Fpv transmission, its foldable altitude, hold gravity sensor, 3d, flips headless mode. One key takeoff and landing so without further ado lets get inside this box because im excited, i dont, know about you all right guys lets go so it says attention. We recommend to fly outdoors no more than 98 feet to prevent from losing your drone. Do not fly on a windy day. Whoa. This thing is cute man, so they give you a manual they give. You looks like the landing gears or protective um protective pieces for the blades. You got screwdriver. You got extra blades. You have your charging cables in there. Oh this is this is pretty awesome. Look at this guys. Look at that! Look. How small this little thing is that is so cool, so the blades are foldable. You just pull them out, lock them into place here. Okay, so you pull, you have to pull them out in a certain order, um, so dont like yank on it, just pull one out if it doesnt the other blade cant come out, then just close it like that all so you got the power button on the Top here you got the camera directly in front. I mean this thing is cool. Looking its small, i can see why they say: dont fly um on a windy day, because it is very lightweight, very, very nice thats. This is really cool, so lets go ahead. Check out the remote so fairly big remote kind of reminds me of an xbox remote.

You pop this out, and this allows you to put your phone right on here. Uh, you got settings on the top here. Joystick, you have different options right here. You have your power button right here. Uh looks like they do, provide you with two batteries, so theyre fairly small batteries, but obviously its a smaller drone, its still they pack a punch, theres still 550 mah, so its still decent, not bad for a small little drone. Okay, lets go ahead and take this off and see what kind of batteries we need for the remote so guys charging is made easy. You just plug it in like this, and you plug it into a charging port, its usb charged. So you can plug it in anything, even a power bank over here it takes three aaa batteries. Heres the drone up close and personal. Very nice im excited to fly this so lets get testing it out. So you press and hold the power button on here. To turn this on press and hold the power button on the drone, and then you sync it up for more information on this check out your manual and for extra features check out your manual. It would take us probably five hours if we went over everything Music. So, Music, Music, so guys. My final thoughts on the drone is actually pretty easy to start you press and hold and then youll turn on the remote you press down and now its ready to fly uh so dont do it inside.

You can check your manual if you have any issues with it, but there are three different flying modes: theres, beginner, theres, medium and then theres fast. So you change your mode and your speed by pressing this by pressing this, this allows you to turn sharper and go faster. However, i recommend not using this unless youre familiar with how to operate the drones overall. This is definitely one of my favorite mini drones. Ive had a lot of fun with this, the battery actually lasts extremely long. I was very, very shocked at how long the battery lasts, so this one is definitely going in my top five mini drone um list, so i definitely love this.