The dji mini 3 pro drone, it has just been announced, weve been lucky enough to have access to it. For a couple of weeks now and i have to say it is a winner. This drone weighs just 249 grams and thats remarkable for a number of reasons they have packed in so many features, much better performance, longer flight time and also a quality camera. Now the 249 gram weight is really important and dj. I deliberately did this because at 249 grams this means that you can actually fly this within the 5.5 kilometer range of a controlled airport here in australia and in other parts of the world. Being 249 grams also means that you dont need to register the drone here. In australia and in many other parts of the world and thats, why dji were aiming for this size and yet still packing in all of its capabilities for this product here? So i think it is a remarkable achievement actually to fit all the features and well go into them in a moment, but were talking safety features, camera features, different modes, uh diff different longer flight time. The whole lot lets give you a closer look at it as well. Here it is right here you can just see how small it is. It literally fits in the palm of my hand, but lets unfold. It so were going to take this out there and even in the unfolded position, it is actually still pretty small.

You can see that right there, so, in terms of the design, the the design of the body was actually uh also altered significantly as well. Now you can see that just on the safety front, youve got youve, got triple safety, sensors, so front below and behind so three so youre not going to fly this into a wall into a tree and thats remarkable having that level of safety on a device on A on a drone thats as small as this, so that thats amazing, as well now when the the designers also created these efficiencies with the drone as well. So when its hovering it, actually it actually tilts. But yet, when it flies forward, it straightens and is less. Has less wind resistance so that that means its what its the the drone isnt working as hard because of that wind resistance, and that brings us more energy efficiency – well talk more about battery in a moment, it also has larger propellers. You may notice as well, and this actually gives it more performance efficiency as well. So add all those up ill. Give you another look at the propolicy, add all of those things up so energy efficiency for the design, larger propellers, for the performance efficiency, and that makes it means that you can get even more out of it when it comes to the battery Music. So so, Music, Music, bye, Music being this size means its a grab and go drone and under 249 grams you can take it anywhere.

So if youre traveling even to other countries, you can easily fit this in your kit and and youll be able to shoot wherever you go. So, as i said, 249 grams means no need. You can fly near airspace, but you or you can also you also dont need to get it registered, so you can see just how small that is. It fits in the palm of my hand, so really easy to take with you, wherever you want to go now, because its under 249 grams doesnt mean that you can do what you want. You still have to follow the rules, so here in australia, its 120 meters uh maximum altitude youve got to stay 30 meters away from people and buildings, so youve got to respect those rules but being under 2 under 250 grams at 249 grams means you do have A bit more leeway in terms of where you can fly it and also not having to register it now. I do love this smaller size, but the one downside is its hard to keep line of sight on such a small drone, especially if you, if its, if youre flying at a fair distance away from yourself the route, the laws here in australia and other parts of The world means you need to have a line of sight of the drone and, being so small, its not hard for this to get out of your sight. So this means that youll probably have to fly it closer to keep that that physical line of sight.

It is pretty small, so you cant go too far without it going out of your sight, so i think the only downside i think, but unless your eyesights a lot better than mine, youll youll have to keep it a little bit closer in future. Okay lets talk about the camera. Now the camera is capable of shooting 4k hdr at up to 60. Frames per second can also shoot 48 megapixel stills in the raw format as well. So you as youd, expect fantastic video quality, fantastic image, quality and also all the various modes as well. What what we also already know the quick shots? Theres the active track as well active track 4.0 is included with the the mini 3 pro, so you are able to track either yourself or someone else or an object uh, and it will really smoothly follow along and and shoot the capture. The video thanks to active track 4.0. So i think that the camera, though we expected it to be high quality and it is. But what i like about the new camera is its new capabilities and the first one is the true vertical shooting and what i mean by that you think about how were consuming our video content nowadays with tick, tock and instagram reels. It is a portrait kind of look on our videos rather than the landscape. We need to watch on youtube, but portrait is what people are watching on tiktok and instagram, and these other platforms.

So with this gimbal you can actually tilt it 90 degrees and capture. Those vertical portrait videos so as soon as soon as its captured instantly can be shared on social media, so im sure therell be a few tick. Tockers wholl be really keen to learn more and to use that feature Music, so Music. The redesigned gimbal also makes it possible to shoot from low angles, might sound odd for a drone, but the actual design means it can aim further, like almost almost straight up straight above it. So it does. The gimbal does have that kind of leeway and, of course, you have your traditional ways of shooting directly down, and you can also angle it using the remote as well. I should also mention theres, also a new color mode, its the d cinelike color, and this means that if you do choose theres the regular mode but theres, also the other, the d cinelike color mode as well. That means the colors will pop. So if you youll notice the hdr coming into place, really really nice natural colors, if you do want to go to that color format that color temperature, you can do that with that new mode now lets talk about the battery dji says 34 minutes of flight time, Which is extraordinary and, as i mentioned earlier, its all due to that energy efficiency thanks to the redesign and the larger propellers, also providing that performance efficiency as well, and that adds up to 34 minutes of flight time.

So what i normally do when i fly, i normally set a 25 warning on on the on the battery, and even when i was doing that, i was still able to i still noticed i had still had about. I think i had about eight minutes of flight time left to go uh because i do like to set a decent warning, so i dont want to get warned when theres only 10 battery left. I like plenty of warning at 25, so by the time with the extended battery life by the time it got to my 25 warning, ive still had about eight or nine minutes of flight time, which is great because often i i like to have that that longer Warning period or earlier warning period and that that leaves a lot more energy in the battery, just in case im out over water im, far away from where, where ive taken off im able to get back with that. Even even if that warning does sound, im still have that peace of mind that i can get back to where i took off now. This energy efficiency theres also going to be an intelligent plus battery which is going to take flight time up to 47 minutes. But what thats going to do the battery is actually 40 grams heavier. So if you do choose that heavier battery, it does make the drone over the 250 gram mark. So those leeways that those freedoms that you had under 250 will disappear for our review.

We used the dji rc thats, the remote control, with the built in 5.5 inch display. That means that you dont have to rely on your smartphone to to see what youre doing. I think it does really mean that you can be up and running and flying a lot faster, and this screen as well even in bright sunlight. We were flying it in, in the middle of the day, in in bright sunlight, we were still able to see the screen quite clearly, so i think that really does, i think its worth it. It does cost actually theres two packages which ill talk about later, with the the mini 3 pro. It comes with a regular remote that you need to put your phone on top of, but for a little bit extra, it does come with the dji rc, which is this control here, so no need to stuff around with your smartphone turn it on connect it to The drone and away you go now. I always recommend to purchase the fly more combo whenever theres, a new dji drone and with with the mini 3 pro the fly more combo gives you a lot of extras, including you get two extra batteries. You get. The drone, of course, two extra batteries. There is one already in the drone as well ill. Take that out as well. If you want so three batteries in total youll also get the charging dock. So you put all the batteries inside one usbc or a usb 3.

0 connection will charge all three batteries uh, the the theres also extra propellers as well, and the version that i was sent was the dji or with the rc controller, so screen included in the controller There there is a version that you buy, that has the regular controller. That means that you can how you have to put your phone or a tablet on, on top of the controller, what i normally do when i do have uh when i fly my larger drone. My inspire 2, i actually put an ipad up on the controller. There is room to have a bigger screen so thats what i prefer to do, but in this instance, with the mini 3 pro the dji rc is fantastic and theres. The dji fly app thats on board. That does enable all those new features. There will be an update to the app for those who are coming into this fresh after launch, so it is. It does really offer all those extra features as well now, in terms of pricing. The dji mini 3 pro is priced at 1 119 australian dollars, and that comes that includes the drone. The one battery and the regular remote control that doesnt have the screen so youll need to put your phone on that remote and for 1299 dollars. That is the the mini 3 pro with the dji rc thats, the remote control, with the 5.5 inch display. So there you have it: the dji mini 3 pro has just been announced and it might be a small drone, but ive got to say fitting.

All those features and performance and longer battery life is a big achievement for dji to find out more read our complete review at