It depends on a lot of different factors, including your budget, your flying experience, what youre going to be using the drone for so. If i get a chance to ask you those questions individually, i can help you find the exact right drone for your needs in your budget, but without knowing the answers to those questions, i cant really recommend it now. If youre asking me what the best mini drone that dji makes today easy, thats the mini 2., if youre asking me about the best mid range drone, they make air 2s. If youre asking me for the overall best, drone dji makes thats a no brainer its the mavic 3 hands down the most sophisticated flying platform ever introduced into the drone community, but thats not really what youre asking what youre asking is, which drone should i go with? What are the differences between these drones because, at the end of the day, information is power? So if you understand the differences between these and these, and these, you can kind of hone in on exactly which drone fits your needs, and i know these questions are coming from viewers that maybe havent been in the drone hobby before and theyre entering a hobby and They want to find a drone, thats not overpriced, but has features they can use to get up in the air and have a lot of fun or maybe youre. A flyer thats been out there flying something small up until now, maybe not as sophisticated as some of the dji models and youre thinking.

Id really like to step up my game, but i dont want to overspend on a drone and thats. The one thing that really causes me pain is when i talk to people and they say: hey ive, never flown before and i went out and i bought a brand new mavic 2 pro and its way too complicated, and i think to myself. You know what you could have ended up with an air or something smaller spent. Less money had the same experience pretty much the same experience with a less expensive drone. Then you didnt have to spend all that extra money. So what im trying to do in this clip is to give you a couple of positioning facts about these different drones. So you can sit down and say you know what now i know, what i need to do. Ive got a certain budget. Ive got a certain need and a skill experience level, and i can figure out which drone is for me now before i get too deep into this im going to do a very high level comparison between these, but, more importantly, im going to point out what makes Each drone a little bit different from the others, and that way you can look at it and say yep thats. The drone i need to buy also, i know theres a ton of other drones out there. So dont flame me that im not talking about autel and and finney and a bunch of other drones.

I fly all the drones on the planet, but not all the drones on the planet, but i fly a lot of the drones on the planet and ill talk about those drones in a different clip. This one specifically, is from viewers that have asked me rick im, buying a dji drone. I think theyre top of the top of the charts, which one should i buy so im going to talk just about dji today and ill. Do comparisons like i always do between these drones and others? Alright, so in front of me, ive got four current models of dji drones. The only one im missing is the dji fpv and thats a very specialized drone. I didnt think id include it in this, because most people are looking for a quadcopter thats easy to put up in the air and fly, and i know theres a lot of whiz bang. Pilots out there that fly fpv way better than i do and thats a whole separate category. But these four drones in front of me include the mini sc, the mini 2, the air 2s and the brand new mavic 3., and these are really brand new drones from dji. All of these came out in the last 12 months. So if youre going to buy any of these, i can tell you without even getting into the details yet youre going to be happy with the drone. All of these drones fly amazingly well. Theyre incredibly stable in the air theyve got some whiz bang features built in obviously the higher you move up in the food chain.

The more features you get and ill go through those in a second, but even if you start with something as simple as the mini sc youre gon na have a phenomenal experience flying these drones and i cant overstate how much fun it is to put a craft Like this up in the air that you have control over, that can fly away from you. Take beautiful pictures and videos have a lot of fun with the family to get out in the fresh air and the sunshine, its just a wonderful experience. So, at the end of this, if youre thinking about buying a drone just pick one and get started, even if you cant afford a new drone like this find a used drone put it up in the air just have a lot of fun with it, but anyway Back to these four drones, so dji pretty much has one application that runs across all four of these drones. Its the dji fly application its fairly new. It came out a couple of years back, but theyve updated it consistently since then, and its a really really easy interface to use. So all the controllers use that new software that dj fly software, the application and you can fly all these drones using the same thing. So the beautiful part about that is even if you start off with something like the mini sc, and you find you love it. You can easily upgrade to the mini 2 or the air 2s, or even the mavic 3, and your skill set that you develop here.

Transfers to these other drones, so it makes you a better pilot that you can absolutely upgrade later on. So thats a real big benefit, a lot of times. People will buy a drone from one company and then say: oh i got ta buy a new drone. Theyll buy a drone from another company and its an entirely different interface, which can be incredibly confusing. So if you stay inside of the the dji ecosystem for lack of a better term youre going to have a consistent experience going through all these all right. So i have to talk about price first, because thats really important, because that a lot of times is the deciding factor on which drone youre going to end up with. So if we start down here with the mini se and im going to talk about fly more packages as well, maybe i should talk about that now. So dji typically releases a drone as what they call a standard package or basic package which includes the drone. The controller a single battery, maybe a set of props some accessories, but its a very basic package and thats okay thats, the least expensive way to buy a drone from dji. They also make a fly more package for these three drones, not for the sc, but these three that includes typically two extra batteries, a bunch of extra propellers, maybe a charging hub where you can charge multiple batteries at the same time and people always ask me, should I go for the fly more girl for the basic kit always go for the floor.

More thats, my recommendation, because youre going to find that youre going to want to fly it a lot, a single batterys not going to do that youre going to get typically 30. 40 minutes worth of flight time out of it so having two extra batteries is an accessory youre going to buy after the fact and spend a lot more money for it. So if you look at the cost of the basic kit plus two batteries, its typically a lot more expensive than just buying the fly mower and that way you get a hub and a few other cool things with it. So the fly more is the way to go, and these are fly more combos. This is just a straight combo, so price, wise 299, 599 for the fly more 999. 29.99. Now i said that slower 29.99. I want to emphasize that again, 29.99. Its an expensive drone, its a phenomenally professional drone im, not knocking the price, but these, i think, are mostly consumer space. So, if youre looking for a new drone, especially if youre new to drones, youre going to be over here if youve flown drones for a while. Looking for a step up, you cant go wrong with the 2s. This air 2s is my favorite drone hands down. I shouldnt say that in front of the mavic 3 because its going to get upset with me, but its got everything you need in a drone at 9.99 for a fly more combo home run right here, but anyway, im getting ahead of myself.

Lets start talking in this end, so dji made two mini drones: they had an original mavic mini a couple of years, back theyve updated the line with the mini sc and the mini 2.. Now the mini sc, a lot of people, look at that and think. Oh thats, a toy drone its not going to fly well, it is small, its 250 grams or less, but it flies like a bigger drone. Now, a lot of drones that are small like that at 299, you can buy them from a lot of different companies. Youre going to put them up, and the first thing youre going to notice from those other companies is the drones going to go up and its got a mind of its own, its going to start drifting. This way, if you look at the controller, you got to make adjustments to keep it straight. Youre going to spend half the flight time just trimming that drone with this one you put the battery in it. You power it up. You put it up in the air. It stays right where you left it, so it flies just like a mavic 3 for the most part where its stable in the air, its not going to be wonky. The cameras not going to be jittery so its a phenomenal drone. So for 299, the mini sc is the perfect drone as your first drone. So if youve already flown drones – and you want to get drones for the kids or your wife or your husband, this is a great drone to add.

As a second drone – and i still fly the mini esc pretty much every week, because ive got nieces and nephews and friends and family that want to fly a drone when im flying the bigger drones and ill bring the minisc along now, what do you get with The mini se as far as specifications go well, its got a one over 2.3 inch sensor, thats important and itll record a 2.7 k video and takes phenomenal pictures. Itll fly for 30 minutes, so you get a lot of flight time out of it its great and it and its basically, a really nice drone for 299. im, still blown away. That dji can build this drone for 299 and still make a profit on how theyre doing it, because theres a ton of technology jammed inside that package now the step up to the mini 2 is a more professional version of what we call an ultra light drone. So anything under 250 grams you dont need to register with the faa. You still have to take the basic test, which is like 15 questions. I recommend you, you register all your drones, just take the headache out of it, because if you register as a hobbyist, its five dollars, you get, i think, two or three years out of that license and you can fly as many drones as you want for the Five dollars so just get it over with and register, but if you choose not to these two, you dont have to these two you definitely have to, but the mini two stepping up from the mini sc gives you a lot more.

It gives you 4k. 30 frames. A second gives you an extra minute of flight time, its a one over 2.3 inch sensor, but it builds in all kinds of other automated functions, so its got quick shots built into it, which means you can you can push a button and it does all kinds Of really cool aerobatics in the sky, its not going to flip over like some of the toy drones, but itll circle, you itll, shoot away from you in a rocket. It just gives you the ability pretty much the first day, youre flying it to look like a professional photographer, because you can hit a button. Have it do some pretty cool stuff and keep you centered in the frame and then publish that immediately to your social networks? Now again: 299 5.99, so its double the price, but again 4k versus uh 2.7 over here, much better video, much better handling and and better in the wind as well. I might point that out both of these are pretty light. If you get this one up in a stiff wind, its going to have a hard time fighting it, the mini 2 can fight that stiff wind, pretty well its not going to fight it as well as a bigger drone. Just based on you know the ballast of it its not heavy in the air, but its going to do a really good job up in the air. So my recommendation between these two is this.

One is a great starter drone and this one is an incredibly portable, powerful package that you can take with you everywhere and the reason i go with these two starter drone step up from the starter drone. The difference between these is this is way more portable. So, with the mini 2 and the mini sc, i find that they are so small when i put them in my bag, along with the controller. I almost forget. I have them with me these. I have to think a little bit about if im going out for the damn i bring in the air 2s. Am i bringing the mavic 3? Those take some thought. No, maybe i wont bring them along. These are with me every time i leave the house and the reason thats important is because, if youre out and about i guarantee once you start flying drones, youre going to start thinking about the world around you differently, youre going to find a lake. You never saw before and think man i got to get it drawn up over top of that and get some shots of that lake. Having this with, you means you can do that. You dont have to drive home, get your drone to drive back these youre going to think a little bit about now. It doesnt seem like theres that much of a difference in bulk between these two, but you got to remember the batteries – are bigger. All the accessories are bigger, so these two are perfectly portable drones.

Great entry, great for travel, lets talk about the air 2s. Now, im gushing about this already im getting excited its hard for me not to get excited, because i think what dji did here was take all of their development prowess over the last six years, since they moved for five years since they moved into the folding drone Category and built it in theater 2s, so its got a one inch sensor on the front, which is the perfect size for a camera. Itll record 4k. 60 frames. 120 frames. It also has obstacle avoidance 360, which means, if youre flying it in close quarters, and you get near a tree branch, its not going to crash into the tree branch. These dont have obstacle avoidance on it. Itll record phenomenal video, its its a fun drone to fly. It absolutely handles the wind ive had it out in some really scary winds over the bay, no problem whatsoever to cut through those wins so its its built to be. I think its. The perfect drone ive said that before i dont know how to describe it any better than that. For me, its got everything i need in a drone in a single package, and you might already be wondering so why would ever go for the mavic 3 ill? Explain that in a minute, but my point again out of the gate, was that you can overbuy on drones right. So, if im getting if im getting a lets, take the mavic 3 as a 100 of the drone experience, if im getting 50 of it here for 299 thats, pretty good im, not getting all the whiz bang features and the amazing footage and all the rest of It but im getting really good footage here if i jump to this guy im getting 60 or 70 of what im getting here.

If i jump to this guy im getting 80 when im getting the mavic 3., so this this to me encompasses at the price that perfect pivot point between spending enough money, getting a phenomenal drone and balancing those two out, which is really what a lot of flowers Are looking for so just to regroup on these three great entry level drone for a first time, flyer for the kids for the wife or the husband who hasnt flown before if youre flying for a while and you still want a really small portable drone mini 2? Is the perfect drone if youre looking for something a little bit more sophisticated, maybe youve been flying a while youre looking to step up to something else? Air2S is the perfect drone for you, so those three are pretty straightforward. Now we get to the mavic 3. um im gushing over this. This to me, is its the quintessential professional drone. What dji did with this drone is? They said: okay, look. These are consumer drones. Weve got the inspire 2 weve got the mavic 2, which was the predecessor to this one. Can we merge those technologies together to give them a professional drone in the field that can actually fly like a foldable drone, but give them the professional photography that they expect out in the field and again price wise, 299, 599, 999, 29.99. So to move into a mavic 3, you got to be sure youre going to use it.

You got to be sure youre going to fly it an awful lot to get value out of it. But if youre a photographer and youre looking for the best possible crystal clear images in the sky, the mavic 3s got it because its got a dual camera on the front, which is a four third sensor. Professional hasselblad four third sensor and its also got a 7x zoom built into it. So its got a telephoto zoom of 7x built into it. It does hybrid zooming up to 28x, so it allows you to pull back from the subject, pull in nice and tight in that subject and quite a distance away, its got obstacle. Avoidance 360 degrees, its got all kinds of cool technologies in the transmission schedules. So its a much more stable drone in the air than the other guys it can fly further than the others. Itll handle interference better than the others, theres a million reasons. This thing makes sense, but again going back to the basic premise of the facts: entry level, step up from the entry level, still portable, perfect drone for probably 80 of the people that are flying looking for a better drone. This is a 20 to 25 percent market share for professional flyers, but dont discount it its a phenomenal drone – and i know i keep kidding about that 29.95, but i still think thats a bargain for what youre getting in the mavic 3.. Now i didnt talk a lot about this one 31 minutes of flight time and the distance on these are different.

So you start off here with 2500 meters, this ones: 10 10 kilometers, this ones, 12 kilometers. This is 15 kilometers, now again, thats just one way to measure the difference between the drones. Dont think that you can fly 15 kilometers, you cant, not in the us anyway, if you do youre breaking the rules, because the faa requires you to keep the drone in your visual line of sight, because theres airplanes up there and you dont want to go smack It into an airplane the reason those are important those specs are important is because youre going to fly in areas that are noisy these use, the 2.4 and the 5.7 band and youve got to youve, got to be careful that if youre in that wi fi band Youre going to get a 5.8 youre going to get all kinds of confusion in that band from other things that are broadcasting in that same band, so youre going to have wi, fi microwave ovens, bluetooth devices are all going to be making noise in that band. So having a stronger signal that you know, you can fly further means when youre flying in close youre going to have a rock solid connection to your drone. So again, theyre all phenomenal, but the higher you go. The better stronger signal you get out of the units and that was pretty much it for today. Now i tried not to confuse that too much. I hope i didnt confuse you, but just to net it out for you at the end.

299. Wonderful starter drone youre not going to find a drone like this anywhere. That does what this does for that price. I know there are other drones that are having kinds of wild sales right now to knock the price down. This is hands down the best drone in that price, category for starter flyers and even flyers that have got experience. Looking for a second drone, if you step up to the mini two youre going to get better visual imaging on it, its got a better camera. Its got better 4k 30 frames, a second recording a little better in the wind as far as flying goes. Both of these are incredibly portable drones if you step up to the air 2s. I cant stress this enough if youre looking for a step up of any other drone, this is easily the choice you want now. The fly more combo again. 9.99 includes a couple extra batteries and some other accessories. You you cant, go wrong with this drone. I keep saying that and then finally, if youre in the business for a while youre going to do professional photography, maybe youre going to go work for a real estate agent, taking pictures of houses or you just want to take shots of the beautiful areas around you And capture crystal clear video, the mavic 3 is definitely the answer, but 299 599 999 29.99 choice is yours, its really comes down to budget and your needs, but the one thing i will question you at the end of this clip – and i say this to everybody: I talk to on the phone and through email, dont, overbuy, youre wasting money.

So if youre not going to be using something like this, this will fit the bill. Dont buy this unless youre going to use it a lot and its heresy to say that, because im supposed to be honest about everything – and i totally am, if you buy this and spend three grand on it and only fly it once a month, you could have Bought this one for a third the cost and gotten pretty much the same experience out of it so anyway thats the end of the clip. I hope you found this helpful if you have any questions of anything ive covered today drop those in the comments below ill. Do my best to get back to you as quickly as i can. I have links below as well. Djis got a bunch of sales coming up between now and the end of the year on all of these drones so ill put links below if youre interested in them. We get a little credit from dji if you hit those links, but the important thing to remember is theres a lot of drones on the market. Dji has been in the business longer than anybody and theyve got the widest selection of products on the market today. For me, i fly every drone again that thats out there i got a ton on behind me on the shelf. I must have 60 drones in the other room. I like the dji products, a lot because of their consistency and their history in the space.

So i can fully recommend any of these drones for new flyers and even experienced flyers, and that was pretty much it for today. So thank you again for watching. Oh, oh by the way, the 12 days of drone valley christmas are coming up. I get so excited when i talk about this, but were going to be giving a ton of stuff away. So if you havent subscribed to the drone valley channel yet hit that icon down there. What are you waiting for? Join the family because were going to be giving a ton of stuff away and youre not going to want to miss those videos anyway. That was it for today.