Once again today i have a review of a new product from holly brown. Look at this very, very huge box, but i already know whats inside its a four inch freestyle drone and the box is actually quite large for a drone. Thats only four inch so lets open it and see whats inside, and why is it so big and actually, as usual, holly bro has a suitcase with it and its such a nice touch its just funny that they use it for small drones, because this was built For five inch, probably even seven – she can hold without the props, and i already have another one, because i also reviewed their 25 cinewoop so really its funny, but its super useful to have them, because you can carry your drones safely with those and lets open it. It smells like super new, actually super new plastic, you know, thats a stingy smell, lets, open the box and see whats inside boom and of course, you are presented with the drone very very nicely strapped by the suitcase its crazy. What he designed the area. Its a very very cool touch, very cool drone, actually were gon na talk about it later. Im gon na put it back and talk about the other accessories, because look at this very, very nice suitcase – you got your zipper right here and lets see what we got. We get two pairs of gem fan, try blade 40 23 propellers, very, very nice.

One is for the drone, and one is spare always amazing to see that. Also we get some lock nuts, because actually these motors have regular screws. They have not the t mount which im not a fan of, because on drones, this mall. This is extra weight, i believe, and they have a camera protector and also they give you c clips for the motors, which is actually very nice, because, if youre flying freestyle, probably youre gon na crash and having extra c clips, its gon na its gon na – be Very, very amazing: we have another bag. We have a battery, strap naked, gopro, holder, antenna tubes, zip ties and battery pads, rubberized, actually yeah, very, very rubberized ones. Gon na put them in later and here nice very, very wow, nice instructions with all the assembly, wow thats, crazy, its like lego and on the back. What is this the same thing? Uh analog and hd, but we dont get instructions for the electronics, which is something i believe was more important, probably but thats. Fine, probably you can go on the website and they have the instructions there and now before i talk about this, draw radio, please remember to like subscribe and comment on this video. If you need to buy anything, please click the links down in the description below you will help this channel a lot and you help me really bring in more content to this platform. Thank you. So much lets talk about the specs and boom.

Here is the drone. It is 180 millimeter motor to motor the frame design looks like a dead cat mixed with an x design. I dont really know how to describe it, but unless it flies very good, because i heard the good things about it – also, it weighs 170 degree grams, which is not the best really. But i guess of course, the removable arms play a very important role in that, and also it is quite long, and there is a lot of a new space i have to say so. I wish it was a little bit more compact and lightweight to be better at sub 250 grams. The arms are three millimeter. The bottom plate is two millimeter. The top plate is 1.5. This model i have. It has different models from the ones described on the website. They are t mode 1507, 3800 kv and they have their shaft. They dont have the t mount. The original ones were x, nova. 1404. I believe something like that and i dont know why they changed it. Maybe because they, the other ones, were not in stock or maybe because these ones are better for sure. I believe they are heavier because they have the shaft and im not super big fan of the shaft on these small drones, but i dont know were gon na test it out and see how they fly its powered by two different boards down here. It has a 45 amps all in one flight controller board and on the top there is f7 flight controller.

Also it has a very big capacitor and a buzzer camera wise. This is the hd version. We have a cadet spoiler and the cadex vista not naked. On the back with an antenna and the tpu mount for it, but this mount i dont know he doesnt really block the antenna in place. I dont know if this is gon na be an issue. If i crash, i guess its not gon na, be an issue really, but i just wish it was a little bit tighter. You know to hold the antenna better and also very very nice. They have the plug for the naked gopro at the front and the receiver at the back and also inside here there is the receiver holder printed in tpu, so they really thought about a lot and now time to bind it and go outside test. This drone see you later and boom. Everything is set up and its ready to fly im gon na fly once without anything on top to see how it flies without weight and then im gon na add a gopro and see how it records. If there is any gel or something like that, because also this time they gave me the whole mount system so im very, very curious to see how it performs, because i lost my smart 35, basically and im looking for a replacement for it. Well, probably buy a new one, but in the meantime this can probably be a valid competitor to the smart 35 lets fly.

Lets see how it goes perfect. This will be my first fly. You do it so im very curious lets lets go wow, im not used to this radio because im using the build big terraris, because i have the 2.4 gigahertz express lrs on it and this camera its the polar, not really used to flying on it its. It seems to be more narrow than the usual. How do you call it? The the nebula pro, for example, or the regular dji camera? I can already notice on this camera the details. The sharpness is very, very high, maybe too much to the point, its its kind of shimmering on the on the borders or of the of the image i dont know how to describe it. Youre, probably seeing it right now other than that there is minimal jello minimal is not an issue. The drone seems to be flying very nice dont mind my flying because im not used to this radio again big, big gimbals, im gon na show it to you later and yeah. The drawing stable is quite silent. I have to say, which is something i dont dislike, because people dont hear it much better and yeah battery voltage 15.3. The battery seems to be dropping Music. Its precise this drone yeah dont lets just not crash on the tree. There wow today im flying really really bad theyre not used to this radio, but you can get the idea of how stable this drone is.

Not bad really im not a fan of these models because they have the uh the nut and its very hard to tighten them. Actually, i made a really really big effort because the models are thin, so you dont have a lot of grip on them. I dont, like the nuts more models heavier harder to change propellers. The t mount is much better. In my opinion, Applause wow im having a hard time with this radio, really its not bad, though Music. We are at 14 14.7 volts, Music, wow yeah. Its kind of weird flying in this radio again and also the camera as i was telling you before its kind of more narrow than im used to, but its totally flyable, as you can see like this, is my worst case scenario right here. I am making jerk movements, you can see like im, not super precise, but Music. I mean its kind of efficient as well. I have to say we are flying for three minutes 21 and its a 14.7 hey its kind of time to to land but yeah, not bad. We ripped a bit. Oh, the jello is crazy. Doesnt seem to go, maybe because the camera is narrow. Okay, okay, the speed: this is uh 50, 60 kilometers per hour. Not bad can cruise. I need the camera a little bit higher, but lets come for a landing four minutes. The battery is at 14.5, its really time to land and yeah.

It doesnt fly bad yeah. Dont want to hurt the flowers really boom, so first flight flies very, very good. I have to say there is a little bit of jello and you give it throttle, and the motors are like 34 degrees, probably something like that and its silent and he kind of cruises at 50 60 kilometers per hour, its not bad. Really, i need probably to raise the camera, its also kind of efficient being a four inch. It reminds me of the explorer a little bit more focus on acro and boom its finally time to fly with the naked gopro on top and look at this mount. It has two screws, one that holds everything together, one to select the tilt angle and it doesnt go further than this. So i dont know its weird but sounds solid, even if its a little bit heavier because it has a lot of screws inside. But i hope it works, and this is my first time flying with the naked gopro case, which is not my undesigned one. And i decided to go this route because first i had the gopro that fitted this case and i wanted to try it and second, because this drone has this mount its a stock mount, and so the results are not compromised. Basically, if it does yellow, i cannot blame it on my mount or anything really its stuck like this um. A good flying drone should not have jello, of course, and everybody will say, put a nd filter on it.

But again i want to be able to fly whatever and not worry about. Yellow many cine whoops have that because they have the rubber mounting and whatever you throw at them. They dont have jello, and these kind of toothpick ones are a little bit more susceptible to jello. So i have to see, lets fly and see for ourself perfect. Its recording lets go Music. Oh my wow. What a dodge! Really! I have no precision with this uh with this radio. Well, show you later what radio im using, but really i fly with toms. I used to fly with this radio a lot but the joystick type of radio. For me, its much better so lets fly a little bit. You know cinematic style and just go slow fly like this and then were gon na fly a little bit faster. Lets yeah show the sun and see if we punch like if he does, yellow its gon na show up like this very curious, but eventually im gon na have to change the mount anyway. So i have to retest everything, but really my mount is made of tpu. So really it has less jello if anything, okay, time to fly and it doesnt seem to mind a lot about having the the camera on the front. Its nimble fly is quite similar to what he was flying like before. So its not bad, oh wow, yeah fly is good. I hope the stabilization keeps up i chicken Music, why i have no precision at all with this radio, Music and im using this radio, because i mounted an express lrs, 2.

4 gigahertz receiver in it and this radio. I dont know if you can see it, but it has the the modular i dont have the module for my usual kind of radios and thats. Why? Because i received this drone together with the iflight, how is it called the protec r25 and that comes stock with uh express lrs 2.4 gigahertz, so i was like yeah lets, bind them together like that, oh, what the no come on i dont know what happened? Really? It just didnt lose connection here. I dont know what happened, but the drone is probably totaled. I hope the gopro is not because ive lost three this month. I have no actual idea of what happened. Really. I was really 10 meters. It didnt lose connection. It didnt lose video or anything it just deactivated out of nowhere, and i dont know why this impacted on the front like this and it was embedded in the the ground, and i hope i didnt scratch my lens, but i have a replacement one. Luckily so yeah that wouldnt be a huge issue. What happened? The cable here came off of the back no problem again, i guess i can resolder it. So i will do that and also this camera was all the way tilted up, and i noticed that there is no damage to the propellers whatsoever, which is crazy, because the drone came down at a quite nice speed on the ground. But it really hit here and and thats all the battery moved on the back and it probably damaged and also the battery wire came off.

I dont know how you can see a little bit of damage here and i dont know what happened again, but the mount took a lot of of the impact and its still standing so yeah. This mount is strong. As i was telling you, the gopro is still working, i fixed it. I recovered the video and also the lens is not really scratched something very, very, very minor, and it doesnt show so its not an issue. So the drone on the other side is still mostly intact. Like it didnt has it doesnt have anything you can see right now the arms rock a bit – and i dont know if was doing it before and not tested it before. But one thing i noticed it has a very, very hair crack on the carbon back here you can see it and the arm flexes a bit. You have to push it so its still flyable, but next crash is gon na probably destroy the arm and its weird because it crashes like this on the gopro actually and on the camera. Probably then he went like this and hit on the arm and raised it, but its very weird because it doesnt show signs of breaking here. I dont know what happened. Maybe he tumbled, but it didnt hit the arm really. So i dont know what happened there and luckily the arm is replaced replaceable, but they dont give you the replacement in the box. So i have to order it probably im, not gon na im.

Gon na fly like this, because i usually dont crash and what happened was probably my radio im gon na say its my radio, which its super old and maybe something happened. I dont know really using the bid fpv module, but i tested it and it was working. Fine, i have no idea what happened, but i dont think the drone is the cause. So final opinion on the only broke up is freestyle four inch. There are not many drones on the on this four inch, toothpick category. So really. This is a very good drone. In that category, because its probably better than the explorer flies better and its not more silent but flies much much much better doesnt care about carrying a gopro and its very well tuned from the box. It has a little bit of jello in the camera on the gopro actually on the gopro video expected a lot more. It doesnt have jello when you fly slow, but if you push the accelerator, if you push the throttle, you can start seeing a little bit of jello, but in this category i never found a drone that doesnt have it so its on par with the others. Really. I will probably try to design some soft mount for it or anything really or just use nd filters outside, and it will be much much much better. Another thing im, not really a big fan of of this drone – is that its a little bit heavier than it should be, in my opinion, because its really up there on the 250 grams limit and you put a nd filter too much.

You are over it and this is easy. What the hell – and i was saying this – is easily avoidable by using lighter stuff like here. We have two boards. I love one board all in once, and they are much lighter. They take up less space, for example, this cadets vista is way at the back, and it could be much closer to here. Everything could be more compact back here and you save a ton of weight because you just end the drone here and you dont have all these back mass, which you know makes it heavier. Even when you flip and do stuff, and also this goes in the front. As you can see, it has a lot of empty space in here and that could go away and it could help make this carbon from 3 millimeter, probably 3.5 4 millimeter. The arm is much stronger and it withstands the crash better. Also because the drone is less inertia because its lighter and i know im always pushing on the – i want lighter drones button, but really when i see there is way to be saved, i insist on it, because if you are designing an aircraft, it needs to fly And if its lighter its gon na fly faster, quieter for longer time and its gon na have less inertia, if you crash so its really better in every way, maybe i need to start designing frames the way i see them other than that on the market.

This is a very good run and it flies good yeah, im ranting, but its a good product after all, and if you need to buy it check out the description down below you will find links. Hopefully i found some discounts and, as always, remember to like subscribe and comment on this video.