I dont know if you can see on the screen here: oh ive got to unlock it. First, all right all right taking off and hovering. Well, there is some wind today. Can you see the flags flapping over here all right, its not as stable as the dji mavic air lets go ahead and take off ive got it in sport mode, good power, its lifting off fine and well fly it up. This way, a little bit seems to be flying good. Pretty quick, its flying into the wind definitely does not have the range. Oh, let me get this there now. Maybe if i have the antennas the way theyre supposed to be were flying into the wind now theyre, not as responsive the controls. Arent picture looks good flying over our camp. Here. I just lost communications here. Well, see there, we go it wasnt that far away. So definitely not as responsive, not the signal, but the picture is appears to be pretty good here. I definitely wouldnt trust this one very far out over our camp here. The follow me mode is basically kind of like a proximity to the transmitter mode, so it doesnt really keep you in the center of the screen like some do so lets uh try to return to home here and i did give an advantage by uh putting my Landing pad out there lets see how it does and ill get out of the way. So here it comes and well put, lets look the camera down angle here, uh that wasnt even close, so itll get you back the general area here you can see.

This is where we took off from and we are about one two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight nine ten, eleven twelve 13., approximately 14 feet from where it took off so not as accurate and as you can see on here, its got 1415 satellites. The accuracy on gps should be better than that. In my opinion, all right lets wrap this up. All right, i guess now the question is, would i recommend it depends on what youre going to use it for for me, i do have some uses for it. I probably wont fly it that much as long as everything else is working, but if i do have a problem crashing my mavic air, i will definitely pull it out and use it. It does handle the wind pretty well the controls arent as responsive, i mean theres. Some leg time in the controls i didnt, like um, the video quality, looks really good 4k at 30 frames per second thats, the great frame rate and great you know, itll get the job done and uh would. I recommend it to someone just learning how to fly a drone uh or getting their first round. No. No, i would not. I would recommend about the best beginner drone out. There is the mavic mini. In my opinion, the mavic mini 2. They dont make the mini one anymore. I dont think i think you can still buy them. I could be wrong on that. Um heres, my mavic mini right here uh this has been a a great go to you can throw it in.

I could throw it in my backpack, i could throw it in my pocket, you know my. If you get a hoodie, you can throw in your pocket, take it with you and it doesnt do great in high wind, but up to about 15 miles an hour. I think youre pretty safe, it does more than the cinemaster drone does and it doesnt have. The follow me feature now. I hear thats coming in the mavic mini 2 or one of the software updates. So look for that um uh, the mavic mini 2. I think the price points right around 450 right now. You can find it for and thats yeah forty dollars more than i paid for the uh uh cinemaster ii by xo, so uh in conclusion, would i buy the exodrone again? Maybe maybe not it? Uh works for some things, but i think i explore other options, so i give it a thumbs down for experienced drone pilots and people that are just new to it and want to get an inexpensive drone, while the mavic mini is a little more money. I think its going to be a little more user friendly – and i i just did the the controllers flimsy and the lack of enough with the controllers is bothers me, but uh. It flies and flies in heavier wind, but uh thats about the only advantage and uh the construction seems good but uh. I love the drone itself and the cameras decent, but uh yeah.

I would go with the mavic mini 2 and i believe that ones also 4k. At 30 frames per second, even though it wont fly in in higher winds, but uh yeah thats about all i have for you on.