I think, given that I don't think a lot of people are traveling, but you know what I'm intending to fly. My drone a lot tomorrow as a matter of fact, I'm super excited Phillip. I didn't tell you about this, but one of the biggest things I'm planning to do for Independence Day is fly this little guy. I didn't show you this. Yet this is the gap RC rocket. Have you seen one of these? I have not no well. This is a fpv drone and guess what's crammed into this little thing. I don't know if you can see it there in the sandwich in the stack as they say it is a it's, a DJI air unit. Oh so, it's got all the fancy all the fancy features of DG. I like the GPS lock and no that guy no nope, no it all it has – is DJI. Well, I think it's AA q, sync I'm, not sure if someone in the chat could could tell us if the air unit uses AA q, sync but it's it's it's got really good reception that's. The difference is it's, not an analog it's, a digital fpv system which I've only flown I've flown ed Ricker's and ken herons, a little bit I'm trying to think of I've flown anybody, else's fpv system, but yeah that's. It it's anyway that's how I'm gon na spend my July 4th is, is learning how to fly this thing, getting it up and running so I'm excited about that.

What about you? Where are you tonight? I am near st. Clair, Michigan area, so that's, basically right by Canada, right off of Lake Huron I'm, actually near Port Huron, and I was going to go into Canada, but the Canadian border stayed closed as it was they haven't yeah yeah. It was supposed to open at the end of June, but they extended it to the end of July. Okay well that's, where my family is as well, not not in Michigan they're in upstate New York, but they are right on the border with Canada and can't go into Canada. As a matter of fact, they're on the river, the st. Lawrence River, which divides the US and Canada, New York and Ontario, and normally the law, is that you can actually motor your boat across to Canadian territory. And you can you can stay in Canadian territory as long as you don't drop anchor or touch land, so basically you're allowed to go across the border on the river, but not touch land. But now you can't do that. Now you have to stay on the US side, so it's, basically a pretty wide three three or four mile wide lake, a river but ya can't go on the other side and by the way that's fine, oh yes, I mean maybe that's why the boat rentals are Shut down here, because I don't know why you, I don't know why they couldn't rent boats during Cove in nineteen, but since it is a Canadian border, maybe that's, why they're just it could be close to Minh.

It could be that they're, not they're afraid people are gon na go across. First of all, metro drones bill, hey what's up there bill and hopefully Sandy's watching to thank you for the super chat. Twenty dollars much appreciated, and I saw Ken Heron in earlier drop – drop. A five spot for us, so that's much appreciated as well. He said he was doing it while he was riding his motorcycle. Really, I wonder if he was being chased by a sky do at the same time. That would be something well. We started a few minutes early because I started the countdown a little early. I think we're we're in pretty good shape. Tonight I decided from a few little audio issues. I don't have Thomas helping me here tonight, so I'm kind of solo in the studio, but that's okay, I think it it's. Looking pretty nice, you think it's a it's definitely got that mom's basement kind of look. You know so I wanted to go through the agenda for this evening. We'Ve got a lot to do. First of all, we are going to announce the winner of this Mavic air. You might recall that last time I had everybody go on a big scavenger hunt across multiple videos to to win it, and we had it's about 12 or 15 people actually complete it. Their names are all on paper. I don't wan na spill it, but on paper and this in this little Bowl I'm gon na pull it out, I'll tell you who they were in a bit.

We are also going to we're gon na check out two minutes of hope from Chris hope. He'S put out a new version of that for anyone who hasn't seen two minutes of hope. Yet it is awesome, Chris hope, shoots stuff around his ranch, his farm, his property, and this one's really good I'm excited to play it for you guys, I think it's his best one. So far, then we're going to check in with our favorite Hungarian Arizonian German Felix from quadcopter guide over in Deutschland near Munich Felix. Actually, his family is Hungarian. He told me that, and he grew up in or he went to high school in Arizona and lives in Germany, but he was born in Germany and lives in Germany, so very, very interesting, fellow great channel. If you haven't seen Philips Earth. If you haven't seen Felix's channel, you should go check it out and Philips as well them are you doing anything without doors these days we are it's, mostly an Instagram, but yeah I'm yeah. My wife's kill him with the Instagram. I guess she's up to 800 people. Now nice yeah, no I've, seen I've seen it and I will say if you like outdoors travel stuff with an RV and kind of III like what she's putting in there. So definitely go check out outdoor is on Instagram and if you can check out Ready, Set drone on Instagram it's it's, weird though Phil um I'll get to like a certain milestone like I just had passed 3500 followers on Instagram and then it'll go backwards.

Like then, I'll have 30 492 for a while, so I don't know Instagram too weird a weird thing: do you post your face somewhere around that time, because that that could explain it? That really does it really does it's that that's? Why I'm wearing the Hat to kind of keep people somewhat sheltered? No, I don't know what's up with that, but also on the show tonight. We'Re gon na talk about spin up 2020 I'm gon na tell you all the speakers. I'Ve confirmed a whole bunch of great speakers and some new ones that we didn't know about last time. So I'll talk about those I'm also going to talk about spin down, which is the IRL event which will happen in and if you don't know what that is. Go ask your kid IRL it. It is going to happen in Colorado on September 26th and spin. It by the way is September 12th, and then we are going to talk a little bit about the sky. Do too, I had the opportunity to hang out with Sean oz at dad's ranch near Spicewood, Texas, and we flew this, and I just want to tell you what happened and then I'm gon na do my own video about it. But you have to go check out. Shawn'S after you know after tonight and then we're going to announce the ReadySet drone subscriber of the month and then, if we have time, we might have a little something extra for you at the end, with Phillips, depending on how it goes.

So is that fair to say, yeah sure we have one yeah yeah? I was trying to fix that I don't know. I don't know why that is and at this point um well let's see here. I'Ll go here, I'll go here, oh let's, see! If this does it alright talk for me all right, I'm, talking again better, you see two bars, you see, two bars hold on keep talking I'm gon na keep on talking. I don't have any good jokes, it's, it's, really weird cuz. One of your channels is a lot louder than the other talk now: okay, I'm talking again alright, I'm gon na just that. Okay, okay, now talk one more time: Phillips, okay, I'm still talking: okay, uh yeah! I can't figure out what the heck on him. Okay, now talk okay, I'm. Talking again as I do. Alright, I don't know I've got my Yeti going through and it should be yeah. It should be going in both channels. Yep, alright. Well, I see what they're talking about you're only coming through on the left, but I can't – I can't figure that out at the moment somebody just super chatted, original dobo, hey man thanks very much as a matter of fact, I've got to make some announcements real, quick And I'll skip right to original dobo tomorrow at 500 p.m. if anyone hasn't seen it. Yet I do a little thing called speed, dial and original dobo is gon na, be on speed dial with me.

So if you like, hearing two of us talk about drones and maybe even drink a beer, we did that last time, so we'll see we're going to be on speed, Reginald elbows, going to be on speed, dial tomorrow and he's, going to actually be the first person. I hope tomorrow they have introduced the company that makes his software. The super secret software I've been using has introduced a ability to do video, so you basically it's like a FaceTime instead of just the little balls that talk it'll be video of the two of us. So I'm really excited about that. I hope that is something that works well it's still in beta, they I'm, like one of the first people to test it, and that was actually part of the reason I couldn't go on last week is because I hadn't tried it out yet so I'm gon na Play with it tomorrow morning and then at 5 p.m. Central Time original Joe – and I will go on so I'm excited about that. I also want to plug them. Real quick I'll go ahead I'm full of questions. Now so can the people they skim. The random guests have video too, or is it just your established like people uh? No, I think anyone can. I think anyone who who calls in with the camera phone can have video. So so I should do a thing. I should do a dial in show and see if I can make that make that work would be and then do they have the phone call yeah the audience.

My number one feature request what's that you can listen to the show, while you're on hold waiting yeah. Okay, whenever I so I've been trying, I can see I can get you on two channels, but whenever I do that, it knocks me out so takes me out of the mix, but I think we're both on right now, so that will be tomorrow at 500 and Then I am going to be on geek sivanna's channel on Tuesday, and so geeks vana is Sean. Who, hopefully, is I don't know? If has anybody seen him? Oh yeah, I see him right there. Thank You. Sean said that speed dials a lot of fun, so I will be on Tuesday at 7 p.m. central that's 915. How was at 915, maybe it's – maybe it's, because it's he's gon na call me in at 15 minutes past the hour, but I was told to be ready at 3 p.m. Standard Time central us. So I will be on with Sean and Geeks vana I'm. Very excited about that. His his show live a few times now, and it is actually a lot of fun so it's. My hope that that I can do a good job and represent America well, I'm sure that you won't, but and and by the way again, if you haven't, checked out Kiev on his channel go over there. He does a lot of cool stuff with not just drones, but other tech and he's kind of into the breaking news.

Stuff and he's he's got it going on so I'm. A big fan of Sean's and he has sean – has the most posh British voice. He doesn't think he does, but when you listen to this man speak, you think you're listening to James Bond, I mean he's he's very got it like. Like honestly, I should get him to record record Ready, Set drone stuff for me because he sounds so and Sean you got to know that any time you have an English accent, it adds like, plus, 20 or plus 30 to your IQ in people's minds. Don'T. You think, at least in the u.s. in the u.s. that's true, and then I think, it's the reverse right, so when people from the United Kingdom or England, whatever they're called nowadays, whenever people from over there hear us across the pond, these these people are dumb. Well, you know, being from Texas, I can. I can fall into a little bit of a Texas accent, a time because what you know it all I'm, not gon na insult anyone's accent, I'm, just gon na say: Sean's accent is awesome, so you should. You should go to his channel just to hear him talk because he's amazing. So then I also wanted to mention that we are going to do, and I don't have a graphic for this. Another live fly in next Friday, with oz by drone, so that'll be at the same time. Next Friday. Basically, oz by drones, simulcasts on his channel and Ready Set drone at the same time, and then you can actually join and fly your drone anywhere in the world and he'll take a live shot of what you're, seeing on your drone it's pretty cool the way he Does it so we're doing that next Friday you've seen that before right, Phillip? Actually, no, oh, is it like an actual live feed of your in of your drone, or is it just yep, oh no, he takes he takes.

He takes the live, feed off your drone and he puts it on to into the stream and then he sends it to his channel and my channel at the same time, it's pretty wild fun stuff. I see Loyd out there hey, I see Roosevelt out there. I think I see Mel out there Wow. I see Steve carpenter good to see you Wow lots of lots of people in tonight. Thank you guys all for joining much appreciated Mike Miller much appreciated. So I wanted to talk for just a minute about the flight crew. If you see somebody in the chat that has a badge next to their name, that is like a like a little Air Force, insignia, which is what it's based upon or already set drone logo. If it's already set your own logo, then they are, they are the bomb because they've been in the Ready Set drone flight crew for more than 12 months. You get that after 12 months, the others are they get bigger as you go. So when you join the flight crew, you get you get one stripe and then after a month you get two stripes etcetera. So if you see folks in there doing with that, I want to say thank you to everyone in the flight crew for joining and for participating in the chat. And then I also wanted to mention that if you are in the flight crew, especially if you're you're new to it, because I've had a few people join in the last few days, you should get a discount code to get a free ticket to spin up.

So Phillip tell us about spin up spin up, Oh spin ups. The best is so basically what my favorite parts when we get to fly and we still need to go back to that that minor league baseball stadium, that was pretty cool now, but basically it's. Just a day, long event with a bunch of live speakers and it's typically well, we had Jason Schappert who's a flight instructor and he actually will be involved again this year. They'Re one of the sponsors, okay, cool there's lots of Giveaways DJ – has always been kicked. Butt with giving us cool prizes to give away, I don't call, I had a cool prize, but you know dude. This is a. This is a great hat. No, I really want to say thank you to our sponsors. Dji is going to give away every drone every consumer drone is a consumer drone because they're not giving away mattresses and I don't think they're, giving away an inspire but I'll find out they're gon na give away the Phantom 4 Pro v2 they're gon na give away The both both the Mavic Pro 2 and the Mavic zoom 2 they're gon na give away the Mavic air 2 they're gon na give away the Mavic mini. I think that's Sarah it's, that their entire lineup at this point – and who knows you, know maybe there's a new drone at that point – that would be pretty cool as well, but much appreciated.

Dji has been great. They are also I'm in talks with them right now about how they're going to present like they're gon na do something as far as a presentation for spin up so I'm kind of trying to figure out what that looks like. But all of that said I want to just go through real quick. I put all the I put all the speakers on the website and it I just put them on there recently. So if you hadn't seen its spin up 2020 calm, first of all, we're gon na have and I'm. This is really just an alphabetical order, so alphabetical by how I had them categorized so don't take it. As you know, favoritism, but we're gon na have rust from 51 drones. Rus actually just crossed the hundred thousand subscriber mark so congrats to Rus. If you haven't seen his channel 51 drones is great and this is his old logo. He actually has a new logo too, which is really cool, so Russell, be presenting remotely either via video or via Skype, or something like that or a pre recorded video will see. Some of these will be pre recorded, some of them will be live and then some of them will be in the studio like be from drone err. Brendon Edwards, who is a television television star from sa television from the Facebook series, the curse of akka core he's? A professional drone pilot he's, a video producer, he's working with some really big youtubers right now on their YouTube channels like doing drone stuff and producing for them.

So that's awesome, he's, coming to Austin he's, actually flying to Austin to be in the studio for that Chris Rollins who lives here in Texas, will drive up for the day and Chris. If you haven't seen his channel a lot of science. A lot of slow motion, of course, some drone stuff as well. Chris spoke at our first spin up, as did as did Brennan. Both great speakers really good, guys I'm excited to have the both here for it, and Chris will be in the studio with us. We will be working out what we need to do as far as covin stuff just to be safe, so don't think we're disregarding that. But you know we are gon na, be here together and we'll figure out how that works. Henrik from drone Tecna is over. In Denmark will be speaking, he'll be probably providing a video that I'll play, but it'll be specific to spin up, as will Felix from who I was talking about earlier. Who, who is the felix of vie gates Felix, which, by the way, it means what's up Felix? He and I got to get together last summer in Germany and had a great time flying together, checking out the mountains, checking out the just the beautiful scenery over there, and so really good guy and I'm excited to have him as part of the show. This year, of course, the person I think that Philip was mentioning earlier Jason Shepherd is that he met.

Oh, we were supposed to have the drone DJ. We were supposed to have hiked st.lucia up but, and he didn't show up, but but anyway, um Jason, Shepherd III. Should see about getting someone from the FAA that would be pretty cool, he is not only speaking. He is also a sponsor, so he's going to be giving away free classes and other stuff for remote pilot 101. So if you want to get your part 107, I highly recommend remote pilot, 101 and and Jason. You know they do it right. As a matter of fact, I've got to retake at the end of this year, and I am excited because I can go back and take all of his classes again for free and, of course, our man, ken Herron, will be in the house. He'S gon na be here at in Austin with us, live and so he'll be providing the fun and the energy for us all and keeping us all on task. We'Re gon na go from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m. I think so about 5 hours of live streaming. So it's, not quite the marathon that Ken's done in the past, but it's long enough and then Miriam McNab will be speaking. She is the editor in chief for drone life. Actually, my very favorite drone newsletter that I get it's called drone life. So if you want to check it out, it's it's, where I don't know, I feel like she does a good job with the articles and so she'll be speaking and she's.

Also, the CEO of job for drones and then, of course, this is a new one that I just found out the other day we will have Newark, he should be joining us, live via Skype or some other method and and so we'll be able to chat with Him throughout the day there may be another DRL pilot coming down to Austin from his home. I'Ll, give you a hint he's he's in in Texas as well. So if you can figure out who that is but we're not that's, not confirmed so I'm, not gon na jinx it, but Newark will be there. As I said before, original dobo who's going to be on speed dial tomorrow will also be presenting. I think he was talking about coming to Austin, but I don't know if he's going to or not but regardless he'll be part of the show and then I'm really excited Raik Rachael Jacobson, who is the new president of the drone racing league, will actually be giving A presentation I'm really excited to hear what she has to say. Obviously, a really tough tough year for live sports and live events, and so and DRL. You know they kind of count on a live audience, although a lot of it is streamed and people watch it online and such but I'm excited to hear what she has to say about the future of the sport and how? Maybe maybe our new kind of situation might might actually help the sport of drone racing.

Sean oz will be down here in Austin that week as well and will be here in the studio. He does drones. 360 cameras, Electric skateboards, all that good stuff, definitely worth checking out his channel and then I'm really excited because I've asked her. This is my third year in a row and she's finally able to do it because she's going to do it, and that is Sally French. The drone girl, so she will be also giving a presentation – I'm excited about she's, a super nice person. I'Ve enjoyed every time. I'Ve had an interaction with her I've really enjoyed it. So I'm excited to have her on the program so that's the current agenda. A lot of speakers lots going on lots of Giveaways, so I think I remember what I was thinking of you know the drone meetup in Austin mm, hmm yep, so they've done they've done yearly, like I guess, outings more or less and they've actually brought FAA speakers In there, which is really cool so I've, given you an awesome idea, make sure you get in contact with someone from the FAA and then we'll get a good speaker hey. I think I think I think that would be a great idea. I will do that. I will get on that and I will see because I think that would be someone who there's a lot of questions could be asked. I feel, like Jason Schappert knows that stuff pretty well, but he's also representing it from a certain perspective, whereas I think the FAA has the government's perspective in mind.

So you know, but as long as we promise to be nice – and you know, I don't want him to walk it into the it's like it's like when Scott Parazynski came last year, and you know there had been some some, not so great reviewers who had gotten A hold of his flying stick and said it wasn't that great and he came anyway, and I I applaud him for that. You know he gave a demo of it out in the behind the venue and the boy scout you know, but over the lake and props to him for showing up so promised anything. You can't promise just for the record, but I would say that we'll try to keep the comments nice or the questions nice. Well. No, we definitely will. I will. I will. I will you know. We'Ll have we'll have enforcers on on, but I don't think anybody's gon na ask a mean question. I think they're just gon na you know it's just we want to make sure he's prepared and he can educate us rather than argue with us right. That would be a goal sure, so I also wanted to say real, quick, so very excited and again. Dji big, sponsor, Emacs and Emacs is the company that makes the tiny Hawk series. If you haven't checked out the tiny Hawks they're awesome. I have a bunch of videos about them; they also make they make some other drones and and supply parts, but they also make the Interceptor, which is a little fpv car that I need to just.

I need to roll some video, so you guys can see it. Sometimes basically, as an FB v camera and you drive it on the ground and it's really fun like it's much easier than flying an fpv drone and then, of course, the drone racing league is our other sponsor and as well as remote pilot 101. So thank you to all of them and and drone racing league. Like I said there, they came through with a couple of really great speakers. I am hoping to get one or two other of the race of the actual racers, the the pilots here for it and then kind of working on what sort of giveaways we can do with them, because you know that's a little trickier that DJI and Emacs is Pretty easy, and so is remote pilot 101 DRL is a little more as a matter of fact, I'd love. To put. If you in the comments, you have ideas for what you could get from DRL. One thing we've been talking about is lesson like a one on one lesson with with one of the pilots on the sim like to learn how to fly be cool. What about like a backstage pass from one of the events? Well, that's a problem is they're, not sure what the season looks like this year. Yeah but like it's like like a VIP like a VIP pass kind of all access pass, yeah yeah, I I got to go to one of their events and I was able to do that was able to interview a bunch of people and go back into the Control room where they had everything and it was pretty neat it was.

It was yeah, I would say, it's a cool experience, so good idea, you're full of good ideas tonight. So in terms of spin up, if you go to spin up 2020 comm, you can see it's free to watch. Anybody can watch it on YouTube the day it'll it'll be. I want to have as many people as possible watching and then number two. It is if you want to win prizes: you've got to buy a ticket. The tickets are 15 bucks right now, plus like a 2 service fee that Eventbrite charges that that's just what they charge so that's. What is what it is? They are going up on Monday to 20, so, if you actually were thinking about buying a ticket today would be a good day to do it. Also, if you're in the flight crew, you get a free standard ticket, there is another level called the hero level. If you go on the website, you can read about it, but I just want a real quick I've got quite a few people, who've signed up for the hero tickets, so I'm gon na read off their names and say thank you Khai bill sandy Steve Joe Rick. Ten toes mark Irvin Steven Jenna Brad, Julio John Mel Chris Tony Bryan, Bob Richard Doug, Gary Charl, Mike Christopher Timothy, Eric Andrew and Christian all are spin up heroes and, like very seriously so one of the things I'm doing is for the speakers who are coming to Austin I'm helping pay for their travel and so that's that's part of where that money is going to go.

If you do become a spin up hero. First of all, if you're in the flight crew, you get you get it for Half Price it's. A hundred and fifteen dollars so it's not super cheap, but I don't think it's super expensive either you will get a lot of swag I'm. Getting a really nice I'm gon na really go all in and with the spin up shirts this year and they will be limited edition. Just for, however many heroes we have, everybody will get one as well as hats I'm doing Ready, Set drone hats. I'M gon na. Do the embroidery I've I did some before it really cheap and they didn't turn out very well. So I want to do some nice ones so anyway, thank you to all those folks for being spin up heroes, very much appreciated and then spin down. What do you know about that? Philip it's very limited access so make sure you get your tickets as soon as possible, it actually opening it actually is yeah. I was, I was saying it kind of sarcastically, but it was real it's gon na be in Colorado and it's gon na be near some lake area that you did some droning at before correct it's Lake Dylan. It is one of or maybe the highest alpine lake above 9000 feet, I think in North America and it's deep water lake, and it is in Dilek Colorado about an hour and a half from Denver.

It will be we're actually planning to do a live stream. On September 25th, that Friday that evening from Sean Oz's tattoos shop and then we're going to do the get together on the 26 at billion outdoors. However, unfortunately, the city has already told me that Dudek Ovid we can only have 50 people in the pavilion at once. So we're limited to 50 tickets and that's and I actually think on. If you go to spin down 2020 calm, you can see how many tickets are left. I think we've sold 16 or 17, so there's still a fair number left there, 30 bucks. Now. Why am i charging 30 bucks because the rental of that pavilion was 900 and i've already paid for it because that's how committed I am to doing it and so that's one thing and then number two is we want to basically just take care of everybody's food. The day of the event, so we'll have barbecue snacks drinks, all that sort of thing so that's all included. So basically, if I get 50 people at 15, bucks it's 1500 900 comes out for the pavilion that leaves 600 for food and drinks, which I think seems about right for 50 bucks for 50 people that seem yeah. It seems right. The four eyed canine for ID canine is asking if there's any other way to pay for it than PayPal, just bend down a bit. Oh yeah, I mean, I suppose, just just email me Kelly.

It ready set drone and and ask me, and we could we could set something up so yeah I mean it's, just that's what that's what Eventbrite takes. So if you need a different method, let me know, and we can we can work something out. Also, the nice thing about doing it through Eventbrite is then I have a list like it does a lot of things for you as far as tracking who's coming and all that sort of thing but I'm. If you have a different method, you want to use I'm. Fine with that, so thank you again to everyone who has already bought their tickets, both their regular tickets, as well as their spin down and their spin up hero tickets. I wanted to jump over real, quick and just talk about my experience. I had last weekend with Sean oz at his dad's ranch, and I don't know if anybody's seen this yet but sky do released a firmware update to the sky tio2, and I was mentioning this to Phillip right before he hadn't heard of it. Anybody in the chat heard of heard of this the sky to go to firmware update. Basically, it does two main things number one: it improves the range supposedly I have not tested that, but the thing I have tested that was pretty awesome is it has an optical vision sensor and when you hover over this case, this tiny little case that is barely Bigger than the drone, it will spot the case and if you want it to land on the case, it will land on the case.

We tested it three times and Sean has a video about it. So but I want you to see like I thought for sure it was gon na like kind of do one of these numbers or one of these you know, and now when it has the battery on its it's it's a little higher, but it comes over, finds It you can see it in the app looking for it and then it gets to about right here and then it goes just kind of drops from the sky. Interesting yeah. If you again Shawna's go check out his channel and he shows it, and I filmed that for him, but when it does that it also will track it. If it's moving, because we put the case on a electric skateboard and we wheeled it slowly very slowly. But it followed it and then it landed, and that was pretty cool. I was quite impressed so way to go Scotty, oh that's, so I was halfway watched a video about the firmware update and I think the range was for the forward facing like tracking sensors and also for the reconned, like it increased. The range of both of those is that what you I thought it was, I thought it was for the remote control, like the the parrot made remote control but I'm, not sure if anybody and uh, by the way I don't I haven't, seen Rick Alber yet, but I haven't been looking down too much if Rick calibers out there.

First of all, what's up Rick and second of all, I have finally ended up. I think I've used your beacon as much as I'm going to use it so I'm going to send it back to you next week, along with some prizes that I have to send out so I'll. Do that all at once. So thank you to Rick Alber. If, if Rick Albers, not in hey Jake good to see you Jake Sloan's out there coast to coast, drones good to see you too don't forget the nudge feature. What is the nudge feature? Someone, someone educate us on that one I don't know. Well, I did have someone buy a ticket to spin up live just now, oh nice! Thank you for that yeah awesome. Thank you way to go Sam Berns, much appreciated, yeah, it's, really, it's, really there's a lot to the the sky. Do I'll say it's not as easy to fly right out of the gate as as a DJI drone it's. It does kind of weird stuff, with the way it positions itself and waits for you and then getting it to land Sean had a lot of trouble, getting it to land on his boat because he was trying to bring it in and it thought it was an Obstacle and it wouldn't land, so he had to actually go like take the boat back to shore. Take the drone and he said the battery level is super low and land it.

So if you want to see all that, but I I'm intending to play with the sky do a bit more, maybe tomorrow, but this is my first priority, as I said before the air unit in here, oh and by the way I want to just say real Quick Ken Heron is having an event in Tennessee at this. Have you seen anything about this Phillip? No, I haven't so hey there's, Rick helper good to see you so and Jay Santiago good to see you as well in dnt aerial views and Mike be the drone ranger. Okay, a lot of people jumped in here or maybe they were here – the whole time – and I just noticed, but ken Heron is having an event – I think it's August 24th or there abouts – you can go to his channel and you can find out. He is going to Ally's got arranged with somebody it's somewhere in Tennessee. I don't know the name of the town, but it's, a small town, he's done some videos and there's a guy who makes these sculptures out of metal, and there are huge there's like a boat there's, an anchor and there's smokestacks and there's. All this I mean it looks kind of like an oil refinery honestly because there's so much metal, this guy ants really high. It goes up 30 40 50 feet in the air he's gon na. Let this guy is going to let Ken and anybody who comes to this event fly FPV drones around in this place, and it looks really fun.

So I am sponsoring the event by giving away a air unit at the event, so Ken ordered an air unit for him and he should be getting it soon and it's. Just the air unit in the camera and the remote it's, like the whole setup, you'd have to put it in your own drone. But you know you could do something kind of similar to this and fly fpv with the DJI drone, so kind of kind of cool yeah. So I think I've seen some videos of that that area before, because I think he's been at least a couple times. Yes, he's been there at least twice, I believe and done videos about it so go check it out. I mean it sounds like just a really fun place to fly. Fpv and I know a lot of folks in the audience are getting at fpv. Do they trust him, though cuz they've seen him fly fpv right? I have a feeling he's, not gon na, be flying a lot just like when I do spin up he's gon na be hosting. You know you don't, you know get a lot of. You know get a lot of opportunity to fly when you're, when you're playing mister host so fair enough. So I suspect, but I think from what I understand I think Newark is gon na. Go to this event. Newark Paul Newark Allah, the DRL pilot, who was speaking to spin up as well. He he's a man of the people right.

He gets in with all of us and much appreciated. So if you're watching Newark – which I know you're not huh, at least at least he shows up and speaks at these things and comes to these events and then I think Joshua Bardwell, who is mr. fpv know it all – will also be there so cool on him. Hey and doc Murdoch got his tickets to spin down just now and actually doc Murdoch. I don't know if you noticed there's a picture of you in my spin up video you were you, were you were applying some fpv. I was trying to find somebody who knew what they were doing flying fpv in one of the pictures, and it was you so thank you for doing that good to see the four eyed k9. I think I said hi to everyone else that I see right now. I see Mel in there Mel and I, by the way at 418 bideo on our seaplane, which I might also go fly tomorrow. I have like the whole day with nothing on the agenda, so I'm excited about that, except for speed dial at 500. So since we got through all that stuff – and we were talking about – we were talking about the speakers from spin up I'd like to play my Oh of V gates Felix, and I think I think when I play this, I don't know that there's a way for Me to mute our mics, so I'm gon na hold on I'm gon na try moving this down to our level here.

Try something crazy! Alright, I'm gon na play this now, and hopefully you won't still here Philip, and I, while this is playing. This is Felix from quad copter guide. He is going to be one of the speakers at spin up and he is also going to be doing a monthly thing with us from Germany called V gates Felix and here it is hey Kelly and ready, said drone fans. Welcome to another segment of V gates, Felix we're, just out and enjoying this beautiful Saturday hitting up our local lake here. I just wan na give you guys a short update with what's going on with me and also with the channel, so we just got through another move. We were forced to actually move out of our last apartment in Germany, where we're at right now, there's, actually only one reason you can get kicked out of your apartment, and that is if your landlord actually needs it for his personal use, and in our case that Happened so we were forced to find a new place and finding a place in and around Munich is actually not that easy. It'S kind of crazy there's tons of there's hundreds of people that apply for apartments that are kind of nice and even not nice, and they just pick the most qualified people. They pick the you know the two people that have a nice income and people with kids and dogs. They have a harder time, let's, just call it that anyways, we found a really nice place and we're happy and yeah.

We got to move during during the pandemic. So that was kind of fun but we're getting settled in it's. One of the reasons I didn't do a V gates Felix last month, but we're back back strong and also kind of a couple exciting things going on quadcopter guide. The channel actually hit 10000 subscribers in the last month and I'm super stoked about that it's. A big milestone just shows that if you're consistent and you put in the work, then eventually you get there so I'm super happy that that happened. I celebrated with the livestream on the channel and I even gave away a DJI drone, so kind of cool and fun to celebrate I'm kicking off a new series on the channel actually focuses on the D gif PV system and just fpv in general. I'Ve been kind of getting into that whole fpv seen. I know, Kelly's done a bunch of videos with his tiny Hawks and also live a larger fpv drones, the ones that you fly with the goggles. You know what the first person view totally stoked about the technology. Very excited about it, it's, just such a immersive experience and the kinds of shots you can get with. It is actually pretty nuts. I posted two videos already on the channel about the DJI fpv system check out some of these shots. I got Music so, as you can see just absolutely phenomenal what you can capture with the gif PV system.

Of course, the shots themselves were on a GoPro, but just having a digital, clear picture in your novels there's, just nothing like it. I'M also excited about spin up that Kelly's putting on again this year. Let'S see it, I might even make make it guest appearance, so be sure to tune into that, and I believe there's still tickets available, so get your hands on one of those to be eligible for the raffles. Of course. Another thing I'm gon na try on the channel is something I want to call simulator Sundays I'm gon na do a live stream. Some days it'll be Sunday night here and midday or late morning in certain parts of the US and I'm gon na jump on a stream I'm gon na fire up a simulator, probably start with liftoff it's, one of the FPV simulators you can get through Steam and I'M gon na have people that are on the stream fly with me, live and then I'm gon na stream. It while I'm doing that so people that don't have the simulator or just want to tune in and check it out. So they can watch so I'll be kind of fun. I think my computer can do it. No fool, try it out. It would be one of the coming up Sundays, so stay tuned for that and feel free to check out the channel for that once the trial kind of goes well. I'Ll have people like Kelly and other people with YouTube channels on to fly with me and just chit chat and kind of talk, drones, so yeah that's kind of the update.

For me, I hope you guys are doing well and staying healthy. I wish you guys a good day and good bye from Bavaria: Music, Music, Music, Music, yeah it's, pretty awesome audio. How about now? Sorry guys! Definitely, I think, I think its back. We were just talking about how Felix is a great guy. You should go check out his channel and then, of course, Philip had to mention fix it Felix from wreck it Ralph. So if you don't know what that is, watch wreck it Ralph and their music still playing alongside us, someone says so music playing ah and then also someone said that they only hear me, oh goodness, okay! Well, I think that was all. I think that was all while you're switching yeah yeah it's good. Now, okay, sorry, everybody pilot air, don't, don't don't fly with me in a private plane because I might not have the stereo turned up correctly or your your seat backs in the upright position. So Felix go check out his channel. That was the gist of it. I appreciate him taking the time to do those videos and I am very excited. I actually think this Sunday. I will try to go over and join him on his sim Sunday cuz. All you can do is get to be a better pilot by trying the Sims. So that said, I think it's time for us to draw a winner for this guy right here, but before we do, this is the original Mavic air with a Ready Set drone sticker.

This is, I think, the same thing that rusts on 51 drones gave away for his hundred thousand subscriber thing or that's what he's giving away if you haven't checked that out, yet he's got a pretty cool scavenger hunt going where you have to go. Look at several different videos and find his new logo in the videos and mine. I will say he put 10 10 people made videos to support him and you only have to find five mine's one of the easier ones. So if you want to find the logo it's that it's in the spin up, video look for the 51 drones logo in the spin up video and then go to his channel and you can learn all the rules. But you'll have one one down out of five. That you have to get so given away this Medicare along with it hold on along with it. You will get this decade case, which I really like these decade cases. They are kind of a good combination of hard case and soft case. Of course, the remote control is in here ready to go the power charger and also it is not only a single charger, but there is a that's really in here quad charger, so you can charge four batteries at once for it, this was sort of the fly More combo pack, three additional batteries, are actually three batteries total. So one drone three batteries the charger here and then I've got a whole bunch of you all just take my word for it.

Props propellers in here, including some master air, screw props. So if you want the quieter props, the master air screws and such are in here, oh no, these are DJI promise. Anyway, I will be sending master master air screw props along with it. So this was a challenge where people had to go find stuff on the channel had little clues hidden everywhere now about, I guess it was in May, for our June show we had that. We had another challenge and we had quite a few people. A lot more people got the may challenge than the June challenge by the way, and the winner was right here. Mr. Irvin filler Irvin, Fuller, who I believe is in the chat and I know, is, I think, he's coming to spin up too so and maybe even spin down so urban right. There seemed very, very happy with his Mavic mini and the GPC case that he got with it. So thank you for sending me these pictures with it. Pretty awesome, stuff, glad glad you received it and we're happy with it. So I'm really psyched about that. So for this particular challenge, you had to go find several unlisted videos get some numbers out of them as well as listed videos, and I think it was seven different videos. You had to go pull numbers from so it was. It was an undertaking and we had I'll read off the first names of the people who finish the challenge: Oscar C Caden, Alexa gaunt, Henry Donny, Danny Justin, Tanner, Beth, Irvin same urban actually, and so maybe he's hoping for a twofer and Taylor.

So those were are, those were: are people that completed the challenge and sent me the results, the correct results, and so now their names are in this bowl right here, which I am shaking they are folded. I cannot see them back sorry about that. Alright, so Phillip, you want to do the honors sure I'm, just gon na try to do it as fair as possible without looking and I've got a name, dunt dunt it's right here, yeah. Let me read it off for ya. Okay, you ready, it is Justin. Justin is the winner of the Mavic air original plus the ice s arise. That came with it. Congratulations to Justin, Orson, Justin, it's, Justin Anderson he's here in the chat today. Really all right III. Don'T know. I just wrote the first name. I had the last names in my email, but I don't have them here so Justin. Hopefully it is Justin Anderson. If it's, you Congrats mr. Georgia, boy 706, that is urban, so congrats to him for winning last time way to go very much appreciate you spending the time to do this sort of things. I know it takes a while and everyone who did it. I'M. Sorry, if you didn't win, but I appreciate your support and again tons and tons of giveaways coming up on on ready set drone, but especially it's been up. So it looks like it is Justin Anderson in chat, yeah he's, claiming it yeah nice never thought.

I would win way to go Justin yeah. That sounds familiar as one of the. As I said, I have the list of the full names and email addresses, but just didn't print them so way to go Justin. Thank you for being a supporter of Ready Set drone. I get everything and get it sent out to you next week, along with Rick halbert's beacon, so I can get that back to him and a few other things I need to send out. But all of that said I do want to take a moment to, as I said before, we have a video that is very special to me. Guy named Chris Hope – and this is a little thing – that we like to call two minutes of hope so let's check it out and let's see if we can do it right. The first time: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, that's, pretty cool Music, coyotes yipping, add a little party Music Music. Having kept this yes, music, again, no audio! Oh! I know I know what that is. I know what the problem is: okay, okay! Hopefully I had to count down music on the layer below us that's, what those and and from there so useful, though, if you know how to use them sweet check check. Okay, now I'm coming out now talk Philip okay, okay, it's, weird it's, weird. When I, when I am muted, then you come out on both channels, but when I'm, not muted, you only come out on one channel anyway.

I wanted switch gears real, quick and talk about the subscriber of the month. We had a awesome subscriber of the month for June. His name is Charles n kin in Canada. Charles sent me some pictures that he had taken. I guess with somebody else's drone, maybe, but he lives in, I think it's Western, the western side of Canada like near near, like Vancouver area. I think he is currently out on one of these. Let me just pull this pull this picture up real quick, so you can see it. He sent me this from the drone that he won, so he is currently out on one of these boats. Fishing for the weekend and I'm gon na send that out to everyone – and he took this with his Mavic mini. So I sent him a care package with the Mavic mini Ready, Set drones shirt that he sent me a picture of as well as, and he also took some pictures of this place called Savoy Island which I had never seen before, but it looks really cool. This is it, and this is it anyway, Charles sent me a little unboxing video it's, pretty short, so I'm gon na play it he shot it vertically, which Chara you know better. But here you go Music. Thank you very much. What Wow no way, because this Medicare Wow it's amazing thanks? Thank you so much Thanksgiving Wow, amazing, amazing! Thank you yeah this. We can be going up this legend sound.

So are we going on a boat trip with Prince T boats moving up, so we are yeah. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Then yeah everybody just buy your spoon off tickets. My tickets. Thank you very much good evening. Everybody both back check, check, check hello. Yes, I think we're both back, hopefully no music, this time so congrats Charl, very nice. Guy. Much appreciate it, I really I really love it when people send me these unboxing videos when, when they get a prize it's good to see it arrived that actually took a long time to get there and he was emailing me and saying man where's. Where did you know when's it coming when's it coming, and I think it was a co vid slash. He lives in Canada thing so it's there. He took it out on the boat and I'm excited to see what he does with it, so congrats to Charl, and so Charl was the June winner of the subscriber of the month. Guess what we have coming up now? Oh, yes, Wow! Look at the big brains on that one: yes, the July winner, so subscriber the month. Everyone is for folks. I see a lot of people in the chat who have been subscriber of the month. People who support the channel people who oh thank you Metro drones for letting us know the audios working you know one out of five is not bad, so people who support the channel and not only Ready, Set drone.

But I see these folks in other people's, chats watching other channels, because I go and watch a lot of other live streams and other videos and such it's always fun to be a part of this community. And I want to really reward and thank people for really kind of stepping up, and this is a person who has been fairly new but I've seen him in a lot of chats he's been very active on my channel and his name is Eric man Warren. So Eric I don't don't know if Eric is in the chat tonight, I feel like I saw him earlier, maybe but Eric man Warren is the subscriber of the month for July. Eric you're awesome. They appreciate the support and everything that you do for ready, set drone and keep up the good work.