That adds some of the more desirable features that were left out on launch and cleans up some of the bugs that were found in the first month of people flying this drone. So with that said, what im gon na do in todays video is go over whats changed here in this firmware update and what dji has added. So this version of the firmware is 01.00.0320 and it comes along with the following patch notes. There are nine bullet points here and rather than just giving us a general idea of what has changed, dji has provided us with a good amount of detail as to what we can expect from this update. Now i tend to get a little bit frustrated when reading the patch notes that accompany a firmware update for a drone, because by the end they start to get lazy and like well put a bug, fix right and its like. Well, what bugs did you fix? Can you elaborate on that bullet point just a little bit for me so thats? Why im making such a big deal about all the great information provided here in these patch notes and when reading these nine different things that were added, changed and improved? I really cant choose one thats more important than the rest like. I feel like each of them. Fundamentally, make the mavic 3 a better drone, whether its an addition of a feature or whether its been something thats improved or something thats, just been generally fixed.

Ive now been flying with this firmware for the past couple of days. I use the mavic 3 all day. Every day for client, shoots and personal shoots, and i can say that, after updating to this firmware, it really has made the mavic 3, in my eyes, more usable and more reliable. So with that said, what i want to do now is go down. The list of everything changed here in this firmware update, the first of which is the addition of focus, track. Master shots and hyperlapse, which i can say, is probably going to be the longest chunk of this video. So first up we have focus track, which is essentially the mavic 3s suite of intelligent automated flight modes. So we have active track, spotlight and point of interest. All of which we should be fairly familiar with by now in order to access them. We just have to drag a box over the subject that we want to track and then select the flight mode that we want by default. The first flight mode focus track enters into is spotlight which keeps the mavic 3s camera trained on a selected subject. While you manually fly the drone, for example, if i wanted to get some shots of this small amphitheater, i can highlight the subject and no matter where i move the drone. It will keep the camera focused on my subject. This is really great to simplify the flight. Experience, as all you have to do, is worry about placing the drone where you want it.

The software will then control the gimbal and rotation of the aircraft for you to help you nail that shot to kick this up. A notch you can even use spotlight to track a moving subject, which is definitely more difficult to do than shooting say a building that is stationary. Youll notice that, as i follow this moving car, the camera is locked on the subject. So all i have to do is fly around and position the drone, while the software does the hard work for me now. Moving on to point of interest, this like spotlight, is largely unchanged, as you can select your subject and then the direction and speed that your mavic 3 will orbit that point. If youve been flying drones now for a while, you might remember the days where, in order to use point of interest, youd first have to fly directly over what you wanted to orbit and then back the drone away to rotate around that set gps point. But in recent drone releases from dji weve got the ability to just select our point through the camera, which greatly speeds up the process. It is worth noting that, when, in this point of interest, flight mode youve got full control of your drone to change your distance from the subject your altitude and the pitch of the gimbal. As you make these changes, the drone will continue to orbit around the set subject in the direction that youve set. Now the spotlight and point of interest flight modes are basically identical to what weve seen in previous drones from dji like say the air 2s.

I mean they basically function the same exact way, but the only difference is that now youre using them on the mavic 3 airframe, with the upgraded camera active track, on the other hand, is a whole different animal. As we have a fully upgraded suite of sensors around the mavic 3 that can detect obstacles sooner and further away, basically it can see better than previous dji drones. Now, you might remember me mentioning, in my mavic 3 review, that i had early beta access to active track 5.0 and while it worked great during that beta phase, there were definitely improvements to be made with that said, flying here on the final build feels a lot More fluid, as you can see on the screen, the drone keeps my car in frame and ive got the ability to choose where i want it to follow me from it can be in the front. It can be the back the side or even any, of the four corners in between this means that the drone knows which way i, as the subject, is moving and adapts its position, based on what i choose in the app, even when the drone briefly loses sight Of the subject, its able to anticipate where its going to be and pick it up right, where it left off active track, really has come a long way over the past couple of years. That dj has been releasing drones. I mean think about it. We are now on active track 5.

0, that is five iterations of the software and while i think that these sensors definitely helps ive got to say that im more impressed by the camera tracking software implemented in focus track in general, so between active track, spotlight and point Of interest, i mean think about it. When you select a subject, the drone knows where that subject. Is it doesnt lose it and no matter how far you fly away within reason, it doesnt lose the subject i mean ive been able to be hundreds of feet away from the car that im tracking from the subject im tracking, and it knows exactly where to point The camera – it really is impressive. Now i know that theres probably going to be some people out there that want more information about these intelligent flight modes. Dont worry over the next couple of days. I will be uploading more in depth tutorial like content, but today is just like a firmware update video to show you whats new and whats changed, so weve got to move on. So the second added feature thats been listed here after the focus track suite of flight modes is the master shot shooting mode? You may be familiar with this, as was first introduced with the air 2s to get things started with master shots, you can enter the shooting mode by selecting the camera settings icon. Just above the shutter and record button from here. Youll want to select your subject, which then gives you the ability to choose the flight width length and height as you change these parameters, youll see that the estimated flight zone on the map in the bottom left corner adjusts accordingly, which is a pretty cool touch now, For this example, ill be having the drone capture shots around a building, which is how ive been primarily using master shots to help simplify my shooting process for real estate videos once youve set up your shot and you press start.

The drone will embark on its mission combining different shots together, like dronies orbits and reveals you can even see the flight path before it happens. On the map, as its marked by a green line now, master shots is definitely a helpful little tool, especially for someone that is just getting started. Shooting video with their drone. But what i think that more people will be excited about is the next thing that dj added to the mavic 3, and that is hyperlapse. Now, if youve been around on my channel for a while, you know that i personally havent done a lot of hyper lapses. In my time as i just havent found the best way to incorporate them in the videos that i post, but i cant deny that the results are always awesome. If used properly. Just like previous dji drones, youve got the ability to select between a free, hyperlapse circle course lock and a waypoint hyperlapse to customize whatever flight. It is that youre doing now, this go around the hyperlapse function. Didnt receive any upgrades in terms of like the feature itself. So it doesnt have any brand new flight modes or anything like that. So just like spotlight and point of interest its basically the same feature. We found in previous dji drones plopped into the mavic 3, and i wouldnt necessarily say that this is a bad thing because, like what could dji do to make the hyperlapse function better in terms of features, i think the way they make hyperlapse better is by making The drone itself better so think about the mavic 3 as a hyperlapse drone, its got better flight time, a better camera, better transmission system and it flies straighter.

It flies more precisely so with all of that, because you now can fly longer, you can get better images. You can fly further away with a better transmission and you can fly smoother. You then get a better looking hyperlapse. Now again, i never really got into capturing lapses. Its just never been my thing so typically, i lean on the expertise of my buddies, brett and cody that i fly with here in philly. They love taking hyperlapses. I swear when im flying with them theyre just looking at the remote as the drone does and you know flies around it takes the hyper lapses. Again its not my thing, but i know that they were super pumped when the mavic 3 came out because of its improved camera, the larger sensor to capture sharper, better images and also the fact that it now can fly for longer. They were just brainstorming right there. As soon as i told them about it about how long of a hyperlapse they could take all the way around the city of philadelphia and this, and that so im really excited to see what they can do with this hyperlapse function moving forward, if you guys want To check out their instagrams ill leave a link down in the description below, because theyre going to be able to do some cool things with this new hyperlapse function in the mavic 3., now focus track, master shots and hyperlapse are all really great features.

There are welcome additions here to the mavic 3, but ive got to say. The one thing that i am super pumped about is the fact that you can now take raw photos only with the mavic 3. for the longest time within the fly app, no matter which drone that you used, you could only capture raw and jpeg photos together, or Only jpeg photos but never raw photos only so this led to sd cards filled up with useless jpeg files that i would just end up trashing when im dumping all the images to my computer from a workflow standpoint. This is like a huge relief, its a huge headache, saver and time saver. I mean the amount of times within my finder window. I had to sort by kind to then filter out all the jpeg images to the bottom. Its just been a rough couple of months. Having to use the mavic 3 and shooting jpeg and raw photos at the same time, it never made sense, but nonetheless its here, we can now take raw photos only and i can now be at peace and not have to deal with those jpeg photos. So thats a great upgrade a great feature to add in my opinion, and it kind of takes the fly app into a more professional direction. I know a lot of people have kind of bashed the fly app because its just kind of, like the you know the same app that the mini uses and that the air uses, and you want a more professional feel.

But i feel like this is the first feature that djis added to make the flya feel more professional for their professional level drone. Now. On that same note, i wanted to mention something that sort of slipped under the radar. With this update of the fly app now under the control section of the menus, you can change the exp settings to adjust the drone sensitivity to your stick input and you can make individual settings for each different flight mode. This is something that i personally have been waiting to see added to the fly app for years now and im happy that they finally made this change and made this addition into a drone like the mavic 3. That really deserves a more professional feeling, app alright. So up into this point, weve only covered two of the nine different bullet points listed here on the patch notes, but luckily the final seven things that we have to cover here are fairly small, theyre fairly self explanatory. I mean quite honestly, i might not even have to really go over them, but i will, for the sake of this video, so weve got reduced video recording noise for prores on mavic 3 cine, and when i first read this, i was like yo. If they just made the nighttime video on this drone any better, it would be the best low light. Shooting drone that i have now. I wasnt able to go out and compare footage side by side like fly the same shots on the old firmware to the new firmware, so ive got a pull from some old video and the difference is definitely noticeable.

So if you look at this video shot on the older firmware its very dark right, like of course, the lights pop through really nice, i think the image is well saturated, but the blacks are completely crushed. Theres absolutely no information in there, but when were shooting with the new firmware. It overall feels more bright. And if you do prefer that older look on the older firmware, you can easily just bring down the shadows and crush them so that the highlights really do pop a little bit more. But i definitely notice a difference and if you run noise reduction on this footage, it looks completely usable. I mean i would say that it is absolutely perfectly clean. I cant even see an ounce of noise, maybe a little bit up in the sky, but regardless this new update, this new improvement in the noise reduction when shooting in prores really does make a difference and it kind of brightens up the video that you shoot. Moving on here, another bug – i guess you could call it was fixed uh. It says that it reduces the occasional vibration of aircraft arms in some scenarios, and i experienced that i never mentioned it because i thought it was like a one off thing. It happened. Maybe a couple of times, but i noticed that, like the back legs on the mavic 3 were vibrating initially when i took off and then, as i started, flying around the vibration went away.

But it says within here that they were able to mitigate that which is kind of impressive, because i thought that that was a hardware issue and couldnt be solved by software, but they did and since ive been using this software since ive been using this firmware. I havent experienced that once moving on, they improved the rth performance, the improved obstacle avoidance performance and they improved hover stability, all of which are definitely welcome improvements. I remember when i first got this drone on beta software. The rth wasnt really working all that. Well, so the fact that theyve improved it is good to know uh also the obstacle avoidance performance. I mean ive, never had an issue with this drone in terms of using the obstacle avoidance. It always is able to see those different objects that im around so its great that theyve improved that even further and in terms of the hover stability. This already was one of the smoothest flying drones. I mean if you look at the screen recording taken from my smart controller when im just hovering there on a very windy night, its able to keep the frame still, as can be, i mean it is barely moving at all, which is really great for shooting these Nighttime photos so that you can drag the shutter even more, but whats great again is that they improve this hover stability, making it just better now. The final two bullet points that make up this patch notes are two fixes, one of which fixes the fact that some computers couldnt connect to the aircraft to the mavic 3 via, like the usb, so you werent able to dump footage off onto your pc.

I know that my buddy eddie experienced that so good thing that they fixed that i never experienced it with my mac and then also they fixed some bugs for the remote controller thats a little bit vague. I wonder what bugs were talking about, but nonetheless that is our first very big firmware update here for the mavic 3 and the mavic 3 cine. Definitely a welcome change with some bugs that were fixed with some features that were added and with some changes that were made. Let me know your thoughts on this firmware update when you go and finally download it. Let me know what you think of all the brand new features. I know that my hyperlapsers out there are going to love being able to use the extra flight time in this drone to get longer hyper lapses.