This is the modulus 7 hd 0 and its the first hd 0 bind and fly boot as usual. For my videos were going to start by talking about the specs im going to show you some flights and im going to tell you why im excited about this drone and whether i think its for you lets go ahead and start with a product overview. The mobula 7 hd zero is a 75 millimeter woot, based on one of the newer modulus 7 frames. It has 1102 motors running at 9000, kv driving 40 millimeter newbie drone tri blade props. The drone runs on 2 3 s battery power and has an xt30 connector. The flight controller is a new all in one board that we havent seen before it has 12 amp escs express lrs built in and runs on, 2 4 s input voltage on the video side. Weve got the hd0 loop vtx with the dipole antenna and the nano hd0 camera. The overall weight of the drone is 41 grams without a battery. Let me go ahead and give you guys my thoughts on these specs. So, first of all, the modulus 7 hd 0 is a collaboration between happy model and hd 0., so its hd0 branded and thats, probably the brand that youll see in stores, but happy model helped design a lot of this drone. They put it together and theyll be the ones that are actually supporting the whoop parts of this drone.

Now i think happy model picked a pretty good set of parts for this drone im familiar with those frames. Ive used those many times in the past and theyre. Very sturdy, so it should hold up well in crashes. The canopy is a design that i havent seen before, but it feels pretty good. I dont see any weak points on it again, feeling pretty good about the durability. There im also happy with the motor choice. I think it was a good idea to use 1102 motors for the added power. These motors also have a 1.5 millimeter shaft, which is going to be a little bit more durable and a little bit less likely to bend and crashes so thats a good thing. The lower kv number on these motors is also going to give it more torque and again, i think, its really going to help with the added weight of having that hd0 vtx on this drone and im really excited about the flight controller that theyre using on this Drone ive actually been waiting for this board for a pretty long time, so i put express lrs on all of my stuff. Now i, like it a lot and having it built into the flight controller, just makes things so much simpler. Now i dont have to have an external receiver. I dont have to run all those wires and deal with the possibility of that braking or you know, adding weight, so thats, really nice and its just great to have it just built in just a single board.

That does all that stuff. The 12 amp esc should help if youd like to use turtle mode itll, give you a little bit more durability than some of those 5 amp escs that we see and overall i just think that was a really good choice for this drone. The flight controller does support external receivers, so if youre running fr sky or tracer or crossfire or any of those other protocols, you can add an external receiver and wire it to the flight controller on the video side. Obviously, im excited that they put hd zero. In this i mean its kind of the headlining feature of the woop, but i think that this setup is gon na perform really well on that video side. The nano hd0 camera was a really good choice for this. I just think that camera has really great performance and such a small size. It was the ideal choice of camera. For this loop and in terms of the weight, i actually think 41 grams is really respectable for this size of loop. You know i was a little bit worried about this, because i mean we know that the hd0 btx is going to add some weight and we know that that nano camera is maybe a little bit heavier than some of the really small nano cameras that people put In analog drones, but it turns out that they were able to keep it pretty light. I mean 41 grams is a really good weight and especially with using those 1102 motors, i mean thats going to help a lot.

I dont think its going to be too big of a problem, so i was glad they were able to keep the weight down. I do want to quickly mention that there are going to be a couple of small design changes to the swoop in the production run. First, theyre going to be swapping out the video dipole antenna with a slightly longer version and theyre going to run it out the back of the canopy, so thats going to make it a little bit more sleek, less likely to catch on things and, if anything, a Longer antenna should perform a bit better theyre, also going to be adjusting that canopy just a little bit to get the camera a little bit higher up off of the vtx board, thats going to help a bit with getting more camera angles. Youll still be able to get a zero degree, camera angle or a higher camera angle, but its just going to give you more adjustability and finally, theyre going to be shortening the power lead by a little bit. So thats, just gon na keep everything a little bit more tidy underneath and hopefully reduce weight a little bit so that just about does it for the specs, like i said, im pretty happy with the parts theyve chosen. I think if i was designing this loop, this is about how i would have set it up so im pretty hopeful about it. I think its going to fly pretty well, but lets go ahead and move on to that side of things.

So, im going to tell you what it was like to actually set this up and what it was like to fly Music. So we all know that when you first get a new drone, youve got to do a little bit of setup before you can go out and start flying. Let me tell you what i had to do to get this one in the air. This is something thats really nice about having an hd0 bind and fly loop. Is that a lot of the betaflight configurations already done for you? This is something that tends to trip people up because to set up ht0 and betaflight. There are a couple of settings that you have to change and you have to do some cli commands and it always seems like it, trips people up figuring out exactly how to set that up. So whats really nice about this loop is that all of thats done for you, you dont, have to do any beta flight configuration related to hd0. There are only a couple of things that you actually have to do to get going. The first thing that you do need to do is update the hd0 firmware on the vtx. Now the reason you have to do that is because hd zero is advancing so quickly and constantly releasing new firmware, and you need that firmware version to match between the vtx and the video receiver. Now most users happen to really get lucky. Chances are the firmware that happened to be loaded on this vtx when it was manufactured isnt gon na match, whatever you have on your receiver, so its a good idea to go ahead and update that firmware whenever you get this drone.

Fortunately, updating that firmware is a pretty simple process. I have a video on it and theres also a manual that has some information so ill go ahead and link both of those in the description below once youve done that all you need to do is bind this drone to your express lrs transmitter and do any Other modes or configuration that you would typically want to do for a new drone, a couple of quick notes on that binding, so its very simple to actually bind to the drone. You can just go to the receiver tab in betaflight and theres a bind receiver button. You click that and then put your transmitter in bind mode and it will bind it to the whoop. When i set this up, i did notice that the express lrs receiver on the all in one board really only likes 250 hertz or below. So if youre, someone who normally uses 500 hertz with express lrs id recommend bumping that down to 250., i also believe theyre going to be shipping. This drone with firmware that is made to work with express lrs 2.0. So if you havent updated to express lrs 2.0, yet youre going to want to go ahead and update your transmitter module and any other express lrs receivers to express lrs 2.0, fortunately express lrs is really good. Its worth upgrading. I recently did a video on that as well. If you need to know how to do it or if you want to know what features it has but make sure you upgrade to express lrs 2.

0, one last thing ill say about setup. If you get confused on anything, definitely check out the manual that comes with this loop, i actually had a chance to provide some feedback on that manual and help point out some things that i thought they could clarify to make it easier to understand and help you Get up and running and i think that it is actually a really good manual. So if you get stuck on anything, i definitely recommend checking that out, but thats really about all the setup you have to do like. I said its pretty simple, pretty easy to do and once youve done that youre ready to go out and fly so lets, go ahead and move on and talk about how the modulus 7 hd 0 flies like. I said this drone supports 2s and 3s batteries and the manual has some different recommended capacities. You can use ill go ahead and put those on the screen, so you can see now. I only had the chance to fly it on 2s. So all of my impressions are with a 2s battery, but i know ryan quillet has flown it on 3s ive seen some of his flight footage and it looks like it flies really well on 3s as well. So if you get this drone, that might be something to try, but for this review im going to be focusing on 2s overall, i was really pleased with the way this loop flew now ive flown some of those quote: unquote: hd loops in the past that have A split camera on them and they weigh a lot and theyre kind of sluggish and not really that fun to fly, and i thought that, with that hd0 vtx, adding some extra weight to this one.

I was kind of afraid. I was gon na have the same problem, but i didnt have that issue at all. Those 1102 motors at that low kv really give this a lot of power and a lot of low end torque, and so i didnt feel any of that sluggishness at all. It actually felt pretty fast and pretty fun to fly. It feels very responsive to control inputs, its very nimble – and you know it didnt – feel very floaty. So sometimes when you fly a drone, if you try to make a sharp turn, it kind of feels like the drone slides around that turn and kind of slides out a little bit and that can be kind of nice for a certain freestyle tricks. But if youre trying to do precision flying or racing its, not very desirable, i mean you kind of wanted to turn on a dime, so you can go where you need to go. I felt like this drone did really well with that, its the way that i prefer to fly, so i really enjoyed it. I imagine thats mostly due to the prop choice that they chose, so you might get different performance if you swapped out the props. If lies well, both indoors and out, express lrs is really responsive to control inputs and that locked in feeling makes it easier to fly indoors around obstacles. It can still handle itself outside now. Any loop isnt going to do too well with high wind, but i didnt have any trouble in normal conditions flying it outdoors in terms of freestyle im, not really a freestyle pilot.

I focus more on racing and cine, but i will show you a punch out. So you can get an idea of what the upwards acceleration is. I do feel like its going to be more than capable of doing freestyle tricks, like i said its just very responsive to inputs. It doesnt have any trouble doing rolls or flips or anything like that. One negative flight characteristic, thats, really common on loops, is prop wash, and i did get some prop wash on this, especially as i was getting to lower voltage on that 2s battery. There are a couple of settings in betaflight that help with this. You can turn on dynamic idle. You can set the motors idle percentage a little bit higher and you can set a throttle curve. So all those things do help reduce that. I didnt do those for this review because i wanted to fly it with the tune out of the box, but those are things that would probably help reduce that prop wash lets talk too about flight time, which is something that i think is really important on whoops. You know i dont want to take off and then have to land a minute and a half later, because im already out of battery, i found it to be quite good on this whoop. I was actually surprised at how good it was with the 2s 300 milliamp hour battery, which is really small. I was getting over three minutes and with a larger 525 milliamp hour battery, i was getting four and a half minutes or even five minutes.

If i was flying really gently or really slow, i felt like this was good performance, its right in line with other loops ive seen. So i was happy with that. Those are also older batteries and you do tend to get better performance from a newer battery. In terms of 3s, i know ryan quillet said he was getting over 4 minutes on a 330 milliamp hour battery, so you can expect good performance there as well. One thing i will say about batteries in this drone ive used this frame before on other builds and ive noticed that sometimes you can have a little bit of a hard time fitting certain 2s batteries into the frame, specifically in the past, ive tried to use rdqs 450 milliamp hour batteries and i find those to be a really tight fit inside that frame. I dont know if youd see that with every battery, but its just something to be aware of. Finally, weve got to talk about the camera and hd0 video system in this woop, like i said, im really glad they decided to use the nano hd 0 camera in this build. I really like that camera. I think it performs really well, especially for its size and weight, and so it was a really good choice to put in a loop im not going to do a full review of that camera. Again, i actually have a complete review, video of it with tons of flight footage in different situations, so im going to link that if you want to see more footage from this camera, but, like i said it performs really well, you can get a beautiful image out Of this camera and its capable in all lighting conditions, so you know with a whoop.

Sometimes you might want to fly indoors where the lights a little bit lower, or maybe you want to fly out in your yard at night and i think youre going to find this camera is pretty capable and its able to. Let you see in all those conditions, im really happy with this choice, its just so nice to see this video quality and something as small as a loop in terms of video signal and video performance. This is using the same hd0 loop, vtx thats been available for a while ive used it in several builds and ive always been really happy with this performance. I dont really have any issues there. I know. One thing i was wondering about, and maybe you are too is how it works with that little dipole antenna, because i know normally i use larger antennas on my belt. I actually found that antenna to work pretty well. I didnt have any trouble in my backyard or inside my house and at one point i even flew around to the front of my house and although i started getting breakup, it was still flyable and it was actually a better signal than i typically get with analog Ill also mention that, for this test, i had stubby antennas on the video receiver and i was facing in the complete opposite direction of the drone. So im facing away from my house and ive flown behind myself behind my house over to the other side, and you can see that this is still flyable.

I dont think youre going to have any trouble flying this in the normal situations. Where youd fly a loop, you know express lrs is going to give you all kinds of control range youre not going to have any problems there and on the video side i felt like the signal was generally better than what ive normally seen from analog. In the same conditions, if you fly really far away from yourself, you will start getting some breakup in these shots. It had been raining earlier, so these trees are wet and thats, particularly bad for video signal. But again, i didnt really find it to be a problem, and i felt like this was more than capable for being a loop to give you an overall impression of the flight experience. I was really happy with it had a lot of fun flying the swoop. You know i feel like its capable and nimble its good flight time and has plenty of power for flying fast or doing freestyle tricks and in terms of video. The hd zero is just such a big step forward from analog its just so much fun to have good video quality and something thats. This small and this lightweight i had a really good time flying it: Music, so youve seen the specs youve seen some flights. Let me give you my thoughts on the modula 7 hd 0.. Honestly, this is exactly the loop i wanted to see. Ive actually tried to build this myself.

In the past, i started from a modulo 7 and i added an external express, lrs receiver and an hd0 vtx and camera and just kind of tried to build something similar. But i feel like theyve done it better than i could and its clean and it just works out of the box and so im really happy with everything theyve decided to do here. The motors are sized really well for this application. Theres plenty of power and it didnt feel sluggish at all. Im excited about that new flight controller from happy model. I love having express lrs built in so thats really good to see and the hd0 equipment just performs. So well that nano hd, zero camera looks really good and the hd0 loop vtx is proven, and it works really well really happy with all the parts theyve chosen to use on this whoop. You know loops are a lot of fun, its actually most of what i fly. I love being able to just go out in the backyard and fly around or i can fly inside my house and having that increased image quality from the hd zero. Just really takes it to the next level, and this really gives you so much of a more fun experience with this whoop. I think weve always accepted that whoops have bad image quality because theyre small and have to be so lightweight, but this is proving that wrong. I mean the hd0 adds so much to it.

It makes it look so much better. You can see where youre going better and to me it just makes for a more fun experience and the extremely low latency of hd zero and express lrs mean that this loop is really responsive. Youd have no trouble racing with it. You can fly it indoors. No problem its just a really good, well rounded product, and something that i had a lot of fun with. I know im going to be flying it a lot going forward. The other reason im really excited about this loop is because i think its going to open up hd0 to a lot of new pilots. You know everyone so far, thats been using hg0 has had to build it themselves. Theyve had to solder the vtx themselves onto their board and figure out how to fit everything in, and i mean thats something ive done. A lot of ive made videos on it, but even for me its not always something that i want to do. You know sometimes its a nice feeling to just pull something out of the box and just have it work and not have to do a bunch of wiring or a bunch of configuration and have to do a lot of research to figure out how to set it Up you know with this: you just pull it out of the box. Do a quick firmware, update, bind it to the transmitter and youre ready to go fly.

I think its going to be great. I think this is going to be much better for new pilots to get into and thats something im excited about if youre new to hd zero. I think this would pair pretty well with the scout hd goggles. That would get you a drone and goggles for really not that much money, and then the only other thing youd need to fly is a transmitter that supports express lrs. You may already have that or if you dont, there are a couple of options out there, but its really a good introduction to the system and its something that would be quick and easy to set up even for experienced pilots, i mean i have several hd0 drones At this point, but im actually still interested in this, and this is something that i would buy and use because, like i said, i dont always want to have to set that stuff up. Sometimes i just want to be able to pull it out of the box and fly and honestly, i think, theyve done a better job building a loop than i do most of the time. So i think that this is a compelling product both for new or experienced users. When i do reviews, i always try and think about what the product doesnt do well or what id like to see them do in a version two, and so i tried to think about that with this one and what id like to see them do differently and Honestly, i had a really hard time coming up with anything i mean it does everything i wanted to do its got express lrs, hd, zero.

Those are two technologies that i think are really good and everything about it is just the parts i would have chosen. It performs the way i want to perform its really hard to have any complaints. I mean, i guess, if i had to say anything id say that id like it to support that 500 hertz mode for express lrs, but i mean thats kind of reaching a little bit its its really good. The way it is, i mean im, im really happy with this product. I think you can probably tell i think, its a really good whoop in terms of whether i think you should buy one, its probably obvious that i like this drone quite a bit. But i also think that you probably know whether youd rather buy this or build your own. You know some people are really into picking out the parts and building their own whoop, and so the parts are out there. If you want to do that, but for the rest of us that prefer just pulling something out of the box and being able to use it, i think this is a really great option. If this had been available, when i got into hd zero, i think its where i would have started – and this is what i would recommend to you. If you want something that you can just pick up and immediately go out and fly and enjoy hd zero. So guys thats going to do it for this review.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the modular seven hd zero, like ive, been saying im really excited about this. I think its a big step forward for hd zero and, i think, were gon na see a lot more people getting to experience it and coming into the system. So i think thats gon na be really fun and really cool to see. I dont know exactly where this drone is gon na be available, im, not sure which retailers are carrying it yet, but im going to put links down in the description below as soon as we have that information. So you can always look down in the description to find places to buy this drone if youre new to my channel, thanks for being here, im glad youre here i talk a lot on this channel about things like express, lrs and hd0. So if you enjoyed the video id, encourage you to subscribe, so you can see more, i do have more videos planned ill, have more stuff coming soon on these topics, so definitely check that out. As always.