Sometimes when im reasoning about us, i know youve got me its so effortless. Music is Music for me, Music for me, Music Applause, Music, its tuesday night and its time for the fpv news with me and my co host its plenty, how you doing blenty yeah joshua hows it going. I am very well uh. We didnt check our levels. Uh! Oh before we are we going to be loud. Are you going to be like cardinal? The cardinal cardinal cardinal is that the new level check the cardinal okay ill go with it, i think, were all right. Albatross, albatross, unique new york, new, unique new york. Do you ever wherever in theater blunty? No? No, i was in theater, i was teaching. I was too small with school. We never had a theater in high school and then i didnt go oh man. Well, you can need those vocal, warm up. Exercises well run through some of them. Have you seen uh anchorman in the outtakes hes, like the human torch, has received a bank loan, the human torch thats? How he does this thats his warm up? I would never try to sit in the in the anchor seat of the great. The great uh will ferrell of to be sure. Uh im, just gon na sit in my seat and do the fpv news with you um and were going to go over things. That happened in fpv this week and despite the fact that its the holidays and theyre not much happen, we you scrape together.

I say we mostly you scrape together a good amount of news yeah. We found some news yeah we dug through the trenches and uh panned out some uh, some gold nuggets uh were gon na talk about what thats gon na be, but before we do that, i want to say i want to just give a chance to the chat To enjoy their moment in the sun, yes, i have not gotten the uh radio master zorro, yet joseph tahari radio master did tell me. I was going to be the first in the usa to get it well see if thats true, i will probably not be the first in the usa to release a review of it because thats how i am but uh. You know i focus on quality over speed. Thats at least thats what i tell my my partner. Thank you guys so much for being here good to see you guys. Thank you so much uh for coming out uh were gon na, be uh, doing news and reading your chats. If you wan na throw a super chat, hit, the dollar sign throw a super chat. I do read those at the end of the news rather than interrupt in the middle, but we will be taking your comments and very glad to see you um Music, oh yeah. We have the jiff parade. The jiff parade over in the discord server go ahead. Discord server show us the gifs while they show us the gifs blunty.

What are some of the top topics? Uh were going to be covering this week all right, well, uh betaflight43 has finally released and released candidate weve been waiting for a year and its happened. Its happened, betaflight 4.3 yeah. That is very exciting uh because, like i, i distinctly remember around december of last year. Hearing rumors that it would be released after the new year and, i guess technically thats true – it is after the new year, just the wrong new year. So good um, im very im. You know what makes me happier than anything in the world. Is someone telling me? I was right all along yeah and thats going to happen. Yes, thats going to happen to us tonight with the uh speedy bee esc burning issue, we got ta, we got ta, follow up on that uh. In fact, thats gon na be our lead in very true. Also weve got a uh; well, it might be controversial story, hd, zero versus dji. Today, on the race track, we get to see van over rip, some laps with both clearly hd01 right. Well, it wouldnt be newsworthy. If it was that simple yeah um were going to talk a little bit about some break ins that happened over the christmas holiday, sad, sad, sad and then the the the outro rant. Should we tell them what its going to be? I mean they can just look in the show notes down in the video description.

If they really want to know all the topics were going to go over, could tease him uh sure uh weve got a uh weve got what i guess would be a a follow up story right is uh sort of a follow up story. Uh flight one is back in the news: yeah, so were gon na talk about flight one and what we know about it: flight one bankrupt, thats, the question that people are asking – and we know the answer, but the answer is well anyway: um, yeah, Music, omar hughes, Hd0 does not have audio cant help answering questions. We should rehearse this. Maybe we should rehearse this, though sometime instead of just winging it, i dont know its kind of fun to win. No, you looked a little because i think he took it seems like it took. You a second to figure out what, where i was going by getting you to tease the last one, thats, the fun and spontaneity of a live stream. Yeah. Well, okay, lets not be fun and spontaneous anymore. Lets follow the show notes now that yeah um and the first one that weve got today relates to the speedy b uh, the esc and ill. Do the background this time and then you do the update and the background is that people with the speedy be v2 esc. The escs were burning up burning, we contacted speedy b and they said uh its its pretty rare, its pretty seldom and uh.

If it happens, just have them get in touch with us, well give them a new esc, and you and i thought that we were like. I dont – think anybody should buy these escs. I think, because we were hearing from people who said they had two or three burned ones and uh. Now we have an update yeah. So i would a full four weeks here: uh three and a half four weeks after the original message. Uh we have an update from speedy bee, who has decided to finally release uh, a statement saying hey these things are messed up so be aware: uh. These are the batches that happen zone which are the ones we talked about before the v2 or v2 one and basically theyre, saying like sometimes itll, randomly fuse to arm anyway, uh, if youre on bi directional d shot, but its only ten to twenty percent of the Time and once the arms should be good, but also dont use. The beeper like we talked about dont use the beeper because it fries your motors or it fries your esc, yes, and then also that private firmware they emailed out to people yeah. That quote, unquote fix things. You mean the firmware that fix things yeah uh. They have admitted that is burning. The motors, like we reported to you previously yeah, so its bad, its the takeaway, its not great, and they still dont really have a fix. Basically, their fix is uh.

You know you dont use, bi directional d shot thats, not no. I mean, if you already own this esc and its the only esc in the world that you have and you cant get a new one, its a defective product. They should recall it, they should give people their money back and or they should replace it with something that works. Clearly, thats the thing to that a normal company would do in a situation like this yeah im gon na have to agree with you there for sure. Is there any way to know if someone was going to buy an esc? Is there any way to know before they put their money down which one they were getting or should? Should they just avoid all speedy b, escs um so right now its the v2 stack and its the newer versions, but the newer versions are v2 and v21. So, as far as i know, its any that are in the stack or any speedy b esc that you had purchased thats, the 45 amp four and one so the 45 yeah theres, no um v22. As far as i know, you know they havent made a revision that fixes this theyre still trying to work with bl heli, and they mentioned in the post. Here they have a test version on 3283, but they need to test it more and they cant confirm that it works. So their hope is that they can get a version of bl helly out that doesnt have the problem.

Whatever the problem is, they can have some kind of tweaks to the dead time or whatever i mean yeah. I dont understand like this. This is a change in building materials right, so they changed the mcus on the on the on the esc and then it wasnt ready so like they just sent it. They just shipped it and were like oh itll work, fine, because theyre supported by ble, but they hadnt actually been heavily tested in that design and then thats whats changed is they switched to presumably an f4 since thats, what everybodys doing no its like uh? Some other weird its like e, something i cant remember offhand exactly what it is, but theres a specific uh change. They made thats not typically supported by ble and its make a new segment of the show in which we call the comet comedic comment of the night. Get ready to laugh, everybody get the laugh track ready. Do you see it pdxfpv and the discord says, but its the sellers who are losing out right, because if a product burns out for no reason you just send it back cdx fpv? Maybe he maybe he lives in europe where there are actual consumer protection laws. I dont know but uh. No, no, i mean they should they should a reputable store should take this product back and replace it with a good product, but i i even a reputable store. I wouldnt be surprised to hear that theyre saying look.

This is a run. Cam problem or a speech speedy b and run camera the same company, its a speed to be problem uh and you got to take it up with them. I mean i even a good story. I, like, i would say that theres, like a 50 50 chance that they take the hit on this, and this one can be hard too, because uh, if you like crash it and then it burns up or whatever in flight, it can be hard to prove exactly It really just depends on where you buy your reputation with the company and what they feel like doing. In that case, probably the support agent. You get too theres no question to me that this product is so fundamentally screwed up and this message from from speed to be acknowledging it like if the best you can come up with is i just dont use, bi directional d shot or motor beeper, and if You do maybe 10 of the time your motor doesnt start spinning no like until now, ive hesitated a little bit. I said i said: dont buy these escs, but i didnt say they should recall them and give everyone their money back, because i dont know how many of them are flying, but if thats the best they can come up with, they should recall the product. They should give everyone their money back or they should replace it with a different esc that actually works, and they should just stop selling it.

This is a yeah thats, the longer they go without doing that, the worse i feel about them as a company. Sorry thats your also yeah theyre screwing, their customers yeah. They said there. They are go ahead, sorry to say theyre, also using them as testers by like heres. Another firmware. Try this you know, and meanwhile, even for the people who did get a replacement esc. If your esc burns out mid flight and crash your quad and your quad goes in a river youre good, you break your gopro, you break a motor. People are losing more than just the esc. When these things crash – and normally i would say well, thats, not the esc, manufacturers, fault thats, just the chance you take when you fly, but in this case runcam spdb knows that the esc is defective. They are continuing to sell it. They are crossing their fingers and hoping they can fix it, and people are losing money and its its absolutely inappropriate. So yeah there you go absolutely all right enough said: dont buy dont, buy at least that speedy bee and and honestly i dont feel great about that. Speed yeah its hard for me to recommend anything by them. At this point, maybe we can see some better stuff by them or some solutions for them to redeem themselves. But for me like yeah, i dont see a reason to recommend them because we know if something up, theyre not just going to go, send it back.

Well give you money, you know, but go here, try this firmware and then maybe itll blow up in the sky. Yeah, this is pretty far i mean i i dont expect much from manufacturers in this field compared to, like you, know, an actual retail company, a consumer goods company like a sony or ford – i dont know, but but this is even below the standard. I think of of what we normally expect look, what gemfan did with the f3 and the f4 props total recall. They said, send them back to the dealers. We will replace them. Well, give you coupons, they did right, thats how this should be handled. It sucks that its not because of money, obviously because of money, fair enough lets, move on to some good news. What do you got lets do something positive. Well, i think this is pretty positive. Yes, uh betaflight 4.3 release candidate, one is out. Finally, its happened. All the time, yes, it really is theres a ton of stuff. In here i mean its crazy. How much stuff is in here, yes for those who have been holding off running betaflight 4.3, because they didnt want to run a nightly, build now theres a release candidate. It is not release, candidates can still have bugs, but its an actual release candidate, and you can download and test it and try it out uh its very, very exciting, and this means that realistically, we will probably see a release in the next say.

I would say four to six weeks, maybe less probably not more thats what i would say yeah something like that. I think thats, pretty typical, like three to six releases. You know: release candidate releases, um yeah, pretty exciting man um also dont. Forget we want to shout out real quick that that also means theres, a new betaflight configurator release so make sure youre going into the release candidate, a betaflight configurator, just like youre, going to release candidate um to get that and you need to be using both those Rc1S together and specifically, if you downloaded a nightly, build previously yeah yeah, you must download the new rc one configurator yeah thats extremely word: you flash the new rc1 firmware. You can flash firmware rc1 on an old configurator, but when you do it will mess your pids. All up and potentially like burn your motor or make your quad fly away. Yeah theres, like different filter changes, ive seen like the grayed out filter like the its like weird, the bubble will get like uh a different color than it normally is, and you can tell its all messed up so definitely make sure youre updating that stuff yeah. Okay. So everybody should download rc1 of both the configurator and then flash rc1 of the firmware and then all will be well. But if you do anything other than that, you could get yourself in trouble. Um very excited to try that out. Blunty, have you tried rc ever tried better flight 43.

Yet i assume yeah. I have tried four three. I havent tried rc1 but yeah whats, your uh favorite new feature or favorite new thing in our in 43. Oh man, presets are pretty awesome. I think presets are for the community its going to be like one of the biggest things uh presets and then the motor reordering tool is like those combination of those things seems really good, because now, if youre a new user, you literally, can you pop in you Know uh you get your basic stuff set up, which is now all on the right tab in the configurator, its not all mixed around. Now you dont have to find receiver and config and, like you know its on the receiver, tab, so thats all easier and then the couple things you have to set up uh. Now you can hit preset and a bunch of them already get set up for you. Yeah um its just yeah super nice really nice. I im going to tell you you took the good ones. Obviously those are those are my favorites too. One of my favorites is that there is now a button in the firmware flasher tab that you can click to auto, detect which target your flight controller. If your flight controller is plugged in ive used that multiple times it works great, oh yeah, its awesome, yes, so convenient theres, so many little things in there. The presets tab has an actual button to back up your whole cli dump, as opposed to the stupid freaking.

Save and reload config buttons that are working, yeah, theyre, weird yeah, the good thing yeah are they gone? Should they they should be gone. I dont know if they are but um yeah. 4.3. Never. We havent even touched on like the changes to the pit controller, the filter, the rc command, the things that make it fly better, yeah its pretty crazy, how much the filtering has changed and stuff. We showed, i think, last week the interview that chris rosser had uh with chris thompson and thats a great interview and goes over a lot of these features as well. Yeah super exciting, quick flash in the in the chat uh. Who is the lead, emo flight developer? It points out rightly so that amy flight and inev had presets first so did kiss and flight one its about time. Betaflight got on board its also worth pointing out that uh flight one had the motor remapping wizard first uh. As far as i know, it was first yeah, no its its obviously a credit to the people who came first and uh why the hell did it take this long is certainly a valid question. In fact, some of the reason im so excited that its finally here is because ive wanted it for so damn long, yep yeah, to which people would say. Well then, why didnt you just switch firmware since they had this feature that you wanted to which i say: shut up: um Music, oh re, at nine.

I couldnt disagree with you more man, re at nine says: presets are nice. If you want to load your settings or reload defaults kind of a waste, otherwise i mean the one of the greatest uses of presets, i think is going to be like vtx tables instead of scouring the internet for vtx tables, theyre going to be right there in The presets so good yep um the ability to input stuff so like you can pick your link type. So if you have a yellow s500, you click a button and it just sets all that for you automatically for the best settings, uh uh, using using van overstraight or or evan turners rates or thomass rates. You want to try somebody elses rates or pids its. So much more than just like meh, just this one little thing its going to really simplify uh configuration like theres, going to be a preset for a cinematic quad and its going to change things like feed forward and so forth, and instead of finding a cli dump, Its going to be right there very, very good mk has a teaser for us of a screenshot from betaflight 5.0, which im not sure how he got this, but check this out. Blunty new pid tuning tab in betaflight 5.0 interesting, its a joke, dont freak out people, its a joke. Okay, yo lets just get some more sliders youll need a lot of sliders. Oh okay, all right all right all right! Oh its blunty points out.

Oh thats, you and splenty, and the discord points out emu flight 1.0 is rebasing on betaflight 4.3. Is that true, thats, exciting thats one of the things we reported on like six months ago? I dont know it was a long time ago, but i believe thats still. The plan yeah, i didnt, remember that there you go. It also tells you about how my brain works. When i saw the message i was like oh thats interesting and then i read the name without even realizing who it was im. Sure quickflash will tell us yeah. Please watch it alrighty nick fpv says my video transmitters have always had the vtx table linked on the website. Thats true, but you have to go digging around to find the vtx table its a pain in the ass. It happened in one place. I dont know um. Next up lets move on uh beta flight betaflight uh, releasing a new version. I did a video last week about express lrs 2.0. Actually, i think i did the video yesterday about express lrs, 2.0 and so many of the cool new features in express lrs, 2.0 and blunty. One of them was that you can flash your receiver and your module over wi fi, and i reached out to you – and i said blunty if you can flash it over wi fi. Why cant you use betaflight configurator over wi fi, yeah yeah, and it turns out that uh that you are psychically reading the mind of alessandro uh and captain bry, who are working on this project.

Uh yeah. This is pretty cool man, so basically, this is exactly what you would expect is kind of the evolution, which is that now you just power on your cloud. Your rx goes into wi fi mode and you can connect to it and you can see here yeah. The configurator is pointing to an ip address instead of to a com port right, so your wi fi, so your receiver gets on your wi fi network using credentials. You put into it, betaflight finds it and then you just configure over wi fi sure why not its pretty badass its pretty badass, its pretty badass man, yeah thats a little slow. I think in the image but theyre working on its obviously beta right now, theyre working on the scenes and stuff – and this is exciting to me because yeah the idea that im at home and i dont have to plug usb into my quad. But i still have to like power, my quad up somehow so, like maybe that isnt as useful, i think about it more like for everybody who has a speedy b, adapter right, yeah or everybody who has wi fi on their diatone or their diatone flight controller. And they use their phones, wi fi, to configure their quad well, if, if you have express lrs, every single quad that youve got will be configurable over wi fi from your phone with the sp2b app or something like it, presumably yeah thats, so so cool yeah its Such a its just another, its another one of those things thats just like why? Why doesnt every you know why dont they all do this.

You know. Well, they they dont, i mean do crossfire receivers, have wi fi built in. I dont think they do uh. I dont think so actually right yeah, so i think whats happened here is this is an unexpected benefit of the chip shortage, because the chip shortage pushed everybody to the ep processor and the ep. Processor uh has wi fi and bluetooth built in and then the devs just went. Oh, what else could we do with this and, in fact, thats why? The minute i thought to myself, you know you could just go wi fi to the receiver and then the receiver could use msp to the flight controller and that would totally work. I thought i guarantee you theyre already doing this because its so freaking obvious and sure enough. They were its amazing, so expresso killer, feature killer, feature after killer feature. These guys are just so theyre killing it and you know, like i mean, does do. Does anybody else? Have wi fi aboard can like can tbs or immersion rc just like snap their fingers and make this happen. I dont think i dont think they cannot without a heart. Pbs runs pick 32. So, as far as i know, no because they dont have wi fi on their any other uh rxs. I dont know about ghost, though yeah not sure very, very interesting, stuff, cool stuff, um espresso loris is awesome. All right all right, uh! Well, be that as it may, um im sure youll hear more about uh some of that stuff pretty soon because theyre not stopping there theres going to be more fun stuff going on with wi fi, especially i mean eventually, they have to run out of ideas.

Quick flash says: msp is a pain in the ass. That would be nice if they came out with a replacement. Thats i mean msp is so ingrained, so many things use msp, dji, uh canvas mode with hd 0, the configurator everybody. I know who works on betaflight and and kiss and so forth. Sort of is annoyed with msp, but at the same time its so ingrained you kind of cant get rid of it. I think. But what do i know? Im, not a dev, dominic clifton also agrees. Msp must die dominic clifton. What are the you or youve been around for a long time? What are the chances of msp actually being replaced, though i think canvas mode, isnt msp, oh thats, interesting canvas mode, doesnt use msp, i dont know i know theres msp displayport, but maybe canvas is different than msp displayport. Oh my bad, i didnt realize that i thought it still used msp behind the scenes. Well, anyway, um well uh. I guess we got to cover the break ins. People want to hear about the break ins yeah and we need to let people know in case they see a bunch of cheap stuff. So oh yeah good point thats why this should be really more of a psa uh, so there were more than just these, but these are the ones we heard about in time to get the news ready. The first one was the pyrodrome god dang it pyrodrone.

You know not pyrodrone anyone, but pirate, i dont know uh, they got broken too. Yes, they made it and had a bunch of stuff stolen, unfortunately um. So this is sergers initial post here um just so we can point it out and then theres another post here. I have um, i believe one of their employees. Um is the second post there items and that kind of details a little better with some pictures of the from the cameras and then theyve got a list of like. If you see these binder flies for sale very cheaply, you know uh, maybe think about buying them before you do um, maybe point you know kind of look at what else they have, and you know for sale and kind of make your better judgments about that. But there are some different shots of the truck they drove in and some of the guys theyre, not fooling around thats. A i mean is that a rental truck, maybe i dont know i mean thats a big truck. Oh, we got video here, dang im personally used to the box trucks taking stuff because im in cannabis, so its very common for us to get rolled with the box truck um. I dont know how other businesses are used to that kind of stuff. Yeah i mean how uh you certainly got to wonder how organized of a snatch this was. I dont know we could see these guys working, sheesh kind of makes.

You wonder i i i dont mean this in a victim blamey way, but it makes you wonder. Like did they not why? Why was there a silent alarm? Was that break in trigger? Why did the cops not get called? I dont know how these things work, but im saying it. Doesnt look like this. It did look like they were going pretty slow. I know yeah, they dont seem like theyre in a hurry. At all, i mean theyre, a little yeah. Sorry blunty go ahead. I cut you off yeah just id when we uh when we would have like cannabis break ins. You would just see them running through the shells like with the trash bag, throwing things with their arm into a bag as fast as they could and then sprinting out. The back door was like typically the plan i mean it makes you wonder what i mean these guys like they pulled up with the truck. You know theyre doing their thing, uh yeah, it seems like they felt like they had time and and what they took seems very like. Why did they get just the binding flies? I dont know if they did get other things, but it seems like they were very focused um. It certainly makes you wonder if it was people who knew the layout of the warehouse, for example yeah, so regardless um that look out for those things. If you see them cheap, especially around la thats, where pyrodrone is located um, but anywhere, obviously on the internet, if youre seeing super cheap deals for bonafides that dont make any sense and theyre for random people, you can assume that maybe theyre from something like that.

So just use your wits and stuff, unfortunately theres another break in across the pond in the uk, but we also want to address the drone safe store and, i believe its uh yeah west sussex in the uk. I was also broken into, i believe, last night or the night before last um and they have a bunch of dji style drones and equipment um. So they just posted this yeah nine hours ago and so theyre going to be updating this post and posting more information about exactly what was taken. They actually have serial numbers for a lot of the drones, because there are a lot of label drones and stuff but yeah. Unfortunately, another place was rolled in a similar manner, though way less organized. It seems yeah dominic, clifton points out. Thieves always go for high value. Small and easy to sell items. I agree i mean if i was going to rob an fpv warehouse like dji goggles, fpv goggles would be high on my list, but binded flies. Binding flies are three to five hundred dollars. A piece theyre small theyre self contained its. Not like an oddball item like a flight controller which maybe people will want, maybe they wont and – and it makes me wonder like if i, if you were to put me in a cannabis warehouse, i wouldnt know what to take right. I wouldnt know if you were to put me in an auto parts warehouse i wouldnt know what to take.

We often see people not know what to take or what to do, because, especially in a grow, warehouse theres like all these hallways and the doors are cordoned off here and theres a grow part and a curing part and a finished product. Part and theyre like where the do i go, and what do i take so you also often see them just taking whatevers in the room and then running you know and if you dont know, even if you knew you wanted binding flies. Like you put me, ive been in multiple warehouses of multiple large retail stores, both fpv and otherwise, and after a certain size, i mean, if you gave me a half hour id, be able to figure out where everything was and id know: okay, heres, where they keep The batteries heres the way to keep the binding flies, but if im robbing the place – and i dont have time like i dont know – it feels like these guys probably were in the fpv community and maybe had some inside information about the pirate drone warehouse or they Just got real lucky and that just happened to be by the back door. I dont know yeah hard to know, but they were definitely moving slow, thats for sure yeah, alrighty well, uh. Realistically, if somebody saw a cinelog for 100 bucks for sale on fpv on craigslist that uh realistically, we all know theyre just gon na buy it right. I mean you can say: oh, oh, but uh sucks for pyrodrome.

It sucks for pyro thats for sure yeah. For sure um alrighty well, i dont know what what we could do about that. I mean make a psa. I guess, but not a lot. You can do so yeah um shop, it you know what you can do. Is you can shop at pyro sure? Hopefully they have insurance, hopefully theyll make the money back on the lost items and uh you know, give them give them. Some love spend some money. There thats the bottom line, um moving on uh. We got some hd zero news blunty. Where are we going to start? Yeah so hd0, one of the questions about hd0 weve got a couple of major questions. I think that people have about ht0. We got the new one watt vtx coming out so uh. One of those questions is penetration and thats. Not what were going to talk about today, but the other question is range. What does this do versus analog? Is this just like another 5.8 system and hows it all fair and stuff so because we know how analog works out, wes decided to put it up against dji to just compare and see like hey what power do i use and what antennas do i use and How does this all work out, um and we know djis limit, so how far can hd0 go yeah and thats thats? What weve come to test today? Um heres wesley vardy uh? If you dont know him, his channel is linked in the video description in the show notes.

He does a lot of range testing, long range, testing of uh control links and video links and makes good content. Look at that b. Roll look at that sexy b roll coming yeah, so i would say you know if youre interested at all on any of this at all. Please go subscribe to wesls channel uh its down in the description. You can go, get the link there, its leslie vardy on youtube uh, but yeah. He does all kinds of great stuff like this and uh yeah its good information. So if you want to get to the results, so he does lots of testing uh yeah lots of good information. I think we should look lets lets start by looking at the 25 milliwatt range test, because i want you guys to see he does like usable range and then he does like absolute maximum range and its a little bit subjective right where he says. Okay. This is not a usable image and the reason i point that out is hes doing long range stuff, so hes going to get a lot more pen range because hes up in the air, but in addition to that, his standard for whats usable is basically like. Can you see the horizon at all, and these are gr? These are still good numbers for comparison between two things, but you shouldnt expect to get this kind of performance uh in in in for like freestyle, a proximity environment right, but yeah so um so yeah.

He goes through different settings here: different uh antenna configurations and antenna options and power options for each of the systems. So here weve got the five kilometer flyable limit at 25: milliwatts thats, pretty damn impressive, honestly with triumph antennas, not even with a high gain antenna thats with an omni antenna. That is damn impressive and he continues to push on. Let me see if we can speed this up a little. Then he goes to 1 watt 500 milliwatts 1 watt at 1 watt. He tries a triumph antenna versus singularity antennas, uh dji, of course craps out at 13 kilometers, as it always does theres a hard limit. There get to 16 kilometers omni antenna. These are both hd zero uh. What oh im? Sorry: oh thats, a hell of a coincidence that it crapped out at 13 kilometers, my bad, so the triumph beat the singularity. Is the takeaway good old triumph? Okay, oh my mistake. Thank you for that, and then he also tries the triple feed uh directional patch, which is a big honking high gain antenna, and it goes real damn far. It goes real. Damn far, look how good this looks at 10. 11. 12 kilometers. 12 kilometers out. That is clear as heck clear as heck yeah. It looks really good man, it does look really good and he got out to lets. Look at the final results hang on. He got out to uh over 30 kilometers on the high gain antennas, low gate antennas.

He basically atlanta ran out of range on on the ability for him to fly so and he actually didnt make it home. He ran out of battery and had to dump it in a field he got. He got the quad back in the end, but um. So this is really exciting for a couple of reasons. One is that people who want true long range cant use dji, because no matter how much output power and how much gain you put on the antenna dji will not go further than about 13 kilometers, its a hard limit. So if you, if you want that, you can clearly do it with with uh ht0, and the other thing is that range and penetration are related, uh uh in most cases, under most sets of circumstances, range of penetration are related, so something with more range will get More penetration – and this is very, very encouraging for the kind of penetration you can get off of uh, sharkbite or hd0 as it were yeah. I think hd0. At this point i think sharkbites kind of dead, yeah im trying to stop myself from saying it. Now there was something in the video that i thought was a little weird blunty, and that is the difference in output power on different frequencies. Did you catch that uh yeah? He talks a little bit about the race band powers uh and like yeah, where you can be. You know: race bay, one versus race, band eight and like effective power and stuff yeah, um owen, peeker hes, not in the usa, so hes not subject to faa regulations.

There are regulations in the country that hes in and that his his compliance with those is between him and his local authorities. Dont get him in trouble. We need him, but hes, not in the usa, faa, so no worries there yeah. He he said there was much lower output power on race one than like on race. Eight. If i remember correctly, it was like a difference between 300 milliwatts and 1000 milliwatts. It was a big big difference and i thought that was weird, because oh hes in the chat was was, maybe he could talk about it. I feel like it was the other way because i like to run a race 8, but i feel, like he said, race. 1 was better. Did i get it backwards here? It is rf power, measurements uh. I i thought it was weird that he said there was so much difference because, like ive noticed before differences in output power on different uh channels, like thats a thing but its such a huge difference, it really made me wonder if there was something up with like His power meter or something like it, was such a big difference. He says r1 is the highest, or at least it was in your measurement. Um would love to would love to get some validation of that by somebody like um whos, the guy whos, doing the antenna testing, for example, oh sandor sander, yeah sander somebody with some actual like actual gear um just thought it was really really suspicious how how far Off it was um yeah regardless.

Thank you very much for the great work. Wes sleevarty yeah its a good test. It shows like if anybody was worried about uh, you know what they might be able to do with that system. At least they know they can get the long range on the one. So wesley vardy says he says carl from hd0 says: race 8 drops to about 700 milliwatts on lab grade equipment, so theres validation that is outputting less power on race, 8., thats, interesting, um, interesting. I would assume thats the case for any system, because you would have it tuned right. I dont know how that all actually ends up working. I dont know i mean when i was testing video transmitters. I did see some wild swings sometimes, but i i am not sure that, like people say race, one is always higher and that definitely i dont think is generalizable im, not even sure that every hd0 video transmitter will be like perfectly consistent, although obviously, if carl says Race 8 is lower, then thats thats from the horses mouth but um. I dont think you should assume that in a 2.4 system you work off like uh, like theres, an oscillator right so like does it work the same way like so wouldnt you be have more power at the like the same frequency as the like the is. I imagine theres like a premium oscillation rate or whatever the term is for engineering right. I dont know honestly.

I dont know like one of the things that ive talked with um uh freaking tony cake about is that the amplifier in the vtx? This is for analog. Vtx is for the tram, it can be set to various output levels, so you can calibrate the output levels and they calibrate 25 milliwatts, because they know racing is very important, but what tony cake said is maybe this was trappy. I cant remember uh was that when you get to max power, basically, you just tell the amplifier letter rip and it gives you what it gives you so its not uncommon to see at 25 or 200 milliwatts vtxs are highly calibrated, but then at max power theyre. Just all over the place um, but i dont know if theres a consistent pattern of them being like stronger on lower frequencies or weaker on higher ones that i dont know. Uh, pacific northwest pilots in the in the comments says trappy wasnt happy about the one watt h zero range test. He froze up for a solid 10 seconds after somebody commented about it. Uh thats uh thats an interesting statement that last yeah trappys last couch was did not uh. I dont think he was very happy wow. It seemed like he was having a bad day in general. He was talking about laura. He was talking about laura 50 hertz and people were mad because it was only 50 hertz uh yeah, its in crossfire no racers laura is only 50 hertz and hes like mad that everybodys mad about it.

I mean i mean i cant. I cant be too annoyed because thats what we asked for can we have laura at a slower speed and better range uh, but i think people were hoping to get some like ghost does laura at. I think 120 hertz 122. I think im not sure i think thats its more than 50 for sure and uh. I think what youre seeing is that the size of the cross they need to really redefine crossfire protocol, to, like, like lets, say that they said were going to give you the option to do crossfire light, which is like no mavlink telemetry, or we only you know They do some kind of compression, then they could get it up, but because they fly, my understanding is that is what cr7v3 is, but trappy was very clear that hes not going to increase it. So, like crossfire v3 from my understanding is theres the theres, the um like radio to module part. So it increases that uart speed and then theres the fc or rx to fc side. So that increases that uart speed and then theres, the ota part and the ota part, will let them have variable packet size. But as far as i know, from what traffic was saying on the last stream hes like were not were not increasing the speed. He says he basically says that everybody wants higher. Speed is wrong. You dont know why you want higher speed you like, and then he talks about them, the people stealing from him from tbs its like.

It was a very messy stream thats. Why i didnt even really put it on here, but since were talking about interesting, its interesting, its interesting uh, because uh like tbs was the first to say not not the first literally in the world, but crossfire came along and said: latency matters. Look, we give you 150 hertz, look how good the latency is uh and and to be fair, like way back when we were all running sbus with cppm or whatever, free sky receivers with cppm and the spectrum guys were running satellite receivers with serial and they had Better latency like its not the first time that someone claimed that latency mattered, but crossfire came along and suddenly everybody cared about. Latency and tbs was very very happy to ride that to a lot of success that wasnt. The only thing that made them successful but certainly was up there and tracer came along and tracer and tbs says latency matters 250 hertz matters. So how can i mean i feel like i didnt watch the stream, so i dont want to put you in the position of like making their case, but for them to then say you know what you dont even know why you want higher higher lower latency, like Youre, the ones who have been telling me that latency matters yeah, but he says yeah like he specifically says like you, know, theres no benefit in 250, hertz laura over 250 hertz flrc. You dont know what you want, but there is thats the whole point, because its more consistent like thats the whole reason we have laura on express lrs and youre gon na get better range.

The whole point is because we want the same packet rate with a very similar latency, maybe a little longer ota like a half a millisecond or millisecond longer ota, but you get better consistency and you have a better packet rate, all the whole banda. So then youre not having inconsistencies in your rc packet delivery to your beta flight so that you get cleaner, like rc, smoothing and like theres, just so many reasons, but its very one sided when he talks on the on the couch and he just like rants. Like 30 minutes, its very one sided here as well, when you and i sit around and talk about it so its only fair but uh. I i do think that i will say that if tbs has a weakness, okay, then ive seen this multiple times, so i feel like theres a pattern here, its that they are, they feel like they can dictate to their customers. What their customers should want. Its a very apple way of being you know apple, but the difference is that apple says screw. You were getting rid of the headphone jack and everybody goes and then everybody goes. Oh, you know what, but airpods are pretty freaking good. Maybe i dont care and and tbs tbs does, that kind of yeah but, like i i think about the mmcx connector on the unifi people said: can we have an mmcx, connector and trap you went no ufl is better and eventually theyre like fine heres, an mmcx Connector and its like, i think that they dont always hold what i would call a righteous line, like theres, legitimate reasons why people want 250 hertz laura, as you pointed out, theres legitimate reasons.

Why thats better, and the only reason that theyre saying its not is because of marketing and business yeah thats thats the concern exactly right if they were like, we understand that there would be some benefit that you can see, but we dont agree with putting that benefit In our system currently cool but thats, not the argument. Thats being said, the argument is that this is not better. You think its better and its not right. Dont tell dont condescend to your customers, thats the bottom line, and it does feel like tbs, often condescends, to their customers thats literally. What he was doing was calling specific people out and going okay. What do you think it is tell me to type the answer like, even if youre, even if youre right its a bad look yeah, even if youre right, i mean unless youre elon musk, somehow elon musk gets away with it. He says if you want this from our car youre, an idiot were not going to do that and somehow he pulls it off, but i dont think trappy quite has that i dont think hes. Quite there hes not quite to the point where he can call his customers idiots and get away with it and have them beg and be like youre. So right, daddy musk, we are idiots. What does 250 hertz laura mean? I dont understand black moses says: do you want to you want to touch on that yeah yeah, so basically, 250 hertz means the packet rate so how fast youre transmitting new packets, um and essentially uh the faster your packet rate, the more new information is getting delivered About where your gimbals are moving or the output of your module, basically um to your receiver through your receiver to your flight controller, so you get more information.

So your flight controller can make better decisions about how to control and lower latency lower latency right, lower latency. As well so, but part of the you know, part of trapezing is like. Oh, you dont need that much more because youre trying to do a longer range solution right, but the whole point of the expressvs we want both. You know we can. You can just shrink the packets down for people who dont want the rest. Like you said some kind of light version. The cr7v3 will likely be able to do and then because you can shrink the packets, you get all this free extra time extra space to send more packets in that time frame with the same amount of distance in modulation, yeah, theres, theres, three things going on here And one is the packet rate and latency one is the size of the packets and then the other part of that sort of trade off is the range of the system. I guess, and so if you increase the packet rate, you get less range, all else being equal and if you increase the size of the packets, you have to decrease the packet rate because you have to get. You only have so much data you can get through the pipe, and so what express lrs does done is have very, very small packets, so express lrs can have a high packet rate and great range. Tbs crossfire has very large packets, which means they have things like mavlink telemetry.

They have all these features in their big fat honking packets, but in order to get a higher a higher packet rate, they have to significantly decrease their range and thats. Why tracer uses flrc and not laura modulation, and what people want is they want the best of both worlds, which is what express lrs is trying to give them and tbs is stuck in this theyve got all these features that people a lot of people dont care About like mavlin telemetry, most fpv, pilots dont need that express alerts is really putting the pressure on them and im sure that annoys the out of trappy, yeah, absolutely and its cheaper and its cheaper and developed for free and has wi fi firmware. Updates these these and stupid have a broken Music, equivalent wasnt broken for six months, sons of come along in their free time and develop all this that crossfire, tracer doesnt have then everybody is whining at him and not worshiping him anymore? How does it feel to have competition its good for customers ill? Tell you that all right anyway, the mid show ran the mid. Show rant well done all right. Uh lets see hc0 versus dji on the racetrack lets. Do this one quickly, blunty were running out of time who won all right? Nobody, i dont know the answer is nobody? The answer is: who do you think won and thats who won? I would say at this point. This is a really good example of a video where you can watch it and take away whatever you want to take away from it and um yeah theres, just data, and you get to parse how you want to parse it well van over race, both of them On a track right, thats, the table yeah van over did four packs uh.

You know like uh, hd0, dji, hd, z0, dgi um and then did his time just three laps on each one, um and theyre. Basically, almost identical quads, the hd0 was six grams lighter. He tried to make it as heavy as possible compared to dgi. It could have been much lighter, so they did like skew it a little bit for the same weight at least right now. They wanted to just compare the links and then also van over has years of practice on dgi. He flies it commercially and hes super used to flying dji. All the time i mean hes new to hd0 uh. That being said, um the times were very very, very similar i mean like within you know less than a second similar yeah for all these situations. We know that a pilot like van over can put in laps that are consistent within a tenth of a second or less ive, seen them ive, seen guys like van over. Do that, so a second variance is outside the margin of error. I would say for a pilot like him: yes, so he did the laps back and forth and there was a little bit of a consistency issue on hd 0, but he got a faster lap, but the dji was more consistent, which is interesting because its kind of The opposite of what you hear, but one of the things they never mentioned his dji times were more consistent. Sorry to interrupt you yeah, but, and it also depends on which laps youre watching so uh again, because he does a couple sets so um.

But you know, for instance, his last hd0 set of laps was 12 to 12, 2, 11, 3. um, so theres a much faster third lap there, which is his fastest lap of the times, okay um yeah. So so what it seems they did the same. Go ahead. The tti times were 12 1, 11, 5 and then 11 4. um. So definitely, but one of the things he says is like im used to the variable latency yeah hes like hes, like i know where to fly like i know, like i know its there, but its not a big deal to me when i fly because i know Where its going to happen, i know how to compensate for it. You know yeah, they did this same test some time back when dji first came out versus analog and the variable latency really messed him up. I was, i think i was actually there when they filmed it, and there was this one particular place where he went through a dive gate. And then you had to make a turn and he kept just tanking into the ground on the dive gate, because it was right at the position on the track where the latency would change, and it sounds like with his experience. Hes learned to just feel out where the latency is going to change and compensate and then still be pretty good. So it seems like either of them could work. But the fact that its going to be much lighter is going to give an edge to sharkbite or hd0 rather and as john e5 points out.

Multigp is the issues with timing and output power and interference, and spectating mean that dji is just not welcome at bigger multi, gp races. Obviously your local race will let you fly whatever you bring, probably but uh, if youre a serious racer and intend to go to races like uh, nats or io or yeah youre, definitely going to not want to use dji yeah.