Give me some video there we go. They gave me video Music, hey guys, thanks for tuning in check it out. It'S, the femi x8sc 2020 edition we're gon na do a range test today, just going to go straight out, nice relaxing sunset range test, we're going to see how far this one can go has a little bit more flight time than the um original version. We'Re just going to head straight out and see how far we can get let's, do it: okay, so i'm recording the screen, so you guys can see this. I just wanted to do one quick check here once we enter it here. I wanted to bring our speed down to 20 miles per hour because that seemed to be the most optimal flight speed so i'm going to go right at 20 as our maximum and let's hit the check mark there. Okay, compass, interfered, oh that's interesting, could be because of the um, the concrete on the table here or something that is pretty weird well let's just do a quick little compass, cow, okay that looks better okay here we go just want to go straight up and straight Out, okay, so we're heading out just going to keep it about 200 feet up here, just so we're kind of out of any wireless and stuff pretty much mostly country out here and i'm. Not gon na fly really um straight into the sunset, because that would be going a little too far to the right and the mountain does slope down a little bit so we're just going to go straight out this way.

So, as you can see, i have the stick: pegged forward i'm, keeping my antennas perfectly perpendicular with the drone that's going to be the best signal, and i am going to be doing some tests with the range extenders right. So stay tuned for one of those videos. But here we go so we are about 2500 feet out. I thought i had actually cached the map for this, but it's not coming in that's, too bad, hmm. Okay. Earlier today i had cash this, but it looks like today, it's not coming in whoops went totally out of the uh screen there anyway, we'll be recording the screen for you guys so we're, just flying directly. That way straight towards, like molokini kind of as far to the right as i want to go, maybe we'll get some of the sunset there on the right. You can see it partially in the in the view, but we're just going to go out for as long as we can and just see how it is with the stock range on this. This is the same place. I'Ve done my um range test for the the mavic mini and the mavic air 2 also did a mavic 2 pro test up here. Remember this drone can fly for over 30 minutes, so um, i think we'll probably run out of range before we run out of power on the drone i'm. Already seeing the video link is getting a little bit weak here, you can kind of see it getting a little bit orange on the screen and um.

What i found guys is that the 20 mile per hour mark on this drone is pretty much um like the perfect efficiency let's get our testing our gimbal. I like to just test the gimbal a little bit just to see how the control is out here. So this will also be kind of testing the low light, as you can see, it's a sunset we're just flying over a vacant pasture land here so i'll be moving the gimbal up once in a while. Just to see how our connection is, you can see. Our video signal has gone down to whoops, just press that bottom right button, that's, okay, i'm gon na turn off my hat cam save some hat cam power, so we we're past uh, one mile uh one mile should be 5 280 feet we're at 6800 feet guys. So um just being really casual with this one, and i should be pointing directly at it with my controller, so there should be no problem with my like line of sight now. This is the same place where i have those little bit of telephone pole wires. Just right in front of me and that's about it, but um that didn't seem to hinder the mavic air 2 or the mavic mini much let's tilt this gimbal. All the way up, this gimbal on the femi x8 can go up to 10 percent. Higher see that you can see the sun over there on the right just absolutely beautiful day, so we're gon na try to just keep it a few hundred feet above um ground level.

That'S, why i'm kind of hugging the side of the mountain here and i'm still gon na be moving this gimbal down just so, we can see you know the quality of the video so i'm recording my ipad screen, so you guys should be able to see that Fpv and the quality of the link as well slight little pixelation once in a while, but nothing major let's get back up yeah, so that's molokini and kaho olave out there looking pretty good and just going directly out towards the tip of kahoot lobby looking good. So we dropped down to like two bars and we got our video signal orange, but the um controller signal has been perfect. The whole time um so we're really gon na be testing this, hopefully to you, know down to like zero percent, because the the flight test, guys, if you wanted to check that out, we'll, have the the video link pop up there on the right top of the Screen and also in the description go ahead and check down there. The first couple of flight tests – i did, i did an unboxing and then a park flight really went through all the features. So i recommend to go ahead and check that out, where i'm standing i'm getting a little bit of breeze from my front right, so hopefully that'll help us on our way back just a tad and keep in mind. This thing does come back at about 20 as well in its return to home, so i figure this is a good speed to go out at and just really get down to like 50 percent, and that way, when it comes back, it'll be coming back at about The same speed so um we should be okay, okay, we just passed uh two miles right, so um that's, eleven thousand twelve thousand feet so that's, just over two miles, let's shoot for three all right: gon na use this gimbal again feeling really good everything's, responding perfectly To me, turning the gimbal down a little bit of pixelation there, but um you can really just see the video quality as well.

So the ipad screen i'll have up on occasion is what exactly what i'm seeing so um. You guys can tell me what you think about that and how it's going on our trip. I really haven't seen any significant pixelation yet ah there's that sun going down to the right that's, just beautiful let's, just leave it here for a while, as we go out. So we're looking for about um Music, what would that be about 16 000 feet and that'll? Give us about four miles. Still have steady video in the orange there with two bars above the picture, and then my control signal is still perfectly 100 percent. So it looks like we should be doing really good now, you're not going to get this kind of ranger signal in a populated area. Keep that in mind. This is in the country there's only a few houses around, so your mileage will vary, like i always say, depending on the interference in your area so i'm still just have. I have the stick pegged perfectly forward after i set it to that 20 mile per hour. Speed – and there goes the sun man that is just fantastic just looking at that sun let's just bring the gimbal down again see how our control signal is still perfectly fine. When i do come down, there's slight pixelation, but when we come back up or there's that poo a little cinder cone there that's a commodity in my flights here, it's normally the place that we fly over just a little cinder cone, because this is this – is a Volcanic island right, so you have those cinder cones once in a while, anyway, guys we're, looking great okay, we're passing uh three miles now: 16 000 feet we're at 17, 000 feet now and i haven't seen any hiccup whatsoever yet so three miles i don't remember seeing The original femi x8 having this easy of a time here, um i'll, put a little notation on the screen um.

If i can remember what the original femi what the range was, i went with that one and we'll compare it with this one, of course, because this is touted to have an extra few kilometers of range, of course, i'm in miles and feet. So for all you guys that, like your metric, also have that pop up on the screen too, at the mileage intervals. So still going out still have a stick perfectly pegged here and just right in the direction i'm flying i'm just holding the controller up with the antennas perpendicular to the x8 and uh just gon na be approaching 20 000 feet pretty soon. Well, there goes our video signal. It just dropped out for a second and then it came back ah looks like it's dropping out right at 19.5 thousand i'm still pegged forward, though, and it's kind of dropping in and out so that's almost four miles. I guess that's about three and a half let's see if we can keep pushing it. I just held the controller down a little bit lower and it looks like that signal on the top turned from red to orange, so we should be good um i'm just going to keep going let's. Try it check our gimbal see how i see our control signal. Still, full blast white perfectly fine, our control signal, oh wow, yeah, we're, just we're. Just going over that um cinder cone there see on the right pretty dang far here i still have perfect control of the gimbal.

It seems pretty fluid. What are we at 60 percent? So we're still golden on our battery power. Speaking of golden check out that sunset just approaching 22 thousand feet, that's got ta, be just around four miles, still going at 20 miles per hour and we're at 58 man, this thing's gon na go for a while, still going so far so good the um, the Flight test, too, the park flight testing on all the follow functions and all that stuff. Guys too, that went pretty well don't forget to go check that out in the description. Okay, a little bit of a delay in the um, the video of the camera there. But i think that's just because the video signal dropped out a bit, but we got it back i'm, just pulling it up and down let's see if we can auto expose there. We go we're just flying over vacant fields. There'S some lava flows going down there. So this will give you an idea. I mean low light is really hard to find on cheap drones, good low light, and this one doesn't seem that great, but that sunset sure does look nice, so we're kind of teetering in between red and orange. On our video signal up there, if you can see that battery for rdh please fly carefully, let's cancel the low battery for rth at 54. I think we can at least push it to 50, because this thing will actually fly below zero percent.

I just did a flight test and um the zero percent. Let me fly for almost another minute and the voltage on landing was only 3.5 volts per cell, so the battery was still perfectly fine, so here we go guys. I think this is a. This has got to be around five miles: 25 000 feet again. I'Ll have that um at each mile. Marker i'll have that in footage in kilometers and miles, and now our signal just came back pretty strong. We got orange now, so there is no doubt guys. I thought we would be dropping signal. My gimbal is still very reasonably controllable up and down. So i really thought we'd be dropping signal before we'd be turning around because of battery um. There we go there's. The signal drop i was talking about, but it came back. Let'S see if we can maintain this we're just on the verge let's see if we can go to 28 and then i'll turn around okay, 28, 000 and i'll turn around we're at 50 battery power, another stressor flight right almost there come on push it push it Push it to 28.. Give me 28, give me 28.. 27.9 49 battery. Here we go i'm gon na stop and just click in the return to home button and let's get back so we're completely disconnected. Apparently this one, it seems like the orientation of the craft actually plays part in um. You know kind of how good the signal is.

So probably when it turned it was, it was a little bit weird. Oh, we got our signal dropping back in and out still recording let's see if we can get it to drop back in here. Only rdh battery level left. The drone is returning. Okay, give me some video. We got control range up there on the top, but our videos dropping in and out everything seems to be kind of dropping in and out, but that's okay. As long as we can get signal to kind of push it back, um we should be fine, looks like we lost connection, so let's cross our fingers and hope we get connection back um a little closer to home. Again, we don't have the map there on the bottom of the screen, so we're gon na be just kind of flying blind for a bit here. There we go controller reconnected. At least this thing can reconnect. That'S good still really need to get that video back in, though you can see in the hot cam the sunset there. Sun is just going behind the clouds, so shh says we still have 44 i'm, not how sure how accurate that is, because we drop connection. I sure do hope: it's not just hovering out there boy, so still nothing up on the screen. Oh okay, starting to get a little bit nervous because we don't know what it's doing out there. I trust it to fly back and i also hit that return to home on the left.

There switch to the right so should come back, no problem still zero connection. This is kind of getting concerning um because i would like to see what's happening with it. You know by the time i kind of um it runs out of battery power, so i can force it home and i'm getting a little bit of a breeze from my back, so it's a little bit worrying it's going to be another stressor stressor video. You can see the coordinates up there on the ipad screen and that kind of tells you the last known, coordinates of the craft and come on just come back into connection. Save the power on the hat cam for a bit man, yeah i'm, not getting any connection back boy Music, so this could be sketch really could be sketchy all right. We really need this thing to reconnect i'm getting pretty stressed out now because um, i believe it was at 15. It starts to try to drop so why aren't we getting any connection back, starting to stress out i'm holding the controller, exactly how i was holding it when um we were going out so there we go only rdh battery level left. The drone is returning. Okay, 33. Good, we just got connection back guys at 18 000 feet and i want to see if we can get video back, but i can see my um footage up there it's still at 228 on the top left of the screen.

So at least we have our telemetry. Our videos not coming in yet, but we have controllability, now control signal and we can see our voltage. Oh just dropped out again come on baby. I should be pointing it right at it. So note to self. With the drone pointed at you, it seems like the connection is worse, so um you're going to want to be aware of that when you're flying out like this, only rdh battery level, 30 percent. Give me some video really going to be just watching my footage up. There geez we're at 30 we're still at 16 000 feet out there, man, another freaking, crazy one guys low battery, please land asap to avoid damaging crap come on. Give me some video there we go. He gave me video, oh it's, dropping in and out. Oh man is my hat cam off. I turned my hat cam off, so it's, not interfering for some reason so 27 and still 15 000 feet. This could be the one guys i lose a drone in. I haven't lost one. Yet video came back it's dropping in and out um there we go man it's, really touchy on where you're holding your controller, like i have it right up on my chest and i'm trying to hold it perfectly still and it's still going red and orange red and Orange, so really watching my footage right, my altitude, because when this thing starts to go down, i'm gon na have to take over and push forward, we're still at 25.

So you very well may be okay man, but yeah there you go so the video is just really having a hard time keeping in check here with the um. The drone facing forward okay, stay, yellow video, okay, we're, getting a solid, yellow at 12 500 feet away. That'S good 23, again guys, i am recording my ipad screen. Let me just verify that yes still recording, thank goodness all right! Well, what do you think 22 percent two miles away? I'M. Not even gon na touch the gimbal because um we were able to see how usable it was on the way out. I don't want to use even the slightest little bit of power, even though it's a tiny bit. The video recording is using some power, but um. Maybe when we get a little closer and i'm guaranteed to get back, possibly i'll um tilt the gimbal just a little bit just for giggles in the low light, see how it is, but man that was far this thing went. It actually went further than i thought it would honestly and it's starting to get dark wow. Really. The video is still dropping out eh that's that's kind of strange to me, it's just that's how that's how finicky antennas can be guys the direction of the antenna, even though i'm holding it up by my chest and the antennas are perfectly how they should be perpendicular To the craft and the exact orientation that the craft is okay, starting to get nervous 18 on our battery, i know it starts to land at 15.

, really taking a look at our altitude 228 feet um. So as soon as it starts to go down i'm. Just going to possibly force it to stay up and just let it drop slowly, probably a good time to take off my glasses don't need those glasses, no more it's hard to see the screen, but again guys. I will have this screen up for you um. I haven't touched the gimbal since we turned around. So what is this we're about a mile and a half out now 16 left? Are we gon na? Do it? Oh there you go 15. Is it gon na start, dropping oh it's, keeping itself up i'm? Looking at the altitude on the top left and i'm, not a battery, oh please land! Oh, i was thinking it would start to go down but it's, maintaining its altitude i'm, not touching the sticks at all good. So maybe it just knows, you need to get back and it's not going to start. Dropping 10 percent might be a different story, so i don't want to speak too soon, um so now we're just over a mile, okay guys, and we only have 13 power man. This is like reminiscent of that mini uh, the mavic mini flight. That was a gut wrench or two 13, and it has not dropped in altitude, that's good to know on the return to home. Okay, i'm still choosing to record let's just move the gimbal. A little yup can still move it.

I just moved it up a little bit: uh 12 still no droppage in elevation good, because you want to get your drone back right. The battery yeah you can replace, but you don't want to lose the drone and lose your video card and all that stuff, so i'd, rather replace the battery. But, like i was saying battery, even under zero percent and flying is still only 3.5 volts per cell. To my knowledge, bringing that under 3 volts will really do damage to a battery but 3.5. I don't think sorry. Please fly carefully ooh critical low we're still not dropping in altitude, that's fantastic! It just knows it needs to get back home that's great. So i think we're gon na make it i can see my park already let's turn on the hat cam here all right. Eight percent still at 228 feet so really really good to know that it's not going to drop down um when it hits that below 10 percent. When it's in return to home about half a mile away here coming home, it maintained it's 20 mile per hour. The whole way home six percent – i think we're gon na be okay. You see how that um, 20 mile per hour is just the optimum efficiency on this drone man it's only taken about six and a half to seven and a half amps when you're moving at 20 miles per hour. According to the test, i did and then just hovering in place.

This thing takes like eight to nine amps, so just an absolutely fantastic. Oh there goes the hat cam i think i ran out of battery four percent and it's still not dropping at four percent. So we are going to be fine, guys, that's, fantastic, to know um wow. Now we can move the gimbal down a little there. We go it's already getting dark. Just the final final days of light here, yep looks like my hat cam battery's goners i'm. Going to point the video down i'm going to try to switch out, this hat can be a camera, real, quick or battery real fast, if possible, while it's landing. I'Ll leave that up. So you guys can see the video quick Music yeah there we go got a new hat cam battery in there. That must be a pretty crappy one anyways it's coming down we're at zero percent. So this is a true true range test to zero. For sure i have the camera down and i really can't see anything there's me with the controller and it's really not gon na um land on the bench so i'm gon na move it around. Look at that. I can still. I can still push it up and it's zero percent, so this is fantastic. Gon na switch off return to home and let's just land it right back on the table here. Okay, land go ahead, fantastic, look at that low battery, please charge or replace that's fantastic man.

So this is the second time i've taken this battery down to zero percent and real quick. It stopped recording on its own that's great let's, pick that gimbal up see how we still have the sunset there, and i just want a really quick guys check our flight record up for this flight. So this flight list right here um. Unfortunately, there is no map but there's our voltage, so just before it landed and shut off, we got 3.5 volts, so we're still fine, 3.5 excellent, oh there's, our there's, our um there's, our imagery. So it did cash. It did cash in. I have all my wi fi and stuff off here. You can see that so it did cache the um, the imagery so that's, awesome, 16.2 kilometers and for some reason, it's only saying we flew for 12 minutes and 54 seconds, probably because that's, where it dropped out. Yeah, so when we totally lost connection, you see that um that's, where the whole flight stopped so that's kind of unfortunate. But anyway that was pretty amazing. Hope you guys enjoy that um range test. Pretty awesome. I got ta shut this thing off before i really damage the battery, and i will see you guys in the next one don't forget we're, trying some of those range extender antennas, so we're going to put those range extender antennas on here and see if that gives Us a little bit better signal, especially when it turned around, is when we really lost connection yeah, so um it would be cool if those range extenders give us better connection when we're flying back anyways hope you enjoyed that links in description of all the stuff.

I use here and also the femi x8 2020 edition.