with i mean in a documentary you have to have like 30 35 solid questions that are gon na. You know go in depth and we probably interviewed for three hours in his backyard and the amount of content im talking about like the amount of content talking about regulations talking about the history of drones, you know his involvement, his past his history, yeah touring touring his Garage which i dont think we really kept any of that in there. It was like him showing me his first ever fpv craft he made in the 90s, and you know its just kind of like theres so much that could have made it in this dock. It would have been an entire series and we could revisit and edit into you know some kind of like five six part series, but its a lot of work and um. You know you kind of have to have this isnt. You know this isnt tiger king. We dont have like scandals and death threats and well lets lets talk about. You know lets talk about that because one of the other things that i know you and i talked about when we first were thinking about making the film was that we we didnt want it to seem like it was uh a part of that fpv drama.

We wanted it to be a film about fpv and we wanted it to encompass everybody uh, and so, if it seemed like uh one person was backing it. Then another person might feel like not trust it. Um and uh im really really proud that we got so many people in the film that the film has it has bought grindr and it has rhoda riot and it has mr steele and it has uh all of these people uh, and there were certainly some people Missing that we like we didnt, get sharp god. We wanted sharpu, yeah, sharpu doesnt answer to anyone its like. I dont know the guy hes just completely disconnected, but hes like hes like off the grid. You know and zoe. I like talked to zoe for so long. I was like im gon na make it to san diego. I even priced out this like production team, to go to her house and film, and then we set it up and she was sick for a week or two and then like. We had something else going on where i couldnt get to it. It was just so hard theres, so many people we wanted to get into the film and others that we wanted to interview um. We we tried to get johnny, we tried, we tried to get him. He just we couldnt get it a little bit. I dont know what it was. I think he idmed him hes, like whoa cool, ill check it out, and then you know just kind of slipped off the grid yeah.

So so um, oh shoot. I i blanked uh wacky uh yeah wacky wes wacky was fpv points out that many of the pilots in the film are american, like we did have some europeans who were some europeans who were in the film james um yeah, so we have benoit fink whos um From france right um, we also have david aspen from france because he was there in the origin of you know: fpu racing when they went to dubai. He was all part of that. He contributed a lot of content there and um. You know we got trappy yeah hes in hong kong um we had ferdinand, who is uh. You know creative director of dji europe and he was uh in frankfurt. Germany, zfpv trappy is in the film, so we did reach out to him. Hes uh trappies on the phone. Thank you thank you for for thats, another example of someone like when we reached out to him. I thought you know, i think theres a chance. Hell say you know that hes not interested in being a part of this because of the perception of of what might be behind it, but thankfully he did and uh you know he.