. Here we go Music first, things first, make sure to hit that subscribe button below hit that notification bell, so you’ve notified his videos to come with tips and tricks and unboxing just like this one. This is one of the first drones i will ever use. So don’t judge me on this video. If i am not that good at it check out my blog 130. hit that like button as well, so we can beat that youtube algorithm without further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at the dji mini 2. Here we go yeah; this one was uh borrowed. I borrowed this from timothy taligato. This is my brother. Go ahead and check him out on the link down in the description below um, go ahead and follow him. Go subscribe to his channel and i’m going to link his instagram as well on the bottom below. So, if you want to see more videos like this uh, he is more of an expert than me, because he he has the the first uh dji mini. This is actually my first try of the dji mini 2.. There you go and the first try. This is what we’re gon na look at very nice, very nice, very nice. There we go let’s put that on aside for now, let’s see what else we get in the box there. You go that’s, probably a bunch of literature right in here. We’Ll put that aside for now, usbc cable right there very nice bunch of little cables.

I have not no idea what those are screw and extra propellers – very nice there’s. Also these things right here: okay, very nice, uh let’s, open this up and see what else we get in here. Of course we get the controller very nice and that’s it for the box. There. You go very nice controller right there Applause. So this is the drone itself very nice. So you can see here we can take off a bunch of uh stickers right here, so that we can free the drone. Take this guy off right here, rip that guy off take this guy go off as well, very nice, and there you go like that. It just pulls out, like so very nice, i’m gon na. Take this guy sure this way, and then this way there you go very nice, very nice. There you go and then the last thing is to take off the cap very nice. This guy right here looks like the dj awesome pocket kind of built in to here it’s very nice. On the back of this Music, there is a micro sd card right there and a usbc adapter for charging there’s. Also the ultra light 249 grams. You don’t need a license to fly this so now we are looking at the remote for the dji mini 2. Here, as you can see, this is the power button right there. Very nice there’s, the normal sport and cinematic there’s, also a button so that you can bring your drone back to you.

So that’s, pretty good it’s. Also this guy right here, where you can put your iphone in. Basically, you take your phone and then you just smash that right in there like so there you go pretty good on the back right here. As you can see, there is a connector for your phone, this one’s for the iphone, as you could see there lightning there’s. Also different cables that comes with it, which is usbc and the micro s micro, usb there there’s also the record button right there. This one as well will control your camera. So that’s, pretty good here on the bottom, you’ll see the charging slot right there usbc. You can take these guys off to be put on as an analog up here, just screw that on like so there you go and yeah it’s, pretty stable, very nice very nice feel to it there you go let’s put on the other side. Now there you go yeah that’s, uh, it’s, quite the field for sure you can switch the camera right there very nice, then the back um is pretty empty and that’s it yeah. This is a fairly fairly nice. Uh feel controller definitely worth a shot, especially this guy right here, where you can put up to that that big of a smartphone, as you can see there next thing you’ll do – is to download the dji fly app and register your drone okay. So now we can connect the aircraft right there and then we’re gon na turn on the dji again now that we’ve registered it hit done refresh i’m just gon na hit x on that one and then we’re gon na hit fly now the hardest part of the Drone is taken off, but with dji it’s uh with that click of a button.

So you click the arrow up, and then you hold this button right here to take off and your drone will just fly there. You go now to change the elevation of the drone. You’D have to use the left analog up and down, and if you want to uh maneuver, it would be the right side analog if you want to pivot the camera as well on the drone, you can use the left and right on the left. Analog. Okay, move down Music Music. Now let me show you some shots that i’ve taken using the dji mini 2. I have some four 4k shots and also 1080p shots. Here. We go Music, so Music, Music, Music – and this is how loud, the dji mini 2. While flying and that’s it for today, guys thanks for watching apple, was able to help you on your choice on a brand new drone. Actually, this one’s pretty good great for beginners like me, and you out there who have never flown a drone before it’s, also great that you don’t need a license to fly this so that’s awesome. You can go ahead and open up the box and use it right away, uh without any problems and yeah. If you want to get one of these i’ll link, this down below, go ahead and check that out, make sure to hit that subscribe button as well and hit that like button, so we can beat that youtube algorithm. I hope you guys have a good day and stay.