Has it been a great week, whats, going on guys its chad welcome back to the dorky and 40 rc channel and it has been beta flight 4.3 tracer update and why 533 week around this workshop, we did some work on the tiny trainer ive been converting over A switchback hd build to a switchback zero, build upgrading, some sharkbite cameras with the new runcam nano hds, but at the top of the list has been this big boy. This is the fly 533 footy Music. This is it right here. This is evan and armandos. Take on a cinema like freestyle frame – i ordered this about a month ago, and it just showed up recently because i was waiting on cameras to come in stock – really really really awesome frame right off the bat, because two reasons 533 has never. Let me down all their stuff has just been awesome: ive been out of in and out of fpv, but when i buy frames and stuff now, i make sure that i buy and upgrade to quality stuff and really 533 is kind of where ive been doing. Most of my buying at lately, mainly because theyve been really focused on the shark bite. Divi math hd zero system, which is just fantastic and gets better by the day and has a super community, but they just dont leave any they just dont leave you hanging on anything i mean they offer so many different ways to mount gopros action cameras, this actual Frame is going to be able to fit dji air unit and the big ole honkin one watt hd zero btx that will be coming out, hopefully within the next couple months.

It is a super clean frame. I have confirmed that, as they have said, ability of this frame to take a tune and for filter cutting with betaflight 4.3 has just been super amazing kind of reminds me of the old remix by umagan, which again was a great frame. Never really let me down so i can definitely see some of the design inspirations there, but, of course this is in a newer, better package with way less hardware. So enough, rambling lets take a look at it here on the bench and ill kind of just go over my build and some specs and then well just show some flight footage. So the first thing to talk about the footy here is that it is a its a haas, its a big frame with a gopro and the small 533 battery that im running on it youre looking at 706 707 grams, which is very heavy for an agile type Of freestyle, so this thing is definitely made more for cinema type of flying again. The big reason why i purchased it was 533. It just makes awesome stuff, and the other reason is that it has the ability and flexibility to put in so many different components and as of right now, its the only frame that i know that guaranteed that is guaranteed to fit the new one watt vtx. That is coming out by hd zero. We know that it is a 40 by 40 big vtx that has 30 by 30 mounting holes and that will work on the back on the back end of the footy here, theres plenty of space in there to put it youve got.

You know areas where it could stick out from the sides a little bit and considering that this is really just a nice cruising cinematic flyer. You really shouldnt have to worry about damage or breaking anything too bad. So some key features about the footy are the fact that you got a completely adjustable gopro mounts with you can get them with prongs. You can get a flat mount like. I have and use a velcro strap. You can also take this thing and actually flip it upside down and run it in this configuration with your motors on top and evan basically says that it performs just like a small version of the drl racer 4 or a larger, tiny trainer. So another cool feature that this baby has. Is this injected molded bottom piece here? You really cant call it a canopy, because it doesnt really swing up by itself, not that ive been able to figure out yet it seems to would have been a little bit better to get towards the actual stack and components. Instead, it seems like you do have to undo both of these side plates here if you want to get inside and make some changes which isnt a huge big of a deal landing on concrete im, starting to get it scuffed up already its too wet to land. In the grass maybe ill stick a landing pad out there no big deal. I am rocking the talon stack f7 in there and and the cadx vista unit in the back and then, of course, ive got a vas antenna for that.

Gopro, hero8 and ive been trying different batteries and stuff to see what works and what fits to get me the right amount of flight time and still keep things uh as maneuverable as possible, but yeah other than that really great quality. Everything went together. Great evans video was just fantastic as far as the walkthrough to go through everything and well just be making some refinements to this thing over the next couple weeks, as i keep flying it more and more so speaking of flying theres, actually a break in the weather. Right now and ive been working on just a base tune on this playing a lot with rc, smoothing and dynamic idle when it comes to pids ive, really just increased the master multiplier up to about 1.5. My filters are like super cut and almost non existent. This thing will take as little filtering as possible, which is just amazing. My black box logs did show a little bit of information in there, but that could all be here there. Most important thing to me is just how it performs how things look in the video and my after gyro scaled, which looks clean as a whistle just like every other beta flight does now. One thing that is awesome is: i have upgraded to the nightly build of the betaflight lua, so since im running dji fpv on here, im able to make the slider adjustments right here on the mambo remote or with my tango 2, which is just awesome that you Dont have to hook up to a laptop to do that kind of tuning.

If you want to stick with the slider theyve got everything built into this lua. It deserves a closer look and ill. Probably do a little video on that down the road so lets get out and fly this thing and ill get you guys a little bit of footage to take a look at so first off this thing like i said it really takes a tune. No gyro filtering, except for the dynamic notch filters. Ive got a d term, a filter set up at a bi quad running from 80 to 200 and thats it as far as tuning master multipliers. The only thing i really have done is just raise that to 1.7 ive made no other changes. There been playing a lot with dynamic idle. I think i am at like 35, which would be 3 500 rpms. I believe the big thing with this is trying to figure out what i want to do with a combination of rates and the scaling in the receivers tab on your rc smoothing, which is a big improvement in betaflight 4.3. But you cant overdo it. The the recommendations that ive seen have been anywhere from 50 to 60, maybe four cinematic type of quads seems a little stiff at 50 and 60. also heard chris thompson talk about running at 50 and 60 for faster systems anyway, um since im using tracer here, dont Really know how i feel about all that. I think i settled right now on a value of 35, combined with my rates with a little bit of expo thrown in there.

But you can see just from the stability that theres just no shaking no vibrations or nothing. Inside the gopro, of course, theres no stabilization on anything like that. This is all raw cut. Video with just some slight color grade im sure youll see my perky jerks in here, ive been still going back and forth between tango, two and mambo and rip sticks and crown jewels. So between that and taking some breaks here and there trying to get your thrill back on the sticks and get your skills back is a little bit challenging now just kind of doing some close in stuff a little bit tighter and faster itll handle it. It wasnt kind of my favorite kind of flying just because i definitely was on the gas a little bit more than i would like to be. Definitely can do it, but it its just not what this frame is designed for. I would really love for 533 to come out with something that is a little bit lighter and a little bit more nimble until then ill just keep freestyling my hd 0 or my switchback hd, so guys. What do you think i am totally sold? Cannot wait to try this with that big one watt vtx its so hard to see any kind of tuning or flying problems when youve got that variable, latency stuttering with dji, of course, its great to just be able to fly like that uninhibited by anything. Perfect control link perfect video link, but man, it sure, will be nice to be flying with something thats got that fast, consistent latency.

If you made it this far in the video, i really appreciate it give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down drop a comment. Theres going to be more content coming with fpv, i got it all lined up for the next couple weeks.