Thank you. Thank you. So much for tuning in to Ready Set drone first Friday. Tonight, man, this is going to be the biggest show I've ever done. I'Ve actually got to social, distancing crew. Here with me tonight, I got my brother Scott, who I've known since he was a wee little lad back back in the day we used to work together, doing live events, loading trucks driving across the country. Back in our single days, we had a lot of fun but he's he's if you ever need an event produced by the way, oh by the way, Scott actually was the technical director at at spin up. So you guys a lot of you probably met him and then we've got Thomas over there in the in the technical booth, taking care of the switching, but I've got a lot to cover tonight. I just saw, I think it was Steve carpenter or somebody asked about the about the Morse code yeah. I thought it was just kind of a funny way to end the countdown like ddddd, hey, what's, up Rick Alber, how you doing, I have to say Rick. Your second package arrived and my wife has been enjoying the line, so thank you presenting it kovat thank Youk, ovid gosh. We have a lot to cover tonight. First of all, I know that you guys are some of you, probably just watched oz by drone, which was simulcast on both channels, that's, something that greg has been kind of doing recently.

Did that with Ken's show a few weeks ago onto my channel just kind of seeing if it can be done, it's pretty cool, I think you know I'd say the only. The only weird thing is. Sometimes you get the chat on one channel and the chat on the other and they aren't exactly the same. Hey. Thank You Sean for the great introduction, but I would curious. How can anybody comment on how the Osmo drone come drone with me thing went: were you able to see a lot of vistas a lot of people flying in different parts of the world? I think that was the idea is that he was having people come in and actually fly from different areas, so just I'd love to hear if that went well, I tuned in for about 10 seconds, but of course my my focus was trying to get all this Stuff done – and you know it always goes down to the I actually got up at 5 a.m. this morning and started working on this, like literally riding up the agenda and stuff and finished like 30 seconds before so doesn't matter. How much time you have you just you absorb every ounce of it. So, first of all, I want to start out by saying thank you to two people. The MOE Jack gave a 10 pound super chat to the other of the other stream, but it was on my channel, so I saw that so.

Thank you, the moja, I guess you're over in the UK, and then I want to say thank you to Bill from Metro drones, who is a huge supporter of this channel, huge supporter of a lot of our channels, also a former subscriber of the month so Bill And also the guy who probably worked aside him and Brad Alston, or the two guys that probably worked the hardest at spin up last year. So, thanks to all you guys, aside from Scott's crew – but I mean you know – for people that weren't getting paid to do it bill his wife Sandy Brad, you guys really helped out. I appreciate it so much and everything a lot of people helped out so anyway. Just want to give you guys an overview of what we're gon na do tonight. There'S quite a bit on the agenda. We are gon na. Have some special guest segments this evening is something we've never tried before, but I'll let I'll be. Let it be a surprise. I think both the at least one of the special guests are in the in the chat right now. The other one might not be, but we're gon na do subscriber of the month and again I'll give shoutouts to our former ones. Rick Albert the reigning subscriber of the month right now who got a nice prize package for me, but also sent me some really cool stuff. So thank you. Rick we're gon na do a phantom Angel giveaway.

So if you guys saw my video about the Phantom Angel, which is the battery conditioner D charger, that thing is being given away by Alex who's, the MIT guy, who makes it out of the UK what's gon na happen is when we give it away. You know only win it or if you win it and you don't have a DJI drone then give it to somebody else. But if you have one or two DJI drones, he's gon na make a custom one that can use two different DJI drones or can work with two different DJI drones. So so thank you Alex for that. I actually meant to bring mine with me, but I left it at home. So sorry about that. But you can go watch the video, I think, it's a cool device we'll leave it at that for now and then we're also going to tell you how to win the Mavic mini but here's the question. I think this is an actual Mavic mini with with a remote control battery and the whole setup a lot of people in the chat on my support. Video said it's not that it's, just the Mavic mini by itself, so I'm gon na actually open this tonight and find out find out which it is if it is, if it is truly a just a Matic mini by itself without a remote and all that I'm Gon na get one and I'm gon na send it to the winner of this contest and the contest I came up with, I think it's gon na be it's gon na be a bit of work, but you know it's gon na really separate the people who really Want it from the ones that don't and then down to the final two things we of course are gon na announce the next subscriber the month and we're gon na announce the dates for spin up.

Finally, I know everybody's been asking about that. When are we doing spin up what's going on it's gon na be a little different and I'm excited to talk about it, but I'll save it for save it. For a moment, mmm take a big sip of water. It is water and it's, nice and cold in there Ready, Set drone tumbler which, by the way subscriber the month, started giving these out. So if you win subscriber the month to get one of these are pretty pretty dope, as the kids say before we go any further let's see, where is Phillip, is Phillip in the house is Filipino Phillips Anna Phillips in an RV. Indeed, I am I'm in Tennessee right now near Memphis, nice, nice that's, actually, where the guy that made this is he's outside of Memphis he his name is Clifton and we're. Gon na talk about this in a minute. If everybody saw this video I'm gon na give you an update but yeah we're, what you're near near Memphis and how's it going there's ticks here, and my wife has gotten three takes on here so far so happy about that. Well, you got Matt we're, a Lyme disease right we're at a lake right now, yeah Lyme disease is no bueno, no boy, no what's, the name of the lake. Do you know I don't know. Actually my dad's house we're parked outside of it. How is how is it going with regard to with regard to Cove it and isolation in the, and all that you guys able to do? Okay with that, so we stayed in Florida for the past month.

Basically and then we decided to just move on so we took off to here, we're gon na be taking off to Kentucky near Mammoth Cave next week. Oh nice! No not next week the week after okay and if, if it's, open, we'll drop in. If not, we just won't but there's. A nice campground nearby that we're staying up now and I've been a little bit busy with making a countertop area for to go above my dryer, so I'm doing some custom fabrication of cabinets and stuff in the RV and that's. Interesting well, I assume you're posting some content about that on Instagram or on on YouTube yeah. My wife should be posting on Instagram and I might post something about on YouTube. Eventually, I actually I've been watching a lot of the Instagram stuff I've seen Megan. First of all looks like she's exercising a lot and she's growing a lot of plants. Yes, we've been prop lifting, so the idea is you go to Lowe's or Home Depot or someplace with the garden and succulents you can actually grow from leaves that come off. So you pick up leaves off the ground and you take a moment: you're nice yeah you're not pulling them off the plant. You'Re you're know the ones that are already on the ground: we're, not taking them they're trash anyway, so Wow, okay, well, that's, that's, pretty good! Well, I'm glad you're. Here, as I said, we got a lot to cover.

Did you get the document that I sent you? You got the idea, Jen awesome, it's! Look I haven't read through it, yet I literally got it at 702 p.m. but and it's really long, because we have a lot to cover yeah. Well, let me start, let me start with something just doing a quick favor for a friend of mine, Barry Markowitz, who was a speaker at spin up last year. You guys remember, Barry lives in Hawaii and covers Polynesia for a variety of different publications, both with his drone and with his camera. Barry is selling his Mavic to pro and he asked me to Thomas. Can you give me the mic to pro video, please they asked me to show you guys. I don't know the prices, but he is saying he told me it's mint, minimal flight time, never crashed no glitches and no drama. That was his description, includes four batteries a hub for battery multiple charging, Nanook 920 waterproof case polar prostrobe; no, actually, that would be a limb cubic stroke. I think he told me that was the wrong thing: extra props, proper strains, controller, soft case original box, free coconut shells and he bought it from Best Buy. So if you're interested in berries slightly used Mavic to pro – i guess you know if you well, I suppose you can just hit me Kelly. It Ready Set drone, and I can I can pass the word on to him because I don't know his email address off the top of my head and I might have put it in the description and I might not have.

But if I didn't just hit me up and I'll connect, you guys, and so we also I wanted to let everybody know I'm gon na – be trying something new tomorrow. Now a couple of you guys yeah, so so metro drones is asking if it comes with coconuts and yes, he said right here: um free coconut shells, he said shells, so I don't know what the shipping policy is on coconuts. But anyway, hey Brad good to see you. I was just singing your praises earlier yours and yours and bills. So thank you for joining for all the help you gave me to spin up I'm gon na try something new and a little tomorrow. Actually, at 5 p.m. Central Time I am gon na try something that I tried the other night and failed miserably. So if any of you guys saw me a notification that I went live what two nights ago, no I wasn't drinking. No, I wasn't the you know. Wasn'T, a butt dial or anything like that. I was trying out this thing, that is, a combination of live streaming and podcasting directly to YouTube and it's a beta product. I can't talk too much about whose it is or whatever yet but they've asked me to test it and basically what it allows you to do is make a phone call with your phone and call anybody that you want, and you can talk to them and it'll Immediately, send that conversation to a live stream on YouTube.

Now, if you have like you, know maybe's fooling around on you, that might be a good I'm kidding the the biggest thing with it is that it allows you to do this sort of podcasting thing on YouTube, and I think, if I do this tomorrow well, when I do this tomorrow at five o'clock Central Time. If anybody tunes in the the idea is that you can tune in with a set of headphones, you don't have to you. Don'T have to be watching it. You can. Literally, there is going to be chat. It looks like a live stream. You know just like any other live stream, but if you're like doing the dishes or walking the dog or whatever riding your bike or are stealing succulents from Lowe's or Home Depot, you can listen at the same time driving you can listen at the same time. So Philip, what do you? What do you think about that? It'S, not stealing? Okay, that it's a thing it's, another thing: not what did you call it? You called it, you call it pop prop lifting it it's prop lifting, because they're called props, Oh, Oh, their leaves are called props. Yeah, oh they're not called leaves on a succulent, oh because they do. They do no they're heavy anyway. No, I was asking you about this melody where I was asking you. What do you think about this ability to podcast directly to YouTube? I think that it's it's a change for people I'm, not sure how many people are going to be on board with just audio coming from YouTube like.

I know that you can't, put audio you can't use YouTube as background audio unless you have the special subscription. So if you're using it on your app, you have to have your you have to have either the app up or you have to have the subscription to let it go in the background. Oh really so that's interesting, because I am I've tried to do that. Where I'm playing it and then if I close the youtube app or minimize the YouTube app, it stops that's because I don't have a subscription. Oh, I will yeah you. If you get the pro or whatever, then it works. Okay, then you can minimize it that's that's, interesting that's that's helpful to know with this, but the the big thing with this, I think, is that probably I think a lot of people like to listen to stuff. I know I do when I'm do other stuff. I like to listen to podcasts any any favorite podcasts out there I'll tell you a couple of mine, real quick. I love snap snap judgment. I don't know if anybody's ever listened to snap judgment, but it's a really good one, any other favorite podcasts, you guys podcast people – and I am I am i showing my NPR hip enos here by admitting that i listen to podcast. I know there's one with a long time ago i was gon na say a long time ago. I used to listen to the jupiter broadcasting series, a lot which is a bunch of tech topics like linux and a whole bunch of security topics and stuff, like that.

But i haven't listened to a podcast in a long time what what wouldn't you listen to to them, while you're driving the RV from place to place, or do you listen to music, or do you just you just have such a great marriage that you and your Wife talk constantly the hosts in the music, mostly well, and what's, on what's on Philips playlist today's hits I enjoy the occasional hip hop song, so I can feel like I'm, like I'm ratchet, you know yeah and sometimes you know pockets whatever. Whatever is typically on the radio is, when I listen to there, you go man way to go Philip well and if you guys have a chance – and you want to try something out – I'm gon na be talking to Brennan Edwards Brennan. A lot of you guys know as the guy from drone er he's also was on the show curse of akka Corps, which I don't think many people saw, but he was on the show, as the tech guy and actually I've heard from him. That might get picked up by another network and go out to live again. So more people might see it he's a frequent guest on Thursday night live. So Brennan will be my my guest tomorrow I'm calling the segment speed, dial and we're gon na just talk for about 45 minutes. We'Ve got some actually pretty interesting topics. He is he's. Looking at doing a documentary and he's going to talk a little about that.

He also ran into another famous youtuber, I say another, a more famous youtuber than any of us in in LA, and he can tell us that story too. So if you want to listen to Brendan – and I talking about this stuff tomorrow, while you walk your dog tune into speed dial, which will be on Ready, Set drone at 5 p.m. Central Time and again, it's just kind of an experiment of crossing those two platforms: Pacquiao livestreaming, so all of that said, I guess Philip have. You heard me talk about our pal Felix from Germany. When I went to Germany last year, I believe I've heard you say a few things I'm, not sure what you're referencing them usually followed by du Lumpur. Air hot n Foucault's or airs fair route 9. So Felix is the guy behind quad copter guide, Felix, actually it's uh. I think he's got about 12000 subscribers or so he's based in Germany, but he actually grew up in Phoenix. So he has this weird kind of ability to switch between a perfect German accent and a perfect Arizona accent which I think, people in Arizona don't typically have an accent. Felix is going to do a little segment. I thought it would be fun to have him come in he's gon na do a little segment each month for us called V gates Felix now. Can anybody in the chat tell me what V gates means and if you're trying to spell it it's wi e GE, HT, apostrophe s, v, Gates, Felix and it's a or do you um? Do you know these? You just know they're, not the top of your head.

Go ahead, I'm. Pretty I took some German back in the day where it goes, I think, is actually what it's translates to literally, but where is its its it's colloquially as what's up, because V is how it's then yeah yeah yeah V is how and gates is, is like going So how's it going Felix is the thing so anyway, I thought it would be interesting to hear, because you know I think most of this audience is from North America. I know we've got some Australian, some Aussies out there we've got some Brits, we've got and I'm very glad you're, all here, but I'd love to hear some other perspectives from around the world on what's, going on first of all with drone community. But second of all, with Kovac so Felix put together this little video, so V gates Felix, hey, Kelly and Ready Set drone fans welcome to the first installment of V, gates, Felix or also known as how's Felix doing. I don't know if you saw but Kelly and I did a couple of videos a couple months back when his family and he came to visit Germany on vacation. We had a good time and so Kelly reached out and said hey. Would you like to be kind of a regular on my streams, and I said why not let's do it so in this little segment, I wanted to kind of go over what's, going on with me what's going on in Germany as a matter of fact, you're looking At a forest that is deep in Bavaria, I'm sure you guys have been cooped up as much as I have the last couple weeks and just being out here today gives me a new appreciation for views like that and Germany as a whole we're starting to see The regulator's working on kind of softening the lockdown rules for the whole coronavirus, lockdown bavaria, of course, was hit relatively hard just because a lot of people that were skiing in austrian italy brought the coronavirus to germany so that's.

How people think most of the coronavirus got to germany actually so that's kind of interesting? You know it's not gon na be easy next couple months, but I'm sure you guys can relate people that are you know, normal jobs are being forced to reduce hours, there's people that have been let go it's just kind of crazy but we're trying to stay positive In terms of the YouTube channel, I got a chance to test the DJI Mavic air, two ahead of the launch, of course, by the time you're watching it, the drones already out but I'm recording it way before then. So. The drone isn't out yet so it's kind of exciting the larger half inch sensor is great. The occu sync 2.0 is amazing, of course, and really nice to see in a mid class drone like this. The improvements for photography with the 48 megapixel images is fantastic and the improvements for video getting a hundred 20 megabits per second video bandwidth and decent alike. Of course, it's. Just a great compact little package, all right, I'm gon na show you guys a quick teaser of the video to get you guys excited if you'd like to check out the review. I'Ve worked tirelessly on on this thing, then head over the channel and check that out. I'M sure Kelly will link it down below and hey in the video comments of this video. Let me know that you came from ready, said drone I'd love to see how many guys came over from here to there what's coming up in the future.

For me and the YouTube channel: well, since I got one of these things early, it is my duty I have to make more videos of this thing. I plan on comparing it to other drones and just kind of go into a deep dive of the specs and the features. So if you're interested in that kind of stuff feel free to check it out, it's all desponding oice chitin it's, one Mia, oh wait in the meantime, I'm gon na try to stay healthy and get some more exercise but kind of lacking. That aspect and just super grateful to be outside today, so I hope you guys are doing well, hang in there and stay healthy, and I can't wait to talk to you guys in the next segment. See ya, see ya Kelly. Alright, thank you. Thank You. Felix for the video I will recommend if you haven't, already gone and watched Felix's review of the Mavic air 2 having to air, I don't know, which way is the right way to say it, but he has a really good one. He does a great job of comparing the cameras between camera, one and camera. Two are that and the older cameras and the different rates and his channel in general quadcopter guide is great one of the things he talks about in his review is the Felix helix, which I thought was actually pretty funny, and I want to give two quick super Chat shoutouts. First, I want to thank the Rumpy vlogger.

Thank You, Lloyd, very, very much appreciated and thank you to Shawn who had gave me a super shot a while ago. I think right before the video, so you guys are awesome very much appreciated. So if you get a chance back to Felix, it is quad copter guide and I just look for quad copter guide on YouTube and and again his his review. My two favorite reviews honestly were him and Aldrin from flight path. They had both had fantastic reviews of the Mavi to air. I have to say I generally like the stuff that iphonedo does and it wasn't super impressed with his review. This time it seemed like he kind of fun. Did you see it? No, I haven't seen it yet, but everything he does is quality. I can't believe he said that it was quality, but it was it was. I don't know, watch it and tell me if it seems like he, he phoned it in or not. Have you seen Felix's or aldrin from flight path? No, I haven't. I haven't seen very much on that. Yet yeah I mean a lot of people. I had a great time: hey Joe Blake luck with another super chat for 1499. It says thanks much again. You'Re welcome Joe thank you and again thank you, Lloyd and and Sean. I want to mention real, quick that Sean and I and Edie, and a guy named Jake, were all on a livestream during the the launch of the Mavic air, Philip.

I don't know if you saw that or not, but what I don't want to talk about MAF care too much because it's getting talked about. I think a lot you know which is fine, but this is not the venue. What do you think of it? Just in 30 seconds or less, I honestly I've looked into it at all, so I have no opinions for you yet all right. Well, I mean it seems like it's great for its range, but it's kind of it kind of seems to be in that spot. Where you know it's it's, the Goldilocks, I guess, if you don't, want something that's as expensive or high end as a mattock, and you don't want something as cheap as a as a maverick Mini, so that's what I'll say next up, we have a giveaway, so I Don'T actually have it here, Scott Scott, thank you, but you know occasionally, if you just want to just want to go to the other camera, we set up two cameras so check this out. That'S camera two now watch this I'm going to go to camera roll and you ready camera one camera two camera one isn't that cool and and Phil it doesn't move yeah. You got to keep up man. Another super chat from mappers. Thank you, John mariette. Very much appreciated and and and John's been at spin up. Actually, a lot of these guys have been at spin up, and that is the last topic we're going to talk about that's.

How I keep you all here watching is because I saved that for the end, but what I want to talk about next was the Phantom Angel, so the Phantom Angel is a device which I don't have in my hands, because I forgot it it's a very well Made little device that dissipates batteries you a halogen bulb basically this powers them so that you can put them in optimal storage. Philip. Did you happen to watch that video about the Phantom angel yeah? I did it sounded similar to the other thing that we were talking about last month, right cuz, we were talking about a battery discharger, I believe, is last month during the show. I think it I think it actually was the same one I just I don't think I had tried it at that point. Okay, it's only been about two or three weeks ago that I actually got it was like. It was weird cuz in that video, I'm wearing a hat and a Down coat. It was really cold in Austin that day and then the next day it was like 85. So sounds like not right for us and so it's time so it's made by a guy named Alex proto out of the UK Alex. You know you contacted me it's. The website is phantom angel comm or no phantom angel dot Rox. Sorry, it should be in the description, but you know it's funny, because batteries are one of these controversial topics.

I got a lot of people saying: oh you shouldn't do that with your battery and I'll, tell you I'll tell you my quick thought on that. Is that what I would use it for you know the deep discharging is what people had an issue with what I would use it for, though, is getting it from a hundred percent or ninety percent down to fifty or sixty, so that you can fly yeah and What buy fly I mean get on an airplane like with it. You know travel with it. Um you don't want to get on an airplane with which I know isn't a problem right now, but you don't want to get an airplane with a with a battery that's. At a hundred percent, so that's that's, my use case, for it is, if I, if I know I'm going to be traveling and I haven't discharged them to that and then for storage. But Philip you've heard you want to. You want to store lipos at 50 percent, right, yeah or or less. I think somewhere around 40 is what I heard, but I actually just used the DJ feature of doing it. I think we talked about this last time. I use that solely and it works fine. For me, it does the only the only thing with it is that it doesn't happen fast enough in some cases, I've had cases where, for example, I had by my Mavic to in the Netherlands last year, and I was planning to fly, I was planning to fly.

One more day after I went to the windmills and it was a terrible rainy day, so I didn't get to fly but I'd already charged them all. I was in a small hotel room, so I wasn't gon na run them through my drone. So I basically just flew with them full, which I know wasn't smart, but if I had had a device like that, I could have taken him down without you know discharged I could have discharged him because it was the next day right. Yeah I mean I don't travel left for that to be practical for me, but yeah. I could understand a few if you need to travel like with the last one at home. If you need to travel the next day with it, and you need to discharge it really quickly, yeah well alex has graciously agreed to give one of these things away, and so, if you own a DJI drone, oh by the way, I'm sorry, I just remembered that Gerald Sherman gave a twenty dollar super chat. Thank You gerald for the twenty dollar super chat. I saw that a minute ago and I didn't want to interrupt but very much appreciated Gerald. I don't think I've ever seen you in the chat before maybe I've just missed. You but welcome if you're new and if you've been here a while – and I missed you – sorry I'm, but you got my attention so thank you. So alex is gon na give away a Phantom Angel and it's called The Phantom Angel, but it actually works on every DJI drone, except for the spark and the Mavic mini he's not going to do the spark, because I think the spark is kind of not going To be continued to be manufactured and sold, he is working on the mapping mini and he's working on the Mavic to air, but he said it's gon na be a few weeks before those are ready.

So if you want one, what he'll give you is he'll give you a phantom angel kind of like the one I had with two different battery plugs, that you know two different types of connectors and then a switch, so you can switch between them so that it Does the right voltage for each one, which is pretty cool the one thing I'll just say, though, the thing is just really well made: it's aluminum or aluminium as they call it over there and the switching is really nice. The heat shrinking is really nice. It just feels like it's, I like the way the guy made the thing. So if you want to win this thing, Philip, you want to tell them how to win it. You should have your instructions in front of you don't, but don't read the last line: cuz that's, the answer. Okay. So what happened to me give me the the thing. Last minute I don't even know boohoo it's on page two top of page two, alright I'll tell you. Oh in the meantime me in the meantime, I've got five. I think Canadian dollars from Tate rise things so wouldn't be smart to just use a 3x battery pack. As a as a power bank that you got from the mag beam it o matic mini fly more combo. I think you can, I think, the I think that has a USB plug on it. Does anybody know if the Babic minis three port plug and thank you for the super chat by the way? Does anybody know if you can charge a phone and stuff with that? If do you know, I don't know if fanatic mini, but with the Maverick tube Pro there's an adapter, I know and with the I think, with the mavet.

I think what the earlier Mavic there was also yeah, the original Matic pro they had a little adapter. That would turn the battery in here so that that would be a way to discharge it without actually wasting the batteries as well, so that's a that's, a that's, an excellent point, so you just just charge your phone and discharge your batteries yeah like it well. Well done and thank you again for the super chat. Alright, so do you have there always review of the Phantom Angel video on YouTube? How long did it take the Mavic air battery to completely discharge okay? So if you've watched it and memorized it, then you would know, but if you have only watched it and probably not memorized it, you might need to go back and look. But what I want to know, and what Thomas is gon na be on the lookout for in the chat is: how long did it take the Mavic air battery to go from? It was near 100 down to no no I'm. Sorry, it was it was. It was probably around 60 when I started and I did a full discharge so from the point of which the light went out. Basically. So if anybody can tell us that the number in minutes and bonus, if you can tell it's a it in seconds Elvis or Ellis, says eight minutes, somebody said 20 minutes, 30 minutes 31 minutes 28 minutes not seen the right answer.

Yet. No yes, 1816. 800 heard that coded cough by the way. Yeah yeah Barty kinsuka way to go. Marty Goetz go so Marty. I Marty can hear the winter. Can you let us know if you have a Mavic if you have a DJI drone that would be compatible still lots of answers coming in guys, uh Marty. One sorry lot: lots of ants, whoa they're, really going now. Twenty or thirty two point: two one Marty: do you have a Mavic draw or a DJI drone? Let us know contact me Kelly at Ready, Set drone or contest it ready, set drone either of those, and let me know if you don't then I'll save it and give it away to somebody else. Marty, wait. There'S Marty says thanks Marty. Do you have a do? You have a DJI drone waiting for the answer from Marty. Well, I'll. Wait on you, Marty, hey what's, going 99 I'm looking for a follow up just in case three day rebels are, is our backup. Oh 3d rebel! Ok, if in case Marty, doesn't have one we're repo 3d ree ree, oh oh yeah Marty has one yes, two actually and Bob ruther ruder. Sorry it gave us a super chat and art code resolution. Yes, thank you to Bob and to art art for that. I am planning to actually have hard art on my show very soon too, so we can look forward to that. So yeah Marty does have drones that will work with that, so we're good there.

So the next thing I was going to talk about so again. Thank you to everyone who watched that video and thank you to Alex proto. What I'm gon na do. Marty has put you in touch with Alex the maker of that and he'll ship ship. You one there they're, actually over 100, so it's a pretty good deal. You know financially, if you, if you want one, I want to talk about this guy. Now I got to ask you Philip: did you watch this video? Yes, I did and I was cringing good. Okay, okay, I don't know if it was entirely your fault. I'Ll just say that in my opinion – and I think that you did good besides the wind, I know that wind is a factor, but you can fly drones in the wind, so it's yeah yeah. So this is made by a gentleman named Clifton. Clifton is also from Tennessee. He is based in Tennessee. I talked to him on the phone because I didn't want him to think I was. I didn't want him to think that I was ripping on him or anything cuz. You know he sent me this. I I knew it was a windy day. I take full responsibility. I even said that in the video – hopefully it did Phillip – was it clear that I that I was taking yes ability. I was clear that she blamed herself yeah. I I totally I totally messed up on on this guy, but the point is that this is a device that he makes for the Mavic pro.

He asked me to see if it would fit on the Mavic to I don't think it will and honestly I wouldn't fly them in Africa to over water. Like that, you know this is my old maverick maverick Pro platinum and if for everybody, hasn't watched a video it's it's my last video before this one and it's pretty funny, I think I had a good time editing it together and we did a premiere of it. The other night, so you know all, was good there. I took this guy apart. Actually so there's there's, just some little screws right here that you can take off the bottom and then there's these there's these. Here, on the top that you can take out, you need a, I think: it's called a Torx wrench, a little tiny, Torx wrench. I took it apart and a couple things if you ever take one of these. Apart that, I learned – oh hey, Barry Markowitz, I don't know if you've been here the whole time, but I did mention and show video of your her pictures of your drone for sale. So, hey 400 AGL. Thank you mil. Send you the SD card? Yes, so actually meld the one thing the one clip I couldn't get. I was able to get the footage from it, but I wasn't able to get the clip where it tipped over that's the one I need. So I will send you the SD card and if you can recover it, I would appreciate it and you're paying me five bucks for that.

Thank you that can be cover postage anyway. It was pretty easy to take apart, but a couple of things. The bottom comes off really easily and then there's a there's like a circuit board in there. Have you taken one of these apart Phillip? I have not no okay, there's a circuit board in there that lifts out and is a little bitty kind of like plasticy thing that sits on top of it. I mean it's almost like you're dealing with, like I don't, know, intestines and guts and stuff because it all kind of Wiggles around, but that was easy took that apart and then the top part here's. The thing. If you take this part off the front, doesn't come all the way off. I tried really hard. You can even see Scott. Can you get a close up of that right there I don't know if people can see but it's kind of its kind of a nicked up. Can you see that Phillip yeah that's overdone you like it's like a flathead in it? Yes, yes, yes, I stuck a flathead in it and tried to pry that off wouldn't come off, but what I'm gon na warn? Everybody is, if you take this off there's a ribbon cable in here, it's really short and there's, like a connector that's connected at the top, when you, when you lift this off the ribbon cable comes out and then you're like when you try to put it back On you, can't really put the ribbon cable back on.

So if you do take that off, you lift very slowly, so you don't undo that ribbon cable, because I did get the ribbon cable back on eventually, but here I'll show you guys. If we want to give it a try, I took the props off. Everybody ready got a nice shot of it there, Scott we're, gon na I don't know if you can see the lights on the top. Well, actually you know what Scott let's get a shot of the gimbal front, we'll see if it's still good. Here we go all right: battery's coming up, let's, see it do its count like stretch yep there's, the there's, the little lights. I know I heard the noise. Does the gimbal doing this thing? No, I don't see it oh shoot. Well, there's an amateur move. No! You didn't remove my drone Pro Wow. Let me try it let's, try again let's see if this time it's, you know it, probably probably when it comes down to now that now there we go it's. Probably the gimbal was working and now it's fried all right. Let'S see if we get a get some gimbal dancing. Speaking of iphonedo, have you seen like the the I don't know, the music video or whatever he did with with the camera. Doing like the cat like stretches? Oh No, but I need to see that hey Thomas, can you can you refresh the Mack, the other Mack, the chat Mack? I just can't see thank you yeah, so it's on and full disclosure.

I actually tried this at home because I figured if I pushed it and nothing happened, it would be really boring. The gimbal is working, the props, if they were on, would be, would have rotated like they do the book, because the motors did that but here's the problem. This little light back here, that's the light not coming on, and this little light I think, is the one that indicates whether you are connected to your remote or not so it wouldn't reconnect to the remote so something's going on I'm wondering if maybe I didn't get That ribbon cable reconnected properly, I don't know it's. It seems like an 80 working drone, but I'm gon na figure out whether it makes sense to get it fixed or whether I should just sell or donate. I have like 6 batteries for it and a couple of cases I have a ton of props master, airscrew props. I have a lot of stuff for it. So does anybody out there I'll tell you what if anybody out there has a Mavic pro or a maverick Pro platinum, and you want a really good deal. I would at least want to cover shipping on the cost, but I'll make you a super duper deal on. I don't know four or five batteries I'll, give you the whole inventory four or five batteries, a bunch of master airscrew props, a bunch of adapters for four tablets. I have a ton, I mean this was because this was out so early.

I have a ton of stuff that was sent to me for this, a lot of it's still in the box and such so yeah bill. So I I think the rice thing would work, except that I would probably have to get the rice inside of it. You think I should send it to Jeff sills and see if he can fix it. So a couple of things on that. First of all, have you ever seen the Lewis Rossman channel like the work that he does on Mac books, no he's, okay, so he's a guy who's in New York, yeah he's, he basically livestreams Mac repair and every every time, that's audio. Only though so it's like yeah that's literally way does Mac and iPhones, but every time that someone spills something on it. It works for a little while and then it stops working after and yes to go in and Reese honor stuff. So, even if even if you think that's working now, it doesn't mean that there isn't stuff on your board, that's gon na make it stop working in the future. And then my second thing is, I would recommend just sending it to DGI, because they'll give you a refurbished room that doesn't have any problems for like tuner box that's, true that's, true well I mean and and and the other question is, do I need another drone Because I have a lot, I mean just being honest here there, so so so let me figure that out if somebody does have one or maybe if just if Jeff stills wants to wants to work on it, I don't know rich ji emailed me Kelly.

It ReadySet drone, I don't know because I need to look and see, but you know again, I don't I don't want much for the batteries, but I do want to give if I do end up sending the batteries and such to somebody, I want to send them To somebody who has actually has a drone and can use them, you know I just I don't want him to go to waste because they're all in pretty good shape, yeah Sean had mentioned denatured alcohol. I actually did Sean use a little bit with a q tip a swab when I cracked it open, but I couldn't get to everything right. I didn't it wasn't taken apart enough for that, but what I did is I took it apart, where I had everything propped open and then had a fan blowing in it for 48 hours, but Brad. I will talk to you about the price for you, for you. Come on I'll make you I'll make you a deal all right enough on the pontoons anyway, guys don't don't hate on this guy who made these things he's a really nice guy. I talked to him. It was my fault. I crashed it. I will. If anybody wants some of these hit me up and I'll put you in connect connection with this guy in Tennessee, who can make him Clifton he and again really nice guy. This thing is really well made by the way he works in a manufacturing plant where he actually makes repairs and parts for sewing machines.

So this is all this is welded right here. These things I mean this thing is, it is not going anywhere it just. It needs another, probably 2 inches on the on the front here and maybe some counter weights in the back or something that's, easy it's right, some dowel rod and some more cool needles, yeah yeah it wouldn't be hard to it. Wouldn'T be hard to make these longer. The the thing, the reason he said he kept him this length is so that they didn't get the shot. You know the camera that was kind of his point, but all right so the next on the agenda. Oh next, on the agenda is a flight crew. So I want to just talk real quick about the ReadySet drone flight crew. A lot of you guys are in the chat, if you see somebody with a super cool, looking icon next to their name, either a ready set drone logo or something that looks like airforce stripes. They are part of the flight crew. So these are guys who have joined my channel. They donate a little bit of money every month so that when I do crash a drone like this, I can give it away or give away the parts, and you know that kind of helped me pay for my addiction to these things, which I really appreciate. So, thank you, flight crew. Thank You, Mel Mel's, in there Rick's in there Brad's in there.

You guys, I really Philip, I think, is in the flight crew. He kind of jumps in and out. He has a lot of credit cards that expire. He he always. He always puts a card that's like Oh bills, in there Metro drones again, thank you guys for for being in the flight crew. The reason I wanted to mention that is because I have a video coming up next from someone in the flight crew, someone in the audience here, so I think we should just go ahead and roll the video and see, if you guys can guess whose video this Is Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, there's? A lot of a lot of people out there who are debating? Who was the first one to say Chris Hope? No, that actually wasn't, that was actually Philips. Video Philip made that video out on his farm know if Chris Hope guys. I would strongly encourage you to go visit Chris hopes Channel. I call this little segment, two minutes of hope, because every time I talk to Chris Hope or every time I see him in a chat I put it puts a smile on my face. He was one of the nicest guys. I'Ve ever met supports tons of channels, not just the big ones either. He supports. He supports this channel he's 40 sports a lot of smaller channels. Chris does not discriminate, he will he will. He will tell you the truth. No matter what so, thank you Chris hope for sending that video I'm hoping if it's, not if it wasn't too much of a pain that that Chris hope doesn't mind doing this every every month.

For us, just you know a minute or two of hope, just some of that pretty footage from his farm cuz and also your son Rises his son. If you guys, by the way he gets up early on Sunday mornings, have you ever watched one of his sunrise, things Philip? I have a couple times yeah, so he gets up in livestream sunrises on Sunday morning, so I'd love to see a hundred people watching this Sunday on his on his sunrise thing. So, if you guys are up early on Sunday go over to Chris hopes, channel and check it out and by the way I just wanted to tell everybody real, quick that music track. I used that music track in a video like a year and a half ago, and it was the the most the the most comments. I'Ve ever gotten positive comments have ever gotten on music track. Everybody was like what was that it was so good. It was so good that is epidemic sound. I am an affiliate. I have an affiliate account with epidemics and now so I'm I'm, you know just being transparent, but I love epidemic. Sound ken Herron introduced me to them a while back and and actually turned me on to them about two or three years ago, they're pretty reasonable. Depending on size of your channel. I mean they're pretty reasonable, no matter what I think, it's 15 bucks until you reach a hundred thousand subscribers, and then I go there, maybe fifty thousand.

Then it goes up to thirty a month, but it's unlimited, like totally you can use all their tracks. That was one of their tracks on epidemic sound, and I just thought that I really that that's a piece of music I would listen to normally, but they have a ton of good stuff. So if you, if you're interested in using royalty, free or copyright, you know not having copyright strikes on your channel, go check out the link to two epidemic, sound that's. In my description, I would appreciate it. If you are thinking about music. I think I think actually Chris hope uses epidemic sound, but he just let me pick the music which I thought was nice too. He sent me a really nice piece of video and I put the music on and so good to go. So that was two minutes of hope and and again you know Chris hope, he's the man so next up and speaking of Chris hope being the man Scott. Could you do me a favor? There is an orange backpack either in my office or out there. Could you bring it in here? It has my official drone opener in it and it's, something that was built by and made by Chris Hope. Do they have the descendants. You know Sean they're, the sort of lacking in their late 80s Early 90s power pop punk rock stuff, yeah that's, the one. Thank you, Scott it's got Richardson's lady gentleman, so have you seen me? Is this yet Phillip I'm, like I'm, like a ninja with this thing? No, so I beg on Chris hope for a minute.

He makes these knives and he made this one and it's awesome, and it is my official drone opening knife now. Why am i opening this drone right now, a little while back, I don't know probably a week or two ago I did a video where I sent my crashed, Mavic mini in to be repaired and by the way for anybody who looks at the stats and the Creator studio in in YouTube, you can look and see where people back up a video. Did you know that Phillip, like you, can see where people drop off so to the point where I crash this there's this big spike in the there's, a graph that shows you what you know it's like while I'm talking it's going down down down down down, then Drone footage, okay, goes up, goes up and then a crash mosh goes way up so apparently crashing your drone gets you views guys just, and I can relate to that. I skip around your videos as you should, as you should, because you wouldn't want to know that it was 21 minutes and win the contest. Would you know so anyway, that's true you're, not qualified, you're DQ'd, because your co host, so this guy here was sent back to me and on the video. In all sincerity, I don't want anybody think I was faking, but I honestly thought I was like they sent me a whole new drone, because this is exactly what the box looks like for this thing and then I got a lot of comments from people and I'm.

I think they may be right or they might not be. I don't know I'm gon na find out saying, though that's not the whole kit that's, not a remote control, it's, not a battery that's, not it's, just the drone by itself. They just put it in the original box and shrink wrap it without all that stuff. What do you think Phillip? I actually don't know by the pictures. It looks like it's both but someone's in the comment or someone in the chat earlier called you dumb for thinking, because it says they said it says in the package that's just the drone only, but I can't tell if it says that or it does no. It says it says right here on the side: it says what has the description it's a lot of bits in Chinese. So, first of all I you know I am dumb, but I can't read Chinese and, and the reason I'm dumb is not. This I've left there's lots of the reasons why I'm dumb, but this is this – is low on the list. Anyway, can you see all that Chinese? Can you take that of the camera real quick, I mean who can see that um anyway yeah. I might be wrong in this case, and so I thought I would just put it out here. I don't know Benny's asking how much this weighs it it's hard to tell because it's such a lightweight drone. Anyway, you know it's sort of hard to tell well let's find out if I was, if I am smart earth – I'm dumb, I hope it's everything so that way you can actually give it away.

Well, regardless, I am gon na give one away. I actually have access to another one that I can give away that's the whole kit. So so I suppose I could have compared the weight of those two, but now we're into it now and by the way, the aerial views can't really afford wings. A pity certainly support you guys, though, keep up the great work Kelly. Thank you daddy. I appreciate that and I'm gon na tell you how to win the full kit, so I hope the indie. If you want some of won a drone, you will enter this contest and actually the contest it's just gon na require some hard work and and if people will do the hard work and I hard work – I mean some mouse clicking. You know literally like looking some stuff up online, some research it's a little it's. A little scavenger hunt that I'm gon na. Send you guys on to win. Okay, wait. I am dumb: okay, Kelly's life. There we go. Look.