Is it a genuine competitor to the dji range so in this video well go through the picture quality. The features that this drone offers and then well bring in some benefits and some drawbacks to this drone and round it all off with my recommendation and some accessories that you may want to be getting at the same time if youre going to purchase this drone. So, if youre new to the channel welcome, so this drone can shoot general vivid, black and white or f log, so i highly suggest shooting general. If you just want to get your footage and you want to upload it or save it off somewhere. If you want to do any kind of editing, you want to shoot in f log thats, going to give you a better chance to adjust the shadows. The highlights the mid tones, the color gamut, give you a chance to color correct color grade. Do what you want with the footage but, like i said, if you just want the bare minimum, you just want the cool, looking shots shoot general for sure. Then you have your shooting modes and you have 4k, which is exactly what you want in this day and age. However, one of the slight drawbacks is that it only goes up to 30 frames per second, whereas you have other drones out there that are up to 60, potentially even 120, but just remember the price point so for 4k, you have 30 frames per second 25 frames Per second and 24 frames per second, so 30 frames per second is pretty good in a drone, because you can slow it down to 80 speed and still get some decent movement in there.

Then, of course, you have 25 or 24 frames per second for your cinematics. Then you have 2.7k shooting at 60, 50, 30, 25 and 24.. So again a little bit more range. If you want to slow down to 50 speed to shoot at 60 frames per second, then we have 1080. It would be nice to see a full slo mo at 120 frames, but unfortunately we only go from 90, 60, 50, 30, 25 and 24 frames per second. But if you do want that full slow motion at 120 frames per second, you have to go all the way down to 720p to get that 120 or that 100 frames per second, and i think youll struggle to shoot at 720p and be able to upload it Anywhere with any real quality to it, so i would highly suggest staying away from 720p unless you desperately need that super slow mo. Then for your video modes, you have your regular shooting mode. Then you have hdr. Now how hdr works is it takes an under exposed? Video, an overexposed video pieces them together to create whats called a high dynamic range video, and then you also have laps, which is where its going to move in a certain direction or whatever you point the drone and take photos at whatever interval. You decide from 0.5 seconds up to 10 seconds and then you have your photo settings of just normal jpg and then you can choose jpg and dng, which is dng raw.

So if you want to do any kind of post processing, editing on your photos, youll most likely want to shoot jpg and raw, and then you can get into lightroom or wherever you edit your photos and adjust those shadows. The mid tones the highlights everything that you want. Then, of course you have hdr which, as weve, explained underexposed overexposed pieces together you get a beautiful shot. Then we have super night mode, which is essentially a term for long exposure. So it means that the shutter is going to be open for a longer period of time, and i would highly suggest that, if youre going to use this feature, only do it in zero win conditions, because a drone being a drone isnt always going to be. Like a tripod, staying in exactly the same place which, because that shutters open for a longer period of time, youre more than likely going to have a slightly blurry shot. But the whole idea of the feature is to allow more light in if youre shooting at night. Then you have laps mode, which weve already gone through and panoramic mode which takes a number of photos to create a wider photo, and then we move on to the number of flight modes. There are available so sport mode. Of course you need in any drone some people love it. Some people hate it. If youre shooting cinematics, you probably wont, be using sport mode but its there for you, then you have waypoint mode where you essentially just tap different points on the map and the drone will fly between those points and then you have journey mode, which is where its Just going to move away from you and take a photo similar to a selfie just at a higher level from a drone, then smart track, which is in beta at the moment, and i will say through my testing – was not great.

It didnt perform very well, but then again its in beta, i found that it lost this subject more often than not, and it didnt track very well but being in beta take that with a pinch of salt and its only going to get better over time, then You have tap fly which might be the easiest feature. You just open up the map tap wherever you want the drone to go and its gone, then you have orbit, which is essentially just going to take a circular shot over any specific point that you define, which quickly moves on to the spiral feature, which is very Similar but it moves away from you as it begins to orbit and rotate around you so kind of a cooler feature to create that distance from the main subject. Then you have your cinematic mode, which is essentially a slower moving drone. It slows down the speed of your drone, slows down any movement within the drone itself, so that, as you control it, those movements are you guessed, it slower and then even slower again is the tripod mode, which does its best to keep the drone in one specific Spot or wherever you move the drone to so i highly suggest if youre going to be using that super night mode, you stick the drone in tripod mode to keep it as still as possible. Then you have course lock which is flying in a specific path. Whatever you define and staying exactly on that path, as opposed to moving off left and right, if youre not too steady on the controls and then finally is fixed wing mode now, this is more like your fpv mode, as others may call it and allows you to Control the drone as if it was a bird like to rotate and follow wherever your movement takes it its a very specific look to your footage – and i wouldnt say these type of drones.

These intelligent drones do fix wing mode that well in comparison to specific and dedicated fpv drones, but its a cool feature to try out so a ton of features packed into this drone, which you will find on many other drones too, but its great to know these Are all in this drone? So what about the benefits? Well start off the benefits with the app layout, which i think is very intuitive and easy to follow. So at the top left you have the distance, height, etc and then on the top right. You have controller strength and battery and then all the way across the bottom, which i think is actually quite nice to have the camera settings to see what youre shooting at the camera angle, etc. And then on the right side. You have your capture modes to change between photo video change, up the camera settings and, of course, to start and stop recording. Then you have your flight time or battery life, which, within these drones, is always a big issue being able to have one two or three batteries thrown out of the air. How many shots can you get out of a single battery, so were instructed we get about 35 minutes of flight time, which i actually did get very similar to that, but thats obviously going to fluctuate based on how you fly your drone, if youre coming to quick Stops or speeding up just by throwing the throttle throttle forward.

Youre gon na find that that battery life decreases because more battery power is being outputted at any one time. So just be wary of that. You may get five seven minutes less than 35 minutes. Then you have stick storage, which i think is a huge benefit to these newer drones, whether its dji or some of the others, but its stored away in the controller, which means that youre likely not going to be losing them and means that youre also not having The sticks sticking out from the controller, which makes it that much more difficult for storage and taking wherever you want to go on the topic of storage and taking it with you, its folding, so being able to have it in just one compact shape is really helpful. With these drones and how the phantom range by dji is still being made, although the quality of the camera is there im struggling with how people are still carrying those around with them, when you have something like a mavic, 2 pro or a mavic air 2, or One of these for that matter, fold up so easily, and then you have what i would consider to be a very comfortable controller. It fits in hand quite nicely, its quite large. You set your phone in the middle, so you can see what youre looking at and what youre wanting to do, but it also has a decent grip to it on the side, so youre not going to have this slipping out of your hand and button placement is In a pretty good spot from my opinion, then, on to my final benefit, which is the flight and gimbal customization whats awesome about these drones is being able to fully customize what the sticks do to your liking and gimbal movement all inside the app.

So you can adjust it to your specific, so whether youre just shooting generally or if you want super cinematic, slow movements. You can make all of the adjustments in app and, of course, with anything you have drawbacks. So my first drawback of this drone is the build quality. While the drone itself is pretty good id, say its pretty stable id say the controller could do with some improvements. I found that the rubber, the sticky rubber to help with your hand, placement is peeling off in a few places and i feel like the antenna, could be pretty easy to snap off. They feel quite plasticky, but none of those really affect the ability to fly. The drone and i think, im more just things inside my own head, then upon reading the specs. It says that this drone has an eight kilometer range. Now i found the range to be pretty decent. However, if im flying over the top of trees – and i have a few trees in the way that was vastly reduced to for me – 150 meters, but then i found that if i use the antenna ill leave a link to these below. If i added the antenna, i could go an extra 200 meters and get to about 350 meters, so that does move us on to my recommendation, one of those being get yourself some antenna now these just slip on the top little pack to come with them. Nothing extra to slip in your bag and you should get a lot more range off of that.

The next is a gimbal clamp, so something that has come as standard and done very well with the dji drones is a gimbal clamp to ensure the gimbal is in place the whole time so that you can throw it in a bag and not have to worry About that gimbal, you know being protected or not being protected, so i highly suggest taking the piece of foam that comes on the gimbal in the box and making sure you keep that with you at all times. Next is that i found that, because this is a fairly new drone, there are a lot of app updates and software updates being done. So i highly suggest that you do any updates, or at least check for any updates before you head out on a shoot. To give you an example, the dng photos had a very purple tint to them that has since been fixed, but when i went out to shoot that was one of the issues. Next time i went to shoot. The update was there to patch that over. I also highly suggest keeping an eye out for some nd filters for this drone to ensure that you can shoot in bright sunlight without having to sacrifice video quality thats extremely important now. My final point: i also have the dji mavic air too love the drone. I think its amazing for its price point, but would you really compare the dji mavic air 2 to this drone? Now this drones, half the price packs id say, probably two thirds of the features that dji mavic air 2 has in place picture quality.

Take what you will from it, but i think at the price point. This is a really great drone to have and if youre not looking to spend the eight hundred dollars, maybe youre a beginner. Maybe you just want to invest in a new tool. This may be the choice for you, so there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this review of the femi x8 se. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. Otherwise. Thank you very much for watching.