The bat Roosevelt hit us with a 999 super chat. Didn'T want to miss this week. Hey man, thank you very much. Much appreciate it. Hey welcome guys, it's February 7th, the 2nd edition of of first Friday of the year. This was a weird one, because this is the very last Friday we could possibly have as far as you know, that being 7 days into the week already so super excited about the show. Tonight, though, I've got a lot of stuff I want to talk about. It was funny because I sat down and started thinking about it and I was like well am I gon na have enough to talk about. I always stress about that a little bit and it turns out. Yes, there is lots and lots to talk about we're gon na fill up coming in from the road he's. Actually right now in Florida, so we're gon na check in with him and see how his RV life is going. We are going to give away some things. I'Ve got actually this little Potenza k a 20, which is on my top 5 drones under 500 bucks. I love this little guy for a line of sight. Gon na give it away giveaway Ready, Set drone t shirt, announce the winner of the subscriber of the month and by the way, congratulations to audio verbeek for being the January subscriber of the month. He got his prize package a little while back and anxious to hear.

Well, he already told me he's been enjoying everything and appreciated it, so that's really cool and by the way I don't know if you can actually see this – and hopefully you don't lose my audio here when I go to this, but just gon na go here and Stick you in here and bring this over. I think you can still hear me. This is a Yeti Ready, Set drone mug, and that is actually one of the things that the subscriber the month is going to win going forward. Is this Yeti mug? It is, you know, I've, never believed the hype about yeah, but now that I've had one for a little while I can put coffee in this thing – hey Mel. Thank you for the super chat good to see you thanks for being here and so subscribe to the mutts gon na get one of these yetis as well as some other good stuff, and you really can't see it here, but I showed a picture just a second Ago and then we're gon na do a couple of giveaways we're also going to talk a little bit about Emacs. I have been just going crazy with my with my tiny loop here. This is the tiny hawk to which I actually have a you. Can'T really see it there, but I have a screw in the side of it because I broke the camera mount because I've been flying it so hard, but I've been loving it.

I want to talk about that. Talk a little bit more about some things that are going on in the drone community and then we've got a special guest that we're gon na bring in at the end of the show it's somebody that I think you guys will really want to hear from so I'M excited to have him on, but before I get into all that good stuff, I'm gon na attempt to bring in Phillip here and let's see if this works and yeah I can talk. Hmm, can you hear me well I'm, guessing not okay hold on guys. Let me just get the audio straightened out. Sorry about that. Let me just bring Phillip in full screen and you and he can say hello. Well, I just want to mention Kelly that the bow back. I was a Yeti evangelist and then you said no, no! Yet he's, not that great – and here you are your converted now so I'm glad that you joined the cult. Well, what I'll say about that? Actually I do that. I do have something really good to say about Yeti and hold on. We have we have another super chat from Joe Blaylock Joe thanks. Man very much appreciate it, but I want to say something about Yeti, real quick, that I was absolutely astounded, because when I did order this thing I had to actually contact them because I had a question about it. I contacted their customer service.

They, the woman, was fantastic, and then she sent me a note after the fact after I'd ordered this and received it's just one I mean it was, it was, you know, it's not cheap, but it wasn't like a huge order or anything. She sent me a really nice note saying thank you for ordering and really appreciate your business, and it was glad I was able to help you on the on the call. So I thought that was actually pretty cool. You realize their flagship stores in Austin right, like that yeah and yeah I've, had nothing but good support from them. I even had an issue with one of my coolers leaking like a huge one, that's like 500, and they just sent me a new one and had Larry told me return the old Roman that was, it was fixed, so yeah they're great people so I'm. Trying to see if I can make the two shot work. So let me let me do one more thing down here: I'm, going to just add an audio I should I should grab it from the network right I should. I should grab our audio off the network, or should I grab it? I think so I think yeah. I think you grab from Skype. Yeah yeah, hey Metro, John works bill. Thank you. 20 bucks. Actually, I also wanted to say one quick thing about the the flight crew, so I know I promised you guys stickers and hold on.

Let me grab them, so the stickers are here. They are awesome. They turned out really great I'm super happy so bill. You and a bunch of folks that are in the chat who belong to the flight crew. I actually mailed out, like 30 envelopes full of these yesterday and so they're there. I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out. I got. I got, I think, 250 of them, and so I sent everybody two of those and then I got some new Ready Set drone stickers made. So if you're a part of the race that drone flight crew, you can look forward to that coming in pretty soon and then I also sent everybody who's have been in the flight crew for six months or longer a flight crew t shirt. So if you're in the flight, crew and you've been in it for more than six months, you should have one of these t shirts. If, for some reason you don't reach out to me and I'll get you one. But again I can't say how much I appreciate you guys, Philip tell us a little bit about where you're at right now and what's going on in the RV world and while you're doing that I'm gon na try and sort out I'm gon na try and sort Out this audio okay sounds good, so right now, I'm, actually in Tallahassee Florida last time that we were here, I was still in Texas right now, we're doing about this we're, basically traveling every Saturday Saturday, so we're staying somewhere for a week and then continuing around from There so by the time that I'm, on your show again next first Friday in March, I'll, actually be in Long Key, which is near Key West in Florida, it's it's, basically a couple towns over from Key West.

So I will about as far south as you can be in the United States without going to Hawaii, I think it's it's it's as far south, that you can be, but is it actually border with Matt Cuba right? I would. I don't think we were pushing out for that moment, but I think we are now are you? Are you able to see? Is it live back on? I'Ve got too many windows open here for me, it's still down on my iPad. Oh, I think it just came back. Okay, hey guys, sorry about that. I was rattling on and we had a dead internet connection for a moment I'm having a case of the gremlins tonight. So, thank you guys for bearing with me I'm gon na I'm kind of work to get all this fixed, taking notes about what's going wrong, but I do want to say a quick shout out to fly natural. Thank you for the for that sticker. I like the little Dancy guy, but I also want to say a quick shout out to Rick Hal burr Rick is back in action for everyone who heard he had a little bit of a medical issue going on, but it sounds like he's doing a lot better. So, and thank you to everyone for letting me know about that, I think it's great when someone in our community is having a challenge or something like that that other people are able to step up and let you know so.

I think I just think that's awesome. That'S part of what's so great about this group so again wanting to give a couple things away. Philip, I don't know if you remember what the question was, but do you remember what the first giveaway is going to be? Yes, the Potenza 820 right that is correct. I'Ve got the Potenza a 20 right here and look like though it looks like 480 I'll just during the flight crew. Oh thanks, not sure if you saw it earlier, but he also donated 10. I don't recall he mention that or not I did I did. I did, let me make sure I'm out right now. I did notice that Mel had joined the flight, crew and and Mel had been a member and then had a credit card expire or something. And you know that all kind of stuff happens and then joined back up. But they haven't, but but very very appreciative of that of Mel joining and also for the super chats that are coming in tonight, despite all of the technical issues that I'm having right now, so I want to just tell you guys. This truly is one of my favorite little drones for flying line of sight, it's there's, no app that has a really bright LED on the front, and I do want to give it away so Phillip, do you want to ask the question that that people need to Answer in order to win this sure, so what five colors does the Potenza a 20 come in? There are five colors in total.

We need all five of them sure so Rock yes, there is a giveaway we're doing right now and there's actually going to be at least one or two more. I think there's, one more right and let's see. We are V. The Johnson's changes asking for you to send it to him. Sorry, we can't do that. We don't pick favorites around here: SFC ken Simpson, red green, blue white clothes, there's, five colors. We need all five I'm seeing I'm seeing a lot of four colors and then there's a fifth calorie that's wrong. In a couple of those you guys are close there's a there's, a fourth color that's, not actually a color that we need listed there. It'S kaki. Yes, adi, the Potenza 820 is a drone, all right, yeah metro drones looks like they might have it red, green blue white and then red white and blue. Let me just make sure that's right, yeah, all right so yeah it looks like the metro. Drones is the winner from from my screen here all right: no now can they hear you and me at the same time I don't know. Can you hear both day? I think so. I think I finally fixed it goodness gracious. I was just telling Phillip that I've been doing so Metro of drones won by the way. Yes all right bill Congrats, I feel, like I feel, like you've been well. First of all, you've been a great supporter of the channel and by the way I want everyone to know that Metro, drones and his wife were a big part of why spin up went as well as it did last year.

He and and his wife Sandra absolutely chipped in so much effort to get spin up done the day of the event, so I'm really happy that you won this thing: I'm gon na ship it to you and I'm also gon na include something else that I have For you, so there you go Congrats on that. What, and – and the other thing that I want to say, is that the red white and blue one I I'm. Actually, I saved it it's the only one I didn't give away and the reason I saved it is because I want to get it ready for 4th of July. I want to do something with it and fireworks. So if anybody has ideas, please throw them out there. So I fell – if I showed you this a minute ago. This right here is something that I saw online and I was searching for Lego drones and this came up, and this is the most ridiculous thing ever. I don't know if you can see what it, what it's showing here, but basically it's a Lego kit and in this Lego kit you have a it. You have a guy down at the bottom right on this side here and he is flying a drone and he's flying the drone. He'S got a mask he's kind of this evil. Looking dude, I always read it right down here actually and he's kind of this evil. Looking dude he's got a remote control and he's trying to steal a statue using a drone, and then a police helicopter is chasing the drone shooting a net at it.

Now leggo come on man. This is the most. This is the most insane thing it just it. Just really boggles my mind that the FAA would well that that Lego would put something out like this. You know we're all kind of been up in arms about the new proposed legislation and regulation, and I don't even want to get into that right now, but Legos not really helping us out. So I don't know I I do. I did buy the kit and the reason I bought it is because it has a little toy Lego drone in it, and I think I could use it, but the whole fact that a helicopter is chasing this thing and and that the guy. I really, if you know the guy's got like a little Longshoremen's hat and you know kind of scruffy beard and he just he just looks like a bad guy and he's trying to lift a gold statue with it. It'S it's insane Wow. This is epic for another time, but I mean really Lego is way too expensive to begin with so I'm, not their hugest fan, but then they did stuff like this and it's. Just like come on yeah there's that there's no point in that and I don't think there's going to be a huge market for buying it necessarily. But well again, I I got it because I kind of wanted to make fun of it, but so so changing from the sort of absurdness of that with Lego.

I do want to actually talk about my the company. That'S been my darling right now. You know they talk about fanboys I'm, going to admit I'm, a fanboy of Emacs and Emacs. If you don't know, makes the tiny hawk series of tiny woops – and this is the tiny hawk. I have two tiny, tiny, Hawk s's and then this guy and I'm sand right now. This is this is my fpv setup and my kids, my wife, my dog, have all had to endure me flying a lot in the house over the last no know three or four weeks since I got this thing, I've gotten really good at at getting it around The house and stabilized and in horizon mode, when I throw it into a crow, I can get around I'm, not quite as fast. I have to go a little more cautious but it's, so I don't know for everyone out there, who's tried fbb and Phillip you've tried it a little bit right: yeah it's, it's, hard, yeah, no it's it's, definitely hard it's, but there's a moment where it just kind Of clicks – and this has been the drone it's clicked on for me, but I just wanted to show you guys a couple of things that I've been using this little setup. This is what I had on my picture for the for the livestream tonight. These are the fat sharks, HD OS they're fantastic. I mean there are kind of top of the line.

I probably spent way too much on these for what I do, but I figured I could grow into them, but this is the thing I've really enjoyed. This is a fr sky light and the Riel ite. The reason I like this is how small it is: it's kind of a video game size and this guy I've actually been able to put it into a little case and throw it in my backpack. So I've been taking the tiny Hawk 2 to various places. I actually flew it at the Austin Music Hall are not the the ACL theater or the Moody Theater. I had an event there that I was working on live streaming. Actually, I was helping with the camera stuff, but I took it there and was able to fly in there and it's so nice, because this is so small. This isn't, like one of those big fr sky things. I know there's a few people out there who are just getting into flying fpv. I can tell you it's not an easy process to buy bindings, not too bad, but setting up beta flight with this and with that and kind of making all the controls and everything work. It'S complicated it's not really hard and I'm, not saying I'm an expert, but I am making a video right now actually I'm, going to finish this this weekend on how to set up the tiny Hawk with the fr skylight and once you know how to do it.

It'S kind of like oh okay, I get it so now. I have both tiny Hawk s's and that one connected to this – and I fly them all the time and then the other one that I've just been having a blast with, is this little guy, which is the tiny Hawk freestyle. It is basically the same as the other, but it doesn't have guards there's no props on it right now, but it uses two batteries, so it uses two 1s batteries. It'S got like a little dual battery thing back there and this thing just rips, it's insane, and then Philip did you ever to have a chance to try this guy. This is the Emax their little race card, little fpv race, car it's got a camera. Oh, this thing is so much fun. I actually I have two of these and been racing with them. I haven't finished my video, yet I was telling Phillip earlier I've gotten on this. Kick lately, where I'm just flying fpv and not making as many videos just cuz. I want to get better at it. I always feel this pressure to make videos but it's kind of fun, just like throwing on the goggles and flying for an hour without trying to make a video. So anyway, I will definitely be giving one of these way, probably on the next show, because I love it so much, and I have two of them and I like racing them, but I would rather just give one away – and this comes with the remote control.

The fpv, the battery and and a pair of goggles kind of cheap goggles, so it's a lot of fun. So you know when it comes to fpv drones. I think it's interesting, because you can get ones that are kind of ready to fly out the box. But whenever you do that, you kind of do a disservice to yourself, because at some point, you're gon na need to be able to do something with it. Reprogram it get to work with another remote control or something like that and you're, not gon na know how to do it so as much as it's painful to set your own drone up. I think that it's beneficial in the end, so yeah it's it's good, that you're gon na be posting a video it's like a how to you have to do that. No, I I completely agree and it's kind of like forcing yourself to fly in air mode or acro mode. You know you kind of actually start to learn how to do it. Alright. So all of that said, I oh well, you know what let's try to bring in our special guests, because I wanted to talk about these three things that were next on the list with with him so I'm gon na go to Skype, and I tested this with Him earlier, but I haven't tested it with you and him so let's see what happens here so I'm. Just gon na do a new call and I assume it won't drop this call I'm, hoping it won't drop.

This call you ready here we go so a new call. Yeah new call come on it's, okay can't. You add somebody else to the group actually. I'M, honestly, not sure. Just so you know Shane saying that I'm only one channel right now! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, let me see if I can fix that real quick there you go now. You should be both. Thank You, Shane yeah. I thought. Okay here we go I'm calling right now and I've still got you here so let's see. If this works. Are you still there? Phillip, I think I might've lost Phillip, but let me see if I can get to our other guest here: he's typing he's, yeah I'm – trying to bring him in so there we go and, oh goodness, it's! Okay, can we see you guys? Is this gon na work? Philip, are you there? Oh goodness, all right, I see you're online it's, not letting me call you right now. I feel like I'm cashing in all my I feel like I'm cashing it. Oh my my goodwill with you guys. I appreciate everybody who's held onto this because I think if I was watching, I might have dropped off by now I'm trying to see why I can't bring them in. Let me see if I can just do this: via rendezvous rendezvous session, create rendezvous, add and copy, and I'm gon na send this over to Philip real, quick and see if he can.

Okay, let me see if I can send this to my other possible guests, see if he can join this, so everybody else who's watching out there by the way. I just wanted to give you a quick update. I'M, looking currently for a venue for spin up 2020 I've had a couple of interesting places. I also have had a few people who have offered some things that might be interesting, so I'm, hoping that I can get that lock down. I think. Last year I got the the venue lock down by the end of I think I got it locked down by the end of oh wait. I see now he's there let's see there we go and welcome all right, so I should be able to go yep. Okay, add: are you there? Hey, hey, hey, let me see if I can get you in the picture here hold on a second I'm having yeah it's it's been a little bit of a little bit of a mess tonight. But if this, if this works I'm gon na be super happy – and maybe I should just maybe – I should just stick to hey. No, I appreciate it. I really thought I think I think I've tried to have you cut it out, but you know that's just nature of live TV we're here to live in learning, waiting to get on the show and watching the show. I actually got an email to do a heavy lift from it and I'm going to want to do it out yeah.

They want to do it out in the middle of the desert at the copter enough yeah. Definitely I mean honestly what I would do for this is. I would partner with another drone pilot, probably Domenic, another couple: drone pilots, Don Department for transit pictures, the company that I run so he he's the guy whenever there's something that I'm. Just like he isn't an expert like he's has an engineering brain you I don't know to be fully honest like I, when I say I literally just got the email to do the job I mean like I'm, literally like just sitting here and then I just get A notification up with, like a referral, email, saying, here's this job. We want you to do a couple in a couple months. Can you do it so I haven't even replied to them yet. So I just thought it was interesting. Like I'm gon na talk to Kelly do some drawing stuff and I let her get an email to do it your own job, while I'm sitting here waiting to talk to you so that's, not even stuff. I have going on right now. I just thought: it'd be interesting, it's all about I'm back to having audio problems. Now, where does that come from where? Where do you get a job like that? Was it just cuz people know you by reputation or how does that come in production managers all around the industry and directors, and so on? This particular cage and a production manager that I've worked with many times and then drone work with many times.

He was contacted by somebody looking for a drone pilot and he was just like they. He was like hey Brennan you're, the guy like pretty much running the guy. You want um, so that's, pretty much that's, not almost I'd, say 70 to 85 percent. Of all the work I get is because of referrals could work I've already done. Oh it's, pretty nice. This the kind of job where you have to go out and get a different kind of certification for it, or is it something that you can do you know with just a part 107 and some common sense planning and a big team and a lot of practice? Um, you know making sure we're in a good, safe location that that's something or something stupid can happen or go bad and it's. Okay and also just really getting in the time the replica with the bird that we're going to choose to fly because obviously there's a lot there's a lot more heavy lifters on there in the industry now than there were let's, say three years ago, so it's not So much like hey, we only have one option of what bird we can fly. You know it's just like we have to pick what's the best what's, the best bird. How do we get the time into practice to make sure this works? How do we attach it correctly and safely? You know it's, just all of that, just to make sure we do it the right way so and also obviously location location location where we want to do it.

It'S, almost as important is almost as important to what we're doing, and so, if you were to do this, if it is this kind of thing that you get to charge a premium for you know if someone's gon na AAA anytime, anybody is doing like heavy lift Stuff, whether I say hey, can you fly my really heavy expensive camera or do something really weird or crazy? Oh yeah, its premium all day. This is like that's. Why there's an entire companies that are just based off as you're doing heavy lives? Man, I'm kind of puking on the audio tonight. Okay, I think I got it though I imagine it's one of those things in more for what's it, for you know, it's funny, I don't know when you get sick, we'll see. I have a lot of questions as this is just the beginning of a conversation and I'm happy to contacting you now, because the job is months out and that's the right way and the right way to do they're, not waiting they're, not waiting till the last second To hit you up and say: hey, can you do this tomorrow or next week or something what kind of candy bar is it I know exactly? Why is it? Is it pure gold, it better be just nugget, um Noah's funny is actually just put out a video recently I'm talking about like what kind of things to expect when you show up to set anyway on my channel and it's just I think this is like and You'Re asking me like when it comes to like safety and removing obstacles, and things like that, like one of the big things about the safety, is that when you're the drone pilot you're the drone pilot on a production set, you have to realize that you are your Own Department on that set and the safety is 100, your responsibility, so whatever is going on whatever needs to happen and, however, it needs to happen.

It'S completely up to you and nobody else can tell you what its gon na be. They can ask you to do things where you have to understand that you're in the positions of saying I'm in control of this flight because I'm, the pilot in command yeah and, if there's, anything that feels like it's, something's, going out of whack or being unsafe. And no one else's words really matter until you get it into a safe position and that's. Why it's called remote pilot in command? Right, I mean at the end of the day you have to you're responsible, so you have to be the one who makes those decisions. Oh yeah, these B's, a channel by the way right here, drone er. I want to go ahead and do something that I should have done a long long time ago. What how do you still have that sticker on the sticker thing? I gave you that so I can't see it I'm. Looking at your stomach at the moment, oh well! Oh you looking at me through that you're looking at me through the yeah, oh you're, looking at me through the webcam, interesting that's, what I see yeah okay! Well, I just I just I can't put the web scam on the other side. I just put it on my computer. There you go yeah you're looking at me. This is all weird you're. Looking at me through the webcam but I'm. Looking up there, yeah I've got your mouth the whole time, but am i it's cool time yeah? I wanted to ask you real quick Skye.

Do to any any thoughts opinions on that sky. Do no I'm, not even very aware of it. To be honest, it's, the one that does the it creates a visual capture and can follow things really well supposedly is yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I mean I act like I've heard of it. I have heard of this drone. I you know I don't know. I reserve judgment, and so I get my hands on it. I mean I know. I'Ll say this: this is the most modest flight time I've ever seen, I've seen on a new drone coming out because they only said this. One is like what 2017 as a. I think that's something that'd be a really big selling point for me. If I was like a new drone pilot Music, alright guys I lost Brennan again, I don't know what's going on and I'm really sorry about all of the technical difficulties. I think it just wasn't meant to be tonight. Maybe I'll do a makeup in a week or two and get my you know what together I want to thank B for jumping on, and I also want to ask if he's still watching, are you still there Brennan yeah? Okay? I also want to mention that I was going to do a giveaway for a Ready Set drone t shirt, but I feel like I feel like that is even problematic.