161 drone. This things a little bit different. It arrived on my doorstep and i opened it up checked it out thought it was just your typical drone, but its not watch this so first off it does come with a controller, so you would think well its your typical drone but its not again. Watch this and this silly looking thing is the drone. It looks like a tv, remote control or some pointing device. There are foldable arms in here. I can pull one out just to show you like that, but this drone the claim to fame is that it is a handheld flashlight. If i want to look around, i have a flashlight on it. I can control it in the back and its also a camera and a video recorder handheld. So right here, if i press this button, i take a picture and the forward one i would put in video mode and i could walk around filming items with this. In my hand, yeah dont even have to connect it to the remote controller, your phone, nothing just go that way and say your phone is running out of power, say youre out and your phone is getting low on power, while in the back it comes with a Charging port for your phone, you just plug your phone in there and it will charge up your phone. Is that different or what well uh lets go, fly this and see what else it could do all right.

So here we have our drone im just going to unfold the arms, get it ready for flight now i dont know if i showed you this in the video, but there is an optical flow sensor right there. Can you see that little hole right there, and i might have forgot to mention this, but there is a spot right in here to put a micro sd card right in there thats pretty sweet all right. First thing we have to do is power it on hold. This down get some blue lights happening. There turn on our controller. This is a rechargeable controller. Now the app to use to fly. This is the hs easy fly and on your controller, you have a take off and lan button right here, but before i do that im going to do the calibration, which is this button – theres no gps, but it calibrates to be level, click that and well press This button to fly up – and here we go its a little windy out here, but look at that – how stable that is, and not only is that stable, but watch this check out the video quality. This is 1080p and its recording to a micro sd card on the drone itself. You know this is not an expensive drone and the video quality, sometimes on little. Things like this is actually better than some of the bigger 1080p drones that beeping you here comes from the controller.

I do not know why it keeps on beeping so lets just take it around ill. Show you how it flies so here ill, just walk beside it. Thats a full speed right there. Now the only thing ive noticed with this drone is youve, probably seen it already. Holy stone does supply a micro sd card free with the drone. So the drone comes with an eight gig micro sd card, but i dont know if youre noticing this on the video ive replaced it with the 16 gig. Because i try. I tried the 8 gig and i thought it was too slow because the video every now and then seems like it skips a frame here and there. So i put a different card in it and i think im getting the same thing to the end result. Now. Its pretty windy out here check out this. This is the trees moving here and the drone over here is blowing in the wind, but look at that. Its got the little optical flow looking at the ground to keep it in place. No gps, nothing theres a headlight in the front for nighttime flying. If you want uh, you can turn it on, which is pretty cool here, ill ill show you, the headlight ill turn it on now. Obviously, with the headlight on youre going to suck up more battery power, this only flies for i think i could be wrong. Is it 15 minutes or 10 minutes im, not really sure im gon na put below this here, video youll see exactly how long it uh it flies for the range on this drone is only about 100 meters on a good day and maybe 50 meters on a Bad day, because it is only wi fi from your phone isnt that the coolest thing you know having that capability of a light, a camera comes with a micro sd handheld can charge your phone.

I think its pretty neat when people come up with drones like this and its so small when you fold it up that you just toss it in your pocket, so ill go over my fence out here, a little windy out there. There we go dont want to go over the street, but there it is lets. Do what i always like to do. Lets go check out the roof on my house to make sure its still good hows my roof. Looking the roof looks okay there we are and bring it on down. It flies really well and, like i say its windy out here, its uh, its quite impressive for such a tiny little drone and for taking photos. Let me take it off uh video mode here. We go ill put it over here, ill snap, a photo ive snapped the photo in the dark with the uh, the flashlight, and it looked pretty pretty cool. I was surprised that actually worked so here. Let me go way back here. You can adjust the camera, but you have to do it manually. All right lets snap a photo if you want to land it in your hand, just put your hand out and there we go as soon as it comes down its done, so pretty sweet there. You go so what did you think of this drone? So this thing here is different and i dont know if you know me, i like things that are different, especially in the drone world, because so many things are well the same or similar.

So this is pretty neat and i dont think its that expensive. I dont have any coupons or discounts for it because it was just sent to me by holy stone a lot of times when they make a new product. They send me something and then its up to me to find somebody who sells it so im going to put a link to the holy stone website and if i find anybody whos selling this ill put a link below as well. You can search around for it. Ive seen it on a few sites, so you should be able to find it and its its not that expensive, but its different, so yeah check it out its pretty cool its probably a drone ill keep around for a while because it actually works. It flies really. Well and everything on it works and the cameras, not that bad anyways, thanks for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, give it a thumbs up and well catch in the next one, and now a quick unboxing of the hs161 take off the cover. Whats inside get rid of that there we go inside the box, we have the battery the controller, the drone, some goodies and theres more goodies underneath so lets. Take a look at each component. Lets start with the controller right here here we have the controller and if we flip it over, let me just put the writing. You can see on the back. There is a built in rechargeable battery, so no batteries required for this controller just charge it up and it should work – and i bet you if i power it on now – well have some power there.

We go charge it up by usb right there. Everything is nicely labeled on the controller, so youll have no problems identifying. What does what and there are buttons in the front and again they are labeled. That looks like a speed and thats photo video, and this here should flip up to put your cell phone in there, which it is. Next. We have the battery for the drone, pretty small, its a 1000 milliamp 3.7 volt battery, and it just fits in the bottom of the drone. Next we have the drone itself and it does have foldable arms. So let me just pull those out its a very light. Drone thats why it has brush motors very simple design. The props are not foldable. You can see on the top right here. You have a button for photo and a button to start video thats. If you want to hold this in your hand, and do it manually like walk around with it, your power buttons back here leds to check how much power voltage is remaining flipping to the rear. You can see. You have two usb plugs, so ones for charging, and the other is to take power out of the drone into something else, a little bit of branding there. Taking a look at the bottom right here we have a switch its like on off click click and then you have a little switch again for the battery to eject it and then lets go to the front right here.

We have an optical flow sensor, so you can fly it indoors and as we flip it to the front theres the 1080p camera – and here is a little flashlight led light and just by flicking the switch, you can turn the light on and off and with the Props unfolded lets take a look at this side of the drone. You can see as i move it in the light. Theres really nothing there thats just seeing the battery through and lets flip it to the other side. And what do we have nothing back here, but up here we have something right up inside the drone here holy stone includes a micro sd card. An 8 gig card is included to record your 1080p video onto as you fold the props back in. You can see that the entire drone is actually designed to fit in your hand like this, and you can actually walk around filming and you can also turn your little light on the front if you want so that you can find stuff other items in the box. You have some cautions about your battery lipo batteries. You get the beautiful and i love when they include this. This is a really cool thing inside. Let me show you what it is inside. You get some neat little stickers over here and on the side you have a notebook to write all sorts of stuff and they give you a nice little welcoming message here.

Thank you, my friend for buying me all right lets, take a look at what comes in this box, so what goodies that they provide to us. Well, we have right here we have some prop guards. We also get a usb cable spare props in there, a phillips, screwdriver, a prop removal tool and a usb dongle. If i can get that out there, it is right there, so you put your little memory card that they include. Stick it in the back. Stick this in your computer and you can check out your videos all right.