For you check out this beast. This one is looking really nice. It is very similar looking to the diatom and take ham, but we have options on here. It looks like to go from 4 to 6 s. We have T motors on here, so those are a really nice high quality motors. There, 1507 2700 kv s. We also have DJI digital on here with the full blown air module, it's vertical mount which i've seen before, unlike the fly wood design – and we have two vertical TPU mounted antennas back here with your mm CX connectors connecting straight to your air module. Now I've been asked by many people recently, should I go digital and the answer to that is absolutely. If, if you want to invest the money into the goggles, I think once you do, that you know you're you're out the door price is gon na, be over a thousand dollars when you you're all said and done, because these quads do cost around around the 280. To around 400, this one does retail for around 400. But what you're getting on here component wise is like top shelf stuff, because we have 55 cam SCS on here as well, so they're a 30 by 30 stack on the bottom, and this frame is kind of cool because it actually has this 30 by 30 option. In the very middle, and then it also has more 20 by 20 options. All the way, starting back here, one two, three four different mounting options: there that's a lot of options.

If you decided to pull off this 20 by 20 later, you had a problem with it: that's a really nice modular frame. Also, the foam bumpers on here look a little bit different than what we've seen before it. Has these, like angular cut pieces right here around the front in the back, which kind of give this one a unique look. It stands out in the crowd from the pack. You have plenty of tilt here, but if you're just getting into fpv, these make really good trainers, because what happens with this is that when you first start playing acro, these are going to do light freestyle, and this one would do light freestyle. I would say it would give some tumble in a big loop. If you come back around. Sometimes it will. The flame controller will kind of have a little freakout. The gyro and it'll do this on you, but it is something that you can recover from it's, not going to be the end of your flight. You'Re not it's not likely to make you crash, but you have to know that that is something that happens on these types of Center whoops. We also have an XT 60 here. The VTX that's built in back here as well, will do up to 1000 middle up with, with a mod. There is a firmware update. You can do to to make this run one watt, which is pretty impressive, so you can go miles and miles out with that.

It also has an optional cable in here, just above this f7 flake trail that's. The other thing that's great about this is a dual f7 on here. It has this cable coming off ready for an S, buss, receiver and I'll just try to tuck it out right. There on the side, you can see that little white, cable that's for your s, bus receivers, anything fly Sky. You can do fr sky Futaba DSM X. So you have all the receiver options on here as well, and it looks like plenty of top mount battery capability on the top here for a room for even a large it's like a 1550 is probably about as big as I would go, and I was using The 1300 and I'm still getting over five minutes flight time with this, but they are great trainers if you want to start out flying stability mode and then move up to acro later. I know some guys right now at my local field, who are using actually the diatom and taken for an acro trainer and it's great, because the foam bumpers there they're not going to break this frame. If you do crash it's, a very solid and durable frame and all the TPU trimmings on here on the bottom as well on each motor here on the top in the back, you have a spot for your mortal T. If you want to do crossfire, this will also handle crossfire and plenty of frame.

Support on the bottom to looks like plenty of bracing in here and a really nice looking quad in person. I was impressed when I pulled it out box, because I've had some Aurora RC stuff in the in the past, and I was kind of wondering when Aurora was going to come around for their three inch cinema release. And here it is just in time for a first look for you guys, but let's go ahead now and let's go out to the field. We'Ll, do a little bit of flying with this and I'll show you some onboard footage, and just how amazingly close you can get into things and fly with this DJI system, it's kind of amazing how well you can actually see with it. It is a total game. Changer in fpv, so let's go ahead out to the field and do some flight tests. Here we go Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. You you alright guys welcome back from the flight test, so I think this is one of those quads that does stand out in the pack. It has a pretty good weight on it. It is very comparable weight wise around 360 grams on the scale just over 500 with the battery it's, not gon na be the lightest, but it would be sort of in the mid range of cinah, whoops and I'll put some links down below for my top 5 Cinna whoops and you guys can pick through those and decide which one you want to get.

The Green Hornet is probably one of the lightest out there. But then again, this one with the f7 on here is is probably one of the best flying out there. So the f7 dual f7, actually just it, increases the the smooth feeling of the TuneIn on the quad so it's, just an overall like better flight experience. Even in a little bit of wind, I was still able to keep a pretty straight line going with this quad. So Ana and once I got used to the way this one flies, they all fly different by the way. Once I got used to the way this one flies, it was really really precise of going through the tree farming and not crashing into some of the tightest spots that I went through with this quad. So mild freestyle, excellent cinema capability and just a phenomenal experience with the DJI system on here. I can't recommend this enough for you guys you have to try it. It is night and day like VHS tape for video for the old school analog cameras. Now they are cheaper, but once you move up to digital it's, like looking at 1080p flat screen, the DJI goggles are amazing, so it's worth every single penny and I have to say I had come back with no problems with this one. So this one is in the good books – and this is one of the ones that I can recommend easily, because no crashes, no bumps, no scratches.

It performs great out of the box and it's one of those ones that you can just order and bind up and fly with a lot of issues and props. The thing goes to put on here. Those are my props of choice. Those are also the gym. Fan. 3 inch with those nice tapered ends on there it's sort of made specifically for the center loop type quads, so yeah. This one is a winner guys two thumbs up for this one, but I could. I could definitely recommend it for for this year, so go back and look at the footage again and – and you know double check and see what you think before you make an order. But this one is is good with me. So thanks again for watching you guys – and please do so – click Subscribe for more quad videos coming up. I got a lot of new stuff in this weekend's, a bunch of new radios and all kinds of cool stuff, for you guys to see so take care of you well and stay safe out.