Sony have released their first video of the air peak drone. Now just recently, they’ve announced it by mr kenichiro yoshida that’s uh, the ces 2021. Now it seems to be aimed at professional filmmakers, which will be able to support your sony alpha camera. Now i know what you’re thinking it’s not going to compete with dji drones. You know it’s not going to be this size it’s going to be very similar to the i suppose the dji matrice it’s, actually quite large um, mainly for the fact that you know it’s got to support the camera. It’S got to support a 3 axis, gimbal uh. It seems like they’ve got the a7s 3 mounted on the drone, which the footage would absolutely be epic, but i don’t think it’s going to be for us people at the moment in terms of regular consumers, working professionals – 100 percent uh – i don’t know we don’t know The price, yet we don’t, know too much uh details, but uh just like to mention. I know s. Uh ash from dronion is going to be doing a video of this. So if you do want to see a little bit more in depth, detail with someone who works with drones, all the time go check out. His channel link will be in the description below if you want to check out ash’s channel um, but yeah let’s get into this video and see what this drone has: Music and that’s the sony concept car that they actually have designed, which is really cool, it’s.

A really cool concept – car um, but okay, so you can see from the top here it’s, actually quite large, it’s quadcopter, so it’s got some removable legs. Removable drone, let’s, just step it back a little bit here now we can see here. It’S got a couple of side: sensors. There it’s got a couple of sensors up front, and this seems to be the viewing. Camera is what you can see uh through the live feed of your controller. They’Ve got the a7 s3 mounted on there as well and i’m. Not sure what let lens that is, the g lens, hmm it’s, interesting big, three axis gimbal solid, solid drone, two battery compartments there see there’s on and off button. This seems to be maybe the sd card input it’s, very, very reminiscent of the matrices drone, so yeah front side, there’d be rears and i think there’s top sensors as well. You can see there almost looks like your dji drone camera. Interestingly, Music step forward a bit there, you go look at the size of that it’s, incredible size, it’s, really big, very similar to the matrice. Obviously, it’s going to have to handle your sony, camera Music and there we go so the sides lift up the legs, lift up Music, which is really interesting. That’Ll provide a little bit more safety to the sides. Okay, so it’s. The first glimpse here at the screen. Um so i’m, assuming this is the monitor, no so that’s an ipad, so you can attach your own ipad very similar to your dji drones, where you can attach your phone or your ipad or a tablet whatever it is.

What is it good at the top gps battery fpv modes, they’ve got it in fpv mode. It looks like there’s a home function. Gps. There, like i said, check out ash from droning on. If you want to check out a little bit more detail when it comes to this video i’m, just winging it yeah, so obviously you’re going to get really crisp footage being the a7 s3 which i’m recording on right now um, you can see there that’s the a7 S3 chucking on a new lens um, so you can see here. Um, balancing the gimbal will be quite interesting. It’S, just like balancing a three axis: gimbal um it’s, pretty much a three axis gimbal just turned upside down, looks like i’d like to say that’s. The g master lens uh, the 24 mil, maybe unless it was the 105 135 g Music. So it doesn’t really give you much in this video because technically you don’t really need to see the footage, because the footage is from the a7s3 it’s. Nothing to do with the footage it’s how the drone actually performs. So i really wonder what kind of price we’re looking at as well, so you can see it’s all carbon fiber to make it really light, but look at the size of those batteries. Massive massive batteries. You’Re, probably having like you, know, 30 to 45 minute flight time, um, holding all that weight. Who knows it’s very interesting Music, so you can see a lanyard clip uh return to home, or is that gps record button it’s very basic remote? You can see the toggles there very similar to your dji drones as well, where you can toggle your camera tilt pan all that kind of stuff, but i’m assuming you’ll, be able to adjust your camera settings through this as well.

So Music it’s interesting car driving through the mountains now looks gorgeous um putting nd filters on it’s a nice side. View of this thing, uh, obviously led markers they’re very same very similar to the same it’s, pretty much the same same as dji drones. Um sensors push out a little bit, obviously that’s the front and back sensor probably acts as a gimbal protector as well or a camera protector. In case it hits something Music it’s interesting how this you can still there’s no front protector. I suppose it’s very similar to dji drones as well Music and that that’s it that’s the epic that’s the sony air pick. So in terms of speed, it doesn’t really show or tell you any details about the specs but uh. The speed will be interesting to see how fast it will go. I would imagine you know 60 to 70 kilometers per hour, at least especially with the size of this thing could go up to maybe 80 to 90 kilometers per hour, which is almost you know. 50 60 miles per hour. You would imagine something like that, but will they actually release something this? This could be the first version of the earpig, which will give professional working professionals a chance to have a drone. Will they produce a consumer drone for people like us? Uh, like the dji drones, you know mavic mini or the mavic air 2 or the mavic pro 2. Will they produce something like that? You can see that camera on the front could be just as good quality i’m, not 100 sure uh, but we soon shall shall soon find out anyway, guys hope you enjoyed this video.

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