So this one comes in several different variations. This one here has the dead cat frame configuration or dead cat geometry. So that means its got the front arms a little bit further back and spread apart. So there the props dont show up in the view of the fpv camera or the gopro uh, the traditional uh squashed x, frame of the nasgo five is still available as well. If you want one of those, but as before the props, to show up in your fp feed and on the gopro footage. So if youre looking for the new nasal, that doesnt have that, mainly if youre kind of looking for something for some cruising around more. Like kind of cinematic flying, this is the one to get the obviously the the normal squish decks is available as well. This here is the dgi version, so it comes with the vista and the caddix, the nucatux polar camera. This is the standard configuration now for dji builds these days and if you obviously theres an analog version as well, so i think theres, four variations and within those variations, theres 4s motors and 6s motors. So this one here is the 4s motor version. I dont know what the kb is that uh. I think they left it out on purpose. So if youre wondering what the kv is for the forest and sticklers versions, i dont know and theyre not on the product page so um. I think they did it on purpose, because all the motors are blacked out, as you can see here, theres no markings on any of the motors.

I thought this may be a mistake, but maybe i was like a pre production version, but this is actually the way they come with nothing on here. So these are the new zing, 2 motors or zinc 2 pro, or something like that. Basically, the latest version of the zing motor uh, not the budget, not the budget line, so its a 2207 motor – and i guess like this, like i said the kv is not known about. My guess – is based on the performance somewhere. Around 2600 kv is my guess. On what this is again, i didnt i dont have the success version didnt fly, so i have no idea now. This model here is not targeting the budget flyer, the budget pilot and or the sort of minimalistic pilot looking for a minimalistic build. This is kind of got a little bit of everything in terms of the bling. Its got lots of leds, um, theres leds here on the side ill show you here, it looks like here in the corner. Put i post this up on my instagram already. So if you want to check it out these these little side panels light up over here, so ive got as a green led and then you have uh this plastic side panel that protects your stack from uh things getting thrown in there. So obviously theyre doing a props out configuration and sometimes when you do that, if you go in some grass or dirt, especially dirt, with like little tiny stones that gets thrown into the flight stack when youre flying and sometimes the little components on the boards get popped Off uh and it kills your quad and you have to get you basically have to replace an esc or flight controller.

So this is a very practical in terms of um saving your components inside the quad, but as also as you can see, youre very aesthetically. Pleasing, in my opinion, especially the leds, looks very, i dont know techno or futuristic, especially when its lit up, and then they have leds on the bottom. So i believe this led here when you plug it in will tell you, i think, based on the battery voltage. Itll be not as bright if its a low battery voltage and then these leds in the arms and the bottom are green and then theres like. I think these are also green. They might be white inside, but they shine green to the tpu landing feet and i dont know how theyre doing this. The led here on the armor im, not exactly how that will affect durability, but its like basically theres a channel thats been you know, grooved in to the arm for the led, but they did make the the arm thicker its a six millimeter arm. So maybe that makes up for that uh! You have a three millimeter sandwich plate zero. So these are three millimeters thick three millimeter bottom plate: three millimeter top plate. So yeah this things heavy its got all this bling and tpu, and protection from crashes. Uh. All these tv parts here in the back uh antenna mount uh, crossbar antenna mount crossfire. Receiver is sitting in this little tpu part here between the bottom plate and the main part of the frame, and then you have this tpu where it holds the antenna plus the xd60.

So you do have to have a battery lead thats going to be long enough to basically come around because its coming in at an angle. So i use this um battery here with a longer lead here. Um ill show you that a little bit more here in a second but yeah, basically uh its pretty heavy, so uh, you know if youre looking for ultimate performance, probably uh – this is not going to be. This is going to be more for cruising uh and again i dont have the other version. I wasnt interested in testing that one because ive already flown that that frame before so i was more interested in seeing how this one flies. This one is coming in here. This is all up, not not the love weight, but this is the weight with uh just um no battery, no gopro 447 grams. So i play with a 1300 4s. I would recommend flying with a larger battery. These 2207 motors can definitely go larger. My all of my 15 50 batteries didnt have a battery lead that was long enough to uh fit this battery connector. I couldnt get the the battery plugged in and strapped in. So i i went with a smaller 1300 youre gon na get a lower flight time. I think ive got maybe three and a half minutes. I forget exactly so lets just put all this on here. You got that quad, you got your batteries so that quad battery together 614 grams and i have a hero6 and thats what this mount is for.

So all up 730 grams, so yeah definitely getting there towards the heavier side. I think, if youre getting above 700, i would categorize that, as on the heavy side, i know that theres plenty of guys out there to fly five inch, um 750 800 grams and they swear theres, not a problem, but you know youll feel it and it affects Your flight performance and it also shortens your flight time, but, as i said, you know, this is a quad. I kind of like kind of basically specked out its got like kind of all the latest and greatest best of the best stuff, which is going to be tough to do in this sort of you know this year, 2021, when components are hard to find, so they Have a f7 flight controller in here with twin gyros and the dji version that right yeah, the dji version uh comes with a 55 amp 32 bit 400 ac, so its 20 by 20 stack in there. The analog version comes with a 45 amp 32 bit dsc. So i think, because analog versions can be a little bit lighter, they went with a little bit less spec esc, but yeah. Basically, this year you know f7 flight controllers are hard to come by um. This is why this is a very expensive build overall and for those of you guys that are more into budget builds. Uh, i hate to say i think 20 21 is going to just be a year, is going to suck for you guys.

Uh components are very hard to find. I know for a fact that they are are building this in limited quantities. So, if youre, if you really like the way, this looks and the way it you know, looks in terms of flight and everything like that and the components, and you know if this is something that appeals to you. I would probably jump on it sooner than later, because uh, you know they may run out of components and may not be able to build enough of these uh and they may up due to the shortage, be um out of stock for a long time. You know im thinking, ive been hearing stories like yeah things, arent going to get better until like a year from now. So i always tell people if you like something. You should probably snag it when you can, because you never know which situations going to be like in the future. Thats kind of a situation were in right now for 2021, but overall the build is very nice. Terry typical i fly quality. In my opinion, pitune is pretty spot on. I think i was flying with the batteries a little bit on the lighter side. So if i had a 1550 battery with a longer lead, then i probably wouldnt go. I would go with that find something with a longer battery lead, because this uh situation here with the battery connector like this. The advantage is, you know: uh youre, normal youre, never going to be able youre going to chop that battery lead off and its going to protect your battery.

The coming glitch of the battery as well thats a pretty common problem, especially when you crash its okay when youre flying around for a lot of builds, but typically where the battery leak gets chopped off is when you crash and things shift around. So this is very, very secure, but the disadvantage is you need a battery with a very long battery lead to be able to plug it in this way, i wish they would have, instead of making it coming out at an angle like this, it would have been Better if it was straight up and down so if they can change the design, the cpu, that would mean that the battery lead coming out of the battery doesnt have to be nearly as long because its got to come all the way around and then basically reverse Direction so thats why it needs to be so long. That is only i think, out of all the things of this particular build. This is thats, probably my only real gripe other than that i think its fantastic. This is something im going to be keeping in my collection for a a while, so yeah, if you guys are like oh, i want to acquire it. Um yeah youll have to go to the link down in the description to pick this up. If youre interested – and i would probably you know – do it sooner than later – i dont know how long theyre gon na have them in stock or which stores are gon na.

Have them right. Now, though, i think the only ones ive seen so far are iflight and banggood. Of course you know uh pyro jones ray city cars. They might be getting some batches in later, but i havent heard any definitive answers about that. Yet so i will add those links later if they, if they do come out, usually and announce them on my community page as well. So youll see that if that happens, i try and keep you guys informed of that um thats about it yeah. I will link the full narrated flights and all that you know good stuff down in the video description as always and yeah. Let me know what you guys think of this guy. This is a really nice build, but its not for everybody, not for you budget, guys. Yeah, its very expensive and um, you know if youre looking for, like the best of the best components and stuff this is kind of like theyre. You know nicely very nicely specked out uh build. I i think they had a different line like sedora or some of that before that was like theyre, theyre, nice built so im, not sure if theyre gon na be doing a sedora version or something like this later, with even better components. I mean i dont know what whatever, whatever, what what other better components you can put in here other than an f7, maybe an h7. Perhaps and of course, then at that point the cost is going to go, go up like astronomically, i mean were going to it.