Now, if you watch my channel, you see me drive a lot of gas powered cars in the winter time and sometimes in the summer time, gas powered cars are pretty noisy and because of that, a lot of cars are changing to electric and you can get these Versions in electric nowadays, but in the past they were all guests. This here is a roven and its designed to drive in the winter its got tracks on it and skis in the front. So this one over here im going to bring my gopro over to it. Thats another type of rovin, its sold by king motor rc, theyve modified it to their specifications and their liking. You know the shock towers are thicker beefier, the plastics thicker beefier. A lot of things are different, but the motors are essentially similar. You know 30.5 ccs in this one 30.5 ccs in this one. Now the cool thing about these models, even though theyre configured and specked out differently, is that you know i can take the skis off one put them on the other, the tracks off. This put it on this one, or vice versa, thats the great thing these things are rc hobby grade and you never have to worry about breaking anything, because if you do break something super easy to replace the parts on them, because everybodys got the parts and everybodys Got upgrades its awesome nowadays, everybody wants electric vehicles, but i kind of like the gas ones because they make that sound and theyre pretty cool.

These ones are both rear, wheel, drive and i love rear wheel, drive gas powered vehicles because they have that true. You know. 1970S feeling, when you had your like a firebird or camaro or trans, am and youre burning out everywhere with the rear wheel. Spinning nowadays, most vehicles are all four wheel drive because thats what everybody wants, but these are still rear, wheel drive. They do get pretty fast and theyre a lot of fun to use heres the controller that comes with this one, this king motor rc model. But for now, what im going to do is im going to put this one in my jeep and take it out to a field and break it in drive it around really fast the great thing about gas powered vehicles. Nowadays, you dont have to do like in the olden days, drive them around for like forever breaking them. In again, you can run them really well because theyre so cncd, so correctly in the motor system that its not a big deal and if anything should break and you destroy a motor or something very inexpensive to replace parts. As a matter of fact, this one, let me tell you a story really quick. When i got this one, i tried to use it in the winter time. Ive had this for about two years, but never had a chance to drive it. So i tried to take it out this past winter. I went to pull the pool start a few times to get it going, and gas powered cars are a little bit fussy in the winter time when its super cold and its very cold.

Where i am and i broke the little pull cord uh right off like the spring inside that causes it to latch back came off, so i had to order another one. Theyre about under 20 bucks ordered one from king king motors rc. It came i installed it. It works fine now so im gon na take it out for its first run. Here we go all right. First, things first turn on the remote control and we should get a display up here. All good there we go were all good. It goes this way. Next, on the buggy down here, theres an on and off switch, i put a little label, so it says on off, so i can figure it out. So this way is on and well know its working. I can hear buzzing already, but my steering should work as well as my gas and brakes good next ill check if theres enough gas just for driving around here. I think there is lets just check this yeah. It looks like theres enough gas there, but im gon na put a bit more in for now there we go so thats about half full. If i filled this up full most cars, if you dont drive them too fast, will give you about 40 minutes, run time on a full tank of gas. Next, i just press the little bubble here, cart, bubble and down here i dont know my cameras, showing it youll see some there.

You can see bubbles fly through there, its full and ill. Try it without ill. Try it without choke, because its not super cold out. Its just really damp and well see if she starts here, we go without choke it. Doesnt start all right, put choke on flick. This little switch down there we go, it almost starts, so there we go all right now. The break in process just drive it around. A little bit Applause – Music – i try the brakes yep brakes are good Music Applause. It may look like its going fast, but im still not even on half throttle ill, bring it to half throttle now dart. My gopro would fly it off this thing: Music, Music, Applause, um, Music, Music, Music, theres, no reverse on a gas powered car, so uh. When you end up in this situation, you got ta stop. The sun has come out check this out the suns out so im at another location, with my little car over here. So on pavement it goes quite fast. Nobody that way here we go cant go too fast, because i have no room to stop watch the brakes on this thing. They just lock up you slide everywhere, Music. I will say this vehicle has so much power that if you drive it on pavement a lot youre really going to wear these tires down: Applause, Music, wow, Music, um, Music, Music, yeah, its got too much power all right its a way down the road.

Here we go all right guys, thanks for checking out my video. This is just me out having some fun checking out the car to make sure it works and it seems to work mighty fine. I like this one all right ill put a link below to all the uh vehicles like this dune buggies. They are not expensive. If you want a gas powered dune, buggy ill put tons of links below theyre, not expensive, you could easily pick yourself one up and have a blast like im doing out here all right guys catch in the next video.