So, for those of you that are not aware, if you go to events, go to seasonal, go to in plain sight, youll see that the main prize in that is the flash drone. It has a radius of 80 and a duration of 55 and it releases a flash drone that blocks enemies vision. So basically, this interferes with the enemys vision and, as you can see its in your tactical slot here, so you can see where your tactical grenades are. If you like, so your flashbangs and your smoke grenades its in this one here its under tactical, you select flash drone and equip, and then itll be yours to use so were going to go into a match now and im going to show it to you in Action as they say so here we go Music. Now to be honest with you, guys, ive never used this before this is the first game, so youre getting my immediate reaction to using it. It might be that over time i become more tactically astute at using it, but this is my initial impressions. So my first thing i really want to know is: is it available immediately and i imagine it is because its more like a grenade and if it is available immediately there is no place for failure there it is. Can i use it immediately? Whoa? Did you see that thing? Did you see it thats amazing? So every time i die, do i get one of these things i do and what i can just like fire it.

I guess wow its pretty cool isnt it that is pretty cool, so really id want to be firing it in here with those guys wouldnt. I really lets uh im going to have to keep dying, which is which is very helpful. Itll cover up the fact im not doing very well because, oh okay, so actually you can fire it into the floor as well. Okay, well, thats good to know you can fire it into the floor, which is fantastic to know, lets uh just die again, and then we get it back its still the center isnt it. So i can put this into the floor like that, its pretty cool isnt. It i dont know how much effect it actually has. What we have to do is we have to fire it out and stand there with the risk of getting killed, um just to see how much it affects them as in can they not shoot me anymore? If you know, or can they still shoot you, but unlimited with limited ability right, wheres the hard points over there playing dead playing possum as they say in america, whats that theyre doing press ups, i mean to be fair, look look at this player. They really have. No idea do they theyre doing press ups in the middle of the arena. Id die of shame. If that was me, okay, where were gon na go, i think theyve got a hack on actually as well.

I think theyve got that worm one where they crawl around. I dont know i cant. I have to stop playing every time. I see it its making me laugh so much its like. They really have like no self esteem. Okay lets. Try that hey lets. Try it sorry im mucking her out too much here. I should be playing seriously right: Music. Oh, i dont want to change im happy as i was okay good. Okay lets. Try over there right its out now. Can they see me obviously that one came at the xs 1 top has been destroyed? Lets uh lets get it back on here we go, lets try using it again right here so annoying. I just want to use this tactical thing out im trying to wonder in which game youd really use this, obviously not in this one, necessarily its too slow, because youre dead by the time its out. So when would you when would you use it? I mean its a good question: isnt it. How would this be useful, like the tac 5, i immediately knew that that would be a game changer in the world championship and that everyone would have to have at least one person, maybe a whole team full of people with attack 5 and give them an edge. But with this one i just cant work out how and where people are gon na use it. I can only think maybe they might maybe they might do it uh in search and destroy and put it over.

A point lets just have one last look at it because it does look cool im not going to make you sit through all 150 uh points of this okay right lets have a look. I just want to have a look at uh. I just want to have a look at this now complete mission, contested its quite quick as well. It doesnt last very long. Yeah, im gon na have to say that the tac 5 was an absolute hit, an absolute hit and a fantastic introduction. Im going to say this drone, this flash drone is a miss. I cant, see myself using it in search and destroy id rather have the sensor. That tells me where people are um id much rather have the the trophy system. I, like the trophies the sim a lot, and i often use the trophy system along with a sentry gun funny enough, because then it makes it gives a bit of longevity to your sentry gun, because people cant just sort of blow it up. You know, which is obviously a good thing, so so yes id have to uh id have to say: airstrike is ready, but its a miss its a miss for me, so i will be passing on it um its not something that i will be using, but im Pleased that we saw it, i think it was good to see it strike incoming uh. We can have another quick look at why that airstrike things going on yeah, i dont get it so just i mean its pretty okay, if you put it in uh its pretty okay, if you put it in uh whatd, you call it um yeah, i dont know Sorry, im thinking too much because were actually on quite a quite a grueling clan.

While we were, we were trailing in this one. 170, 000, so 200, no! Sorry, 190, 000 to 270, 000 and weve managed to get it back to be in the lead were now at 290 to 280 000.. So weve had a really great day today, but uh just using this opportunity now. Just to pick up some points for the plan were only uh its almost over and you dont have to watch it if you dont, want to. What i will ask you to do is to please subscribe to cable killers, because you get to see me get killed in lots of different ways, but no seriously, please do subscribe to our youtube channel. It makes us happy okay. Can we take this thing out before it sees me? Okay, thats, one time, im gon na need to get another one on that, i think but uh yes, so, overall, the attack for big hit big hit. This is a big miss. The flash drone is a big myth, pick it up, they seem to like those gravity fights i wish i was playing properly. Id have enjoyed beating that person, but the funny way they like to roll around on the floor with like no dignity or self respect, but yeah. I guess, if youre, not very good thats what you do, isnt it enemies, lightning striking. Oh there you go in the press, ups again yeah the last idea yeah for me its a miss but uh.

I hope youve enjoyed this video guys. So please do please do like and subscribe and also dont forget in your own gameplay dont roll around on the floor, like an imbecile. Have some self respect stay on your feet, its okay, to slide once in a while, you know, but dont dont keep doing belly. Flops its its hilarious, i mean: have you ever seen, anyone go into war, doing belly flops. Of course you havent, so so dont do it on this thats my uh thats my take on it, but uh yeah. The good news is, we are back in the lead on this one now so thats pretty pleasing. So please all do have a wonderful wonderful day and dont forget to like and subscribe.