2 kilometers, now 7.3 kilometers away, and we are still going very smooth at 55. Sorry at the 56 percent of battery at the moment at 19 – and we are 2.2 kilometers away so bit worry well see what happens Music, its automatically landing at one percent. Luckily, we got it back only two three meters away and the drone came back with fully discharged battery 15 kilometers 15 kilometers, guys 15 kilometers. It flew with the round trip of one battery. This is the fami mini which im going to send after the dji. So have a look at that im, pretty sure you enjoyed this video and will enjoy the other videos as well Music, good afternoon hello and welcome back to my channel guys. Today we are going to do another test of the range for hubsan zeno mini pro uh. Previously i done on the same place, this is called sharp, android clappers near to bedford, luton, and the weather is pretty clean. Sun is shining. You can see the clouds there are not too many, and the wind condition is roughly around six kilometers per hour roughly and there is no wind. So we will send this drone straight ahead. As you can see the place uh, we see how far we can go today again. Let me start the drone just turning it on. Let me remind you: this is the same drone which was actually damaged in the first range test when it was dropped down.

Uh, you can see the front uh arm was damaged and i repaired it now. We will send it again for the range this video could be a bit long, because we are going to test the range and the battery consum consumption one. Second, let me just turn it on it run fpv has been turned off, it will turn on automatically after the aircraft takes off right, so its almost ready battery is on 100, and now it is asking me for the compass deliberation. So let me do that. First, okay, compass calibration is done and time to go pressing the automatic takeoff Music, Music im standing on a very low altitude because im on hill at the moment, so i will do the test like while it go in the same altitude, is showing me only just 0.8 meters high at height or altitude, but actually where it is going from its roughly about 20 or 30 somewhere meters at the moment, because i sent him just straight ahead and gradually ill put the altitude high because the range i need the range as well. Uh. Im sending it a little bit high and from my position it is showing around 50 now its a 50 meters of the altitude 60. Actually so, im sending it straight as soon as like. I will go for around two kilometers away. Then i will. I will increase the altitude again so its its going. We have approached about just past this 700 meters and the battery level is showing 96 percent at the moment, with the 7.

6 volt im gradually pushing the altitude slowly slowly, so it will not consume too much battery. While it is going forward and also up as well, the speed is 8.5 meters per second and im on nearly 64 meters of altitude, which is going high and high slowly slowly. This is the position which i am using at the moment you can see in the screen, so one throttle is going forward straight fully pushed, and this this is the one where im using a little bit, stick for altitude high, getting high slowly slowly. So meanwhile, im gon na show you uh just put the gimbal a little bit down to show you, the beautiful england countryside, where we are passing at the moment. You can see the views beautiful farms of england and also the country houses. I can see a little bit uh a jello in the in the footage you might be able to see that as well uh, the house, you can see in the middle of the picture its slightly like there is a general reaction from this video. I believe this is the camera or could be because of the cold, because uk weather is always cold at the moment, its not too cold today and its a sunny day beautiful sunny day with partially clouds on it. There is no wind im sitting here very calm. There is no wind at all. I cannot feel um now, as you can see a little bit gimbal up and you can see the clouds and also the blue sky.

There is a little bit tilt, whereas a horizon issue with the camera, but that does even the dji that that is doing. You know the mini two, because i have many two as well so thats doing sometimes the similar similar thing, because the camera tilts, when there is a little bit of wind force there and anyways speed, we are still on the same speed at 8.4, 8.5 meters per Second and our altitude is 70 meters Music. The position you can see on the screen the remote control position. There is a google coordinates on the bottom and thats for remote, which is my location actually and the desktop of the remote. There is a error. You know aircraft or airplane sign for the position or current location of the drone itself. Look at that beautiful farms of uk. We are at the moment, 81 meters of altitude with the same speed of 8.5 meters per second, we are passing a beautiful countryside with the agricultural farms and also trees, beautiful nature, and we just passed three kilometers of the range. I do not see any kind of signs of signal lost or the battery is 82 at the moment. Still i can see on screen. There is a jello effect on the on the camera, and this is the little bit problem with the xeno mini pro, which is doing the jello effect on the screen. Sometimes, and sometimes it goes very smooth. I dont understand why it is doing that it could be possible.

I if i do, if i do it like upgrade or up update this firmware, might be helpful. Just passing the railway tracks you can see, i may be able to show you if there is any train is passing around. So that looks beautiful from the top of the drone you can say. Unfortunately, we could not see any any kind of train at the moment. Might be yeah they are coming later on, oh might be. When we coming back, because when we will reach the 55 percent of the battery, then i will press the home button on a 55 so ill. Take a little bit risk uh today, im going to plan actually to send this drone around seven or seven point five kilometers far, so return will be roughly about 14 to 15 kilometers, so, Music, Music. We have just passed on 4 200 meters, which is called 4.2 kilometers at the moment, so still going with the very healthy battery at 74. Full satellites like 15 and also the battery voltage is 7.2 volt with fpv signals. They are full and there is no signal loss. The remote control is working and its responding perfectly fine. The horizon issue just automatically fixed by the drone. Now it seems to me like straight image, and we put a little bit gimbal down. You see the beauty of the countryside of the uk and also the farmhouse is across the trees, theyre cleaning very nice. I love it especially todays lovely day its a sunny day and you can see the aerial image or a real footage from the uk itself.

So let me say to you: we are at the moment, 115 meters away, sorry, 115 meters of altitude and just five kilometers away just past the five kilometers and going from above the a little bit. What you call. This is a little jungle or too many trees. Forest area, this cold, i think the nature reserve, because the uk uh has got too many nature reserves where people enjoy the birds because different types of birds they come around and they they make. The nests in the in the different type of trees were passing 5.5 kilometers, as you can see the beauty of a sunny day with a little bit. Clouds on it and the direction of the drone is straight with the same speed of 8.5 meters per second and the altitude is 116, which im going to increase up to 120, which is maximum legal limit in the uk. So this is at 120 meters of altitude and we are nearly six kilometers away. The good thing on the xeno mini pro. This app is very nice, its showing you, the cpu uh temperature as well on the rear on the on the bottom right corner. It says cpu 36 celsius, so 36 celsius is pretty good and also its in a green as soon as it it goes like over 40. Then it changes color to amber then yellow or i think, at the 80 or 70 of the temperatures. It goes to red and which is dangerous to fly in that situation.

We have to cut the power and bring it down as well as much as possible. Sorry as quick as possible. So now you can see we are achieving the 6.5 kilometers at 61 percent of battery and the full signals. There is no loss of signal, the the satellites they are at 15 and ill send this drone to fly a little bit more about up to 55 percent of battery. When left you see, we are just close to a motorway which called m1 of the england, and there is a major reserve jungle, jungle, trees too many and farming area. We are just passing at 120 meters of altitude with speed of five eight 8.58 six meters per second. So look at that. This is beautiful, beautiful area of the uk. The traffic is smooth on the motorway and we just passed the seven kilometers. So returning definitely will be. If we get the drone back, then it will be over 14 kilometers return, which is a very, very good battery time and also the distance look at that. This is the distance 7.2 kilometers, now 7.3 kilometers away, and we are still going very smooth at 55. Sorry at the 56 percent of battery at the moment, and we are about to press the return button or return to home button. We are at 56 of battery and we just passed the seven point: five, no, gradually warning and now one is under return to home. Soon, as you can see there, whatever i planned actually with the 55 percent of battery left and we press the home button – and it was also – the drone was feeling that we should go back in time with the enough battery uh.

It senses that how far we are and how far can drone go back or how much is the battery life, then road can sense and it sends the message on screen. So this is a very good system: Music. At 55 of battery, we press the home button. Actually, if i dont, if i i could go even more, it was going far with full signals. I think it would go up to even 10 kilometers, which is the hubsan xeno mini, claiming that it can go up to 10 kilometers away. So it could go possibility because im just returning from 7.5 kilometers and it seems like with the full signals of remote and also there is no problem at all. With the fpv screen. There was no signal loss at all perfectly full signals and, as you can see its coming back with 10.5 meters per second, so this this is the good news actually, because when we are when we were going away from – and it was showing me 8.5 meters per Second, so now this is two meters more than the previous speed, so returning speed is better than uh sending speed. So that makes a sense that im hoping it will come back within the battery but its losing battery uh its at the moment, 48. Music. With the same altitude of 120 meters per second now, we have already traveled more than one kilometer Music, so close to six kilometers at the moment, returning faster than it was going Music.

The returning speed is, as i said before, it is 10.4 meters per second, and just at this six kilometers now 5.9.99, something whatever and put the cable down Music. You can view the Music uk aerial view of countryside, which is most beautiful in the world. Music. 43. 43 of battery with 6.3 volts Music and the cpu temperature is 33.3 celsius. Sorry, its 33 33 celsius, Music passing over a little housing called colony or i dont know which area is it? I need to check it on the cool map, with the coordinates where the drone is coming from at the moment, its passing from that area, beautiful, trees, grass, greenery nature Music on screen. You can see it just hit the ‘ and the battery side is in yellow. So that makes like uh generally whenever, if you are flying this drone – and it shows the battery warning the first battery warning at 40 percent of the remaining as soon as it hits the warning for the returned home. But this is already returning to home. So we will not see any kind of message that returned home. We can only see the message landing or force landing message. If the battery hits to 10 or i think up to 5, then it forces to land wherever it is even in the water in the field or on the road or wherever it is passing from Music. So 35 im a little bit worried about it because uh, i think it traveled.

Oh yeah. It traveled three kilometers it traveled three kilometers with uh 20 percent of battery, because 55 percent battery even impressed them, and now it is 35 and 34. So 20 battery took and it traveled just above more than three kilometers, which is not too bad, but the problem. Unfortunately, i can see its draining a little bit faster than before Music. We are passing again above the railway tracks and we are not watching. We cannot see any kind of train is coming the train views, i love them, they look gorgeous Music, okay, guys we are 3.8 kilometers away and at 30 percent of battery speed is 10.8 meters per second, with the 6.2 volts on screen, you can see Music and Its on the normal mode, we flow – i just wanted to remind you – we are flying at the normal mode, not the sports mode, not the build mode. This is the normal mode and the maximum speed on the normal mode. This drone goes up to 10 kilometers per second roughly, and if we press the sports button, then we need to force with the sticks, but unfortunately, the sports mode takes too much battery, which will be nearly impossible to bring it back in the sports mode. So i would suggest you if you are supplying it away, then fly up to Music, eight or nine kilometers or eight or nine meters per second. So what im going to do im cancelling the return and doing it manually up to 8 meters per second, because we are losing battery too much, and this is at the moment 25 you can see so to reduce the power to reduce the power we are going To operate with the manual sticks, and i will achieve the eight meters per second speed, which is more economical.

You can say in the other word Music im adjusting the speed of eight meters per second, you can see on screen possibility and we are losing battery and i am worried now because this is at 23 of battery and we are just over 2.7 or 2.6 kilometers Away and 22 percent the battery is losing too quick. Yes, i am worried at the moment. Even though im operating with manual sticks, you can see Music yeah. I have already pressed the home button anyway, but let me press the automatic home button. I do not. I do not want to lose it because when i press the manual uh sticks, i dont know where it is heading to it could be Music, a good drag to left or right, and i can lose the position. So home button is better at the moment because the battery is critically low at the moment at 19 and we are 2.2 kilometers away. So big worry well see what happens 17 17 only and we are two kilometers away, and i think i need to rush it or possibility. There is a possibility that i will we can. We have to land it somewhere uh in a safe place and we can bring it back so 1.7 kilometers, that is my heart beating, is getting high look. We are at 1.6 kilometers now at 15 of battery Music. I can bet you, because this is the best test we can do uh if we get it back with the same battery, still 1.

5 kilometers away and with the 14 of batteries, so that is the maximum maximum flight of this drone will be or otherwise, Music white. We are at the moment, 30 13 and losing battery too fast Music. Even the losing battery is greater than the uh previously, when we were sending the drone away so its losing battery. You can see that its at the 12 with the 5.8 volts, the distance, is only remaining one, just above the one kilometer still hoping we will come back, but if we lose it then we will not lose it too far. It will be nearby, i think, less than a kilometer. Now it says the battery is extremely low. Please land as soon as possible. You see the 10. We got the battery sign and its asking for land disposal as soon as possible. Nine percent of battery still nearly 600 meters away, hoping hoping still hoping it will come back: Music, eight percent, 500 meters. Oh yes, i im im sure it will come back im sure it will come back. Seven six percent you see losing battery too quick and the drone is 400 meters away from me at five percent of battery. It will say to me that its landing forcefully or something just at the five percent now and we are only 200 meters away – thats good thats, good im, pretty sure i will get it back. Thats, exciting, thats, exciting to be honest, Music, almost arrived, 60.

50.. Now four percent of battery and the drone is just above me – you might be see it. Let me put the camera and uh Music as quick as possible: 70 meters of altitude and three percent of battery net, only thats great news guys. This is the im really hundred percent satisfied and look at that um Music. I dont know you can see in the screen or not, but anyways Music, its automatically landing at one percent and there you can see im sitting there operating this drone and let me turn it get it back at the reverse and good news. That best news is a very good test. Its landed Music lets land it by itself, Music, okay, now, as you can see, luckily we cut it back only two three meters away and the drone came back with fully discharged battery, which i love it. Today we actually drew that actually it flew around 15 kilometers 15 kilometers dice 15 kilometers. It flew with the round trip of one battery and safely return at one percent of battery. I love it. I love it beautiful beautiful and we will test another uh on the Music same direction. I will send it now with my dji mini Music, so this is my dji mini ill. Send it now. So please uh check the link and in the description that i will say, i will send the dji mini as well now for the range test and dji mini.

I will send for up to 55 the same situation and we will see how far it can go with the one battery. So i will recommend to you, but for the battery wise, the hubsan xeno mini is the best drone which can go uh with the which, which can do like seven point five percent one way and uh Music. Sorry, the 7.5 kilometers one way and the return actually returned, like 15 kilometers, is done, uh and landed by myself, actually uh and also it was forcing land as well. But it landed only just there for three or four meters away from me, which is no problem at all, as you can see. So thanks for watching, please check my description. There are links for more range tests for a dji mini and also i have a dji a2 and also i have a drone which is uh, femi mini Music folks. This is the fema mini which im going to send after the dji. So have a look at that im, pretty sure you enjoyed this video and will enjoy the other videos as well. So please, like subscribe and share to our channel.