Your place for opinionated tech, news reviews and entertainment today, i’ll be bringing you a general overview of the xiaomi beanie x8sgsc 2020 edition uh. It just goes by femi x8 or whatever, but uh xiaomi is the company that designed it. They are a mainly known for manufacturing, cell phones and whatnot, but they do uh other things as well. If you don’t know who xiaomi is one of these days, i’ll do a review on one of their phones and let you know they are one of the top manufacturers of cell phones, believe it or not in china uh. I got this one because if you look at my other video, the hubsan xeno 2 plus the sd card reader on that one stopped working after one flight, so i had to send that one back. I was eyeing this one at first, but the differences were that this one uh did not have the 4k 60 frames per second second, and that one did so that’s why i decided to go with the hubsan xeno 2, plus instead of this one. When that sd card reader went out, i jumped on the uh x8 bandwagon here i am going to go over what came inside of this box real, quick here and uh, just the general specs, and things like that. I will do a full review in a later video so subscribe. If you want to see that but uh. Basically, this has a 4k camera uh hdr video as well.

You can shoot this in f log. If you are uh wanting to do any kind of uh cinematic footage and color graded after the fact uh, it has a three axis: gimbal foldable, portable design, kind of like the uh dji dji mavic pros and things of that nature. Uh smart track features. Eight kilometer range, which is about four point something miles: uh 35, millimeter or 35 minutes, 35 minutes of flight time per battery and uh precise vision, uh. I have no clue, but i guess that’s, to provide precise vision, positioning system, i don’t know gps, but anyway, let’s get into this all right. Let me get it open here slide this on out and this one i got just like the uh hubs and xeno uh. The kind of fly more case comes with two battery comes with this case here. This has a it’s like a nice little fabric. With a little bit of faux leather, there got some pockets, some zipper pockets on the front and the back so fairly nice we’re gon na get inside of here and go over the drone. This is exactly well pretty much exactly how it came packaged. I did get this out and do a couple of flights on it already. I got out with a friend and i took it out with my son, and i got a little bit of footage so throughout this video i might post a little bit of that, but i won’t go over too much of anything there.

This is how it came packaged. The props were not on the drone itself, uh and also something else i added was the gimbal cover on here. This, for some reason, does not come with a gimbal cover. It comes with a little phone thing, that’s down in here too, and i’ll show you that, so you have the drone itself. Let me set that off to the side uh. Then you have the controller. The controller on this one is better than the hubsan’s controller. This is a little bit more premium of a controller. It’S got nice little rubber grips on the side here, and this uh part where you put your phone or a small tablet. Tablet goes here, and it is all rubber too. You have your gimbal uh gimbals nestled. In the side there and they just screw on the controller just like most drones do uh and they just throw away for safekeeping. You have your return to home here. If you need to do any, if you basically are flying away, you can’t see the sideline site. You don’t know which direction you are. You can slide that over and the drone will automatically gps load your location or where it took off from return home. You got your on off button on here. You got your auto, take off and land button. There hold that for a few seconds, it’ll automatically take off hold it for a few seconds. When you are hovering above the ground, it will automatically land for you.

You got a four way position, knob here, uh and if you hit, you can assign different uh functions with the drone, with this four way knob. So if i want the gimbal to go down it, i think it comes automatically it map that way you just hit down. The gimbal will automatically point down 90 degrees. You hit up. The map comes up things like that uh again, i’ll get into all that. When uh i go over the full review uh, then you have your uh knob on the side here, it’s kind of like a little roll wheel. The gimbal will pitch up pitch down with that uh this will you can uh adjust your exposure values make your video brighter or darker. If it’s sunny outside you can darken it up. If it is dark outside, you can brighten it up, and then you got a couple buttons down here: a b button one take picture, one to start video fairly simple and uh again: i’ll go over all that a little bit later got two batteries nestled in here Uh they are smart batteries, press them. Let you know what they are charged up at uh, pre double when this is uh inside the drone press, once press again hold it and the drone will come on with the battery here. It comes with one charger. Unfortunately, this does not have that um linked charger kind of like how the hubs and xeno two plus did where you can plug two batteries and charge them at the same time, uh whatever charge one battery unplug it charge the other one you’re good to go, or You can just buy a separate charger uh, they do make aftermarket charges where you can charge up to four batteries at one time, uh like smart battery charges.

I think they go for around forty dollars for this drone um batteries are not cheap for these. I think one a single battery is like 70 75 bucks, but they i’m sure they will last for a decent amount of time. This was the gimbal cover that came with this, so this was off this little foam piece just goes over the gimbal. So if you don’t want to spend 9.99 on the gimbal cover, you can use the little foamy thing that comes with it. I was like nah i’m, not going out like that i’m going to give me an actual gimbal cover. This is aftermarket. I don’t even think uh xiaomi make made this for this. This is made by another company. What is that sunny something i don’t know it’s a weird name but go on amazon i’ll, put links to all this down in the description below, and then you got all your little uh dongles here for different phones, iphones androids, uh, micro, sd c, and your thunder Lightning, cable, whatever there you go, and that is how you hook your tablet or your phone here. You have a there’s a little slot here where it can nestle in and it comes around and it plugs into the bottom of the controller here uh to connect. So once the controller is connected to the drone itself, uh, your phone has the app on it. It will then show the fpv feed that’s coming from the gimbal itself.

You can then start recording all that is good to go. You want to get a decent sd card for these drones, something that is fast. I have a samsung extreme uh u3 card in mind, it’s 64 gigabytes, and that works just fine. This comes with two spare propellers. All the propellers again are not installed on the drone. You have to install them, which i like the way you install these over the hubs and xeno as well. This is a like a qd kind of uh prop, so you basically push down and you can rotate it to take it on and off so simple. As that it uh, you know, comes with like a nice little mechanism, it has a spring on the motor itself, uh and it’s it’s fairly sturdy it’s not going to come off while it’s flying. So if you want to pack it away and don’t want to mess up your propellers, you can do that as well. I have my drone registered with the faa and so, and that was another thing that i did want to quickly go over. I will be getting my f 107 license uh. I do not plan on paying for any of those classes. There are youtube, tutorials, youtube classes. If you plan on getting your f107 so i’m gon na i’m gon na go that route because i’m cheap now nah but uh for real i’ll, walk you guys through that uh when that time comes uh, because i do plan on in the future.

Maybe using this uh for side, hustle side money, some people want aerial photography. A lot of people want aerial, photography and things like that, and in order to do that in a legit manner, and even just posting some videos on youtube. Whenever you get monetized, that is technically something that you have to have your f 107 license for, because you are then commercialized and making money off of it. So uh yeah i’ll be doing that as well. Oh yeah, this drone, since it weighs over 250 grams that’s. Why i have to, i had to get it registered with the f uh aaa, so if it’s less than 250 grams, you don’t have to get it registered at all. You can just fly to your al to your heart’s content. If it is over 250 grams, you have to be registered with the faa to fly one of these drones. You go over the rules, it tells you where you can you can’t fly. There are plenty of apps that let you know where you can and cannot fly as well, especially here in colorado and i’m in the colorado springs area. There are two airports: there’s, the main colorado springs airport. There is the air force academy airport. So if you get a nice app it’ll tell you the no fly zones. This drone will not fly in a no fly zone. It has census gps, where it will get to that no fly zone barrier and it will just hover there uh to its heart’s content.

As well and you would have to just hit return home come on back um, so you know a lot of people. Think, oh, you know the rules are. Is you know which once you go over 250? It sucks it’s five bucks to get one of these drones registered with the faa. You go in. You put the serial number on the website. It’Ll walk you through the whole thing. It is a 10 15 minute process, uh to make sure you are legit when you are flying these drones again. Read rules know where you’re flying don’t fly over groups of peoples don’t, you know just be hovering close to uh people’s homes and things like that and you will be fine uh. You set your limit to uh this actually in the app you can set your altitude limit to four less than 400 feet, and that is uh. What you can only fly up to when you are flying under that f: 107 uh registration. Unless you get authorization from the f atc or whatever something like that, you can fly a little higher and get certain types of authorization. I don’t plan on flying like that. So set your limit less than 400 feet. You can fly pretty much anywhere as long as you are. You know you have all authorization to do so so uh that’s it that was just uh that’s, just gon na be a quick unboxing again i’ll get more into detail with these uh.

With this drone in the future, uh i’ve gotten like a few flights on it, i’m liking. It already uh you’ll hear more about it in the next video. Thank you guys for watching. If you have any questions about the fema x8, se 2020 version, or is it femi, se x8 yeah, whatever uh comment down below, i will answer that and uh get back with you as soon as possible.