If it bites me ill turn into spiderman thats a nice looking spider bro. Are you guys going to have spider fights yeah? How many do you have so far? Do you only have one spider, the other spiders are dying. Oh you had one before yeah and then died. Okay. So here at the house, the original idea was to put it there, but it looks like theyre digging back here so well see whats going on hello, hey whats up guys, nice work all right guys so with nestor and burial and uh. This is where the center tank will be so theyre going to make it just a little bit bigger than usual and then theyre going to have a double cr right here, all right, so they said they should be done with that. The digging part um, either tomorrow or very soon after that, um, it all depends on the weather and then well order the supplies for the hollow blocks and everything else that goes along with that, and well start this one very soon so for now, man right now Is like the perfect time of day theres enough clouds, where the suns not shining on you, and that wind feels so nice, such a nice area around here, hey guys so were at narcissas. I got my trusty bodyguard with me. Uh daniel were gon na walk down here, looks like they got. The top on whats up blue doorway looks good, so this is where the cr will be right here: okay, all right cool, so they got the top on.

They eventually put some cement over that they got the pipe going up and then thats, where the other cr will be daniels. My time keeper today, what time is it one? Three one: zero? Oh three, all right. 1003., we just had our breakfast before we came here. Thats spider man hes got a light on it and everything thats pretty cool bro, look at that man, Applause um, so so so, hmm! So so: okay, oh Music, wow, okay, Applause, all right, hey guys! So were on our little break right now, and then we just met these two young. Ladies, what are you selling today and what is that exactly thats, it all right, good, okay, oh its pig, is okay. If i take a look, wow looks tasty and carrots carrots pigs, potato nice, all right, so you have four left. How much are these each 25 theyre blue dye, hard work and blue toy too bad? You didnt have more left. We would have bought more michael daniel. You want one thank you, yeah and whats your name again boom all right here, you go bro! Thank you! So thats, four too bad. You didnt have more next time you come if you bring more well buy more so how much? How much for these 100 100 is? Okay, if i just give you 500, you can keep the change, sure yeah, yeah yeah yeah. What what are your names, eunice, uh and whats? Your name jane.

I havent seen you around here before. Where are you? How far do you have to walk to sell these each day? Yes, do you walk very very far to sell them each day and go there and back there? Ah, very, very far? Okay, how old are you 25 25? You have a very young face. How old are you 20. wow good for you guys? Do you make these yourself? Yes, yes, all right! Well, next time, if you come around here, well buy some more okay, all right tomorrow! All right! Well, probably be here all right. You guys take care! Okay! Thank you very much enjoy your day. Bye, bye, youre, welcome! Thank you all right, narcissa! I just made us some kahlu. Nice cheers very, very good! Thank you narcissa! This is delicious yeah! Well, challenge boy, all right! If youre watching this boy top party daniel daniel, wants to challenge you heres the second batch of kool aid, the brown pieces, when theyre more brown, like that yeah thats, the sugar, so narcissa was like whos. She was pointing out the ones for me to get so. The ones that are in the dark brown color are the really good tasty ones, because that has all the brown sugar. What are you laughing at daniel? Thank you, salam Laughter, yeah, very, very delicious. I was like really very soft, very very warm wow thats, very good. Thank you thats a perfect little snack, its a good snack, its um delicious yeah yeah.

It is especially when theres lots of brown sugar in there look at this one. 12. 32.. Daniel lets me know when every minute passes. Michael try one of the brown ones. Try that one right there yeah pretty good the brown ones are the best hey bro it like melts in your mouth, its so soft, so good, Music, theres. A lot of sugar jerome is gon na climb the tree to get some coconuts good spot, bro yeah good spot. That sun is super intense. Today i see a goat. I see a goat down there, canning yeah man its hot today when that sun or when the wind doesnt blow and the suns out in full force, no clouds blocking it its really really hot. Today its white tonight tonight is not hot yeah tonight at night time. Its my favorite time yeah when the sun goes down. You two yeah me too, so heres one, two and theres another one right in there somewhere all right, so jerome just got four coconuts good whats that so the septic tank is pretty much done. Its just drying. Now and another one and then now another one yeah now its the cr. That will go right here. You make that up yourself. I like that repeat it one more time. No just that was one time only thing only once that was like a poem that was pretty good Laughter, so heres, the layout of the cr. Will you be there the rest of my life? Oh thats, good, bro, thats, good man.

You should do you know how to play guitar. No, you could uh write a song for your future girlfriend or something like that: boyfriend, boyfriend, Music, so heres, the outline of the cr blue light is finished right. There spider. You found a spider, no heres japan tomorrow, youre gon na find spiders tomorrow all right tomorrow. Tomorrow, all you guys are gon na find spiders yeah all right its been a while, since you have found spiders daniel, you used to find them all the time Music. You have superman shorts, yeah, look at your shorts, superman and spider man watch. Who do you like better who will win in a fight Music? You think so yeah all right, no yeah! He could tie him up, but do you dont dont, you think uh superman can break yeah superman can fly, hey super strength. Can box kick too, maybe maybe they can be in the same team? They dont need to fight yeah if theyre in the same team, theyre friends, okay, theyre, not enemies, iron man, yeah, okay, is he your favorite yeah out of all the superheroes iron man? Is your favorite favorite captain marvel all right? Is he like captain america? Is captain america the same as captain marvel? Are they different theyre the same okay, yeah iron man, hes, pretty cool hes, a genius too? So even without his superhero costume? Oh, he can invent things yeah. What about you? Michael whos? You is your favorite um Laughter super dog, robot dog, guitar car.

I like whos, the top whos sitting. I like optimus, thor, okay, okay, yeah, hes, good hes, strong robot is from optimus prize. Oh hes, your favorite um transformer yeah optimus prime yeah thats, your favorite color. Is that why you like him because hes blue, oh yeah, yeah, is there an orange one? Is there an orange robot yeah maui maui? Is he a good one, yeah orange okay? Hell be my favorite who would win maui or your guy optimus prime, you think optimus prime will be maui is very big yeah its like a semi right. Some of those transformers are really really big Music. The guy is very big, is he kind of? Is he a bad guy, or is he a good guy still good good guy hes just made Music? Is he just like an angry superhero hes, not mad? Yes, the queen is a hungry Laughter. When i got up earlier, i was sitting on the cement and the dust all over my butt all right. The next step is digging down a little bit to make this somewhat level, and then they start putting the hollow blocks that wind feels so good. 12. 59. All right good job, it gets hot quick, but when that wind goes through its like the perfect spot, 12 59 1259 – not hot yeah – lets remember that every day well come outside at 12 59 every day and its not hot. At that time, all right.

12. 59. 12, 59.. Well. 12. 58. Its hot 1250, 1258 is really really hot, but 12 59 is good. What about what about one oclock for sure your! So now i dont need my phone anymore ill. Just ask you what time it is all the time all right. What time is it one one oclock all right, look at that watch it does everything. Does it spit out spider webs like its got a light on there, though, and then at night time you can hit a button right there. Ah thats cool yeah at nighttime. You can really see it all right, so daniel and i are gon na take off. This is what it looks like right now and ill try to come back either later today or tomorrow, and see what it looks like later.