The company announced on friday a second test flight of a new electronic intelligence. Ellent gathering unmanned aircraft called the gocata on february 18th. The second flight test of the complex onboard the uav took place, the main purpose of which was to establish the critical operating conditions of the complex. The news release says the ongoing tests will make it possible to take into account the results obtained in further work to ensure the operability of the complex in difficult conditions. The new drone system is based on the pd2 unmanned aircraft system uas and is designed for the searching detection, classifying and identifying signal pulses from the radar stations. Electronic warfare support measures, anti craft warfare and airplanes. Complex determines the operation modes in areas of reconnaissance based on the principles of active radar. It also denotes their characteristics. The tests were successful and in accordance with the plan, we were able to record all the necessary characteristics for further work said the companys director yuroslav kalinin. The main element of the gocata system is a 10 kilogram suite with radio reconnaissance equipment which is installed on the pd2 drone. According to the developers, the whole complex consists of a ground control station and six drones with kakata electronic intelligence, slash communications, intelligence, suite the gocata. Could detect and recognize radio signals from the terrestrial targets? Surface targets air targets, including over the horizon targets in the real time mode. The new drone based ellen system will open a completely new level of opportunities for the military.