Well in front of me, i have the 2022 edition. Can you tell which one is the 2022 edition and which one is the 2020 edition? I think not. Let me help you thanks to technology. I have this super high tech device here, and i am just going to attach this high tech device to each drone and you will then know which one is which so lets go like this. There we go and with a bit of magic, abracadabra ta da, you can now tell the difference between these two drones yep. They are identical and when i say identical, i mean pretty much identical in every way. The drones themselves weigh the same. They have the same. Sensors on the bottom, like theres, no difference from the past version. So if you go watch my video review of the 2020 edition its going to show you everything that the 2022 edition can do. Even the remotes are the same physically yep theres, no difference. I have to put stickers all over them, so i dont mix them up when im flying and even the batteries the batteries are identical. So if you have the 2020 version and you buy the 2022 version, you can use your 2020 battery in the 2022 theyre identical. Even the app is identical. Yes, it uses the fimi 2020 app. You would think there would be an app called fimmy 2022, but nope. It uses the fimi 2020 app and it will recognize that you have the 2022 version.

Then it will give you nothing different. It will be almost identical, theres, a few different things in the app on the 2022, but more or less for settings and how things are on the main screen very minor, like my brain, could not tell the difference between the two. Let me go through the differences between the two and let me put my little stickers on so it gives you a better idea what the heck im talking about, because i even get mixed up with these theyre so similar all right. Hopefully, you can see the the years on there so on the old one, we had a level five wind resistance on on the old one. This one is a level eight, so it says you can fly the newer one in higher winds. The older one only flew up to a max height of 500 meters. That was because of the level 5 wind resistant, because this one has a better wind resistance. It can go up to 800 meters, your video transmission back to your cell phone. In the controller, this one has a lower latency than this one, so the old one, you probably wouldnt, tell the difference the old one. If you were looking at how fast the video signal came back, it would be a little slower than on the new one heres. The option a lot of people like with the new one, the old one, said that you could fly in a light rain like a mist of a rain and maybe a little bit of snowflakes coming down the new one says you can fly this in moderate rain Or moderate snow coming down so yeah, you can take this out in the rain.

Now, of course, when a new drone comes on the market, the camera gets updated and thats whats happened with the 2022 edition, so theres a larger sensor in this one, very small amount, larger, not massively larger. The aperture is better. More light goes into the front of the lens, its got a better lens than the older version, and they change the iso rate so that you can do low light filming at night. So this one goes from 100 up to 6400 and this one only goes 100 to 3200. Another great feature for people in the usa. This one has the remote id built into it. So, on your app theres, a little switch, you can turn remote id on or off, but everything else is pretty much the same. They have the same flight time 35 minutes because theyre using the same battery and even the motors everything to me looks same prop same everything. I dont see any big difference, theres nothing physically different with these two drones. Now, of course, the femi has always been popular because of the price theres, no obstacle avoidance sensors on it, the sensors on the bottom very limited. You know just your basic stuff, but it seems to work well for everyones needs and theres a lot of autonomous flight modes in the app and the price is around 450 u.s. 470. Us depends where you buy it from now, since these drones are both identical. It is useless for me to go through the app and show you all the features, because i already showed them all in my 2020 review and its no different.

So let me show you quickly all the features really fast. Just by summarizing the 2020 review watch this here we go with autonomous flight modes. Now the first one were going to take a look at is waypoints, so waypoints is very popular on a lot of drones and the femi has a really good waypoint system, with b line in flight in history. So were going to do the b line. One really quick right here, whats really popular with this one is it has a point of interest, so you can point the nose of the drone in one direction and for each waypoint you pick on the map. You can set exactly what height you want. The drone to fly at and what you want, the drone to do at each of those waypoints, then you let it do its thing and it does it quite well. Under droning you have two flight modes rocket and invert. All you do is drag a box around yourself set how high you want the drone to fly at what speed and the drone will do everything for you and create a video. Smart track is actually active track and you have three options: trace profile and lock ill show them all to you right here. So all you have to do is draw a box around yourself hit the go button and the drone will follow you. If you walk towards the drone, the drone will fly backwards. If you turn your back to the drone and walk forward, the drone will follow you.

If you want the drone to follow you from the side, you have to put it in profile mode, which is over, on the left hand, side the middle one down thats profile mode, select that then you can walk sideways and the drone will follow you sideways. In addition, if you select lock, that means you no longer want to walk and you want to stand in one position or move around. I dont know doing some little running in circles. The drone will look at you left to right. It also has the ability to circle. You orbit you, so this is a quick orbit around yourself. The tap to fly option is pretty simple. You just look at your map tap at a point where you want the drone to fly to. The drone will fly to that destination and, as its flying, you have full control of the camera and the movement of the drone from left to right to take your video, the orbit and spiral options are for when you want to orbit a structure or somebody else. Its pretty simple you just pick one of them and then fly your drone over to that person or structure and then set your radius and everything else and hit the options. The go button and the drone will orbit the structure or person. Cinematic mode just means the drone will not make any abrupt stops. So if you try to put the brakes on forward or backwards, the drone will slowly come to a stop.

Tripod mode is very popular because it causes your drone to fly very slow forward or in any direction, no matter what the case is, and that causes your video to look very smooth and cinematic course lock is used for cinematic filming you just set the course you Want the drone to fly, and then you fly it in that direction, but you can spin the drone 360 as its flying to get cinematic footage. Fixed wing mode allows your drone to sort of simulate an airplane, so an airplane flies and turns to the left or right it banks and when it banks the image banks, as you can see here so thats. What happens with your drone in fixed wing mode search and rescue mode, commonly known as sar, is used to provide you? The longitude and latitude coordinates on the map, or even in the video, when youre looking at a subject or an object. It also gives you a zoom function and, as i mentioned, if you look at the map or the image youll see the longitude latitude on top of the person in your cell phone, the remote control has a five way switch on it. That is very handy. If you push it up, you will get your map view and if you push it up again, the map view will go away. If you push it to the left, youre going to get your battery view and if you push it to the left, the battery goes away, push it to the right and you are going to get your status up.

The drone everythings working well push to the right. It goes away push it down and your camera will go down and then push it down again and your camera will go back up to look forward push it in and youll see every video and photo youve taken. So far, oh – and i should point out that it does have the precision landing feature just like the hubsan drones. I think the last one had it as well. When you fly, it looks at your landing pad. If your landing pad is round when it comes back to land, it looks for the round landing pad and it will usually land right on it here check this out. Let me just show you the return to home. So lets go this way. Lets see how accurate it is. Let me just see in the settings if i put the setting on it, for it to find the the landing pad. So let me go over here to settings there, we go ive got precise landing on, so this should work. So here we go all right. Drones up there, making it return home, just press this little red switch here and it will automatically go up and come back. Its going to go up to the height i set it at and then it will return to home. I keep watching this big bird over there flying in circles actually hes coming after the drone hes going that way.

Look at him, so the drones up here coming back to home, come on down, lets, go see where it lands lets, go see where it lands, Music, look at that landing pad, and there she goes oh and then it jumps over into the snow didnt like the Landing pad, did you alright? So what are my thoughts about the 2022 edition? Well, you know id have some awesome thoughts for you, but did you notice the title of my video? It mentions the quality control is not that good. So when i received this drone, it was not really that great theres a problem with the gimbal, the camera. The camera on this drone is really good, but the gimbal this little thing here that holds the camera in place. It is not very good and uh. Well, let me uh show it to you here, watch this all right check out this video of me. This is in 4k, 30 frames per second underwater. Yes, it looks like im underwater because i think the gimbal on this drone is toast or its not really proper. I have done a gimbal calibration to try to fix it at home. I thought it would work better when its flying, but no it vibrates all over the place, its not the cold. I thought it might be the cold, but its not because when i was at home i still had the vibrations indoors and the warm air, so this is yeah.

This is unfortunately it so that means its kind of useless to review this camera here, im adjusting it. How does it look with the video underwater great underwater drone guys? So the problem is the gimbal. So when i received it, the gimbal is defective uh. It is just shaking and vibrating all over the place. It is supposed to counteract the props when its in flight mode or any wind or any movements and keep the camera steady but in my case its just vibrating like crazy. So let me bring it up to the mic, and maybe you can hear it as its going Music see. If i touch something metal to it, you just hear it vibrating away, yeah, so its its no good and thats. So your image is all like underwater looking. So when i first received this, the only way to take video that didnt, look, terrible and out of focus and like underwater was to take my two fingers and go plunk and hang on to the front of the camera yeah. That sounds ridiculous. So i wanted to test out how good this thing was in low light. So i put my two fingers on the gimbal and here it is check out the low light test. Yes, so as ridiculous as that sounds, this is me holding the gimbal so that the camera does not shake and im filming at night, and i have to say this: new version of the fimmy 2022 actually takes good images at night in low light.

So this is pretty much pitch black, its not making the sky look black, its kind of like bluish purplish, but its actually usable. This is footage you could use. You can see the noise in the image, but its not that bad, its usable footage. You know its definitely not professional footage, but its good enough for youtube or any use you would want to have now. I did tell fimmy about it, but femi was no help because, honestly you contact them and you say: hey theres vibrations going on in the gimbal. They have no clue, they say. Can you make a video about it and send it to us well thats kind of useless, because i am a youtube reviewer, so the video im going to make? Is this one so femi if youre watching thats the problem with your drone, your quality control is not the greatest. Now there is a fix to it uh, but i will tell you after i show you the fix it. Doesnt fix it 100 because theres something else wrong with the model i received. So let me show you the fix. So ive got my phone on record here. This is my interface, so what you do is you go to the settings menu and you go down to gimbal and then you go to advanced settings and you see where it says: gimbal gain. It says 100 percent thats how they all come out of the box and they should work perfectly.

What you have to do is find the sweet spot. The only place i could get it to work okay on mine is, if i put it at zero or one percent, and then you hit the little check mark and there we go, the vibration stopped and everything is good and it works fine. The problem with that is that when you put the gain so low on the camera, then, if youre flopping around in the wind or youre doing any sort of fast movements, it doesnt look as good, but you can get away with it and here ill show you Some video that i shot with it at one percent outside my house so watch this here. We have footage taken in the early morning and i just want to show you setting the gain at one percent for my broken gimbal kind of fixed it, because look at this im flying very abruptly im shooting the gimbal around im shooting the drone up in the Air and im making these fast movements, but it looks great now the takeaway from this is basically look at the image. This is early morning a lot of fog, a lot of mist in the air, because it is winter time here and were getting a little bit of a warm spell. But the image looks quite good theres, not a lot of light coming in. But yet that sensor and the lens are doing a fantastic job of giving you a really quality image.

Now, since it was very early morning, i thought id try out the tracking feature and have the drone follow me down the street just for well something to do to get some video footage, since the camera is working and basically this is it. It works perfectly. Fine. Now the tracking feature, i have to point out, works 100 percent perfectly unless you walk behind something as soon as you walk behind an object, and it can no longer see you while the tracking ceases to function. So keep that in mind when using this feature. So the reason, even though i set the gain at one percent, its still not 100 fixed youre, still going to get a little bit of jello flying around and stuff like. That is because the quality control at fimmy forgot to put a rubber grommet on one of the four legs, so theres four legs underneath the gimbal that hooks into the bottom and you have four rubber grommets for vibration. I only have three one is missing: it was never put in place, so, whatever quality control, they have yeah, it didnt exist with this drone. Now, since i have my app running and recording the screen, let me just show you some of the differences quickly on here. So the first one as ive already mentioned. If i go down here, there is a remote id option. You can just turn it on or off and you have remote id the next one i want to show you is on the bottom right.

I have a sport mode, so if i touch that i didnt have it on the last one turn on sport mode were in sport mode now and then turn it off. I should be able to turn off switch the normal mode, the other option. This was there before, but now i find it works. A little bit differently is along the bottom. You can touch any of the settings and you can change settings so theres, my camera. These cameras max out at 4k 30, so youll never build a shoot higher than that. You can shoot jpeg raw photos with them as well. One of the things here is your zoom, so its zooming over at some other drones there its not going to look that good. Let me just hit this zoom and you can zoom right in so thats all going to be out of focus now. My controller is beeping because i charged it when i first received it, but now its saying its low in power, so its beeping and wants to have me charge it again. So let me just turn all this off all right. So now the next question you probably have is: how good is the new version camera wise compared to the old version? While i did a little bit of tests that way, even though its totally busted and everything else, i still was able to do a test. So what i did is, let me just show you exactly what i did.

I took this drone and i plopped it down on the bed of my jeep, and i took this one and plopped it down on the bed of my jeep and then i walked around with a landing pad just showing the different colors. I had them both in exactly the same filming mode 4k, everything else and yeah to my eyes. The new 2022 version is like uh. I didnt think i would say this night and day, but it is night and day its a way better. The camera is really good on the 2022 compared to the old 2020 version. So you can see the image is sharper. You can see the colors are a little bit more vibrant and detailed theres, not as much noise in the image as in the old one, and i shot it on a very low light day. So it looks really really decent on the 2022 compared to the old 2020.. So i would say for that reason alone. Is it worth upgrading if you want a better camera, get the 2022 edition now with the femi drones, you can buy their insurance and you can go check it out when you buy the drone and read everything and see what it covers. Just in case you smash or crash it because theres no obstacle avoidance and then you get a replacement and everything else see if its worth it. I didnt really check it out, so i cant really guide you on that.

Next thing, a lot of you will want to see is what comes in the box so check this out. The boxes are identical. I tell you femi, put utterly very little money into making the 2022 edition. They just basically took the 2020, updated a few things. Didnt change the app added a few minor things. You know a little a better camera, obviously uh longer flight range due to the communication system, but they didnt change the battery didnt change, much else, didnt change the boxes, even even the backs of the fronts, are the same. So uh. Let me show you what you get in the box check this out. This would be the box your drone comes in and inside the box, youll find your drone, the controller and all the accessories once again, femi spared no expense on a modern day. Gimbal card sensors are identical to the 2020 version, as well as the micro sd card slot and individual inputs. Once again, a total of six propellers are included, so that means you only have two spares. The only way to tell which version of fimi you have is to look under the battery and speaking of the battery, its identical to the 2020 version. A power supply is included to charge your battery total takeoff. Weight of the drone is 768 grams. The included controller is physically the same as the previous version controller. A cable connector for every type of cell phone is included.

Finally, you do receive a set of instructions to get yourself up in the air in no time. And finally, the last thing that i want to mention is a lot of people like this controller over other controllers, and i like this controller as well, because its very easy to use – and you can put an ipad mini in there if youre somebody who owns an Ipad mini so my final thoughts on this baby are, if fimmy, improves their quality control and makes a drone that you know every drone you receive is 100 good. Then its pretty good. Are you taking a chance buying this? Well, let me say the following: im: a drone reviewer. So if you look at every year on my channel, i review over 100 drones and out of those hundred drones, i review. I might get one every year that yeah i got a defective one. That came to me so thats 1 out of 100, so thats, probably the same for yourselves. So in the end, is this one better than the 2020 edition? Yes, of course its better! So if you dont have the 2020 edition – and you only have a little bit of money to spend – you might want to consider getting the 2022 edition all right guys, links are below to where you can find this drone its all over the internet, so ill put. Some links below you can check it out and find the price that is right for you and see if its something you like all right thanks for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up and if you want to see more videos On drones and anything in the rc hobby make sure you subscribe and ill catch you in the next video bye Music.