I am so glad to be here, its been a heck of a long time since ive seen you guys. I actually did my last first friday at the end of november, because i couldnt do it in the first friday of december, so its been over a month – and this is the latest day you can do a first friday. The seventh is technically mathematically. The latest day you can do a first friday, but i got uh friends in the audience. I got friends here with me. I see maddies drone works. I saw artco drone solution place. It here dennis love. Lady lets see who else ben t in the house good to see you ben thats, a former subscriber of the month. Uh weve got uh alan in the house good to see you havent seen you in a while um weve got of course, sunrise. Water media is hanging out with us: weve got mark p and uh tj giggles and drones, so lots of cool stuff, and actually we have a surprise for tjs, giggles and drones tonight. Thank you guys for joining um. I also wanted to mention that the flight crew earlier today received an uh message or should have received a message on youtube about a link to a little segment were going to do later. Called zoom call free for all and zoom call free for all is going to be just that. Weve got a zoom link for the flight crew.

You can join the show thatll be in about 15 minutes. I think weve got a couple of people queued up already to to hop in. If you decide to do the um zoom call free for all, all you got to do is click on the link and open it in your browser or in zoom. If you have it installed, but once youre in there youll be in the waiting room and then around probably 7 15 7, 20, 7, 30 somewhere in there well start bringing people into the zoom call so that you guys can. We can just hang out and talk, and i can see whats up with you guys its been way too long uh. It feels like it feels like um uh spin up was forever ago and honestly, it was actually yesterday was exactly two months, so it doesnt. It feels like six months since spin spin up, but it was a great time. I appreciate everyone who came down its now gloomy and pretty cold here for austin, not the beautiful weather that we had that weekend, but im glad we had it that weekend. I also want to say tonight im repping doc murdock. Here i got the doc murdock hat im, repping lone star uav im, also rep repping uh rodney bell. As a matter of fact, rodney bell sent me this cup. I just got it yesterday: its got a little plastic bit in it, but im going to use rodney bells mug.

I dont know if you can see its his logo, which is a very cool logo. Im gon na use his mug for my dr pepper tonight. So listen to this, can you hear that that just sounds? I got ta think thats like that asmr stuff, all the kids are into it, so maybe ill get a younger audience, but i dont want a younger audience. I want you also tonight giving away a couple of these potenzik uh a22 or eight yeah a22 drones um. I was hoping to give away some more battle drones, but i havent finished the review of the new battle drones. I got yet and once i finished that review hold on, i will give those away as well. I really am trying to up the game a little bit um with first friday this year to make it a little more uh, just exciting, interactive, highly produced im, not using wirecast tonight tonight is 100 percent being done over hardware. So we shouldnt have any technical issues and ive got mark and scott here tonight, both guys who helped out with uh spin up. They were both there, helping us run that show, and just you know, being awesome guys they they showed up tonight to help me. Do this, which i really appreciate and finally big surprise, i have right there a guest star, big, surprise, a big surprise yeah. As a matter of fact, we had the camera set up, we had the camera set up and we had to.

We had to uh had to zoom out a little bit to get all the kai in there how you doing kai. Well, no, you need you dont need to zoom out. You just need to zoom up yeah. Okay, yeah! Do the chill! No no speak up. I cant hear you hey man, its good to see you good, seeing you seems, like weve, been hanging out for what about a year now yeah so were just about somewhere in that neighborhood. And what have you been up to? How was your holidays christmas and new years and all that it was pleasantly quiet yeah, i just you know just just in time for holidays, my back decided to go out with without me, uh, oh, you know and well just uh lay low and take it easy. Your backs got a hard job, though i mean its probably like a giraffes neck. You know its got its got a long way to go so to speak. Yeah ill remind you that when i fall off this chair man, i saw the most awesome picture of you and art from artco drone solutions from spin up. I was looking through spin up pictures uh earlier today, and it was just a cool picture of the two of you yeah. You know thats the coolest thing thats, the fun part, thats thats then thats. What the drone community is all about us all kinds of different people coming together having fun so i know, youve been building some drones recently youve been putting some um, you youve been well, you kind of convinced me to buy a new drone.

I bought that thinking. 16, that little tiny guy whats the one you just built or are building right now, im getting into the heavy model crooks 35s okay, and they are just a small three and a half inch uh quad x, frame, quad, no freestyle light freestyle, really really responsive little Little quad, i really like it um also 3s or 4s thats thats, a 4s okay uh sub 250, even with a peanut on it really and itll. Itll handle the peanut itll handle the peanut and whats the right battery hes staying under the 250 gram mark and everything is good. The other thing im building or built was the roma f35. Oh yeah yeah hes, really getting into these three and a half inchers right. Now you let me fly the roma thats, the one that has the weird uh, the weird um software on it right yeah. It doesnt run on emo flat, okay, and you think it would do better on betaflight yeah. Well, it was a fun fun little. I think thats, the one i actually crashed into especially was the new changes that betaflight did was the 4.3 now right right, its really going to get better well, i feel, like a lot of these. A lot of these uh software updates that theyre making right now are designed to actually help people who arent as familiar. You know make it easier, because i know: did you ever use cleanflight back in the day? No so cleanflight was, i used it a little bit and it was pretty hard to navigate, but betaflight is definitely an improvement over that yeah and betafly was their newest release that 4.

3 theres a lot of sliders and, and it just makes it so much easier to Tune and you can download tunes from other people too. Oh really yeah, just like install them just say, uh open and you go go in and theres a preset where you can download tunes from other people. I mean really when you tune a quad, you tune it for yourself. You know tune it to what you wanted to do, not what somebody else wanted to do. Arent they a place to start at it yeah, but there there are a lot of people that know how to do it really really. Well, you know and yeah as a matter of fact, im wearing one of their hats right now, yeah doc. Murdock can i dont know if hes in the chat, but he can tune, he can tune a fish and a quad hey. I see tater rogers in there too, hey tater good to see you buddy um. Well, so fpv wise youve been building some things. Uh were gon na go probably do a little flying tomorrow and test out some uh lets just tell everybody about the batteries. You got. Um and what test were gon na run because i think its pretty interesting well uh tattoo actually has a 750 milliamp hour 4s battery that weighs in at a mere 84 grams 750 milliamp hours, whereas typically an 850 milliamp hour battery is gon na weigh in at Almost double that about a hundred and four hundred and five you know give give or take about 10 grams right there, yeah yeah so 40, more almost almost 50 percent, more uh, but what we want to find out is with the 4s battery.

You know theyre both the same basically theyre based both 4s batteries. Does the weight of the extra 10 or 100 milliamps make a difference um like does it give you enough extra gas to go longer? This is their sweet spot in relation between weight and capacity. Yes, yes, well put um so thats what were going to test uh, hopefully with some 850s ive got some race day, quad, 850s, uh and and youve got uh those tattoos um. I would also kind of be curious about like a 450, you know throwing something thats, really small and and probably lighter, but i doubt its much lighter than that 750.. I dont know ive got a bunch of 450s, we can wait. The the funny thing is the the 650 battery actually, according to her tattoo specs, is like 80 grams, so youre going from 650 to 750 on four grams. But then you go from 750 to 850 right, its 20 grams right. I actually have a tattoo 650., so we can. We can try that one as well um but yeah and actually well be looking like a bunch of dope dealers sitting on the parking lot with the scale weighing stuff up as we go. Hey man, i got your 4s here, you need it. Oh yeah hit me up with a 6s baby um. You know those two and thats thats. The thing too is: is uh weve been having a lot of fun flying in a few smaller spots, not having to go out to like canyon, lake canyon, lake is great for the the big wide open spaces and canyon vista is okay for that as well, but But uh some of the smaller spots having a little 4s or the 3s and thats why i ended up getting that thinking p16, i think, is what its called thinking pig i actually bought.

I actually bought one for somebody else who said he wanted one and then told me he already got one so now i have two. So maybe you were. You were a little late on a draw on that one. What you mean as far as ordering it yeah. Oh it took, i ordered it like the next day after we talked yeah. Maybe you sort of told them that you ordered oh yeah yeah. I should have told them anyway. Maybe i just wanted two, but i have two of them uh so well, then you got one to fly inside and want to fly outside there. You go its kind of like my shoes, my indoor shoes and my outdoor shoes. Speaking of all this flying stuff, i was going to show you these things. Oh actually, i was going to show you something else. First check this out. Oh somebody had a boo boo, see if you can uh yeah. This guy is. Is this the new floppy arm feature that were talking about right right, its the flexible, its the flexible feature, so our technical director scott right over there who most of you guys met he uh, he actually actually scott. You want to come in and just tell that story real quick. Do you mind scotts going to come in and just tell us he. He told me this earlier and i said: hes got to share this with the group, so he bought the dji fpv hes been flying some fpv right right.

So first of all, kellys like just go ahead and get to get the digital man its its good man. Youre gon na love it like i dont, know man. I crash a lot and i cant i dont know if i can fix it, hes like you just do it so i did it flew it. Three times ran it into a tree down in south texas and it wasnt that bad. At that point, i was able to fix it this little roll bar underneath here cracked. I got a new one put that on, but this had just cracked here. So i super glued it thinking that would hold it. Let my little nephew drive fly it a couple a couple of days later he went straight up with it to see how high he could get it, and i guess the pressure broke this arm and it fell. 200 feet thats, where all the rest of the injuries came from yep anyway, thanks kelly yeah, you know uh, but he does have. He does have the goggles and he is buying the uh v1 of the remote now so that he can bind with other with other stuff, because you can bind v2 goggles with any air unit right, yeah, um anyway yeah. I just thought that was but but the thing is, if you have to v2 goggles and you switch it to the v1 mode, you have to pair everything and then, when you switch it to a v2, you lose all your pairs.

Wait, wait. Wait say that again, if you have the well one when you, when you switch your goggles from v1 to v2 mode, you get a pair okay with the gauge again parrot. Oh you, you mean every single time. You turn it on. You have to pair it every every time you switch ah, whereas with the v1 goggles once youve paired it, it stays paired yep unless you pair it with something else. Okay, well, thats, not a huge deal. I mean it only takes a second, but if you, if you pair the v2 goggles with a lets, say a cadx vista unit right and then you pair the v1 remote with a cadx vista unit, will the remote stay paired nope? You have to do the goggles. First and then the remote, because i know the goggles are always first for some reason: yeah wow, okay, well, thats a bit of a pain but well work through it. Scott look man theres a lot of virtual hugs out there near as painful as watching that thing plummet down here, honestly right, right, cratering in front of it. Well, i was going to ask you kyle, you think you can fix it Laughter. You got a big hammer. It does look, it does look. So sad. Look look at this little floppy arm! Oh my god, thats just its like a little wiener poor guy. You need one of those uh battery condoms from original double. Just you throwing up questions right now.

I dont want to even spit out chris hope in the house. I see jakes drone life in the house. I see jessica in the house thanks guys for stopping by green fox mountain droning, also in the house good to see you well. I was going to also ask you kai if you had seen these things now. This is pretty cool um. These were sent to me and i yeah im, not a cool channel like you. I dont get stuff like that, but you know you get to you get to see the stuff. Those are flash cards for your part 107.. So they have questions on one side and then the answers on the other. So you can do like kind of quizzes and stuff and theyre all color coded by different categories, so thats, the 14 cfr 107 and ac 107, 2 and then theres stuff about um, like you know, mentality and sobriety and maps and weather and like the different colors Or different things, i thought that was pretty cool theyre, pretty theyre, pretty deep, though well, 107 thats pretty deep. It is. It is as a matter of fact, uh im not sponsored by them yet, but maybe someday go to remotepilot101 there, who helped me pass and definitely jasons classes are very easy to watch. I just thought these were kind of a cool idea, because i can remember when i was studying, i was using um just little jpegs. I had made screenshots of different things from the class and i was just making jpegs and um just kind of asking the question of myself and then looking at the picture on my screen.

This is a little more old school as a matter of fact, for you, kids, somebody cant remember what he had for breakfast. You know: hey man, i passed with a 90. on the 107. in front of or after the decimal point. 9. 0 buddy. 9. 0. Well, uh speaking of drones, because we were talking about fpv. There are some new camera drones that just came out yeah and uh. I thought wed talk about those, and maybe we could even get some people in the chat to bring up their thoughts on them. Uh. The first one, if we could take a look, the evo light, so the evo light. What do you think well, i dont know what to think about any of these guys just yet um from what im seeing the firmware definitely needs an update, kind of like dji. They release it and then they fix stuff yeah its its just like it seems to be seems to be the drone. Well, no different than uh windows. For, for example, you know you got ta use it until you have the third service pack on it fair. You know its just nature of the beasts uh i i seem to be a bug on the nanos. Was the speeds? Okay, i know not being as fast as its supposed to be, but for for no apparent reason. Um. I know that uh. I think it was a nano that um marcus was flying with idaho quadcopter and he was having some shake in the gimbal, but it also looked like a very cold day that he was flying in well.

He was flying at 18 degree weather and the drone is good to 14 degrees, so pushing take into account altitude and wind speed, hes, probably below the 14.. Oh true, because hes up 100 feet in the air and its colder than air and traveling so hes getting see thats on thats on the weather card in here. If so, hes up in the air hes moving through there, so theres gon na be one show true. True, i i just like the way they look scott. Can you throw the throw the uh graphic back up there again, please um. I just like the way these things look and i really like the way they uh give you choices in the colors. You know and which i realize is that thats such a simple thing: can you go to the next slide? Please um thats such a simple thing and dji did that with the spark you if you remember, and also the original mavic air right, you could get those in different colors, which i always thought was pretty cool because you could its and even having two different uh Colors um, you can come back to us scott, having two different colors uh canopies for the fpv, at least when you go out to the field and other people bring their dji drones. You can tell them apart right. Theyre, not all you know, theyre, not all exactly the same like they are with the mavics, really well thats, why you have your stickers right right, right, your lone star, uav! You got to put enough for those on there yeah um and by the way already said drawn sticker kai mentioned that thats, the dallas cowboys uh version of the shirt yeah thats, the cowboys edition right here.

Since you know, i picked up the part time gig coaching up there and he can never find it because it always loses thats, always lost its always lost. So uh im from texas, not a cowboys, fan, sorry grew up in houston, uh just to be just to be honest, uh growing up, i tried to grow up in houston, so the next drone – oh yeah, the next one was the evo nano and again three colors Or four colors, right and and just a very, very cool um feature that i hadnt seen before now. I know when youre flying um or youre doing a live stream over youtube. You can talk with a dji drone and youre doing rtmp to live stream. You can talk into your phone, but these have a feature that allow you to actually record audio to to your phone and sync it with the video which i think is pretty cool, because theres a lot of times for me doing that. I think all these evos do both the evo light and the evo nano allow you to do that. It seems like itd, be a useful thing for synchronizing, so that you could find exactly where that footage was yeah. Well, i mean not just if you do reviews or anything its just no make yourself notes: yeah yeah. This is a this. Is this mountain? This is here where you saw something particularly cool that you want to remember at a later point or something you want to check out at later points yeah.

Now you cant do that in dji fly. Can you not that im aware of yeah? I guess maybe even if you screen record, you cant actually record audio um, because the audio recording i know when i screen record on an iphone. All i get are certain. Like i hear the takeoff and home point has been updated, like i hear that part, but i dont hear my own voice yeah, i dont know what about have you screen recorded on android uh? No, i dont know. Okay, you know what screen recording i dont know were screen to record well: im, im old school, so im still on the uh original evo right right and you still like it a lot and at 4k 60 i mean nothing stole yeah kicks butt, got the monitor On the screen it has to zoom, it has obstacle avoidance, and i can record a video and take pictures. At the same time and its bright orange, you cant lose it its bright orange yeah, thats thats, a plus in my book gray, come on. Who wants gray uh. I want to give a shout out to that one. I want the gray one, but i want to give a shout out to captain ray kelly. I just saw him jump in here and also to recovery. One drone as a matter of fact recovery. One drone hey um mark. Would you toss me that mouse pad got your uh got your mouse pad were using your mouse pad right here? So thank you appreciate it.

You it at that table dont you uh! So all of that said um i dont have any sort of relationship with evo. You know im not being sent these things, which is understandable, um. I would love to try one out um. Do you know anybody in the area that has has one of the evos, yet i dont know of anyone that has one yet all right. Well, if anybodys in texas – and you have an evo and you want to come – fly it with kai and i wed love to check it out and see how it does yeah well be well, be doing our our meetups pretty soon again too, but right now whats. This weather yeah do you feel like the um? Do you feel like the now? Of course, the nano is compatible with the mini of dji wise sub 250 gram. Um. Do you feel, like the light is compatible with the uh air 2s? Is that kind of the or not compatible comparable, comparable air, at least the air too? Yes, okay, um air 2s. I guess the light plus would be more on the air 2s, where the light would be more toward the air too, and they both have a one. One inch sensor, though, right or plus us, oh, the air, the uh, the light doesnt have a one inch sensor. The light does not oh okay. I thought they both had a one sensor: yeah, okay, so its kind of like theyre, covering both of those bases.

I dont know if you can still buy. I think you can still buy the air 2 uh from djis website, but ive heard recently that the mavic 2 is out of stock, like basically you just cant get that unless you buy it after market yeah and dj. I just released the lengthy list of whats in the live too so yeah theres, a lot of commercial fans are not going to be happy. Well, i i and and from a um consumers, perfect perspective. I was in a best buy last week and i always walk by the drone section just to see what they have, not that they have anything i havent seen, but im always curious if theyre still like a parrot sitting there or something um and they didnt have Anything i mean they had like. I think they had one uh one mini two sitting there in the display. The splice case was even empty. Yeah well, uh best buy put the naffi on clearance like late uh september. I think it was of 21 and yeah. That was one heck of a deal really. How much was it going for under 400 wow yeah? The enough is a cool little quad. I really i really liked i liked i like that upward tilt of the camera. I liked how quiet it was and uh hey joe blaylock. Thank you very much, happy first friday to you as well much appreciated and uh you, you upped the game tonight with 19.

99 instead of one two, three four so thats, usually joe joe blaylocks jam anyway. Moving on uh beyond autel and again, im excited to check these things out: im glad theres, some legitimately high quality camera drones that are competing with dji now um, from what i saw on original dobos channel, he said the build quality on on both the nano and The well, i think he had the light um was, was really really good, though he mentioned about how it felt really solid and felt really well, it didnt feel cheap. You know and thats the thing is, is uh thats. You can really tell the difference between some of these um, like even the anafi, i have to say it felt a little cheap like it was very light and hollow plasticky kind of thing. Uh it flew well, but but i like i like a drone that feels really solid yeah, but the the nazi was extremely lightweight yeah. It was i, i guess that was part of its design was a lot of um a fair amount of volume without without a lot inside it um, but also skydio the skydio2 plus. What do you think i dont know what to think on that thing. Just yet. Um ive seen some reviews on it. Um definitely good thing: they come up with a bigger battery because 17 minutes of flight time 20 minutes of flight time yeah it doesnt cut it anymore, really not going to do it anymore.

Um – and you know they did give the option now. Some of the features are available for the original scadio too. Oh, if you update the firmware theres one on the firmware update, okay, the uh, what what they call them keyframes to keyframes. Apparently these are supposed to become available for the skydio2. Okay, you just dont get the range and the flight time. Excuse me. Well, you cant get the range because thats going to require a hardware upgrade where the new and if you cant, go back to the scadio 2 picture, the skyr2 plus picture you can actually see what our antennas stick up on the top yeah. You see him right. There go back one more scott if you would um yeah. It looks like those fold up from the sides yeah. Maybe they fold up like a little indentation or something yeah theres, an indentation on the top, and they just fold straight up, and that gives it a lot more range. Wow yeah yeah, i would imagine, having the antennas embedded in the in the arms, is not the best best spot. As a matter of fact, i believe i dont know if its the case with um with this, but i believe these are in this is an antenna right. Yep, oh yeah, you can see it right there, its its uh. Did you know that scott? This is actually one of your antennas, and so is this i didnt know um.

I learned that on the original mavic pro, let me rephrase that it used to be it was an antenna. This is what it sounds like that must sound really that much sounds really good man i got ta go! Listen to some of that, whatever it is, the kids listen to um yeah, so i learned it the hard way from the mavic pro. The mavic pro had two um arms sticking down here and one of mine broke uh. It was like the landing leg, and so i just kept flying. I was like i dont need that you know this is for landon to take off who needs it, and then i started getting really bad reception and i realized oh thats an antenna. Is this the same guy that put floats under his? It was the same. It was the same mavic. No, that was my yeah. No, that was the same mavic pro. I think it might have been the platinum. No, that was the platinum yeah. No, i didnt do that to the platinum, uh platinum, you just dunked into the pond yeah. I dunked it in a pond uh benty. Thank you for the super chat good too good to uh, see you and, and i hope, youre feeling well and doing well. Uh benty is, as i mentioned earlier, our subscriber of the month from uh. The last show i did in november, but and we will announce a new one tonight, um all of that said of the three, the evo nano, the evo light and the skydio2 plus, which one would you if you could have any of them to fly tomorrow, which One would you want to fly fly tomorrow, yeah just just uh, which one would you be most excited to: try out actually ill be on the nano on the nano yeah and why the nano plus, because now we still have this, this white elephant in the room Called remote id and im still skeptical, so you think the sub 250 is going to be the way to go right now.

Sub 250 is the way to go. I mean yeah, you still have to abide by all the regulations and even though you dont have to put a number on it, your registration number on it. You still got to abide by regulations, but it does not require a remote id joe blaylock said upside down. In the drink mavic pro and that wouldnt have happened with a sub 250 quad, i would have never flipped it over. It would have just hovered there and crazy. You know well uh, all of that said uh. I do want to play a video and then um, unless you have anything else to say about the skydio or the uh evos. I want to play a video, and then i want to uh bring in some folks on the uh zoom call the zoom call free, throw all right so lets go ahead and check out. Oh well before you do im going to tell you that this video was sent to chris uh with sunrise water media, and then he doctored it up a little bit as he does did some remixing and then made it into something even better or worse. Depending on your perspective, but lets take a look recently, we discovered a hidden talent of yours, kelly. You can catch drones in your mouth and youre quite good at it. A few months ago, during first friday, you gave away some battle drones and one of the lucky winners was tj from tiege, giggles and drones.

After announcing the winners, you did make a request of tj tj youre, the winner of two of these, but you also have to catch it in your mouth when you get it and he did not disappoint hey kelly shores. I just want to let you know. I am just having an absolute blast flying these around the house. These little mini fighter drones that i want from you and actually ive been practicing flying these in my mouth. So here we go all right. Im flying around Music dagnabbit attempt number two: oh crap! I missed all right were turning around turning around here we go here. We go Applause there you go. Thank you again and ill see you later. Thank you for that. That was uh. I watched that earlier today and it it just made me crack up laughing uh. It is a unique skill set um and i never give away a drone after i put it in my mouth. You know germs and all that, but kai did mention that uh. I have landed drones in cow manure before uh, but only big ones ones. You wouldnt want to catch in your mouth right, yeah, so anyway, tj thank you, uh. That was tjs drones and get giggles and drones um. I appreciate it. As a matter of fact, i made you a moderator earlier thats how much i appreciate it. Uh we do have someone in the uh. We have alan in the zoom.

However, alan um, apparently you need to hit the connect with audio button, because i think scott was saying that uh hes not able to uh hear you yet. He should be able to get a read on you. So if you can try and connect with audio um, i dont know if you can add audio and video like bring on your video to does his video up no okay, uh uh alan, i dont know if you, if you can uh make the camera work and The uh audio work, but oh there you are yeah now its working. I see you on the screen and now you have to do connect with audio and we should be able to uh hear you here in a second hello, hello, hello, test test test, one two, one: two! No yes can you hear me now. I think he can hear us over the youtube. Oh uh! Well any luck, scott uh, all right, um! Well for everyone else, whos in the flight crew. I sent a message out earlier: uh did it. How does does that just show up as like a message on the channel or a post on the channel yeah? If you go to the channel and look at my posts, youll see if youre in the flight crew youll see a link to a zoom and were doing whats called uh zoom call free for all were trying to bring people in uh. Currently, i can see alan, but i cant hear him yet still working on him getting the audio um, but if anybody else wants to join and join with audio and video, that would be fantastic, just go in and do it its got any takers in the room.

No yes, okay, uh! Well how about this? While we wait for some other people to join the zoom call or for alan to join with audio and video uh, why dont we come on guys cant! Do a cant do a call in show without call ins. Why dont we check out something that has been put together by a good friend of ours, mr christopher hope, uh. It is our two minutes of hope show and it is uh sort of a recap of 2021 from his perspective around his town, where he lives and so lets check out. Two minutes of hope thanks. Chris Music do Music, so Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, god bless you all and yall have a happy holidays. Thank you. So much bye, bye, big round of applause for mr christopher hope. Thank you. Chris always awesome to see those videos. I appreciate you putting together, and i know the audience does as well and meanwhile ben t from austin texas has joined us on the zoom ben youre. Our first uh zoo, zoom call uh free for all whats up man, you hear me: yes, we can all right. Hey man, can you hear us and hes even wearing a proper attire yeah? What what shirt do you have on? Okay, so ben ben? But you got ta, you got ta unmute the um, or is that am i hearing it through you um? Oh okay. I thought i was hearing it through bens, so ben youre youre in south austin uh its a little rainy out here tonight.

Um and you ended up getting the thinking p16. Have you set it up yet its uh say that its set up ready to fly but nice, i dont know if im gon na make it in the morning well see: okay, okay, well, um! We we actually changed venues. So if you decide to were going to go to the same place, we went last time right yeah. I got that okay im going to try, but i also have other i got grandkids coming over too so well theyre going to want to fly that drone dont. Let them fly at first, because you, you heard what happened to scott when when he did that well, these two grandkids have uh a pair of battle, drones, nice! Well, hey. Can you uh take the two shot, real, quick for us, scott um? No, i mean like. Can you do that on the supersource um, so, oh, they have the battle drones. So, interestingly, on the battle drones, i actually got a pair of potenzic battle drones and were gon na, try them and see if they work with the original that other brand of battle drones see if those will actually be able to do uh four. At a time, i think that would be pretty fun. Well, i got them a set of three okay from dad nice nice. I didnt get myself one, but so so any thoughts on uh any thoughts on the uh, new, autels or or the skydio or anything.

Have you been keeping up with all that i have been keeping up, but i have not ordered any of that yet um im kind of waiting to see what the what the shakeout is in terms of uh. You know the functionality. I know ive watched a couple of review videos for the skydio for the new one, but i have not watched a review of the other one whos whos whos, a review of the skydio. Was it billys, yeah or uh uh. I think youre on one. If you just want to zoom zoom one out just just zoom it out, so we can get both of us in the super source. Yeah yeah, i was wanting you to put two: is that easy, yeah, okay, cool sorry ben were were uh doing tech stuff? I need some headphones, so interestingly, uh ben ben does a job very similar to what i did for a long time. Kind of a technical video job right tell us a little bit about what you do. Yes. Well, i used to work for a small production house in south austin called austin productions and it was a more of a advertising oriented type of uh house uh low budget stuff. But we were using one inch, video tape which at that time was pretty much state of the art, video tape, yeah one inch, video tape recorder that was like a reel to reel thing right, yeah reel to reel. We also did stuff on three quarter inch.

Um? U matic format from sony yep. I did three quarter as well. We had an ampex switcher and had a two inch quad uh machine too, for editing with, and you had time based, correctors and black bursts and and tweak sticks and all that stuff right. We actually had a proc amp and nice yeah, vector scopes and all that stuff, yeah and now its just now. Its just like uh push the button and either works or it doesnt. You know its one one or the other yep. You two are seriously showing your age right now: yeah yeah, right, yeah, yeah. We are yeah, we we actually the first time we met or second time we met. We went to dinner uh with a group and i remember ben and i just like in the corner talking about video like proc, amps and black burst and uh gen lock, and all that stuff, its like a bunch of superheroes theres no hours for that with that. But you know time: marches on the stuff gets better yeah, yeah or more complicated, depending on how you look at it. Well, uh! Well, thats true! I i appreciate you joining in. I do hope you can meet up with us tomorrow, but either way its all good uh scott. Is there anybody else? Okay, we have somebody else so were gon na uh were gon na, say hi to the next person, so take care, ben and well, hopefully see you tomorrow.

If not soon, all right kelly, see you man, take care. Kai well see you tomorrow and and uh by the way, just for everyone uh who is a channel member uh. If you, if you go to my post for members only earlier today, youll be able to see the link to the zoom. If you want to hop in um, and apparently we have somebody else – scott whos it who is it? Oh, it is alan all right. Hopefully he got his audio all good. Did he get the audio working sweet and alans been uh alans been watching my channel for a long time, hes been coming in the comments for years. I i realized at one point. I started this in 2016 or something so you know were coming up on uh. I guess ill, you know be 10 years before too long, whats up alan. Can you hear us? Can you hear us? Can you hear me now hello, hello, hey? We can hear you now there. It is yeah yeah, nice um just be sure to mute the youtube stream, so you dont get double. Oh, i think youre hearing the youtube stream alan youre hearing the youtube stream. You got ta mute. You got ta mute, the youtube stream, its the echo, the circle of life, oh doing pretty good, not too much okay, yep yeah! I can hear you guys yeah, but hes listening to the wrong wrong audio yeah youre. Listening to the youtube stream, you got ta, listen to the uh, you got ta, listen to the zoom call dennis lovelady all right lets bring in dennis: hey, hey, hey, dennis the ukulele man dennis you got ta connect your audio dennis dennis.

Looking good see, we can get this block off, i mean it looks better without on but yeah can you get that? Yes, we can hey hey how you doing hey, hey, good good, to see you man, you guys im im trying to compete with chris. I hope he doesnt feel like like im, you know. Well, i just um i just was actually going through um the ready set drone songs uh, because i have a new version which well talk about in a little bit but uh. I was just going through all the old ones that i got a year and a half ago for 2020 and dennis i listened to your entire version on the uke man. You you killed it, what you he killed him both he killed him. Both hey dennis uh move your computer just a little bit so youre in the center were were kind of no yeah there. You go, keep going, keep going there you go. That looks great. That was great, all right, yeah, so so whats going on youre in arkansas. Right im in georgia, georgia, georgia – i knew it was the south not too far away. How is it there tonight cold yeah, the low tonights going to be 25.? Oh wow, wow thats, pretty serious, even better. You better put a blanket on the bed for that. So would you be doing an early morning, flight uh on sunday? I will. I will you get to see my icy fingers.

I actually jumped on i jumped on last sunday and you played you played uh. You played uh camera drone. I tried to you. Did great man, you did great for everyone who doesnt know dennis uh. He is, he is a ukulele maestro and didnt you 3d print, your first ukulele or or built it or something. I actually did yes, yes, thats. What thats why i chose that particular instrument. To start my musical career, if you will well, you got you got talent man. So what what are you youre flying a a phantom right? Mostly no. I have been flying a a sorry, a zoom, mavic, 2 zoom, okay, but um. It started giving me fits and im now flying a mavic 3., okay, okay, so the mavic 2 zoom has arrived in in texas for repair so and and the mavic 3. When did you get that um last no the week before last, right before christmas? Nice? What what a great christmas dress and, on christmas day, i crashed it? Oh no! How do you crash that thing? Its got a lot of sensors. It landed itself in a tree, oh no. It did and um trees jump out in front of you. I know i know, but uh almost as bad as some water towers, you got ta watch out for those guys too yeah tell me how i know my mom. My mom had a problem with trees running in front of her when she was driving yeah.

You have a long history with that, so so how did you get it out of the tree or did it fall to the ground? We? I finally got it out of the tree, but it uh a lot of rock throwing made it. It made a daring leap and uh didnt survive the leap. So oh, no, oh no best the best buy best buy treated me right. They they replaced it for me, oh well, thats great. I have another one. Now yeah, okay, im still flying a mavic 3.. Okay! Well, its its you know, pretty beautiful images isnt it once you, you know other than the tree. Well, we saw this very close right right. You are supposed to zoom in on the tree and not not hit the tree. Okay, oh see. Now i had that backward thats how the zoom works. I thought youre supposed to zoom out and get close. No, no, no tr, try it the other way around the tree. If, if you learned anything from tonights stream, just try it the way, the other way around kaiser, probably on to something with that, although i will say if you zoom all the way in on that thing, it can be kind of dizzying. You know because youre, like so close youre looking at like just one nut on the tree youre looking at the trees, yes youre, like a squirrel. Well, dennis anything you want to say to the the um, the the group tonight just happy new year.

I just wanted to join in and say: hi we dont get to speak so its great well definitely uh check out. Denniss uh live stream on sunday morning. Uh it goes its the one that goes all the way across the country, right, yeah and so youre. What time do you are you on well um, after drone, seven, seven, fifteen, seven twenty on sunday after bedroom, yeah, okay, so so uh? So that would be because youre eastern time so thats, probably 6 15. yeah, 6 20. heres, where you guys are yeah well, i enjoyed it last week and, like i said you made my day by playing the camera drone song, so thank you dennis and weve got Another uh we got another person in the queue so lets. Take him over well see you dennis, thanks for stopping by this next person is somebody who has uh actually also done a cover of the ready set drone song um you may or may not have actually seen it did. You ever see denniss version. It was really good theres, no ive seen theres no way not to smile if youre playing a ukulele or listening to a ukulele in the house. We got mr tater rogers whats up buddy whats, going on everybody happy new year, happy new year to you, whats whats, going on in louisiana. Oh, not too much. Man were just getting over christmas and uh getting ready for the new year. Let me ask you this: how many people around you or yourself have taken down their lights because theres still a lot of lights up in my neighborhood? Oh man, theres a few.

We got a few slackers in the hood, but yeah get them down. Is that you just leave them up all year i mean, i will say the yard. The the neighborhood driving through doesnt look quite as nice as it did with all the lights it was. It was pretty. I enjoy it every year, but if you have them all the time, then that just becomes normal and then its not much of a treat. Well, we got some of those little white sprinkling lights up there on the back porch. You know we kind of got that ambiance going back there with some spare white ones. We had nice, you know uh tater, i just again i was telling dennis um. I was going through the songs youre another one that did a great version of the ready set drone song, and i appreciated that and i watched it again today. It was i kind of had a little ready set drone cover song playlist, going in my in my life and hows it working yeah, you you, you killed it man, how? How are your hows, your guitar playing? Have you been playing much recently ive been playing a little bit. I havent had a lot of time. I just got uh set up here to do some mixing and recording, but it seems like every time i sit down and try to do it. Something comes up, so yeah weve just been super duper busy trying to keep everybody.

You know all the christmas stuff, and this was kind of a rough christmas after her father in law passed. So you know its its its one of those things did you. Uh have have you been flying at all, i actually i havent flown in quite a bit. I was uh flying the last time i flew was probably about three or four weeks ago, just im trying to teach another guy that i know how to do it and his kid really got into it. So nice, i get the kid the indoor drone because he gets he goes and stays at the gym for band or something and hes got access to the whole. Oh, i love flying in gyms, thats, thats, awesome, yeah and my nephew gave me this little guy. What is that one? This is falcore, oh nice, oh, oh, its a is that a bearded dragon, its a luck driver. It is a bearded dragon. Oh yeah, yeah, you know um. We had no thats a bearded dragon thats a beardy um there. I didnt realize that i thought it was a drone at first i was like what brand is that? What is his name? His name is falcore falcor man that sounds german yeah. Well, we named him after the never ending story. Dragon, oh wow, which was a german movie there you go. Is it is it a cricket, eats crickets, eats crickets uh, they eat uh meal worms and they eat.

Like turnip, greens and stuff. Like that, you know we had one. My my kids had one for probably three years or so we ended up. We ended up uh, there was a guy who did like you know those birthday parties where he brings animals out to the party and, like lets end up giving them to him, because my kids kind of yeah a little pet and zoo my kids kind of lost Interest man, we had crickets all over our damn house, though, like constantly finding crickets in the house yeah, we have a my little cat, loves the crickets, and so she chases any spare crickets that he doesnt get a hold up but its fun to meet him. You need to find a you need to find a little tiny drone with a camera to go, hunt down the crickets. You know chase them around. I know but yeah were hopefully my nephew had him but hes in high school hes about to graduate hes got a part time job and he would just got neglected real bad, so uh. He asked us if wed take him so thats awesome. No great addition. I loved ours, ours was named cello, our beard was named cello and he got pretty big. I think i think they you cant feed them too much or theyll, get as big as this guy yeah, oh yeah. They do get bigger than that. Youre youre a bearded dragon since hes, not a lizard.

You know technically hes a lizard but hes a dragon, but if he was a lizard, i wanted to name him gizzard, the lizard. Oh nice, nice, i think theres. Actually, a band called the king gizzard lizard wizard, or have you heard of that king wizard lizard gizzard? There is a band theres theyre, like kind of a as i understand it, theyre kind of a grateful dead jam band. But with that, i love it uh actually tater uh another another pet. My kids had was an eel and his name was joe joe ely. If you know who that is a musician from texas yeah, i had a pet shark. Did you really yeah? Well, uh? No. Are you thinking of the other guitarist yeah theres, a guitarist like eric johnson, eric johnson, maybe its him hes from austin? He was on austin city limits a bunch of times yeah. I think that well joe ely was on austin city limits, but we always thought that was real, clever and no nobody ever got it. You know, joey was not a super popular uh guitarist, but you got your guitar handy, uh yeah. I got them on the wall here, yeah yeah, you got to keep them, you got to keep them tuned, man, thats thats. The thing i find. If i put my guitar in a case – and i put it away, then i never mess with it. But i, if i have it like hanging next to me, ill get it down and just its kind of like stress relief.

You know it is hang it on the wall and then just grab it when you get a chance like sometimes during break ill hit. The mute button while were on the conference, call and just play something out just to lower the stress level a little bit. You know, yeah yeah yeah you get a hard. Monica too, can you play a little something for us, yeah hold on a second here. Oh okay, all right, i know we got a couple. People uh waiting in uh, the at the queue lets hear a little bit of music from tater and then well, then well jump over to see who else is waiting? This is working out pretty good and believe me guys tater rogers uh. You know he doesnt play for just anybody. I mean this. This is like right here. This is some concert: uh first bearded dragon, kai and tater. All in one night i mean thats thats, pretty freaking cool, i think for for a live stream. Here, oh hes, plugging in and everything thats about your live stream. Now is it hey man? I got nowhere to go, but up i got nowhere to go, but up is all im saying i would like to know uh in the chat. Whos got any other kind of unusual pets if theres uh ray kelly, says its a first for a bearded dragon on ready set drone. That is true.