Today i am going to be flying the sima x5c drone, so im just gon na go ahead and were gon na go for a little test flight today, um, hopefully nothing bad will happen. So im going to go ahead and plug in the battery on the back of the drone, so we can go ahead and fly its a bit windy today. So this thing might fly like not the best, obviously, but itll work. I think lets go ahead. Have some fun and yeah here we go. I guess whoa so lets go fly in the sun a little over here, yeah the weathers, a bit nicer now so whoa that just went right at me, its a bit windy, so the winds kind of taking it a little bit Music whoa all right were gon Na stop it there we go all right: Music, Music, oh all right were gon na take off again. Here we go. Oh here we go Music, thats really funny. Yet! Oh that was my accident. I went a little too low right there thats how i can go a little bit Music, the winds kind of picking it up a little bit. Oh wow, come back. Music. Oh, were crashed again Music. What the heck there we go! Music! Look how high i can get Music all right length. The lights are not ive had links by accident, i meant to say like, but the lights on, arent blinking, yet thats good lets try going up the stairs a little bit.

If we can, i dont know if well be able to its really pushing around. So maybe we shouldnt do that. Wow! Oh its really going yeah whoa Music! There dude tonight, defense! Oh this thing can go back all right! Well, start taking it off from here! Music! Come on, no, it almost hit the fence again Music, and you know i hit the trampoline with the trampoline going a little out of control here. The winds really picking up Music all right, bring it over here, Music. It looks so cool when its all the way up there. Oh my god, hey look at that Music. I think. Another thing you can do too is with the drone is that you can actually throw it look at that it will just go: oh god, oh Music, whoa, thats, gon na kill the battery pretty easily oh, come on Music. You can do it. Oh cut the motors. Oh, but its okay, though, because its so light, so it doesnt fall very like fast. Oh, no! Look at that now. Look at that its hovering Music backyard. That would be kind of bad.