Drone live on first friday september. 4Th. Can you believe, it's already september i'm, having a very hard time with that myself, but it is already september. I am so happy because the heat in texas is finally broken uh. When i got back from new york, it was all a hundred degree. 100 degree. 105. 103., so if you live in the south, you know what i'm talking about, but we are now back down into the low 90s even had an 89 day so i'm back out flying and i'm super excited about that and i'm really glad to be with you guys Live we've got a lot to talk about tonight. Um. I wanted to just go through a variety of things that are going on uh of course, next weekend next saturday, at this time, actually next saturday or next friday. At this time, i'll be like going crazy, getting ready for spin up, which is happening right in the studio and for everyone who's concerned um, because you really should be based on my past history. I have uh hired an actual professional crew, they're guys that do live sports and they're going to do the live streaming. For me that way, myself and the other co hosts won't have to worry about it. It'S going to be, i think, a big, a big weight off my shoulders to have that happening and have people in here running the live stream for me, but hey metro drones.

Thank you for the super chat happy first friday, droners. Thank you bill. Much appreciated um. I saw bill at ken herron's event just about uh. I guess it was two weeks ago now at in tennessee. It was so much fun fine with him. If you haven't seen the recap, video it's it's on uh, my youtube channel it's called mindfield or meetup at minefield, fpv chaos um, but the uh, the coolest thing about it. The very coolest shot bill was actually flying. One of my little drones and i had the go. I actually had the osmo action and took this shot of it as he went by and both of us were like perfectly synced. It was really cool anyway. Uh. I want to tell you what we're going through tonight. First of all i'm, going to give away some new ready set drone swag. Now we have not had new swag in a while, but first of all, you might notice i'm wearing a brand new ready set. Drone t shirt and that this shirt right here is the um, the spin up hero shirt. So if you are a spin up hero, you will be getting one of these, and if you want to become a spin up hero, you just go to spinup2020.com and you can become a hero. And when you do that, you will get one of these shirts and check out the back. I'Ve, never done a t shirt with something on the back, but kind of the theme.

Don'T fly alone. It'S got our sponsors back there it's a pretty high quality poly cotton blend it's got a little stretch to it, but it also favors the more husky figure that i have and then also. In addition, i made these hats. This is a kind of safari hat, with the ready set drone logo on it and it's designed for flying and keeping the sun off your head now, i'm, not going to model it because i got my headphones on and i think that would mess it well. You know what i'll do it hold on just take the headphones off. You can see. Look if i look good in this shirt and this hat imagine how good you're gon na look, because you know uh but see, look at that. It keeps the sun. Out of my eyes keeps me from getting sunburned, so the heroes will be getting one of these as well i'll, be reaching out to you guys to find out. They come in like small, medium and large extra large, so i'll find out that and then finally, the newest swag. This is the ready set drone yeti, yeti brand, which is a very high quality coffee mug. Now this guy right here has a lid and it is designed to keep your coffee, hot or cold. I don't know if anybody else out there has a yeti, cooler or a yeti. The coolers are very expensive, like crazy expensive, but if, if you've ever used, one they're high quality and particularly the um, the uh coffee mugs, keep your coffee hot for a long time.

So if you want your coffee hot now that that's not for the heroes, unfortunately, i only have a few of those subscriber of the month. We'Ll be getting those and i'm going to give away tonight on this very show. Actually, two subscriber of the month for september will be announced at the end of the program and that person will get a hat and a mug uh and also i've got a contest where another person can win a hat and a mug. So we'll do that later. It'S going to be a little bit of question about one of my videos, something you should you know know if you watched it or you can find out really quick and answer now. In addition, in addition to that sorry, too much talking um, we are going to talk about the ready set drone song contest, which is uh about to start it's actually going to start at the end of the show. I had three contestants and i'll tell you all about that, how you can vote on it, we're going to check in with philip he'll, be here with the rv outdoors life and see how he's doing where he's at and all that good stuff we'll be announcing. The spin up, pre show, which is officially going to run on geeksvana. So if you uh don't watch geeksvana already i've got a link in the description of where you can watch it, but definitely go to geeksvonnet's channel and you can watch the pre show.

Now. The pre show will start at 9 00 a.m. Central in the u.s and spin up will start at 10 a.m. Central next saturday, the 12th. So i'll give you more details about that. During this show, we will be watching mr hope's two minutes of hope and it's super awesome, i'm, calling it the fishing edition it it's uh chris hope, texas, fishing on his pond uh tank uh little lake mini lake, whatever you want to call it, but it's it's, Pretty cool little uh video and then speaking of fish uh, charles meyer, who i think is in the chat right now. Hey and ben thornton became a crew captain on the ready set drone flight crew. Thank you ben thornton way to go uh. There are very few people at that rank of crew captain, but ben is now one so ben tell everybody to drop and give you 20. um uh anyway, the um the fish i was talking about. The fish um charles meyer sent me some awesome footage that he shot with a mavic air that he actually won on this channel and charles uh shot me footage of whales. Now this is aerial footage of whales out in the ocean doing their thing: it's, pretty cool we're, going to take a look at that and then finally we're going to announce the subscriber of the month so i'm going to try and keep it to under an hour. Maybe even a little shorter, but thank you guys for joining.

I really appreciate it and by the way, at the end of the show, i want to just make the announcement that um, i always encourage you to go check out. Ozby drone after this show, because oz by drone is uh on right after starting at eight o'clock central time and he's got a pretty good show tonight. I think he's talking with no limits drones about how you can unlock your dji drone. So all of that said, uh we're gon na go on and see if we can bring in mr ulrich, not the mr ulrich from uh from the famous um, not the mr ulrich, from the famous uh uh band metallica right that's lars. But this is phillip: hey phillip how's it going it's going all right so before we get too deep into this. I don't know if you saw it or not, but jody said uh in regards to your dad bod uh comment. She said not a dad bod you're, a father figure. I thought that's really funny. Oh thank you. I hope that was jody. My wife yeah. It was um and then also uh your minefield, video. I think that you might have claimed someone else's footage whenever you're going through, not you whenever someone was going through the holes that was okay, okay, yeah so so 100. If you read, if you read the description, do you have that up philip? You should just read the description to everyone right now, because i don't have it up.

I what i said i believe i can paraphrase is uh. This video is a compilation of some of my flying uh, some of original dobos flying and some of sully's flying, and i think, maybe uh bill from metro drones. I said if it's, if it's um, mediocre flying it's me if it's pretty good flying it's, either sully or original dobo. That was, i didn't, see that, but i i didn't hear you mention it either, because i typically watch it on the the tv. So i was like that's, not kelly, there's, no way he's flying that way. I i can't i can't take credit for that and by the way we just got another super chat from alan allen. Thank you very much, looking forward to spin up next weekend great to see you um man, it's it's off the change tonight, so tell me a little bit about what you're up to as far as uh travel and stuff right now. So whenever we did our check in last month, i was actually saying that i was going to try to do some more drone footage because i've been abusing that. Well, not you not using it recently yeah but uh. So i i sent you a picture earlier whenever i was trying to get the footage off of the sd card it snapped. So, even though i got some uh drone footage for you that i was gon na hopefully show tonight, it didn't happen because uh that footage no longer exists.

Um but i've been trying to fly more that's. What i'm trying to get out here – and i i actually we were in pennsylvania – and i got some pretty cool footage of some mountains in that area. We are near blue mountain, the blue mountain range, but uh. I got some cool video of flying over the mountain and seeing like the trees and stuff and that's gone, and then also this is very sketchy. I totally uh turned on active track and then we were on a back road with a bunch of trees and stuff, and i had the after track following my truck while i was driving and of course my wife was a pilot in command. So it was all legal and everything not that she really knows how to drone, but that's that's another thing so that was going on and um. Basically it looked really cool uh it i was. I was not in my lane necessarily because i was trying to watch at the same time so that looked a little bit off, but regardless that that's gone too um in regards to where i am, though uh right now, we're in advanced north carolina we're, going to South carolina after that we're going to be in tennessee, probably i think during the next first friday, so i should have some cool stuff from there, but uh that's what's going on for me. Well, i have a few questions on on that front.

Uh number one question is uh: how in the world do you do you snap, a uh micro sd card like that just seems really difficult to do so. I have. I can't show you because i'm using it, but i have one of those things that you um put into the side of the macbook. It has two and it has like a bunch of ports on it right, the two usb c's, so i was putting it in that and it's a cheap one, and i think what happened was it somehow slight slid either above or below, where the connector pads are And it just got stuck there, so i had to like pull it out in a way that it wasn't meant to be pulled out and that's when it snapped so man that's, awesome, i'm. Sorry, i'm. Sorry to hear that and then and then number two uh. Regarding your your um, putting you know chasing your truck with the drone: did you have the trailer behind it, the fifth wheel? We, i have not been able to pull over anywhere safely to do that. Yet i would like to do that at some point, but i really need to have someone else like maybe a kelly in a car behind me, who's able to stop easily and grab the drone and like put it up and put take it back down otherwise, it's, Like okay, so i've driven a mile now – and i still don't, see anywhere, i can pull off with my trailer.

So it was just. It was just the uh. It was just the truck with with yeah truck by itself, okay, and how did the active track? Do it actually did really well so once we actually got past a couple barns and up to some trees, i it stopped before it hit the trees, and i basically just cut it off there, so it didn't go any further, and then we made a loop back And came back and got it well, but it was really nice. We were in the middle of nowhere, no cars, no people or anything um, so it's really safe and everything, but it's really cool. You know uh sean oz, who i think is in the chat right now, uh he he he had some problems with his skydio kind of going rogue on him while he was skateboarding and it kind of went over a road and gave him a scare. I had. I had no we're talking skydio skydios gadio is pretty amazing at following you, but i had it in um, it's been a few months where i was riding my skateboard and had the skydio in the neighborhood and the skydio kind of there was a low hanging tree And it kind of ducked behind the tree went into these people's yard, and then there was a whole bunch of trees and it got stuck behind them and it couldn't find a way out. So it was just like hovering in their yard like right by their house and i'm like.

Ah, you know, i had to walk over there and kind of you and i was using the uh the little pointer thing anyway. Yeah you got to watch that automation stuff because it'll get you right when you don't expect it yeah. I i still don't know how i feel about the skydio, especially after seeing the video where it dove into a lake um doesn't make me feel good yeah. No, i mean it's it's it's, a great drone and i i really enjoy it um, so so uh yeah, so sunrise water media. Thank you is telling me my. My audio needs a boost. Um it's just it's kind of a weird thing: it's this it's, this mic uh. You know it also might be the way i have it aimed right now. Let me make sure i've got it aimed correctly so uh sunrise, water media, i think that's uh. His name is chris. Let me know if that's, better, hey what's up, i see we rv the johnston's out there. I haven't seen shane in a while good to see you i see brad. Of course i see lloyd is in the house. I see joe's in the house alan's in the house, chris uh, that is doc, doc murdock, who uh i just made a moderator so good to see you chris um, martin man. We got a great crowd: d d, aerial, visuals, geeks vana, so um tell me a little bit about what's, going on with your instagram and outdoorish and stuff, like that.

You said that um, your wife's been doing most of those posts. But what should people do um to to enter your contest that you have coming up? Oh yeah, so uh we actually haven't announced how to enter into the contest yet um, but once we reach 2 000 subscribers we're gon na be giving away an amazon gift card. Uh, so if you are interested in winning that maybe keep an eye out on the instagrams and we'll be i'll, be posting something about that, but otherwise she basically posts on it like three times a week and there's lots of good content. Lots of cool pictures. So if you just want to keep up with our travels and kind of see what's going on with our lives, the outdoors instagram is a good way to do that. Yeah and i i will say too uh credit to megan my wife's, a big fan of that that instagram so and and uh, two quick things number one. Thank you rick halber for the shout out. He says a little help for the channel and the super chat, but number two. I would uh. Please ask anyone who's in the chat right now. Anybody who's watching uh and is not already following outdoorish and uh ready set drone on instagram. If you would do that, i would appreciate it: i've been stuck on instagram forever and i'm trying to get some momentum. So if you, if you do instagram it'd, be awesome if you could follow um, so i want to just real quick talk about this david blaine thing uh, who in the chat you know, let me know if you watched david blaine the other day, uh go up On the balloons, phillip, you said you didn't watch that yeah i actually heard about it after it happens, but i watched it ahead of the show um.

So i i basically skimmed through the good parts yeah – and i i i skipped about the first hour and a half to the point where he actually launched himself but um. I only bring it up because it was, i mean, i think, he's, probably in his 40s or 50s, and it was quite a feat – and i just was curious if anybody thought that uh david blaine was the um. You know if it was a real thing. If he, if he actually did that the whole thing just like it was advertised or if it was a little bit of a trick, um yeah chris hope says uh crazy ride. He had absolutely no, it was it was. It was amazing, um but i'm just curious. If it was, if people think it was actually what it was, i don't have any footage from it. If you haven't seen it just google david blaine balloons and you'll see it, i think it was called elevation or something um anyway be curious to see what people think uh it was. It was neat to watch his mic goes out at one point. You know he has some problems with the mic i i'm wondering like did uh geeks, vanessa's partially fake, which is kind of life right i mean this is partially fake too. This isn't really a studio i'm. Really in my bathroom um i don't know i don't know it was pretty awesome to watch um, but it did seem really pretty real um and by uh chris sunrise.

Tell me tell me if the audio sounds better um, so i also wanted to talk a little bit about the ready set drone song contest. So philip, what have you heard about that? Well, we're not going to talk anymore about david blaine we're, just going to move on no go ahead. Go ahead. I thought you had said all you wanted to say. Tell me tell me more tell me what you think i don't i don't think i talked at all anyway um. I think that uh a grant have you ever seen. Uh fool us by pin and teller like that. Show yes uh. You know what it used to be called the show used to be called used to be called bull s um. So that was the name of the show and then they must have changed it. I i'm fooled every time, so i mean i'm, just i'm i'm prefacing, with that i don't understand how any of that works. So i could just be amazed, but it all looks pretty legit to me and i don't think you can really talk about mic issues because uh you have mic issues all the time and you're uh. You know you're close by. He was you know twenty thousand feet in the air and having mic issues. So twenty twenty five thousand feet in the air, twenty five thousand feet in the air so uh. I i don't think that we can talk about mic issues.

No, no and i'm, not i'm. Not uh i'm, not um, ripping him at all. What i was saying about the mic issues was, i wondered if maybe they did that on purpose to make it seem more real, like hey we'll, pretend like one of the mics is going out because that'll make this seem. You know what i mean it like. As a maybe um, i mean that that would give some show value, but i also think you know i don't understand how you can send video over 25 000 feet in the air and then who knows how far he was out like feet, wise from the landing Area, well i mean obviously yeah you could you could use a dji uh air unit, honestly or or a caddix vista i mean either of those would would give you that distance um. I want to give a quick shout out to irvin in the house. Uh george boy and also to uh, who else did i see just now for the first time uh coast coast, drones is in the house. Man we've got a good crowd tonight. Chris hope, of course, is here good to see you um rick halber. As i said earlier, jaron, oh, i know who i was gon na, say uh, who i have not met yet, but i'm super excited to meet and he's from missouri and i'm scrolling back because i'm totally blanking on his name now um the guy from missouri, who Always says good things and thomas also well, art code, drone solutions, he's in the house too, so everyone who had the chance to watch that um, you know if you haven't watched it.

It was pretty cool to see uh phillip. All right can we can we change over to the contest yeah go ahead. I'Ll, give you permission. Thank you uh. Thank you. I wanted to uh mention that actually, in about 20 minutes 22 minutes i'm gon na have a video that'll go live on my channel. While this is probably still going on, it is the ready set drone, remix contest, so for everyone who watched last first friday, i actually um announced this that i would be giving away a mavic air 2 to the best remix or cover version of the ready set. Drone song so um there is a video and in the video i explained the rules and it links out in the description to three contestants. I only got three songs, so everyone's got a one in three chance of everyone who entered has a one in three chance of of winning the mavic air ii uh. All you have to do is go watch each of those three. There are unlisted videos that are linked in the description of that video of the rules, video which comes out at 7 45 and give a thumbs up to the one you like best. You can give a thumbs up to all three. If you want. I have everything actually hidden, so you can't see how many likes there are i'm, not going to count dislikes. So if you dislike it um, you know it doesn't matter, you're, just you're, just kind of wasting time, because no one's going to see it except for me and then finally, you can comment as well.

If you like, but there's three versions of the ready set drone song plus the original which can't win it's just there for reference um, you know the song philip. How would you redo that song? If you could, i so i said this last time, i think doing a rap or a hip. Hop version would be cool but i'm, just not that talented uh yeah. I mean i kind of i kind of think if you could sample, if you could sample somebody else's song, you know if you could take like i've always wanted to do. You may be too young for this, but some of you guys out there might know this. Who knows uh train in vain by the clash? There is a really great little drum rip at the beginning of that song goes to anyway. I would sample that and then there's a guitar boom boom boom boom boom boom, and i would uh do it that way. So so i found um so speaking of remixes and stuff uh, i i really enjoy the remixes people do of the news stories where like there's, especially yeah, especially when someone's being interviewed or something i found one that was hilarious the other day, and i i i Need to send it to you um, but actually i might let me see if i can play it real quick. Is it gon na be? Could something like this bad to you dave rowe knows all too well, because i heard him first, i said hold on this.

Is the original interview hold up wait a minute and then they exited a song, wait a minute, yeah hilarious, though yeah i was cracking up the first time. I heard that actually actually have you ever heard, dank miss d, a n k m? U s! I don't think i have he does uh. He does that with simpson's episodes he takes episodes of the simpsons and and and does remixes of them. So if you really want to get crazy, uh, just look for dank mass on on youtube um anyway, there's gon na be three uh contestants and there's gon na be one winner, i'm gon na announce the winner at uh at spin up and that'll just be based On how many votes everybody gets, so if you get a chance go out and and give it a vote, i would really appreciate it. Um speaking of uh youtube and everything else, geeksvana is going to host the official spin up, um pre show, which is super cool. So it's gon na be uh let's see let's. Do this um it's gon na be at 9 a.m? Oh, no! Sorry. 8. 30 a.m. Central time, u.s that is uh. How can i clear this layer that is now? You should be able to hear me sorry about that. Um, the uh, the yeah it's. I know what it was it's when i cleared this layer. So i have to leave us behind this to hear us. So you can hear me now right: yep, okay, so um it's, gon na start at 8, 30 central u.

s it's going to go for an hour and a half or maybe longer. But you know if it goes longer. It'Ll go into spin up and uh. Hopefully, that won't be the case but he's going to have uh behind the scenes stuff he's going to have exposes on all of the spin up speakers, he's going to have trivia he's, going to have a whole bunch of stuff lined up so i've got a link In the description, he's actually already got the video posted um they're, you know ready to go live. So if you, if you want to bookmark it or set a reminder for yourself, uh that's, the official pre show for spin up starting at 8 30 a.m. Central u.s time or 2 30 p.m. Uk time uh this saturday right before spin up starts so that's i'm. Super excited about that. Do you ever watch geeks fauna? Have you seen it uh? Is it bad? If i say no, no it's mine, because you're, probably among others, who haven't and i will tell you that sean first of all sean – has a very sexy voice, uh he's english, and he has that uh very high high posh english voice. Although he claims he doesn't and then he has a partner on the show named lib libby marie, who is hilarious and uh, the two of them have a great dynamic going on. So you know if you, if you enjoy the antics of ken and ashley on thursday night live you'll like uh, shawn and lib on on geeks fauna, so go check out geez of honor, and thank you sean for putting that together.

It it kind of makes it kind of makes me feel good that um, that spin up has a pre show and that it's going to be um that it's going to be officially like it feels like the academy awards or something you know. Yeah, did you see the super chat that came in no? No, who was it from uh jaren, hathaway he's, actually asking about the song? Uh deadline is not september 10th for the song anymore. He'S still mixing his well it. It is um jaren get it into me. As quick as possible, i'd originally made it the fifth and i wanted to give people long enough time to vote so uh. If you can get it into me this weekend, um i can throw it in and um yeah uh. I'M. Sorry, if you spent a lot of time on it and and i didn't know any others were coming but i'll tell you what i could do, i could actually um. I could actually delay the launch by a day or two uh of the of the songs um. So what i'll tell you what uh jaren email me and let me know, uh email me kelly, ready, set drone and let me know when you think you can get it to me and let's chat. Okay, because uh, you know, the show must go on um and if anybody else is planning to do a song, let me know asap, because if i did get two or three more, i would be super excited to to put them on, but i thought i was Done getting it um, so with all of that, i think it might be time for us to take a little moment of you know what ken herron might call the razzmatazz i'm going to call it two minutes of hope and let's just all chill out and enjoy This uh video with mr hope and we'll, call it the fission edition of two minutes of hope.

Oh we hate it spit it out a little rascal there we go. He ain't a big one but he's a fish. A little popping don't tell how old this lure is. They work summertime be little hoop that's what they do. They hit it and scare the living daylights out of you, okay, snuck up on there on me, a little turd come on up here too little took the old, so there you go hey. I haven't been fishing in a while. It was a nice chance to go fishing with mr hope, uh phillip, have you done any fishing while you've been on your trip, so i i'm not a big fan of fish. I also think they're, slimy and disgusting to hold they. I also think fishing's really boring. So no i haven't been fishing, oh goodness! Well! Well, i i uh though then maybe the best way to do it is to watch chris hope. Do it right yeah, that was that was more interesting than life, that's that's for sure, it's, also cool. When someone does something like that, with a with a camera that they're kind of wearing, you know sort of that first person view of of something like that. I think that's really neat um it's it's, not drone related, but it's super cool and i appreciate chris. You know he takes the time to make those videos for us every month and i really appreciate it, and i know you guys do too.

I see everyone out there kind of gets excited when they see chris hope, uh, two minutes of hope, but um. I also have another video. We talked a little bit about this earlier um charles meyer, i believe, is in the uh chat. Charles, are you there? Let me see if i, if i type in at charles, if i get the oh yeah he's there – hey charles um, so i unfortunately uh what kind of whales did? Did you film, um? Sorry i have to? I have to um. I have to say it as i type it, so these are amazing shots that charles took with his um mavic air that he won. On my show it used to be my mavic air, but uh. He won it as subscriber of the month and he now is using it out there off of his boat. Now i want to show you a couple of pictures of charles uh, boat or i'm, not sure if this is his boat or not, but this is the boat that um he has been sending me pictures from. He went out near savory, island uh. Now charles up in is up in canada by the way up in western canada near uh british columbia. I believe vancouver area, so charles, hopefully you're chatting away and letting us know a little bit more since i'm. Getting this all wrong, and obviously char charles is here with the mavic air, now you've flown the mavic air before i think it's a great size but it's very noisy and i'm kind of surprised that the whales didn't get more freaked out.

What do you think, phillip? So i think that i don't know how whale's ears work, but i think their ears were underwater, so it might not have been as noisy as you think uh, but yeah. It is very loud. I'Ve had a mavic air before too, and that thing is like ridiculously loud yeah but but it's small it's easy to get up in the air, it's, probably a great drone to fly off of a boat. You can see him coming up here on the coming up here on the whales, the coolest thing about this footage right there, when, when they, when they blow out that uh air and it's it i don't know missed like that, i mean if these guys spread coronavirus, Talk about spreading corona, they need to wear some masks. Those whales do um, but i mean even to the point, where i'd be a little bit concerned about trying to get my drone down too close and two to uh too close to them for fear of getting um getting the uh spray from it. So i've i've only seen really animal uh water animal life in the form of dolphins, i've, never seen any other type of like you know, fit besides fish right, i've, never seen any big uh water animals in the water besides dolphins, so this is really cool. I wish i was there to actually see them. Those are humpback whales too, by the way is what it says.

What charles said: um humpbacks so there's a couple of shots. I i let this run for a while uh. He sent me quite a bit of footage, and i think this is about six minutes long, but you can see their their uh tail back there. Just how big that thing is. I think i think the tail is you know typically on a humpback is probably about six feet across, so you know maybe five feet across. You could lay down on top of that and it would stretch over. You know an average sized person yeah. There goes another one of those um another one of those uh blow blow holes, but there is a super cool shot here where you can see the blow hole and it's. Actually, two holes um that kind of open up, but i mean just the fact that they can uh. So oz by drone said someone in my house farted at the exact time the whale sprayed i don't know if that's true or not, but that's that's, pretty pretty good comedy if that's the case um that's some some 4d uh experience here happened there. So so you say you haven't seen: have you ever been to like sea world and seen the seen the uh killer, whales doing their thing, yeah i'm, talking about like in real life, though i've seen, sea, lions and stuff, but i've i've always wanted to see whales And you know uh sharks and stuff in real life in the ocean.

I'Ve not yet seen that. Well, i don't know about sharks. I guess it depends on what you're doing you know if you're swimming or well, you know sharks don't actually want to eat you. They. They typically just do it on accident um, but then they don't they don't eat you. They just bite you so it's. You don't really need to be scared of sharks. I i agree. I agree. I think sharks get a bad rap and and honestly they they get a little bit abused. You know shark fin soup and such but but um, but you know, whales are supposed to be and dolphins as well super intelligent animals and and very uh family. Like very much um kind of in their pod, they follow the family and they take care of each other, and i mean there's just a lot of cool things about them that i think we don't understand, but that was a really close one yeah yeah, i know – And i'm just i'm, just amazed i'm, just amazed that they didn't seem to really be. You know mined and i got ta think the boat, probably wasn't too far away. I mean if you're talking about a mavic air original mavic air with enhanced wi fi. It doesn't have the miles and miles of range that a mavic air 2 has yeah and we definitely all fly it within line of sight too. So um i mean you really can't be out that far, but yeah it's he's definitely got to be close, and i i really wish i could see some type of scale as to how big these are.

Could could you uh drop down like a a banana from your drone, so i can see next time how big they are get that banana dropper we've got it. We'Ve got an arm for you. That'Ll do that um sunrise, sunrise, water media said he's terrified of the ocean uh, which is kind of ironic. Considering his his screen name is sunrise water, media, um yeah. I mean it's. Just awesome that you can see. Oh 400 meters is what charles says. I guess how far away how far away they were, so he must have spotted them just flying out now, 400 meters, i mean that's four football fields, that's a pretty good distance. You know it's almost it's, almost half a kilometer yeah um and i guess you know the you got the range on and you could probably still see the mavic air from that distance. It'S, a black one, so it's going to show up against the sky. Um we're coming up here on the end, and i want you to watch this shot where the, where the whale on the left dives back down underwater. This is the coolest part um. He he just kind of says all right. I'M done see you later and it goes under. Um takes a deep breath and does that it's it's, pretty cool? You also wonder what their relationship is. Is this, like you know a mated couple or is this? Like you know, mother, daughter, father son there it goes.

Oh wow, yeah yeah, he just goes – puts asleep yeah, just so graceful it's, pretty awesome, yeah uh. Charles, very great, great footage. Thank you for sharing that with us. I thought this would be a good place to show it show a little bit of it and uh really appreciate uh it and uh. I will try to educate myself a little more about whales before i before. I show another video like this, so uh let's see go back to here. There we go um, so anybody out there who uh has any thoughts or ideas for other videos they want to see on this show um. Obviously, after um spin up for the october version of first friday, uh hit me at kelly, ready, set drone and let me know and i'd be happy to show your footage uh. If, if you, if you want me to um, so i wanted to real quick talk again about spin up, i know i talked a lot about it. Last night, on ken herron show, i think he called it a spin up commercial, no offense that's what it was supposed to be, but um. You know it's coming up in a week. I am really putting a lot of effort into making sure that the folks who bought tickets are able to win uh the prizes and i'm trying to figure out right now, whether i want to do a digital, a digital um system for random selection or a analog.

You know paper selection kind of thing. I like the paper selection because kind of there's that thing of oh here it is and plus, once you pull one out, they can't win again, so it's a one time win thing, but i also like the digital, so i'll. Let you know on that, but if you have a ticket right now we have almost 200 tickets sold, which is uh. Last year it was almost a hundred now it's, a different thing being online, but i'm very excited that it's been uh almost doubled. And again, if you don't know what spin up is go to spinup2020.com you don't have to buy a ticket you're free to watch it. If you do buy a ticket, you can watch and you could also win prizes and then, if you are really wanting to support it, you will buy the more expensive ticket which i admit is is uh a premium cost. But you will get one of these shirts with the awesome back print and and again i really i'm, really a big fan of how this uh back of this shirt turned out. Let'S see here with the don't fly alone. Oh, i also have stickers made that say that says: don't fly alone, that's kind of the theme as well as the front. You will get the hat that i showed you a minute ago and you will get to be in a separate chat. We'Re going to have a um i'm finally going to have everyone available to get into the uh discord channel, uh philip! I have that actually in better shape than it's been in in a while, so i'm excited about that so spinup.

com spinup.com2020.. I want to just give a shout out to all of the spin up heroes so far. I'Ll do this quickly! Uh we got kai bill sandy joe rick tom tentos, tom and tentos are the same person mark irvin laquitha stephen jenna brad, julio uh, aka uh jay john mel chris tony brian uh, bob richard doug, gary charles who, provided that footage mike christopher timothy, eric andrew christian Uh peter douglas adrian, arthur michael daniel john thomas thomas from ireland, hey he's in the chat good to see you dennis uh audi robert edgar, robert robert rojo, droner, phillip and henry are all heroes and we'll be getting this shirt so i'm really excited. Thank you guys. Much appreciated um with that. I think it's time to give away the hat and the mug. What do you think? I think it is cool? Let me look up the answer to the question and the question: yeah. You can look up the answer in the question. So again, these hats are uh limited edition. I got um. I got enough made to give all the heroes, plus a few extras that i'm gon na give away, but you'll get uh one of these hats and they're very uh, they're kind of floppy. I thought it was called a bucket hat, but my daughter told me it was called a safari hat, so whatever it's might be the color that she said, but they're they're, they're, uh, they're nice definitely keep the sun off the head without a lot of hair and Then also the ready set drone um uh yeti mug – oh, i guess i'm holding it up to that.

But i don't have that and that looks really sweet yeah. Thank you. Yeah yeah it's it's and it really does keep keep the hot hot and the cold cold and i don't have the lid on it right now. I have a rubber band in it, but um, but it is uh very heavy duty. So do you want to ask the question philip sure? Okay, let me see so um kelly. Let me get on the chat, real quick, so i can make sure i can see it all right. Okay, all right kelly has a video where he says his least favorite. Drone is no no, mostly. What is that drone and who makes it no most favorite. Oh, your latest favorite latest latest favorite, your latest favorite, okay, yeah latest favorite drone. So so what is my? What what is what is yeah, i know that was that's uh latest favorite drone and who makes it who makes my latest favorite drone and what is it called uh it's been in a bunch of my videos. I'Ll also tell you it's, the one i took with me to minefield and flew around and and bill also flew um mavic air to air nope. Oh uh, metro jones has has the has part of it, but that's you got to get the name of the you got to get the name of the drone. Oh oh ben, thornton, i'm, going to give it to ben thornton, because i let her off.

I think he just had yeah ben thornton. It is the gap rc rocket. Yes well done, um, so it's the gep rc rocket. It is kind of uh. You know some people are saying cinewoop i like to call it a park explorer and actually philip. It would be great for you, because it's really small you're traveling with it it's it's, you can fit it. The remote, the goggles everything into a backpack with a bunch of 4s batteries and you can fly around like you know that park. We went to uh where, when you guys were living um in that in the in your rv off of that rv park yeah, it has a big statue, war memorial statue, uh that's veterans, memorial veterans memorial park. That would be a great place to fly this little thing because um, you can literally go through just tiny little gaps with the gep rc rocket. So if you don't know about the gephardt c rocket, it's uh it's it's a great um great little drone, so congrats to ben thornton ben uh yeah, i i'm giving it to him because i know he meant to type rocket and just got a little excited. So awesome, hey original dobo's in the house. You know what it's funny funny he's here and so is uh, so is shawn oz. I think i have a picture of you guys queued up for some reason. Yes, there, it is look at those guys they were so young and full of life back then all three of them.

You know until the world, jaded them and kind of beat them down. That was the first spin up day before the first spin up at the dell diamond and both those guys will be here in austin social distancing with me in the studio. So what we're gon na do here in the studio we're actually gon na, have it's pretty wide space uh. Let me let me do this. Let me show you guys the space we have here. Um you've been in here a few times phillip, so you know what it's like, but oops so we're going to have in this corner over here, we're going to have a desk set up and then in that corner over there we're going to have another desk set Up and we're going to have a separate camera on each person and then we're going to do picture in picture. Much like philip are but we're going to be in the same room, kind of mind, blowing huh. What do you think mind blowing? But if you want to say so, that's fine, all right! Well, you got you got to help me out here, buddy that's, what sidekicks do um well, i did help you out with that hilarious when i said least favorite instead of latest i mean that was that was everybody's like what's, his least favorite drone thought that sounded Wrong but then i i think i read it as that two or three times and then i was like all right.

I guess that's what it is, but no that was the latest. I i i love all my drones equally, except for the get rc rocket, which is my favorite but um actually um. I also have the gep rc uh phantom hd, which is the toothpick version, and that thing is a little ripper it's, just it's awesome off the hook, but um we are drawing near the end of the program which you know what that means, philip right. I i don't uh. Besides your song right we're gon na we're gon na listen to your favorite song. We are gon na, listen to that, but uh no it's subscriber the month time. Oh yeah, the best part, the best part it's like it's like christmas out there. So uh just for everyone who doesn't know every month or if you're new, to watching this particular program every month, i pick a subscriber of the month, someone who has been uh consistently kind of commenting in a positive way joining in not only on my channel but Also, on other people's channels, i've seen a lot of folks doing that recently, of course, with kovid people are watching more content, but it's awesome to see this great community with so many people that help each other out when we need it, and so last month the Subscriber of the month was brad alston and brad is in the chat right now brad lives in virginia. I actually sent his package out um monday of this week.

It arrived today. He told me he hasn't opened it yet, but that's. My goal is to get the winners package sent out before the end of the month, um and so this month. Are you ready for it? Yes, i was born ready and i think i think he's here in the chat. You know you know it's nice, i i can figure out. I can figure out um who's in the chat i'm going to actually type his name right now and if it pops up, he is in the chat and the winner is uh. Jay santiago, so jay santiago is the winner of the book um. He is here and and he's been here uh off and on like for a long time now jay. I really appreciate you tuning in and being uh, not only great supporter of ready set drone, but so many of the other channels, jay, is, i believe, from white plains. New york and again uh super super awesome, dude, so congrats to jay for being the ready set. Drone subscriber of the month, uh jay – i think i have your address already, but if i don't i'll double check, so i can send you your prize package and you probably won't, get it until after spin up because there's a lot of crazy stuff going on. But i will definitely get it out to you. So, thanks for all your support, and and thank you, everyone else, too brad charle agent, k, trelp, um, metro jones, alan chris hope, um, georgia boy, mr georgia, boy, 706, uh d d, aerials, you guys, thomas, you guys are awesome: um mappers, 2, john.

I i really appreciate geeks fauna, i mean i'm looking at these names, mike miller i'm ray kelly. I recognize so many of you out there and i'm getting a little choked up, but i really appreciate how much you guys uh come on and support the channel and you know just yeah as i like to say, you could be anywhere but you're here with me. So, thank you, phillip, any closing words uh well did. Did you get those pictures of video in the live stream at all? Oh yeah, yeah let's. Take a look at those. We got a few minutes left um, as i said, i'm gon na wrap up by seven, but let's take a look at this uh. This mess that philip was making. So what do we got going on here so before we started like literally minutes before i got on to the the video with you i i ran to a neighbor that's next to us and he had a golf cart and i was like hey: can you put That golf cart in my garage, so i can see what it looks like and he was willing to that's cool. Tell them tell them what your garage is it's my office. No, no! So you you live in an rv for people that don't know. Yes, you live in an rv, so his garage is a mobile rv garage. Yes, that is a that's, the back of a rv, so um all right, you're good.

It was super sketchy. You got about two or three feet. It was also so cool too. So that was what i was doing before the show started and i kind of had a heart attack whenever he was pulling in, but now i'm fully convinced that i want a golf cart to uh put in the back all right. Well, phil! I i wish you the best in getting your golf cart, because i think everyone in an rv should have a golf cart it's. Just they should just go as a matter of fact. The rv should just come with a golf cart. Really they really should. I really should a golf cart and a drone every rv, if you vote for lloyd the grumpy vlogger i'm sure that he will provide a golf cart and a drone for every rver in this country. So vote lloyd. You can't go wrong all right guys! Uh it's been awesome. I really appreciate everybody tuning in, as i said, uh, please please, please let me know um if uh there's anything you want me to show next month and of course be ready. Next week, it's gon na be amazing. I'Ve got uh droner here, uh brennan i've got ken herron i've got ken dono i've got shawn oz, i've got chris rollins they'll all be here in the studio with me, plus amazing speakers who are already sending me. Uh pre recorded presentations they'll be in the chat and then i've got some that are going to be live.

Nerc'S going to be live with us, nerc fpv is going to be live. You can ask him questions during the program. We'Ve got a ton of giveaways from dji, so go to spinup2020.com. If you want to know more and again, i will get with anybody who wants to still enter the song contest. Send me a note at contest readysetdrone.com or kelly readysetdrone.com. They both come to me and we'll talk about it thanks guys and remember the words of wisdom that i have for you and that is done. Don'T don't fly alone. Who should you you got it all right? Good night, everybody when i fly won't fly alone: i'm. Gon na fly with ready, set drone cause ready syndrome will always fly with me. Lying fast and flying free flying with friends is the life. For me, this ready set drone is my community i've gotten some rotors in fpv, props and motors and esc's cables and cameras are what we used to fly sharing stories and swapping tales. Amazing triumphs and epic fails. Will you know if you don't ever try ready central ready, citron set up your props and plug in your phone fly with us and we think you'll agree ready to drone flying with friends will make you feel so free and when i fly, i won't fly alone. I'M gon na fly with freddy central. This ready, citron will always fly with me. Flying fast and flying free and life with friends will make you feel so.

Free the lying with friends will make you feel so free. When i fly won't fly alone, i'm gon na fly with freddy said drone. This ready set drone is my community i've gotten some rotors and fpv props and motors and esc's cables and cameras are what we used to fly sharing stories and swapping tales.