Here we are back in big blue, its gon na be probably our. This is gon na, be our last day, so ive got probably. We may have an hours worth of work to do all together on it, but uh ill. Let the computer boot up here were gon na head out to the field quick here Music. I actually like where, basically all the controls are in this tractor, its very easy for me to run um seems like its a very nice tractor. It is blue. It is blue, but thats, okay, im very impressed with the power of the machine. Of course, ive never run a 400 horsepower tractor before and this thing really it isnt 400 horsepower. What do they call it 360 or something like that, and then it boosts, boosts to 410 horsepower its actually pretty awesome. When i was over at mango running it um, we started up a hill and this thing is start pulling down real hard and uh. Once it pulled down it gets so far, then it would take off and go, and that was that power bulge bulging up to 400 horsepower. It was pretty ridiculous. I mean, when i say ridiculous i mean it was. It was awesome, so were gon na pull in the field here were gon na unfold. The thing well put a couple cameras back here on it and then kylies going to come out and uh were going to fly the drone, its not real fast at unfolding.

I could probably go in and speed it up, but i have a couple things set in here in the computer that i dont really want to change too much so and besides, im basically finished with it. Like i said, i do this 10 acre field here and then i got a couple spots down in the bottom field that were going to go down there and do and then were going to be finished with it. Apple farm service set a uh, a factory, a new holland factory, wrap over cole sandford, and i tell you what cole came over and he spent a half a day with me. He spent the whole morning here with me and it was really nice talking to cole. So many of these factory reps that you talk to at some of these shows you go to. They dont really have a clue, but uh cole seemed he seemed to have a clue and it was really nice talking to him. So, Music, all right put a couple. Cameras out back kind of got some video standing outside when we were over at mango, but i kind of want this on the on the tool itself, showing the trap Music. This tractor is very comfortable to sit in and ride looking out through the windshield uh theres. A great big, huge muffler on the right hand, side, and it is they did – do a very good job, hiding it behind the windshield pillar.

When you look out the left side of the windshield theres, a big air pipe right there, that comes up and thats, where your air intake is the only bad thing about. It is theres no good way to get to the windshield to wash the windshield now thats, not just on this tractor youre gon na find that on all the tractors you know, thats always been a gripe of mine, because there hadnt been a good way to get To the to get up to the to wash, the windshield were out here running about seven and a half mile an hour right now, uh its just a nice easy speed for this tractor in this field, its not a very big field. So im not i dont really want to beat the heck out of myself out here. Seeing how fast i can run the tractor will pull this 30 foot implement to about any speed that i want to pull it so its a very impressive tractor uh, the cab, rides great on this thing. Um, it seems like the suspension on the front works. Great uh rides very smooth, very smooth now, like i say, never been in one with suspension before so i am running straight back and forth um, it seems like we are tearing out the corn stalks. I dont know if this tool is the savior for everything, but it seems like its doing a pretty nice job right here, where im at right now.

So i would really like to look at a strip till tool rather than something to tear up the whole field, but i dont know well get to that down the road a little bit but uh everything seems to be very user friendly here in the cab on Everything from changing something on the computer here to even pushing a couple buttons here to running your hydraulic remotes manually. I am running the hydraulic remotes over here on the joystick thingy and its nice. For what im doing it would have been nice having the globe for the autosphere, but you know what beggars cant be choosers. I mean they brought me a huge tractor to use Music that i get to play with and have my way with and stuff like that and so im not going to complain too much but uh yeah. As far as im concerned, apple farm service back bent over backwards here with me, uh – bringing this thing out here for me to run plus bringing this uh great planes turbo max out here for me to run. I actually got to do some work that i needed to do with it, and plus ive had some fun just doing some work that we really didnt need to do with it, but it was nice to be able to do it. Uh eight 8.4 mile an hour right now, uh just thought that id want to do this a second time right here.

Its really nice ive got the gear shift right here on this joystick. I have a forward reverse right here on this joystick and ive got my up and down right here on this joystick. The three point hitch is on here, but im not using it. Then i can pitch the disc blades back there. Also on the joystick here i have them set. It set it right about three percent of a pitch, so we are moving just a little bit of dirt, but not very much. Its a beast. Uh right now were in twelfth gear were running uh 1770 and its 8.3 8.4 mile an hour. I am not sure what the fuel consumption is on this now i did fill it up with fuel once and uh put a bunch of def in it. They say its supposed to use six gallons of df for a hundred gallons of diesel fuel. This is the only machine ive ever run that has death. So i really dont know how to compare that with other machines. I put a 10 gallon of daf in it already and ive got another 5 gallon to put in just to replace what ive used and then ill fill it up and field ill know how much fuel that ive used then, like i say, i cant afford to Buy this thing, but i like the machine itself and i am driving too wide, of course, thats. Okay, we did blow a uh.

We did blow a o ring in one of the hydraulic hoses, so we had to fix that and uh we had to put before. I got it figured out. We had drained, threw about five gallon oil out thats. How much we put back in and brought it back up to. The full mark was five gallon oil, but uh its pretty user friendly on getting to it and uh. The dip sticks user friendly on checking it. The engine dip sticks a little high on this for me, but i can manage it. Its just all kind of what youre used to and getting used to and stuff like that, and what you want to get used to its like. A lot of people would never even try but im a farmer, and i love farm equipment, so whatever we can do with farm equipment thats what i like big tractors, little tractors. This is a pretty big Music Music, Music yeah. Its kind of sad were going to be done with this thing: im kind of bummed out, but its time to plant and uh. We are planting right now. Dad and john are up there planting. They started planting last friday, which would have been in april. Dont know the date but uh they went out and they planted a couple hundred acres the day. I ran this thing and uh they were no tilling and man. It looked good. It was going in perfect. It really looked good, so hopefully thats going to work out real well for them, but know the review on blue.

I got ta admit that i like it now, maybe its because its got all the horsepower that anyone would ever need, maybe its because its just something different, maybe its, because somebody gave it to me to run for several hours. I dont know – and i wont know but im just going to sit here and say that its a nice tractor and i probably wouldnt, be afraid to own it. But you know i already own one. My loader tractor is a new holland and its always been a good machine. For me it has the iveki engine in it. I cannot for the life of me remember what engine this has here comes kylie the drones over there in their yard somewhere. I dont know how im gon na find it if its stuck in a tree. It probably fell out, i hope so. Finally, crashed the drain now were gon na go look for it in the neighbors property. She said she thinks its in with the in the trees or something good thing: theres gps. We might have to do some climbing that camera up there overheated so now were gon na go now were gon na go try to find the grain its on the ground. It looks like hope it aint broken, because we need it this afternoon, see it anywhere. Oh its right here, theres pieces, thats, okay, we dont need that theres a drone. Oh my gosh im having a rough day lets shut it off.

Well, its the first time. Weve crashed it so weve been very fortunate, very its broken. Well, dont straighten it. Maybe we can still fly it. Dad thats a sensor right there, okay! Well, we got to fly it over at mango when were running the other. To tell you itll be all right. It happens, things get broken, yeah its a bummer, but this is a nice tractor. You love it. I dont know if i love it or not, but really its a nice track. Good i mean i could. I could run this thing: okay, okay, what were gon na fold it up? I did about uh two or three rounds down in the bottom field and were going to get down there and run over them one more time and then were going to call it a day for this tract get her filled up with def and and uh fuel Back to where it was when it came and well be good to go there. It is all kinds of options on this thing. It is available at apple farm service, um, 50 hours on it brand new tractor, so i think its a 2021 but uh. I like it guys. I really do im very impressed with the the blue tractor, the new holland, and i wish i could run it a bunch more hello, theres, a sad day when the k m went back im kind of bummed out this things going back, but i dont know what Id use it for now its time to part ways.

Yes, it is, it is what it is, its a beast, maybe theyll bring me a big articulated one. The next time i dont know why i dont need something that big big one with four wheel drive with the tires the same size on the fronts on the back.