That is not only the largest gas station in the world. It has the cleanest bathrooms and it has amazing food cooked on site now, im about an hour south of chicago on highway 55, and i passed by this place. Wallys now i havent been inside yet, but i might have just found the buckys illinois. So this is a fairly new gas station located between chicago and saint louis, and it is a giant gas station. Oh i need this. This is perfect for me, no more dining on the hood, no more dining from the trunk. This is all it is. Oh just put this in my trunk an insect gun, a bug of salt, so you shoot salt at bugs. So i remember as soon as you go into uh buckys, you see a bunch of camping gear, grilling gear, its kind of similar. What you see when you walk into wally, so this is all camping, stuff, grilling, stuff cookware, for your campsite cast iron pots for the campfire, you can buy an old fashioned bike. Also, this is a bike cooler. Oh, so all these accessories kind of fit into this bike, oh and check this out. Look at this whole thing. Wow. This camping chair, is absolutely perfect for driving movies. You dig for your own gyms, rubber band guns. What the heck this place is full of cool stuff, theres sling shots, camo fishing gear. This is like complete outdoor shop in the gas station here wow.

So this whole section, you got clothing, some pocky knives, jackets, sandals, more toys, candy got your kids stuff here, and here is why this place reminds me a lot of buckys, first of all, tons of popcorn and then theres the food. This is all food, so they got their bakery right here. Ice cream here baked goods here. So you all bake everything on site, really all right, good doing good looks amazing! Thank you right here as well. This is all jerky. Then you have this sandwich house sliced, brisket, sandwiches chopped brisket sandwiches. Look at this, so you get brisket sandwiches pulled pork, turkey chopped brisket. Let me go test out the bathroom for you guys, a few minutes later, thats a clean bathroom. If you ever want some moonshine. This place got them in every single color imaginable. All right, i just asked so if they chop up a brisket about once an hour, the next ones coming up in about half an hour. So im going to just stick around wait for that. Brisket real slushies pineapple thats, my favorite flavor. Thank you, sir appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. Fresh brisket, sandwich 650.. Okay, definitely reminiscence of bookies, but 100, a long ways to go before they reach that magnitude, so just got one sandwich and a pineapple slushie. This is good, then i plucked it in from the wrong side: theyre freshly sliced brisket sandwich couple, ginormous cuts of brisket, and this, of course, is very, very different than the texas brisket that youll find at buckys.

I asked them for the fattiest pieces possible and they definitely obliged this is incredible of all the brisket ive had so far in kansas city and in missouri. Usually they slice them really really thin smokes so well, but those are nearly as tender as what i just bit into here. This is a tender tender piece of brisket, its not smoke, not getting any smoke flavor here, but an uber tender fatty schlab of beef, youre gon na find that some of you might not be into really fatty meat thats. What i love exclusively – and this is fantastic barbecue sauce – is delicious. The dry rub is on point. This is a delicious biscuit sandwich who knew best piece of brisket. I had in the midwest in a gas station, ive got some popcorn. I cant really mess with popcorn delicious, not a lot of a variety of foods in there. Yet i mean you do have the selection of turkeys. You do have the baked goods. I dont think the big grids looked nearly as good as what i found in buckys, but that is a good brisket sandwich. Good start wallys. All you need now is like a like a mascot, maybe a kangaroo or something you think of wallys think kangaroo right. They have a bear. Their mascot has a bear. Huh all right. Beer works, then cook up some more barbecue, maybe add some sandwiches, maybe a burger, maybe a pastrami sandwich. I dont know, but i was reading the article the owners built this.

They wanted a really interesting place to stop when youre going on a long drive – and this was the original route 66 so and of course, hardware 55 major highway. I think mission accomplished. This is a really fun place to stop. You want to grab a slushie. You grow. I want to grab some popcorn grab a sandwich for the road explore some of their cool gifts swear. I dont work for this place. I think its a really cool gas station now that i fed myself lets go feed my car, so 75 gas pumps. All right back to st louis happy weekend from saint louis is my channel. Didnt know what to eat and then christine brought aboard. She raised the option of going to raising, raising raising kings raising kings. Have you been to raising kings youve never been to raising kings? Just chick fil, a you like chick fil, a ive, actually never heard of raising kings before. Thank you, sir appreciate it. Oh appreciate it. No! Thank you. No thank you, as you can see, just got my chick fil a anyway so raising kings. Apparently, is this really fast growing restaurant and the entire menu fits in one bag because they pretty much only serve one thing: chicken tenders, so i was reading up on the history. In 1996, a man named todd grace what he did was he. He had an idea about having a restaurant that only serves chicken dinners and the reaction i had when uh.

When christine told me this restaurant only served chicken dinners is that theres no way they only serve chicken dinners? How could a restaurant only serve chicken tenders but apparently thats pretty much all they serve well, you know fries and then a french toast and coleslaw yeah pretty much chicken tenders, texas, toast yeah. Sorry this is their box set texas, toast fries. This is the chicken tenders the king sauce is apparently their claim to fame and the coleslaw, and we also got a bunch of stuff from chick fil a because well, we both love chick fil, a and from chick fil a i got the spicy chicken sandwich. I also got chicken tinters, of course, a peach shake. This is delicious. I dont ever drink milkshakes that much. This is such a good milkshake anyway. Gon na do a little food comparison here. First from raising king again, texas, toast, nice and buttery, really soft and fluffy its less crispy than i thought it was gon na be chicken tender, looks really crunchy to see some of the spices and apparently they only use breast meat. Nothing is frozen. Everything is fresh. How is it its good, very juicy, its a good chicken finger? Well lets, try it with the king sauce, because, apparently that is where the game really changes, so the chicken tender on its own. It is a very good chicken tender meat is super. Clean tender juicy outside crunch is fantastic, but it just tastes like a like a good chicken tender.

I dont feel like its life, changing yet yeah yeah. Do the sauce wow thats a 180. that completely completely changed this, that chicken tender just went from good to mind, blowing how i would describe the sauce everythings like a little bit, its a little tingy a little sweet, a little spicy, really creamy and peppery its definitely Different than any other sauce like ive dipped chicken tenders and a lot of sausages in my day, nothing as unique as that right theres, just something special about that like it leaves an essence like a delicious essence on your tongue, paired with the crispy tender chicken fingers Together they just taste like the avengers. You know unstoppable wow. That sauce is hard to describe. The only thing i can say for sure is that i want everything in that sauce like not just this. I want the texas toast. I want the french fries. I want my face. I want it all in the sauce i didnt dip, the toast in like i want to know what the deal is with this toast its supposed to be like a garlic. I dont understand it yet its a really buttery fluffy piece of texture sauce i mean with just the toast alone. Do you feel like you really like it huh doesnt taste, something special. This is the raisin king chicken sandwich its just really the chicken tenders inside the chicken sandwich with the king sauce on top so again, their entire menu just completely revolves around their chicken tenders.

I really like their stuff soft pillowy, bun ginger, juicy chicken strips soaked in that sauce. Again, i really feel like its the sauce that makes everything and they dont give you that much of it. They only give you like one little thing per order. I heard you can buy a fountain drink cup worth of sauce really. Can you buy a bathtub worth of sauce? We just saw the marvelous movie shanti, you never seen spiderman right or captain america right its about this guy, really skinny scrawny guy. He took the serum. They injected the serum into them and all of a sudden he started growing muscles everywhere. I dont think they needed to do that. I think they just needed a bucket full of this sauce, throw it over him or soak them in a bathtub for this sauce and a scrawny, kid will come out. Looking like captain america, the sauce is that good, all right, chick fil, a i havent, had a chick fil, a sandwich in such a long time. The last time was at an airport even and their spicy chicken sandwich definitely has the color that says dont mess with me get in line. I am that hot. I forgot how good the spicy chicken sandwich is. This is remarkably good without sauce. This is so good. My tongue is hurting. All i want to do is put it onto this thing once again, chick fil, a sauce has got nothing on the raisin cream, sauce or raisin king sauce on the chick fil, a chicken sandwich a little cooperation among chicken titans.

They should combine the two restaurants and call it raising fillet with the chick fil, a spicy chicken sandwich in that sauce thats, like shanxi, getting his 10 rings. Also, these are the chicken tenders from chick fil, a okay heres the thing once you taste this. You know right away, i think, raising kings got far superior chicken tenders. I think overall, raising canes have better chicken tenders, raising chicken tenders, they say its more healthy. I guess if i can say that get the more natural flavor for the chicken chick fil, a just seasons, so well so texture wise, i think, raising kings is far superior to chick fil, a flavor wise without the sauce chick fil a wins. But if you put the raisin king sauce on all raisin king stuff, nothings, stopping it thats like thats, so good that sauce pushes everything over the top. I dont know what happened. I just got the chick fil, a chicken noodle soup. This is a very thick chicken noodle soup, no its, not bad its pretty good chicken, soup, nice and thick chunks of chicken. This is some hot will be fantastic. Oh you know what started something: raising kings, texas, toast inside chick fil as chicken soup yeah? Oh, that is good. You want to try that right, yeah, the the chick fil a soup, is so thick. It clings on to the texas toast and then the texas toast gives the soup a little garlicky slight buttery flavor thats, like the perfect combination.

These are the chick fil, a grill nuggets. They dont really look like nuggets theyre, just like chunks of chicken thats, pretty good taste of flame chicken is really tender. Chick fil, a really knows how to flavor stuff, okay, overall, which one do you like only pick one. You think raising kings just purely based on the sauce, just the sauce. I wish they had a spicy spicy chicken yeah. I think so. I think bottom line side by side. I would still pick chick fil a over rice and cane, because if i just want a chicken tender sure ill go to raising came for sure i dont ever crave just chicken tenders. I want other stuff also, i feel like raising kings. The the texas toast the fries – they taste good, but nothing really pushes it over the top. Until you add the sauce, so personally, i think i would just go to chick fil a grab. A sandwich grab some stuff go to raising kings and just buy a bucket of sauce, and some chicken tenders so depends on. Who you are. I prefer a chicken sandwich over chicken tenders, but if youre a chicken tenders kind of person, if chicken tenders are very important in your life, go to raisin cakes also seriously get this peach shake. This is amazing. Can we go you more stuff now thats, not chicken. Lets go so someone came up to me while sitting in my car and that they look kind of mean theyre, like hey roll down your windows, i roll out my window turns out just to tell me that, is it even leaking its not even leaking its? Not it didnt even go through.

Oh anyway, so he told me there was a nail on my tire, but luckily the nail was really really small, so didnt even go through, and actually i called around to about 10 tire shops. Nobody can get me in the same day, everyones saying its going to take multiple days. They got me in the same day, though, to take a look, so shout out to buddies for getting me in the same day and took a look at it right away, even though i didnt actually penetrate the tire appreciate it all right, something other than chicken lets. Try some st louis soup, dumplings whoa ha ha thats, pretty good. It didnt look super soupy, it doesnt look super soupy, but its very juicy. Also, you know, whats shocking is how spicy the chilies are right. You didnt, try it try the chili. You see all that soup in the bottom of that dumpling the skin is very thin and the filling is humongous craft. Flavor is really pronounced. Giant juicy soup filled dumpling. That is really good. You know the only thing i think a little less sweet be perfect, but thats really really nice. So where we are right now is oh wow. This is a tender piece of pork. This is hong shao rao, so soy sauce braised pork belly. Oh its good. Oh, this will melt in your mouth. Look how easily this falls apart. I know some people may not be super into fat.

I am super into fat. Look how easily my chopsticks broke through this. Oh, this is all juicy. This is all melts in your mouth bacon, but the chilies are super spicy. The pork is deliciously melty soup dumpling deliciously soupy. Oh, i also got wontons wonton soup and these are shrimp and crab wontons its not bad. I mean its not going to be as like a flavor bomb as the soup dumplings with the melty pork and its not meant to be its supposed to be really light. This is more of a cantonese dish. A super delicious wonton is delicious, so the crab one is. They definitely use good quality crap that one is the best, but the pork one is delicious and its so awesome because, like when i was last here in st louis, it must have been over 15 years ago. It definitely didnt have places like this so to see the food being diversified in this city thats, so amazing, if youre ever close to this place in the surrounding areas. This is a great place to grab a soup dumpling. So this area this is uh. I guess what what is known as st louiss chinatown, its not very big so theres, this block of about maybe a dozen were so asian restaurants and supermarkets theres a filipino supermarket as well. I think with some filipino restaurants inside oh, this place is in a really unassuming neighborhood. Look at this panna cotta shave dice mango shave, this, oh man, everything is out taiwan, toast red bean, buns gone pork, floss, buns gone nice soup ball lets get one of these.

Its good taro bun taiwanese bolo bun, you havent had a bullet bun holo ball, and that is the tiny pastry uh the servings of pineapple cake. Oh thats, pineapple cake, yeah. Oh you guys made uh yeah. Is it good? It is good. It is excellent. We make everything in house, so cool ran into the owner. Ray got a bunch of bread, pastries, panna cutters, some tea. This is what i like to do after im, full from eating go home and eat, but slowly and more enjoyably, oh so nice to come back. Take a shower brew, a pot of tea. Try out some of these pastries pull. A ball should have put this in the airfryer. Still not bad im excited about these egg tarts, though so happy to be able to find delicious soup downplays and a portuguese, a tarp here in st louis st louis, is such a fascinating city way different than how i remembered it fusing is really different as well.