Now this whole thing was designed to be a great entry level into the chase. Quad drone world uh entry level into people, just learning drones for the first time, but it’s also packed with so many amazing features. Even a new motion controller here, which we, we still got ta unpack this thing and see what it’s all about, but we had to bring our friend tj tj has been part of the flight test team. For over three years. We had to bring him back because there’s so many features in this yeah there’s no way i’m going to be able to explain them properly to you and also bridge those two worlds. Yeah, if you can’t tell josh, is excited just a little bit just a little. This thing is yeah, i really am and it’s just like you said you know, yeah it’s, bringing making it easier for people to come into. You know ap drones into the chase. Well, we call it chase. Quad, the fpv quad type scene i’m so excited for it because of the fact that it does bridge that gap. Personally, in my day to day job, i don’t have a mavic. This covers that ground, but it also switches into yeah a chase clock. Uh. Do you wan na dig in yes, please all right, let’s pop this thing, open and voila. Nice reveal man. That’S awesome looks fantastic all right so with a dji, fpv combo. What do we get a ton of stuff? So all of this is in there and very well packaged, i must say, like it was actually pretty good unboxing experience, but most notably, obviously you get the drone.

It does come with another canopy, the dji fpv goggles v2. These goggles will work with other air units for dji, so just like, we fly chase quads. This won’t just work only with this drum, along with that, we have all the head, strap and all the gears we got the charging cables. The transmitter is something new yeah yeah, the transmitter i really am excited about. So everything is right here on the top and it’s little rockers little push buttons. One thing i do want to point out that i do like about this is, if you look on the bottom here well so i’m, assuming these are probably extra in case one of those fall out and you lose it and, along with that, we have two full Sets of 53 28 props, which is pretty common in the in the drone. So what do you say? We break this down? Let’S talk about the features of the drone here and we’ll. Share that with you so pretty much. This is a hybrid. This is a drone platform, a camera smashed up with an fpv experience right, and you know the first point is they’re. They’Re marketing it for any product comes with an idea, so they’re marketing it for first off drone users that wanted to do fpv, but it’s scary. You know they’re scared, quite literally, and that that is the biggest thing. So this thing will allow you to fly it kind of like a mavic and then ease into the full fpv experience, instead of just getting thrown into the deep end with like an fpv drone.

Exactly another part of their vision here was for content creators. Just like us, oftentimes you’ll, put up a mavic and we’ll be capturing something with beautiful scenery, but then the subject matter takes off and i’m flying through the air and we have to chase it. Well, you simply can’t do that with a mavic, ap style platform right, you need to have something like a chase quad and you need to have that control and that speed and agility to be able to get the subject properly, yeah and then they’re. Also, looking at fpv users that want an hd platform, whereas you know we’re using an fpv drone, we have to have a gopro. You have to have some kind of hd camera on top of it, which adds more value, gets more expensive, whereas this is everything built in all right. So why don’t? We go ahead and dig through this here this. This is definitely odd. This is new, but what it does do, though, is when i’m looking at it and if we’re in normal mode, it’s going to be hovering around like this and as soon as you’re in rate mode or rather manual mode mode and you’re flying fast forward, then it Looks more normal, like it act like that profile looks pretty cool while it’s flying around so yeah it’s. Definitely different there’s, not anything! I’Ve ever seen resemble close to this. So with all that said, we’ll flip it over here and this whole back section is a battery.

Okay, like that’s that’s, a lot, so you actually got to just pop the top out here. Then you squeeze both sides and it slides right out, but now this is a smart battery. This is you’re not going to be able to just grab a battery from one of your model, airplanes or one of your other drones and put this in here. This is specific, along with the battery here on the bottom you’re gon na notice, just like on the mavics and many of the other uh dji products. You have a lot of sensors. Yes, actually you got four sensors, four sensors yep. You got these two here that are facing to the bottom and then two on the front very cool. Now these sensors will be on or off based on what mode you’re in right, yeah yeah. So it depends on the mode. So if you’re in normal mode, then all the sensors are active and it does have obstacle avoidance. So, if you’re flying forward and you’re coming up to a tree or a building or what have you, this is actually going to sense that it’s going to slow down or stop much like the previous. You know mavics things like that. The bottom ones are on as well since in the ground since, where you’re at now, there is no obstacle avoidance to the sides or behind it. So keep that in mind, if you’re chasing me through the air and you’re going backwards, if you’re in trouble, which happens a lot? Yes, it does.

Along with this, you got the motors here typical dji, which is pretty cool, there’s no hardware to change out your props. Here they do give you an extra set of props uh, they’re color coded, so you just match up red for red. You press down a little twist. The rotational force keeps it locked in real nicely for you it’s, a really cool feature to be able to change out your props without having to go back to the field. Now typical dji products have the props that kind of fold up these are solid. These are just like what you’d see on a chase quad or a restaurant there’s there’s, really not much difference other than the fact they’re specifically made for these motors let’s talk about the camera all right, so we have a protective cover here, and this is really important. Make sure you guys put this on anytime, because there’s a gimbal under here it’s, just not like a typical fixed camera that you know isn’t going to rattle around and then this just pops out you just lift up on the bottom here and uh that’s, pretty darn Cool okay, so the camera 4k 60 frames per second okay, and i don’t want to breeze over that. So one of the biggest features of this platform is, you know, if we’re using this chase squad, what do we have, on top of it, a gopro, a gopro or an insta360, some kind of hd camera? This actually has a built in and it’s, not just 4k 60 and you’re done with it there’s a well quite a few different options.

We’Re going to dive into those later but yeah so 4k 60. You can adjust the frame rate. Uh 50 frames per second 100 frames per second, it actually even do 10, 80 and 120 frames per second, so that’s slow motion, some super slow motion, yeah, so it’s really really cool 150 degree field of view, okay and then, depending on what settings you’re in it Can go down to 142 degrees field of view, that’s really important, because when you’re, when you’re flying a chase, quad or race drone or something the wider, the field of view, oftentimes people prefer that, because they can capture more image, they can kind of see where they’re Going around the corner things like that, but for the ap pilots, what does that usually mean when you have a wide field of view, so the water in the field of view? Think of it like a gopro, you get that distortion, the lens distortion, how, if you’re looking at verizon, you see that kind of you know weird yeah, you know warping effect of it. This actually has a compensation build, and i think you can select it along with this. This also has rock steady stabilization, which is pretty huge. That means any kind of crazy stick movements and stuff it smooths it out typical dji 2. You also have all the led lights in there. You have a lot more in the background i’m kind of eager to see if these guys light up so the quad’s cool, but also i mean let’s – not leave behind the transmitter all right.

So one really cool thing. I noticed about the transmitter here is it looks a lot more similar to what we’re used to flying uh kind of like a tbs, feel a playstation controller and stuff, but this is really kind of where a lot of radios are going, which is nice but there’s. A lot of different features and things that are right at your fingertips, uh with all the buttons right and before we get to the buttons. I do want to talk about the sticks. So right now you notice they’re they’re, both centered, which is definitely different. What we’re used to you know guys after flying the mavics and things this is what you’re used to for us. We’Re used to this stick being down to the bottom. All the time zero throttle means it’s gon na stay on the ground. Yeah, you push it up. It goes up in order to actually change that what you can is in the back here. You can use a little tool to loosen up a screw, and this is going to allow us to put this all the way down to the center for normal mode. Sport mode, you probably want to leave it centered like that, if you’re going to be doing like we do and dabbling more in the manual modes, we want that actually adjusted very important thing. Yeah now, with along with this here, we got our power button. We got our first customizable button now there’s a couple different customizable options that we have through here we’ll be able to assign different features to that customizable button, one along with that on the very top here, everything’s right at your fingertips, which is nice one thing: i’m, Not a big fan of the switches, because oftentimes i’m pretty hard on my radios, this will fold down drop in and it won’t break anything off which is uh, which is a pretty important thing yeah and then on the switches here on the very back this little Roller here yeah gimbal adjustment, nice and simple.

If you’ve flown a mavic, you know exactly what we’re talking about this button is probably the one that i’m most excited about, so they they market this towards a lot of beginners. You know whether, whichever direction you’re coming from, but if you’re doing that and you’re in manual mode and you’re actually trying to learn how to fly this and you get messed up and you’re, not sure what to do you tap this button and it’s an emergency brake. It will stop the drone, depending on how fast you’re going it might take a little bit longer to stop than if you’re really going slow. However, it will stop and it’s just going to hover and it’s going to flip it directly into normal mode it’s going to allow you to breathe and to take over with a drone again now, if you press that, for a long press it’s going to give you The same features what you see on the mavics it’s, going to return the home and land an additional press will stop that features right. Right. All definitely awesome points then right here beside our emergency button, we have our mode switch, so you have a three flight mode. Well, i say three there’s actually like there’s, technically four, almost five we’re going to say three right now, so you got the normal mode, which is well reminiscent of the mavic. The aerial platforms to where you know, it’s pushing the camera around the sky, so sticks are centered.

You hold them down either to them gps, stabilized yeah yeah, so it takes off and you push a camera around the sky. Sport mode is one that has an asterisk for me that i want to get into a little bit more because when i’m reading about it, it doesn’t seem like the old school mavic explorer mode. So as you’re flying here, typically you’d be using yaw control and bank and pitch together all the same time to try to capture a very smooth, coordinated track from what we’re reading it looks like sport mode kind of does that for you, yeah yeah, and that that Looks great and i can’t wait to dive into it more, but manual mode is kind of for me, where i’m going to live that’s. Why we have you here actually got to be good for something so yeah the the manual mode and again to touch on. You have to go into the goggles to unlock the full rate, the full acro mode for manual mode, but when we immediately switch this into manual mode, then you get kind of the stabilized flight to where you know zero on your throttle, stick is going to be Landed and then, as you raise it, you’re going to increase your altitude, but in order to move forward, you have to tilt the drone forward and then, if you let go that, stick it’s going to automatically level back out so that’s. A really cool feature really awesome to be able to ease into the fpv flying experience yeah, so that was three modes now we’re gon na talk about another one.

So while it says three here’s another one, so that’s your fully manual mode that’s, where you go into the goggles, you activate it and then that is you’re going to do. Flips you’re going to do rolls. If i hold the right stick completely forward the drone’s just going to keep flip flopping around until it eventually crashes. If i let go of that, stick whatever angle and attitude that drone has it’s holding, so that means, if it pitches forward 20 degrees. Now let go of the stick it’s going to hold that 20 degrees until we correct for it now. This has a lot of different features as well too. This is our next customizable switch you’ll notice that this is a three position. Switch so we’ll be able to customize this to actually have three different behaviors right on there and right next to that that’s, where we can switch from photo mode to video mode right and then the one right behind that is our start and stop for manual mode. It says, start stop, it has an m on it, so i assume, when we actually switch this into manual mode. It probably has like the stabilization feature like the the angle mode, and then you actually probably have to push that to activate it. After you’ve went through the goggle menu and said yes, i believe i’m ready for full manual flight looks pretty promising internal battery. Here i do love the fact that it charges through a usbc and then the battery with all these little lights.

On the front you see what the battery is that’s the transmitter – i guess our last component here is the goggles all right. So obviously it would not be an fpv experience if we didn’t have some form of fpv goggles. Now, typically, with ap platforms, you’ll have your phone linked down below, where you’ll be able to see what the drone is seeing. But this is truly an fpv experience. This is where you’re wearing the goggles you’re fully immersed in the flight, and this has a lot of really cool features. Yeah and they’re they’re actually comfortable yeah. They really are yeah like i really enjoy these. I went over to the v1 a long time ago and now the v2 are here and i’m even more excited about them, specifically external battery. For this little battery here, yeah, the other ones were external as well, but the difference was that you had a little barrel plug that plugged into the side of your goggles that went over to a flight pack. It was typically the ones i used 1300 milliamp hour. Yeah, this is 2 500 milliamps that’s that’s over an hour, that’s a lot that’s, all that’s. That is awesome, and then, of course, you get the cord plugs into it. Just slide this in your pocket and go fly you’re good to go yeah now, as far as features here, you know, everyone’s faces are a little bit different here. You have your diopter adjustment, so you can move the lenses in and out here i have real narrow eyes, here’s, maybe a little bit wider.

So this is also version two here, which means it’s an upgrade from version one which i fly, those goggles. I love them. Those are 720p at 120 frames per. Second, this is more yeah, so these are 810p at 120 frames per second and then they’re using the ocusync 3 technology with dji, which, if you’re like me, doesn’t, really mean much until you say, ultra low latency, like less than 28 milliseconds, which means personally, i can’t, Feel a delay when i’m flying these yeah and that’s an amazing thing. Imagine you’re going through the area you’re fine as a top speed. You need to have that information in your eyeball, so your brain can react as quickly as possible. The lower the latency! Frankly, the more in connection you are with your platform right, so one cool thing about these is the full menu system that is in the goggles. So we kind of touched on it earlier when it’s like. If you want to go into manual mode to where you’re getting the full rate mode experience, you have to set that up in the menu system and it’s really intuitive there there’s a couple buttons here on the side, most notably this five directional button. Five directional just means it goes left right forward and back and then you can click it, so you can actually go through everything and then the osd you’ve seen these the osd is pretty cool. Yeah, beautiful osd gives you all the key information, but it doesn’t take away from your experience by flying it now.

Another cool thing i really like too is – and this has kind of saved us a lot of different episodes. We we can put an sd card and record from the goggles. We can also record from the platform, which is a pretty important thing, especially if you’re capturing that experience, where maybe you’re putting your quad in a position where you’re going over a cliff or something. Maybe something happens, you don’t get it back. You can keep all that data and record it from your goggles yeah and the biggest difference there is. The goggles are going to record. You know. Well, i assume these are going to record at the 810p, whereas version 1 recorded at 720p and then the drone. Obviously, if we’re recording a 4k that’s going to be in 4k, so it’s not going to be as good of quality. At least you get it, but you get it yeah. You can’t use footage that you don’t have one thing i strongly recommend is treat your goggles with respect. Take care of them, don’t put them in the full sun if you’re new to the hobby anytime. You turn your goggles into the sun. The light can go through there and it can bring out your display. You don’t want to do that. I want to reiterate that just back up play that again, because that is something i’ve seen a lot of people just yesterday. I saw somebody make a post about that.

How they have a spot burned into their goggles, and all it takes is a split second with the sun shining in there. So if you’re new to fpv flying, especially flying with the goggles and you’re flying on a hot humid day, you know your face is warm. A common thing is to have your lenses, fog up, there’s, a really cool feature on these goggles and other high end goggles. Here, where there’s a fan in there yeah yeah that’s, all it does while you’re flying you got these on you’re plugged in you’re, going to feel a nice cool breeze across your face and that’s all it’s doing: it’s keeping the lenses fog free, it’s, nice, but nice Feature if you can’t see you can’t fly right now there is an additional mode and it actually involves this accessory. This is a motion controller. This is basically this transmitter, but instead of using your sticks, you’re actually using motion go up and down right and left or maybe it’s. This way we’ll find out yeah the trigger accelerates. We got a big old break button. We got a panic and takeoff button there’s. Even some features here that haven’t been activated yet for the future, so this is a pretty crazy accessory. We are definitely going to try this out in the field, but first yeah, first we’re gon na go with what we know and start here. So let’s go fly. Let’S go fly all right, time’s come yes, it is and there’s two quick key features well, facts that i want to touch on before we do anything, and that is one before we came outside.

What we did do is release the spring, so our throttle now actually goes to the bottom instead of re centering itself for us we’re gon na live in that manual mode. So i wanted to have that already, but we’re gon na start in normal mode and number two is how i’m holding the goggles right now that’s important, yeah, very important. You don’t want to have the lenses towards the sun like we talked about in the office. So definitely hold them cuddle them. Yeah cuddle, keep them in a bag if you’re, storing them or cradle them under your arms. Absolutely so brother what’s, your game plan here so literally the way i always test drones anyway, is line of sight. First, i want to get a feel for the controls just to make sure nothing’s going to go crazy because, if i’m, under the goggles and something goes nuts, i don’t, i can’t see what happens and that discipline is something you should do with pretty much. Every first flight and speaking of first flights, if you are new to the hobby and say you’re looking at this for your first flight dji, actually has a really good simulator that you can use for free and then go into that mode and have a much better Experience, yes, the dji virtual flight simulator that they have and then, of course, any fpv simulator really is going to give you the the basis that you need to step into that mode, all right enough, talking, that’s, fine, yeah, all right all right! So, just like all the mavics, the phantoms things like that to activate the motors when you first start you’re going to pin both sticks either the bottom inside corners or the bottom, outside corners, really doesn’t matter.

And then, if we get in trouble to land, you just hold the throttle stick. So your left stick all the way to the bottom for three seconds: nice and easy right. All right, we’re gon na try to go i’m convincing myself. First flight, all right normal mode. Liftoff, okay, that was, did you see how it pitched up a little bit and then just lift it and that’s, because how the motors are situated right? That was, and it’s it’s dead, locked like i’m just holding the controller here at this point and it’s just hovering. I think you’re good to put the goggles on man, so one thing that we’re not doing right now is recording with the drone. Okay, you want to change that. So if you yeah and thank you no problem so like we talked in the office, this button here is, if you hold it down, it will switch between photo and video mode, long, press, yeah, long press it and then, if you short press it, it activates whether It’S a video or photo whatever, and then i want to do a quick test, so our gimbal rocker there’s, a yeah so perfect. We are at i’m gon na go about 15 degrees up and it’ll fly like a mavic, real, quick. Yes, normal mode is going to be using gps, auto stabilization, it’s gon na be just like you’re flying a mavic around in the air. When you stop and center your sticks, it’s gon na stop it’s gon na hover dude.

This is smooth. The controller feels great. How does it feel with the shorter sticks cause? Typically when we fly uh any kind of radio control or transmitter? The sticks are much longer for a uh for a chase quad or for a plane, even and for me honestly, it’s a little short like. I would love them to be a little bit longer, it’s, not really a deal breaker. This is very, very active. That is moving fast. I love it. Man, nice and that’s, okay, so that’s locked in i’m, i’m rocking it forward and back really really hard and the only thing i’m seeing is a little bit of uh. Horizontal jiggle looks like you have no problem really getting the shots that you would typically with a a mavic though no this is. This is very, very smooth, very, very easy to fly very easy to control in this mode like adjusting the gimbal as we’re going around. Now one thing when we’re circling like this now remember: there is no side obstacle avoidance over here or rear right, so i could literally just fly into something and so let’s just rip it through here a little bit so normal mode, we’re gon na pin the stick. So that’s moving it’s, pretty respectable, pretty good little clip man, yeah it’s, definitely faster than mavic. Now, if you’re a first time pilot here – and this is especially your first time flying a drone – this is the mode that you want to start off with.

This is going to give you obstacle avoidance it’s, going to give you all the details. You need to know it’s also going to give you gps stabilization, to keep you locked in make sure you enjoy that fly that get used to that before going to any other modes. So one cool thing that i did see when i was bringing it back in to get this done was there’s an augmented reality h for our homestead we’re, showing where you’re home. So we literally had an h on the ground right beside noah, that’s ridiculous. That was pretty cool that is really cool. Okay, cool you’re gon na try another mode, so we’re swiping up to sport mode, yep. Now sport mode obstacle avoidance. It gave me some pop ups there just telling me hey your obstacle, avoidance isn’t, going to work right now and immediately. I feel the reaction. This is so the right stick: i’m, i’m, just letting it hover. Okay, pull back on a stick whoa and then let go like 90 degrees dude all right, so you still have gps, locking this every everything yeah everything is solid. If i’m not mistaken in sport mode, it coordinates your turns doesn’t it. So right, stick yeah on that turn, i’m. Not doing any kind of right left, so there’s right left with my right stick now. If i just push forward – and i do y’all to the right yeah it banks – you, it it’s doing a coordinated turn by itself.

Right now, so that’s all done with the left, stick yeah yep. So the left stick right now is controlling altitude and coordinated turns the right stick. You can still, you know, we’ll refer to it as strafing. You can still strafe left and right, but you don’t have to you just push it forward and then it’s going to give you that fpv experience without needing to learn really how to coordinate your turn. So this is like the best of both worlds. That’S amazing. So basically, what sport mode does is simplifies all the disciplines you’d have to have if you’re flying a chase drone or a chase quad. So, yes, you have full stabilization when you switch to manual mode that’s when the camera actually locks to the drone. Just like a typical manual mode style flying and you have reverse and stuff. So if you needed to fly backwards, you could do that as well. Yeah yeah, so we have every every style of flying right now that we want to do is available in this. With our coordinated turns, i really do think that this would be a really good way for somebody to chase a plane for the first time and have a good experience doing it now. The only thing is is like when we, when we’re chasing a plane, while we’re chasing the plane and we’re actually flying backwards in front of it with this one. Since the camera is not dead, you know, since the camera is not following the drone, you would actually have to tilt it manually to do that in sport mode, but it’s not not a make or break right you could.

You could definitely do that so there’s a there’s one thing that we will try we’re going to switch it straight up to manual mode and i’m kind of curious, what it’s going to do without landing, and we still have okay. So we have to go in and tell it in the menus that we want to go into manual mode, because we have not done that yet: okay, okay, so as i’m hovering right, yeah, so i’m in sport mode now yeah we switch it to manual mode now. It went you saw, you saw how it leveled there real quick yep. So in my screen i see switch to manual mode use, a control stick to move the cursor to the green light. So on my left stick throttle. It says, move this to the green line. So now i’m green now we’re in manual mode, like we are legit manual mode like there’s. No stabilization there’s, nothing. How does it feel, does it feel scary or is it it it’s very reactive? I mean we got a little gusting wind here today, but it feels so you when i say this josh i’m. Talking to you specifically it kind of feels. Like a 4s quad like we used to fly, you know yeah. While we were flying in normal and sport mode, the length of the sticks really didn’t matter like it flew great. It felt great, but now that i’m back into something that i’m more familiar with the longer sticks that we were talking about would be great.

So typically, when you have your sticks are a little bit longer. You have a lot more feel of resolution and that was honestly a common issue with some of the early playstation style controllers. With the shorter sticks, people didn’t get the resolutions they modified and made them longer we’re. All we were wondering about that. Weren’T we yeah yeah, so it’s flying like a true manual mode. You know it holds, holds attitude holds rate and there is a bank angle limit. Okay, so is that able to be turned off? Do you know? Yes? Okay, oh you know you should try as you can s button. Yes, that’s, a panic button that that was violent, but it did its job. That was incredible. Okay, do it one more time we’re gon na spin i’m gon na i’m gon na rip it right past this and hit the panic foot? Okay, i can’t wait till you fight all right. So, basically, when you’re in a manual mode, it would flip over for you right it wouldn’t flip over, and that was honestly. I didn’t read the directions clearly enough, so i went into the settings and changed over the custom mode from what said sport mode to manual mode, and i thought okay now we’re manual mode. Well, you actually got ta go into the gains and expo setting, i believe, is what it’s called and actually switch off the attitude limit for manual mode. So now we are in true manual mode gotcha.

Along with that, you can also change your pids, your expos, all the other sides, just like a normal chase quad, which is really neat home, point updated all right, switch to manual mode, and it makes you put something in the box right yep. So the left stick. I have to drop down to and the reason the reason for that is it’s trying to take you to the point where it’s at the same level, for throttle uh to keep it hovering exactly you’re you’re smart builder. Ah, thanks all right, so does it feel any different? Now, with your your bank limit off that’s, a flip that was a yep sure sure does. One thing i need to fix is the gimbal so tilting it up more. So right now we’re about we’re at a 30 degree tilt okay, so that allows me to go faster. Obviously so the more the gimbal is tilted, the more the camera is tilted that thing’s cruising yeah, the more you can actually tilt the drone forward and that’s how you get your faster forward movement and right now, i literally don’t feel too other than the controller. Obviously, i don’t feel any real difference between this and a typical race drone that’s, amazing or freestyle fpv drone, rather holy cow. Well, one thing: i notice, though, is it’s quiet, yeah, yeah, the the the typical freestyle or i say, freestyle fpv drones that you fly they’re, not that quiet like the the chase quads that we typically do they’re they’re, not this quiet.

You can still hear it. Obviously, it’s not going to be super silent, it’s just unreal to see a dji product flying around like a chase quad it’s. I actually like you man, so one thing i do want to do. We’Re going to go right here, we’re going to level out real, quick and three two one to the moon. Obviously that works all right. So one thing i do want to do all right: noah get ready i’m going to go down; yep we’re, going to panic motor right in front of us, so we’re going to take it over here, we’re going to loop around the tree and we’re going to floor. It did you get that i hope you did. Did you do it? Did you see that all right all right, so i do want to point out real quick. We had talked about it kind of in the shop there where it was like all right. If you’re going 20 miles per hour, you hit the panic button it’s going to stop pretty quickly if you’re ripping this thing, you know top speed. They’Re saying, i think, was 87 miles per hour, 7 or 84 miles an hour yeah. So if you’re pinning this and you decide hey we’re, going to hit the panic button now well it’s not going to stop right now, it’s going to stop in a few feet. So it will stop well, but i think you hit it right when you’re passing us you’re talking about maybe 40 feet, there’s no way you could be good enough on the sticks to be able to lock.

I mean you can stop it. I could stop it two feet, but it’d be under the ground, but you could stop it, but it wouldn’t be with that controlled order where you lose zero altitude, i’m down on the ground, we’re good to go. Okay, i’ve got battery for goggles and transmitter. We got one more battery charged up, but we haven’t even touched the motion controller. Yet yes, so let’s dive into motion controller and then we’ll come back and do some more fun all right man. This is the test. They. They say that the motion controller is intuitive. I’Ve not flown this drone yet and i’m, using a motion controller which i’ve never used before in my life, so uh. This is going to be a test. Okay, uh! Are you ready, so double tap your lock button? It starts spinning all right, wow, okay, that looked cool you’re moving you’re going jpeg dude. I feel like i’m flying an airplane i’m looking up as i’m, going up that’s so cool. Oh, my gosh. Okay, so it looks like you just tilted and now you’re doing the coordinated turn. Yes, how do i look? Am i flying good? It looks beautiful dude that looks i feel like i’m in this gentle flying wing right now, but everything is so smooth it’s, like i’m flying an airplane and i’m in like an f, 16 and i’m just moving it just real gently man. It looks like you’ve been doing this, your entire life it’s so easy to fly.

This is definitely intuitive um. You know we all kind of can relate to our first smartphone, how once you held it for a short amount of time. You kind of got used to it this just by by looking and flying, and then everything they put in front of you, it’s, not obtrusive and it’s, incredibly intuitive and easy they they have really done so. This is incredible. This is, this is a whole new way of flying and it’s, not scary, and you know, especially for like adventure flying. I can just kind of carve around just like i’m flying a normal airplane, and you know the crazy thing is is just like right there. I just was able to skid around the shot. I want to get with this i’m, not using my hands in my pocket and the shot like i wanted to skid around and i wanted to look at the hanger. I could do that yeah, yes hi guys. So i am curious like if you come towards this and just let go of the stick or let go of the trigger. How fast is that going to stop compared to like, if you hit the panic button, all right, i’ll come right out, you guys. I got you in the bullseye. This should honestly be an interactive game, i’m pulling off the trigger and there you go okay, okay, so it was like a gentle that okay, i just that was pretty agile. It is so naturally comfortable guys.

You wanted me to do that. Panic! Stop yeah! Yes, take it out! Turn it around! Come full bore at us and just smash that button or don’t mash it tap it right over the runway, wow that’s a huge difference that is fantastic, all right, so it’s locked right. Now again, i think i got to go to the red dot. I don’t know if i’m honestly going to fly it with any kind of different mode. I just, i feel the only time that this would not serve me. Well is if i want to get those beautiful cinematic shots, but if i want the experience of flight this is it all right, let’s go ahead and do a landing real, quick, all right so now i’m going to long press this right that looks gorgeous all right. Long pressing we’re landing and look yeah just took over wow. I just want to point out how well you landed that perfectly on the little piece of grass that’s coming through, so my anxiety just from something new like this was up here. The second i took off and especially that visual reputation. I cannot emphasize enough the the little the little box on the bottom, showing you the sensitivity of your movements, kind of trains, your brain automatically and then that dot it’s, showing you your focal point of where you’re climbing, over and under everything, connects the dots just intuitively. I could teach someone to fly. That’S never touched a plane before off of this.

Now, the only downside i see about this. This would handicap you. If you want to go into the real. You know rc world where suddenly now you have to get a transmitter, because none of the disciplines, in my opinion are the same but as a general aviation pilot. This feels like you’re in a really amazing hybrid airplane. Where you can go cruising, you can go exploring and instantly like. I want to see this. Take your finger off the trigger you can rotate around. You can get closer you just can’t pack up. I love it. Man, brother, that was amazing, it’s a lot of fun. That was a lot of fun and you know everyone’s, probably wondering price point right, so price point and that’s always a sticky subject, especially for something like this, because it’s not really cheap, but it is 1299 bucks for the entire combo, so you’re getting the goggles you’re. Getting a controller you’re, getting a drone, a battery charger and all the little incidentals that need to go along with that now effectively you’re actually getting two drums. This is truly a hybrid, it can live beautifully as an ap platform and then it can cross right over to a chase. Quad adventure flyer fill in the blank and on top of that, you’re getting 10 to 20 minutes of flight time. Depending on how you fly. That’S incredible a typical chase, quad three and a half to five minutes, yeah yeah, and then on top of that, if you wanted to go for the incredible flight experience that joss has been experiencing for 199 bucks, you can get the motion control as well.

I mean it changes everything yeah with your reactions alone. It makes me want to buy it and then, if you’re like us – and you come out here – and you fly a battery you’re like man, that’s awesome, but i want to keep doing it. There’S a fly more kit, yeah and it’s literally. It allows you to fly more. You get two batteries and an additional charger for 2.99 and if you do need a replacement airframe that is sold as an accessory, not as a standalone item and that will be under the accessories area. That’S a 7′ yeah. So if you have this and you’re wondering about you know if i crash it, what can i do well? Dji does offer their dji care refresh plans. It goes from 159 up to 319, depending on kind of what level you want. If you want more information on that links, all in the description on that, as well as the drone everything yeah absolutely please go down to those links. If you want to support flight tests check that out, this is not a normal format for what we normally do on our main channel, but this is such special new technology. I don’t think something like this has ever really come out before we wanted to share that with you first and there’s no way tj, we could have done it without you, man. Thank you so much for coming down. Thank you for having me tj’s, been a dear part of the family for many years here, and he’s also doing incredible things for buddy rc and he has his own youtube channel.

So please check that out in the link. Give him a subscribe. Follow him because he’s doing amazing things. I appreciate that man. Thank you. Well friends, we got ta charge.