Lets check it out. Im, not really sure how to describe this thing. Its not a bodyboard in the traditional cheap styrofoam boardway, its like a little electric tug boat with a 720 watt hour battery a soft foam surface and a pair of 2000 watt motors, putting out four kilowatts of power and a thrust of about 75 pounds or 35 Kilos, its extremely buoyant, though its got about a million warning labels, warning that this is not a life saving device, of course, that only further fuels my desire to throw on the red swim trunks and live out. My own baywatch, lifeguarding, fantasy, Music, Music whoops, sorry got a little lost in the fantasy there. Where was i oh right? The forduo review yeah so anyways. This little electric body board is basically meant to be a fun recreational sea toy, though you can use it pretty much anywhere. I actually started in a swimming pool just to make sure i got the hang of it and that i didnt find myself drifting off to sea while trying to figure out the controls the first time, its actually quite powerful and so its tricky to get it up. To top speed in a swimming pool, because you dont have much room to turn and run, it can also travel both on the surface of the water or down below the surface. But again, youll want some room to run, and so a larger pool or the open ocean are probably preferable, its highly buoyant.

So to get it to dive. You really need to push on the bow and force it down: Applause, Music, Applause. Once you get a foot or two under the water, its pretty easy to keep it down with a gentle forward angle, i also found that its easier to control it if you choke up on the device and pull it into your chest when youre dangling out behind It its a fun ride, but its also harder to steer that way. When you hold it into your chest, your body leans it like its part of you and it just makes it easier to steer and control. There is one weird thing about the forduo, and that is that the battery compartment is designed to flood with water, its fine since the battery and the connectors are all ip68 rated and the entire thing can dive to depths of 30 meters or 100 feet. But it also means you get around 10 to 20 extra pounds of water in there that adds to the devices 35 pound or 16 kilogram weight. That makes it even heavier to drag out of the water, and it takes about a minute for all of that water to drain out of the weep holes in the battery compartment, and then it goes back to its normal medium weight itself. The furduo is still extremely buoyant, even with the battery compartment full of water. So really, the only thing it affects is the extra weight when youre lugging it out of the water immediately after use Music.

The ferduo is obviously meant for recreation. No one is going to commute to work on something like this and so its fun to see that they built in a gopro mount. I added an extension to my gopro and i was able to film myself over the gunnel or you could flip it around and film whatever youre, seeing on your rides for most people, though the real fun just comes from the experience, and that is a serious blast. Its super easy to use, really anyone can do it. Ive ridden electric surfboards in the past and theyre fun, but they have a bit of a learning curve with the forduo. You just hang onto the handles and pull the trigger thats it its super easy and its tons of fun. You can even choose between low medium and high modes to start off gentle, while youre getting used to it and then rip in full power mode once youre ready. I pretty much only used high power mode and it is an absolute blast. You get up to around six or seven miles an hour or about 10 to 12 kilometers per hour, or i guess four to six knots. If you want to get all nautical here, that might not sound like much six seven miles an hour, but it feels pretty darn fast when youre being dragged across the surface of the water or through it. The main downside to the furduo that i can find is really just the battery life theres, a 48 volt and 15 amp hour battery inside the device that you can pull out for charging or storage.

They say it gets 60 to 120 minutes of run time, but i got more like 25 or 30 minutes of run time, while using exclusively high power mode. If you have the self control to use low or medium power, maybe youll get the full 60 to 120 minutes, but i just have too much fun in high power mode to hold back. You could always get a second or third battery to stretch out your run time or you could carry a battery generator to the beach and charge right there, its a bit annoying waiting for the charge. So a second battery is probably a good idea by this point. Youre probably wondering the price this little pleasure, yacht costs 1900 big ones at its current sale price. If you were looking for a pool toy thats, a serious investment, but if you compare it to electric surfboards that cost between 10 to 25 thousand dollars, suddenly 1900 bucks sounds a lot more doable. Obviously this is not an impulse buy, but if you spend a lot of time at the beach or lake and want a fun toy for exploring above and below the water, i definitely recommend the for duo. It feels well made – and it is so much fun that i dont want to have to give it back thanks for watching everyone. I hope you enjoyed that review of the forduo electric bodyboard. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont.

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