Welcome to this video. The first look at hudson ace pro aerial filming drone sitting right here. You must have watched the video of hubsan as se a closer look flight videos yet to come uh and were going to talk about those very very soon, so lets focus on hubsan ace pro. Both drones are here and in this video right after giving you a closer look at hubsan ace pro, i will be able to put these two side by side, so you can see what are the differences between these two drones but before i continue do remember that At the end of this video before this video ends im going to talk about some very, very important points and some very important topics that i want to discuss on the video right here. I hope hopson is happy with them, but you know im just going to discuss those so stay tuned with me on this video stay with me on this video and do not miss that segment. At the end of this video, all right so lets bring the camera closer. Let me give you a closer look at the house and ace pro talk about its features and then well move on to the most important discussion topic. All right lets take a closer look at the first very closer look at the hudson ace pro aerial filming drone, and then we will talk about its features in the folding states. Its almost the same thing as the aces is sitting right here.

In the background, if you want to talk about the radio theres, nothing new about the radio, its the same thing that hubsan has been sending with all their drones uh recent drones – you know xeno mini s – is you know, mini pro and now sse and uh ace Pro so this is the same radio controller. Okay, this opens to hold your phone. There are sticks down here, theres, a usb port. Here i mean the usb mini come on hops on why its still usb mini they are folding antennas, theres a function button as a control for the gimbal photo and video buttons and then, of course, uh. Oh, i remember there used to be two buttons down here. There are no more here uh. Let me see yeah no, no more buttons on se radio as well all right. So this is the hubsan ace pro in its folding state. Uh first thing that you want to notice is the obstacle avoidance sensors on the front and obstacle avoidance sensors at the back now absent says that it has a three size of obstacle: avoidance that means forward backward and bottom obstacle avoidance using time of flight, sensors and Optical flow sensors, so front rare and bottom three ways or three sides of obstacle avoidance. This is what ace pro provides. Okay, now let me unfold once again. We all know what is the shape looks like still the same shape. We talked about what it looks like in houston, ase video.

So if you want to know, go check it out, i dont want to speak that again all right. So here on the right side of the quadcopter, we have the same thing: a button, an led light and a tf card slot. Now here is one point to remember: you do not need to have tf card for ace pro unless you really shoot a whole lot of videos, because it has a built in 64 gigs of memory, thats nice. It has a built in 64 gigs of memory that you can extend with a tf card. Should you not want to use the built in memory? You can always insert a tf card and in the app you can choose where to store your videos and files and screen uh, not the screens, still shots, so you can choose in the app where to store the built in memory or the tf card. So theres an option for that: okay and at the left side of the drone. Once again, its the same thing, usb mini and led light come on, have some usb mini. I have to say it again and again then we have these mini tf. I dont know this. This looks like tf card, but there is a vent here and a vent here, so these are mini vents, okay, uh. Once again, the cables going to the motors are protected with a very nice protection around the cable. Then we have these folding antennas, okay, which will also extend the height of the front side so that to protect the gimbal from hitting the ground and also notice that again, the design actually effectively prevents the gimbal from hitting.

Should you forgot to you know unfold these? The gimbal still might be, you know, surviving okay, so im not planning to test those, but anyway, so coming down here once again, theres a big heat sink inside covered with a plastic right here. A fan: okay, optical flow and time flight, sensors and downward facing led light lots of vents here how hot it will get during flight. Well, we will find out once we start the flight testing. Okay now lets talk about the battery lets see if anything different in the battery um 3800 milliamp, 11.4 volt, 43.32 watt hour battery and its the same battery for se version. So theres no difference in the battery. The battery is the same thing right here now. The big difference that you will notice is right here on the camera. Okay, this is if i can read it properly, one by 1.3 inch sensor in it 48 megapixels, so theres a lot more new things that you will watch in the app. If you connect your uh hubsan ace pro to your app similar x, hubsan 2.0 app, you will see a whole lot of new options and parameters there, which we will talk about the app in detail later in coming videos. Okay, so i believe this is this. This isnt much to see im just gon na rotate the drone very slowly right here, so you can take a very, very nice look on the camera. The dji pocket 2 is shooting, probably everything in a proper focus.

Okay and down here, as you can see, the build actually looks very nice. To be honest, the build looks very, very nice. I mean um if, if i to buy these drones well, to be honest, you know im not paying for these drones theyre coming for my video review and flight testing. So if i have to buy this drone, i when i open the box, i will say you know what it does. Look very very nice. High quality drone now take a look at the oh sorry, not this monster right here, 3d printed monster. Take a look at the dji mavic air 2 that i have and i often fly it. I love it so much if you take a look at this and if you take a look at the finish of the drones, the boat drones side by side, you cannot tell difference in quality of the material, so basically hubsan has definitely improved the quality of material. Here this thing has pretty good weight on it. You know um after you install the battery of course, and of course well talk about the weight when we talk about the features okay. So this is this uh. If you still want to know more and if i have missed something, please comment on this video and let me know your questions and i will do my best to answer those questions now. Give me a moment. Let me just add this: now we will move on to talking about the features of this quadcopter.

Now, when it comes to the battery charging, i have no idea why hubsan went for these old types of chargers that used to come with xeno2, plus and xenopro. Something like that and you can see theres an in there is an out on these, and you can see that this side is a usb port which you can use for usb out and charge your devices using the battery power as well. Converting this into a power bank, i mean converting the battery into power bank uh im, not sure why theyre still using this i mean it is good that you can. You know have multiple of these and from in to out into out you can connect multiple of these in series and connect all the batteries and once one battery charges, the second one will start charge and the third one will start charge uh. They will not charge simultaneously, but they will charge one by one. So you know you can make it, but this makes a kind of mess you mean i you i mean you can see that after connecting with this cable, as there will be a long train of these and this, this takes a lot of space to actually put All the batteries to charging, and also theres this wall, adapter, which is kind of old style wall adapter as well. So i heard previously that these were having a lot of issues. They didnt charge batteries properly and even damaged the batteries im, not sure if this is the case, i hope hubsan has improved this im gon na get more information on these and im really really hoping that hubsan has improved these a whole lot.

I would rather prefer to have a charger like xeno mini se or xeno mini pro. Look at that this was nice. I mean you can connect four batteries to it. Still they will not charge simultaneously, but they will charge one by one. However, look at that how nice and compact it is to put at one place and all four batteries are connected to it, its not going to have a mess of cables around it. Its a nice and clean charger for four batteries and a nice and clean setup. Also have a usb out right here now having to have these imagine connecting four or five of these in series. Youre gon na end up with a lot of noodles an extra mess that you dont want to have you know and also connecting them properly here and there making sure the bullet connectors are all the way pushed in makes a lot of mess. So i hope hubsan will just trash these now, this old technology trash it please and give us the new type of chargers. Now, when you talk about side by side, comparison of hubsan, acese and ace pro, basically, the only difference is that ace pro has obstacle: avoidance, sensors on the front and rare ace s e doesnt. The cameras are different. This one definitely have better sensor and better specs on the camera. Okay – and it has a built in memory in here, but this one doesnt all right – welcome to this important segment of video that ive been telling you to watch in this video time by time.

Now lets talk about some very critical and important points and im going to be very, very honest and straightforward here now. Hubsan is definitely working very very hard to release some really nice and good drones with very very competitive features, features thats not available in other drones. So when you compare the price and features at many points, you find the hubsan drones have a upper hand and people really want to buy. Those people want to decide about hubsan drones going towards have some drones because of those advantages that have some drones have. However, a lot of people are still having issues time by time with hubsan drones, which is, i would say, a very natural and common thing when a company releases a product, definitely its not a perfect product, especially when were talking about the new drones coming out right Away and theyre not putting enough time testing these theyre just releasing it and fixing things by releasing firmware. Even dji is doing these kind of things. They release the drone first and then they fix the issues by releasing the firmwares time by time or add features. So when you do this, obviously naturally theyre going to be issues in the drones theyre going to be problems in the drones in your products. But when a customer has a problem with your product, you need to stand by your product and support the customer. Give the customers a strongest possible support, so the customers will be happy and they will stay with you.

This is a very important and key point, and i have emphasized this a number of times and i still keep doing it almost on weekly basis to hubsan that key to a companys success is to stand by their products and providing customers. A timely and a very strong support and customers are gon na stay with you and you will be a successful company. So this is my point once again: im emphasizing and telling habsan that please focus because there have been uh tons of complaints about hubsans, support, being non, responsive and non helping. I mean its not helping, even if they respond. They are not being very, very helpful. Their attitude is towards the benefits of the company, but not towards the benefits of the customers, so i would emphasize and personally request hubsan. I have supported you for a very long time and im still supporting you and im, hoping that you will take my advice. Very. Very seriously and give your customers a strong, timely support, where your support team attitude is customer first and resolve the issues as soon as possible and trust me. Customers are going to be very happy and theyre going to stay with you, youll be a successful company. All right now, speaking of customer support, if you are having any issues, please email to service, hubsan.comi c at hubsan.com, and leave a message in your email with the reference that you have watched a video and you have bought the product and now youre having issue.

Please help resolve this issue and im hoping that hubsan will focus and do their best to resolve the issues. Last but not least, uh, please comment on this video and let me know what kind of flight testing you would like to see on both asse and ace. Pro and what kind of video tutorials, if i could do any you would like to watch on my channel, and i would love to do those videos for all of you to watch and benefit from those one more thing that i feel very, very important to tell. Then my job is to make clear videos about these drones and present everything. What is good, what is bad right there on the camera on the video, so you all can watch and take informed decision, but please do not make a decision to buy a drone because alishana posted a video all right always watch the videos you can watch my Reviews you can watch other reviewers out there. Theyre posting the reviews of these these drones. You can watch their reviews. You can watch the reviews of competition, the dji and other competition like hotel and after watching all the competition and all the video reviews from multiple different youtubers drone experts. Only then you can make an informed decision whether to buy hotel, dji or hubsan and after you buy it, be happy with that, and if you have issues you can always contact those respective companies support and get your support.

So thank you very much for watching this. Lengthy video stay tuned for flight testing videos and once again, dont forget to comment in this video comment section any questions you have anything you want to feedback anything you want to give tips and tricks what kind of flight testing you want me to perform on these Drones and what kind of video tutorials you would like to see about these drones so ill be happy to post. All these give this video a big thumb up. Stay subscribe to my channel hit that little bell icon turn on all the notifications and stay tuned for upcoming videos. I will do a complete, detailed video on the apps, using both drones and what are the differences and the parameters? What is available and what is not available in terms of features, and we will take it from there. All right have fun people and stay safe. Come on. You know what to do hit that like button its right there. I know you can do it. Oh, while youre at it also hit the subscribe button right there come on dont. Be shy, just hit it. Thank you very much for all your support towards my work that i post regular and fresh content on my channel.