Now this drone is one of the bad guys he is from the carn, alien species and uh. This toy is only 1.25 and look at this look. How cool it looks? Look at the colors, the packaging, the graphic design, the artwork. He comes with a really cool, futuristic, alien, like blaster and uh yeah, uh man, its incredible what you get over 1.25 uh. Let me just say that um, these final faction toys uh. I have never seen uh such amazing usage of toy packaging um. So here you have the toy. You see this immediately and you know the action figure and accessory is safely encased in this protective bubble and the packaging is very interesting and then you flip it over and look at that. You get the drone uh trading card, which you can clip and save with the scissors, and it has the strength, speed, agility, stamina and durability. Let me go for a close up and it has the numbers there. So his strength is five. Speed is three stamina? Is seven and durability is five? Then you also have a little biography about the drone. Uh lets check that out. The car and drone class is a basic grunt used for combat and labor operations, not highly intelligent, but more intelligent than the brute and able to accomplish moderate mission tasks. They can occasionally guide a brute to a target of interest that is so interesting, and then you also have the other toys that are available in series one, and then you have the story of final faction lets check it out.

In the year 2050, huh thats very close, were in 2022 uh. Oh, a large asteroid collided with our moon. Among the debris we discovered a hibernating alien mothership. Now the corn are awake and they want to plunder our precious natural resources. So we recruited teams of special operatives to defend earth from the alien threat. They are the final faction and then you can scan this code to watch the final faction cartoon and then you got the website I mean look at that. Look at all the stuff that you get for only 1.25, its amazing. I just im blown away, oh and they also say additional weapons pack sold separately. This is incredible. You know in todays day and age, toys are mad expensive and not only theyre. Not only are they expensive but some toys now, like the box doesnt even have like a protective film cover uh, you know, so you see the toy at the store and its like open. So people could, like you, know, uh damage the toy. You know um. This is this is protection. You know you dont have to worry about about someone damaging the toy at the store, um, yeah and uh. What else can i say these final faction? Toys are amazing and i highly highly recommend that you go to your local dollar tree or family dollar store and check them out now. Im not gon na open this one up because, as i stated in all my toy reviews, i am keeping the entire collection of final faction unopened, but i have a spare drone, so lets check it out and this my friends is the drone.

Now this is a 118 scale action figure. That means it is a 3.75 inch action figure and it has five points of articulation head rotates, arms, rotate and legs move forward and backward um. Let me go for a close up. Uh yeah. Look at all those fabulous details: uh the drone looks very evil. Hes got that evil. Looking uh expression on his face and hes got those red sinister eyes. He looks kind of like a goblin and the drone is very slender looking and uh yeah. Look at that. Look at that fantastic detail: sculpting uh! This is just awesome and the drone comes with his blaster, which is very futuristic looking and you can attach it to either hand there you go and uh. You will notice that uh. The drone has these little holes in each arm right there and right there, and also on his back uh, that is, for extra accessories, which are sold separately and that will be in another toy review uh. So i hope you enjoyed this review and uh. Please make sure to comment like and subscribe and last but not least, these are awesome army builders. You can make an entire army of drones and for only 1.25, that is so cost effective and affordable.