So back on the 17th of april 2020, i bought my first dji drone, which was the dji mavic mini and basically at the time i was just starting out on youtube and ive done some car tutorials. Many of you have actually seen um some of the cars and thats generally been my interest for quite some time, but i wanted to get something a bit of a better drone than what i currently had. I had a little potenzic d85, which was not very good. Um, you know we had this sort of fixed gimbal and it just really wasnt that great at all um its so much. It was easier to just strap my gopro to it and take a fight with that um, but either way. That was my first experience on the dji mavic mini and, quite frankly it was absolutely shocking and my flying was so cagey. Basically up down left right. I barely had any confidence to fly it and then on the flight i experienced something which is most peoples worst nightmare. So what im gon na do? Is i mean at the time of recording this, that video only literally got 277 views um? Obviously i was just starting out. My very first drone youtube video um, so yeah. What i want to do on this video is just a little bit of fun, and what im going to do is im going to play that video now and you can just see how bad my flying actually was.

So what i want you guys to do is at the end of the video. Just literally. Let me know what your thoughts were on, how bad my flying is. I dont mind: i can take the criticism um and its crazy, how you go from doing that to something like this and having the control and its all to do with practice, um so yeah. What i want you guys also to do, if possible, im really interested to see some of your flying videos. So please do post a link in the comment section below with your first youtube, video and your first flight ill. Just take a look, and just you know possibly comment on your video, so thats it for today.