So please subscribe good luck and happy. Fpv today were talking about the replacement for this radio. This is one of my all time: favorite radios, its the light radio 3 by beta fpv. It has internal built in elrs or, you can add a four in one module in the module bay in the back, and this has no screen on it. It has no fancy buttons on here and it is super simple to use – and this has been my daily go to elres radio for several months now and come along the pro version, its new, its black. It has ers versions and a cc 2500 version with hull gimbals and a new screen and little tiny joysticks for you to play with. Also, it supports open, tx and edge tx, so whats great about this. One were going to take a look, but also today we have the radio master ag01 mini gimbals to check out. These are tiny little game style, controller mini gimbals that were released. You guys love the ago ones and a lot of you guys bought these, and now they have a mini version. So lets go ahead and jump over to the bench and check out the light radio 3 pro and then well. Take a look at these fancy new ag01 minis. This is the box like i said it comes in two versions: the cc 2500 version and the 2.4 ers version inside the box. Youll get the radio the gimbal covers, and an instructional manual and both versions of this radio, the cc 2500 and the els 2.

4 version are 89. Currently so thats not bad for everything included to pretty much get you up and flying. If you have a fr sky receiver, if you have an ers receiver, if you want to add crossfire on the back of this, you can also do that with the nano module bay on the back. It has different little leds that light up for this transmitter. When you press on it and hold it will start up and youll see the open, tx or the edge tx version load, and i believe mine came pre loaded with edge dx, so thats pretty sweet. It also has a built in microphone and speaker and right now you see its red. This led is red when you have a connection to your lrs receiver, its going to be blue. This new version has hall gimbals, which is nice, also known as joysticks, for those of you guys, wholl know the difference between joysticks and gimbals theyre the same thing: it supports 8 channels. It has a 1.3 inch oled screen on here, so its not led its a little bit nicer and it has these two push button joysticks, which is nice for navigation inside edge, tx or open tx, also its nice, that it does have an internal 2000 milliamp battery. It supports usb charging and the usb charger is on the very bottom. We have the dfu button and the boot loader button there as well. We also have a port for playing around on any virtual pc simulator.

So if you want to fly fpv on a simulator with this, you can hook it up and on a pc. It will automatically install the drivers now. Currently, this radio supports 250 milliwatt, which is kind of comparable to the other game style transmitters out there. They do say that this one can go up to 500 milliwatt, but they say not to do that, because you could risk burning up the radio dont do that your internal module could suffer if you turn it up to 500, so there will probably be a firmware Update coming out soon to be able to update this so that you dont do that on accident and on the back of the radio we have the nano module bay for adding any type of beta fpv, els modules, four in one modules, or even crossfire nano modules. Whatever youd like to plug in there, you can select external crsf and it will activate this module bay and also whats different about this one is they do have a little toggle switch on the back of the screen? If you look on the back left hand side here, youll see a three position. Switch right here come up a little bit closer and youll, see that that is for fine tuning, the gimbals on the controller, thats kind of a new feature, theyve added as well, and the pro version has the same switches on the top as well. Two three position: switches and two lock position switches as well, not the momentary switches that the other radios have.

This one has two lock position: switches id like that for arming the quad. This is usually my arm switch mode, switch, beeper and rtl. If i have gps on this type of setup – and i guess one thing that i was hoping for – was that when i bought the pro version, i would get a little more grip on the radio itself, maybe a little more rubber feel on the outside. Maybe back here on this section, maybe a removable piece or some add ons later, but it feels exactly the same as the light radio 3.. It has almost the same exact material but now its black. But my favorite thing about this: one is the screen. It is an oled screen and you can see it outside quite well during the daytime, so thats kind of nice, its not an led screen, its an oled so its a little brighter. You can adjust the brightness and contrast inside the menus as well, but its nice, because they also added two joysticks with push button selection over. On the left hand, side. We have a four position switch here and you can push down and long press to go back out of the menus, its pretty easy and kind of intuitive to get into the menus. So if we long press over to the right, itll take us to our model menu, you can then go up and down. If you want to go into a model, select the model youre currently on and go over to the right and itll.

Take you into the setup just like weve seen before in other radios. If you want to go out, just go ahead and prolong press on the left side. Itll. Take you back out now this is cool. So if you press up on this little joystick itll, take you into the stats itll show you your monitor for a spectrum monitor analyzer, we go down itll, take us into more specs here for battery voltage. Time lapse to use on the radio and we can go ahead and long press out and if we go up again, itll take us into spectrum analyzer to the left. Itll take us into tools, and this is the typical menu that we see in open, tx and edge tx. If we go over to the right, we press the right, itll scroll, run, one through seven there, so sd card support, radio, setup, global functions, trainer hardware version and so now were on 2.6.0 edge tx, and that was updated on 329. So you also have firmware options down there and modules for rx versions, as well long press to get out youre back to the menu. Now it did say in the system menu that it has sd card on here, but it actually doesnt. It has a wi fi updatable internal memory, so if you want to update the firmware on this controller youre just going to do it over wi fi, now whats also cool about this radio guys it does have pass through for elrs upgrade.

Like i mentioned, it can be upgraded by wi, fi, so thats kind of cool, and you can go through the upgrading steps on beta fpvs website. If you want to update the firmware, they will have a new firmware update coming out. I swear but nice things also about this one is, it does have a lua interface. It has wi fi express lrs tx for the wi fi name, thats, going to be being able to to go in and update your firmware, and it has the password set up to be all lowercase express lrs for getting into that on beta fpvs website. Thats kind of cool, so there should be a link for that and if there is ill, try to find that and put it down below for you, but it also has edge tx passthrough as well for updating edge tx to elrs, which is kind of sweet. You cannot update a cc 2500 internal module bay to do elrs thats going to be a hardware option. So if you want elrs internal, buy that one theyre, both the same price, which is kind of cool, so i think thats nice that theyve added this one to their collection and theyve been honest and forthright about this issue with the 500 milliwatt um overheating or losing Packets um having a signal drop thats, pretty important that they are. You know theyre nice enough to tell the community up front so um. Its kind of funny were on the forefront being beta testers sometime, and i find it kind of hilarious that this companys name is beta fpv right, so it seems like were always beta testers in the hobby community, so moving on guys, im, not sure if these are Compatible with the beta fpv controllers or not, but they are compatible with the zorro if youre one of my guys who bought the xoro, because i said it was a great radio, then awesome these are going to be available for you right now, im looking for a Street price – and it looks like theyre 99 for this set thats, not too bad.

The other ones, i think, were around 89 just for one gimbal. So a little tiny box and theyre both inside here im just going to go ahead and take them out and ill. Just open one for you guys, look on the back and it says: haul sensors. Of course, it has full cnc metal, gimbal, quad, bearings tension adjustment ratchet in the front for front facing tension, adjustment, which is nice, easy mode, self, centering adjustment and travel adjustment as well, and they should be plug and play some springs in here and some extra hardware With a little two millimeter driver – and this is the gimbal itself and its crazy, because im looking at the ago ones in a tiny mini format – i installed the larger ago ones inside my t16 s max edition and they are nice. And these just look like little miniature versions of them. You can see just like the larger version. They have two cables that plug into the radio thats pretty much it for the installation, its pretty easy. If you can open up a radio and take out your old gimbal, you can install this one, and this is the other one that was in the pack as well, and both of these seem to be self centering. So you would need to use the tension adjustment here to make this one. Your throttle stick so that its not going back to center super important when youre setting up your quad or installing these to your radio, whether in mode 1 or mode 2.

But you know whats neat about these – is that you notice on the side right here. These are non contact adjustment gimbals. So this gimbal moves right here, but its electronic, so its tracking with electronic sensor just below that right there and theres no delay in that sensor. Action which is kind of crazy so times past youve seen these types of setups, where they kind of they kind of rub on the gimbal itself, and you can see right here. This side has that, but this size has no contact hall sensors on here for accurate super, accurate controls and super super precise, stick, centering, and also previously, there was kind of some travel adjustment issues with some of the larger ones. People saying that they couldnt get the full travel, but the minimum is like 38 degrees on these and the max of about 54 degrees, but they do go all the way out to the edges on this face plate. So you should get full travel for any of your quadcopter applications or even fix wing. So if you like, these ill put the link down below – and you guys can check these out – these are compatible with the xoro and the tx12. So if you bought a tx12, it has miniature gimbals on there. So congratulations! You can get these and install it on your tx12. Another great radio that i do enjoy because it does have a full size. Module bay in the back versus zoro has a micro module base so its up to you guys, but hopefully you enjoyed this review.

Please do subscribe on the channel and good luck for the new giveaway. Hopefully you enjoyed seeing the beta fpv light radio 3 pro. I love it. I think its super cool and im just going to chill on 250 milliwatt for now and uh. I really dont need 500 on something im. Gon na fly my micros on so this will be for my small quads ill leave.