This is the second of a two part series on losing my drone. If you want to see the first part ill put a link up there right now, otherwise you can simply see the very quick 30 second or so recap, and then we get into how i found it see the trees ahead, thats, where the skydio makes its suicide Move it tries to go to the right and low inside the trees. Unfortunately, when it realizes its losing sight of me, it tries to make a fatal move and dislodges its battery Music, okay, folks so heres the deal ive lost the skydio its far far far away from me and we searched for it. But ive come back to get a sell signal, so i can find a location on it and were going to go back and take a look. It seems to have come down near a river, so were going to take a look im very disappointed right now. Yep. They are recording okay, guys its much later in the day 2 24 now and were on our way to port renfrew to have a celebration at the pub we just found the drone. I am just so relieved. I cannot believe it i mean you can see the bush out here and it was following us. I launched it 60 70 feet behind and slightly to the right of us, and it followed us really well tracked us really really well, despite other cars, going the other way it was actually honed in on the bike and my wife, i could see it.

I had this screen on down here and i could see the thing tracking me and we got to this really thick area that was closed in over the road i had taken the low altitude or the minimum altitude limit. I had put that on it, so it wouldnt go below eight feet so when it came to trees, it hopped the other way. It went the other side of them and i could see shots of us through the trees beside us. It was amazing, but then suddenly we were doing were going pretty fast about oh 50 kilometers an hour and whether it was my speed and its in the trees, and it just cant go that fast, while its trying to avoid all sorts of branches. I should have thought about it. I kind of i suddenly saw the screen. Do this blue gps flash flash flash and then this i usually has a blue light on. It, went red and then said, lost drone, stopped asap and then did the wrong thing. I went back back looking for it along the road and then i went back to the launch point, leaving my wife sitting down with the on the side of the road uh. Then i came slowly back to the uh the place where we lost the drone. I stumbled through the undergrowth i mean i was like you know. It was a blind man looking for a needle in a haystack. Basically, you can see what its like here uh, so i just assumed.

Maybe it had flown off uh then id. I got my pdf file out and looked what to do when youve lost your drone and theres. I should have put a home point which would have it would have flown off to the home point and landed, and then what i should have done. If i hadnt done that, i should have put a go back to uh launch point which itll do once it gets below 50, no matter what youre telling it to do, itll just go back to where you launched it from once. It realizes its just got the range to get back there, but i did none of those, but what it did find out was that in the app there is a locate, your skydio, i assumed it had run out of battery and landed, which is what it does. When its got one percent of battery left, i located it or i tried to locate it, but unfortunately no cell signal out here. So i couldnt the map wouldnt paint. It showed me a blue dot, which i thought or a triangle which i thought was me. It turns out the blue triangle was the skydio, but there was no no blue dot. We figured okay lets, go back, get a sell signal, well ride back 58 kilometers, all the way back to uh cowichan uh get some peanuts because were starving. This is my anniversary. This this is the day were out to kind of celebrate a lot of years of marriage.

Together i dont know my wife is a safe, so we went back there and the cell signal was strong. It painted the screen and then boom there was. It showed us where the skydio2 drone was and where we were so off we went. I took tons of screenshots in case we lost the uh. Well, we would lose the sell signal. What the amazing thing is is ive never used that skydio map before, but it must have saved the map it saved it and when i got back to roughly where it was, there was me – and there was the skydio about 200 meters away in the bush, and I climbed down a cliff crossed a river marched along, went up, an embankment went to where the blue dot was covering the blue triangle and there believe it or not was little blue in the bush. And if you dont believe me, i took a video at the time when i found it and you can take us, take a look at the state of the bush. It is thick. It was super hard to walk through it almost impossible to see anything. I am just so thankful that i got that im out in the bush way way out. I lost my drone a couple of hours ago and i had no sell signal im 58 kilometers from a cell signal, so i had to drive a ride with my wife on the back on our anniversary 58 kilometers.

The other way that we wanted to go pick up a sell signal and i have walked through the bush. Take a look through the bush and the skydio app is so accurate that it led me straight to it within a meter in thick thick trees. I mean i dont know what to say: im cougar bait out here. My wife is about 200 meters away and uh. I am so happy that i have found this drone again. That was nearly what 1500 canadian down the tubes hope. The pictures were worth it. My wife is such a golden gal. She said: look. This reminds me of the time that i lost a whole bunch of brand new towels and drapes. They were just stolen uh and i we were. We were living in rented accommodation, uh and someone must have come in and just opened our dryer and taken all our stuff out unbelievably enough. This is when we were first marriage, poorest, church mice, and i think we got a. We got a uh a present from one of our parents, a gift voucher. We bought a bunch of towels and stuff and she said you know what i did. Then i never told you she said, but i just said to hell with it that never happened. Im going to buy all the stuff again and she did and bless her heart. She said to me: we dont find this drone youre going to buy yourself another one and erase that memory from your hard drive.

What a gal thats! Why ive been married to her for 32 years? I love her to death. Just just amazing got to realize the drone, the bike and everythings important to me, but you know whats number one its finding someone, you really connect with someone, you love and just amazing that shes like that shes always been like that most patient person. I know and uh the patient she shows me is amazing, drove out 58 or rode out 58 kilometers right back in 58, kilometers, so heres to 32 years, clink, cheers and all that of wonderful marriage to someone whos very patient, and i got little blue back its All great uh we will do some more shots, believe it or not. I mean i ride a bike of course, im a bit of a risk taker, but ive learned a lesson. Im going to put a home point in ive, got two more batteries and on the way back theres some beautiful canyons we passed were so hungry, were going to go and get something to eat 20 kilometers down here at port renfrew. Maybe do some flights on the beach and over the bridge, oh what a day Music. Once again, thanks for watching everyone, if this is the first time youve watched, please consider subscribing, i do motorcycle reviews, motorcycle related product reviews off road and on road vlogs, as well as tours, even though im not the most diligent poster dont forget to follow me on Social media, thats, instagram, facebook and twitter and to like, and especially im begging you here, folks subscribe and dont forget to click the bell so that youre notified whenever i release a video.

This is the blue.