I'Ve got to be right around the 30 minute mark. Hey guys, thanks for tuning in check it out it's the femi x8sc 2020 edition. Here i got it right in here in the flamewar combo. I guess you could say it is with the two batteries and this little nice little case here. If you missed the unboxing and setup and stuff, and the updating go ahead and check out that video it'll pop up here on the top right also be in the description as usual, the series of videos and the playlist, and also where you can pick up the Stuff i review we're gon na see what this thing can do. We'Re gon na go through all the functions. I'Ve got these two batteries that are fully charged and a fully charged controller and my little ipad mini so we're going to set this thing up. Put on the controller, great controller for the ipad mini and we're going to see what this thing can do anyway, let's get started and put this thing through the test: okay, so we'll just go through a quick little setup here, um. I usually just like to do this on my first flight test. Just so you guys know kind of how long it takes, of course, my talking delays it a little bit but we're just going to go through this as fast as possible. So we have two little sticks here in the controller that we need to take out and put on the thumbstick gimbals just screw them right in just like that.

Got our antennas up. This thing's ready to go just needs the ipad in there and the way we do that, if you missed my initial setup, is one side plugs into the controller. This side plugs into the lightning plug, and this is a great controller because it expands so you can fit this mini in you. Just put it right in the slot here: push it over and then your mini ipad mini snugs. Right in here, i like to push it down a little bit so it's, not interfering with the antennas and we're ready to plug in when we have the drone on now, we can move over to the drone, just basically taking it out here. I did get this aftermarket little gimbal cover uh, something they might may want to think about putting in the box it's just this little couple dollar piece and it seems to work very well. Otherwise. You just have this little piece of foam, so we have our front arms. You hear a little click here with each arm and pretty much ready to put the battery in so we're going to grab one of our batteries put this guy in with the connector on the back, make sure that's pushed in and on there really good. I usually like to spread out the propellers just a little bit just to make it easier on the motors when it first starts up and we really are ready to go so first thing i want to do is turn on the controller, so press press and hold Hear a beep that's ready to connect to the drone, the drone we're going to do the same thing.

Press press and hold usually just like to check out the gimbal while i'm doing this push push and hold lights come on here in those beeps. I really don't want to have the gimbal be obstructed by the anything, so i just pushed that down a little bit just so it could check itself and it's ready to go that's it. I like to record my screen so i'm, going to use the ios built in screen recorder here, i'm, going to turn off my wi fi and my bluetooth just so. We have no interference and we'll see if those maps kind of cashed in i did go to this area on the maps before we'll see if those come up still i'm gon na go ahead and plug in first with this little usb plug right at the bottom Of the controller do get a little um notification beep on my ipad, notifying that it's plugged in the femi app doesn't seem to launch automatically so i'm going to go ahead and just launch it here. We'Ll have this recorded up on the screen for you guys, so you guys can see what's going on we're going to go ahead and enter the device, and these are all the latest updates. I think, since i had this, it only had one update which was uh for the camera, so really quick. As you can see, i have 99 power we're doing good. I already have 16 satellites up there on the top bar.

You can see that i just wanted to go into the camera, really quick and just make sure some of my settings were correct, so we're going to go into video and we want video quality high because we're going to be taking 4k 30 frames per second, which Is the highest it can do and we're just in in kind of general and all auto uh color settings we're going to start recording now and we're going to launch let's launch from this button here this one on the right with the two arrows. If we just press it once nothing happens, we press it and hold it. You see what that does. Just basically is an auto launch, so we're gon na be really uh keeping track of what this thing does and how it's gon na return to home as well as you can see it launched to where's our there. It is on the very left of the top of the screen it's at about 13 feet 12 and a half feet, and i do have some variable only about five mile per hour right now, it's completely still when it launched it was blowing from this direction. Just a little bit and you can see how it pushed it a little bit off to the right, so we're really going to be looking at how this thing lands in the return to home and how precise it is like i usually like to do. I think this one uses the camera to locate the landing pad and we'll see if it's, if it's accurate anyway.

Here we go guys, uh let's go ahead and say hi there. You are hey thanks for tuning in as usual uh to my vids, really appreciate it and don't forget guys i'm, giving away one of these femi x8sc 2020 editions so make sure you're subscribed, and your notification bell is on for that giveaway video to drop very soon. All right anyway, uh let's see how this thing is. As far as stability goes, i'm gon na bring a little bit closer let's just check it out so i'm gon na stop it right here now i'm, getting some wind from my back about five and let's. Just see what it does in the wind, so do a little quick walk around at eye level. Just so you guys can see and hear it. It really isn't that loud it's, maybe a little bit higher pitch, remember than the evo 2 video. I just did that evo 2 is really low pitch and it wasn't really noticeable the sound from from very far away at all this one's a little higher, maybe like a mavic pro type of sound to it, but still very tolerable, pretty quiet. You can really see how the motors are tilted forward and back on the front rear there walking around to the back. You can see there's our little yellow notification light. I guess that light just stays on yellow all the time. I think it'll turn red when it's low power, but that's it kind of holding its stability, not as quite as stable as something like the um mavic drones right, the dji drones.

It does have those downward sensors, but it doesn't seem to be quite as stable in a little bit of breeze. But remember this is a 400 budget drone kind of equivalent in pricing to the mavic mini. So a lot of people are asking me: is this a good option compared to the mavic mini we're gon na go through all this stuff right now and really keep an eye on that camera too? Just so you guys can see what's up with the quality of that 4k. Remember. The mavic mini only does 2k, but it does a really good 2k. So let's go ahead and fly it a little bit. Let'S, just do a punch up get some of this view of this beautiful maui coastline here so i'm going to punch it up full throttle up, and it looks like our vertical speed – is about nine miles per hour. There'S a beautiful shot of the west mali mountains. There you see that just absolutely fantastic i'm, just gon na stop it here, so you guys can kind of enjoy that view for a second um let's. Just do a quick little video pan i'm going very slow. I just have a stick just a few degrees to the left, and this is kind of what you can expect for, like a manual nice and slow kind of panoramic. There see that stopping it seems like there is quite a bit of a buffer. When i do stop it.

Just slowly slows down it. Doesn'T stop right away going to the right a bit and stopping now you see how it kind of keeps going for a bit. Still going to the right a little bit, then it eventually stops here's moving the gimbal all the way down. I have this pitched all the way down and go ahead and check out that video tell me what you guys think there it is looking at the ground. Remember the original edition had some issue with colors let's see if they fixed it. The original was a little bit too blue. There we go here's gimbal, pitching all the way up. I remember on the bottom left of the screen here. You can see the degree orientation of the gimbal 17 degrees, eight degrees back to zero, and then you can actually go up see i'm still pushing up. You can go up another 10 degrees. If you do want to get that gimbal back. I think i have this little button here on the right. This little joystick. Let me see no that's the map. I think if i push this down kind of like what the mavic does is, you can have a button just to go straight down and then straight back up with the gimbal, and you see how that brings it back to zero. You can't do any like side to side tilting with the two fingers like you can with remember the mavic series. You can do that this one, you can't do that um, just the gimbal up and down anyway, pulling stick all the way down, we're, just in regular default gps mode, and we are going just about six and a half miles per hour down in this mode.

I'M. Just pulling the stick all the way down and take a look at that video guys look how stable it is really look at it, because these are the kinds of instances where it's going to be flying, and you really want to know how stable that video is. While you're flying so, do you see that come down and i'll just let off, and you can see how fast it stops pull down letting off now really good, very comparable to dji, with its stopping and sticking there like, i was saying a little bit more wishy Washy on the on the horizontal stability, but when there's, no wind it's perfect just a little bit of wander when there's, some wind all right, well, let's fly it around in this default mode and let's see if it like hits the ground or whatever i like to Do this right at about eye level and just book it remember. This is regular gps mode let's, see how fast we get going, go up a little bit 22.5 miles per hour, yeah that's, exactly what it claims too. I pushed it up a little bit. Let'S go back down close to the ground. Remember this thing: doesn't have any obstacle avoidance. Remember that so you can't! Apparently you can run into things. So you want to be careful that went down quite a bit when i let go there, you see how it went. Just to a few feet off the ground, it thinks it's about three feet, but that's looks like only about two feet: full stick forward.

You can see how it had dropped a bit. I just let off let's see when it does get going about pick it up. A little bit let's see when it does get going, it's full speed how long it takes to stop i'm going to go full blast and let off right when it gets to me letting off now. So pretty normal takes about 20 feet 25 feet to it's, saying about 30 feet from its launch point. So maybe that's about 30 feet i'm, not sure how accurate that is, but it did launch right from that pad. So it thinks it's about 35 feet away from that pad so very comparable to other drones and stopping in this normal gps mode and remember you can adjust this in the settings any speed you want, but there are also these uh smart flight functions right we're, going To go through that in just a second we're going to go over into sport mode first, i usually just like to do kind of like manual flying and stuff in sport, mode and regular mode, and then we'll go over to the advanced features. So i want to go over to sport. You see how you can adjust the flight speed here on anything you want in this line, so you can go all the way down to six or all the way up to 35 i'm going to leave it at 22.5. Right now, but check this out. There should be a sport mode there.

It is, you got to go into the menu and turning on sport mode. You can go 40 miles per hour, but there's no vpu on the bottom, so it apparently takes off um that precision landing or precision height hold. You know what i mean whoops. I just press the little button, here's the buttons over here on the bottom for pictures and video. I just pressed the left one, so it stopped the video. I just pressed it again to start the video back up. So this is sport mode. You can see. Look at this whoa it's just crazy fast now the gimbal can't even barely keep up with it. Let'S do a punch up from right here see how fast we get going full throttle up and we're going 11.. So a few more miles per hour in sport mode. Going up there is that view again beautiful. You guys tell me we're also looking at the gimbal right. We want to see if this gimbal gets out of whack. It still looks pretty level and so we're just going up just want to get pretty high we're already at 230 feet. Let'S go all the way down. Stick all the way down, still looking at that video nine mile per hour going down so it comes. It comes down a little faster and it goes up a little faster in sport. Looking at that, video remember you're letting off now whoa that's coming down really quick.

So i just let off and it's having a little trouble keeping its altitude in this sport mode. Now let's just try to fly around at sport. Remember the regular standard. Gps mode was 22.5 miles per hour, let's see how fast it gets going in sport and if it hits the ground or what so go over here and we'll, go full throttle forward. Go right! Past us right about chest, height boom. That thing is flying and just let off so all the time we'll have that video up guys. So you can see how the stability is in sport mode too. If you want to do some fast flying so it's. Definitely super quick in sport let's see if it actually can get going 40. we're going to kind of be going into the wind. I want to go directly out that way. Don'T want any power lines, let's see how fast it gets going. 28. 29. 30.. Okay. It'S. Getting about 30 into the wind we'll turn around here make sure we're at the right park. There we are is that us, yeah and we'll just go full throttle forward coming on back there we go yeah, we got. We got going um 40 miles per hour right there very briefly, so anyway, we'll come down and let off yeah. So everything is a lot more sensitive and quick in sport mode, but you're going to lose you're going to use a lot more power right, we're at 62 percent power.

So far, so good i'm gon na go down a little bit again and let's see if we wanted to get some fast sport mode, video like close to the ground. If it can do this without hitting like say, you wanted to get some cinematic it's it's, getting pretty close, but it's not hitting the ground yet and remember it takes off its sensors. It said nice, so it's going to be hard for this one to hit the ground it gets close, but it's not hitting, of course, i'm not going too low yeah so i'm totally satisfied with that that's great, very quick. If you wanted it to be, and it doesn't seem to want to go down and hit the ground so that's awesome, let's switch back into my only gripe on this one would be. You have to kind of go back into this main menu and switch out of sport mode. So you kind of have two button presses. Instead of one, you know what we didn't do is even a compass calibration we'll. Do the compass cal um in the next launch before i do those smart flight functions? Okay, but what i want to do quickly here is get up here in standard mode and we want to get some photos. Let'S see how good these photos are. It'S a beautiful day here, and so there should be no excuse for the photos to come out bad, so we're gon na hover up there, i'm gon na stop recording, remember i can hit this left button here that stops recording and then i can hit this right Button here on the top back of the controller and that switches us into photo mode, i think that might have taken the picture.

I'Ll have that up and then you can keep just clicking it yeah and you can just start taking your photos so there's one let's get that wes maui mountains, there's lanai. I think in the back there on the left beautiful photo taking succeeded. So it gives you a little verification. Let'S pick the gimbal up, another 10 degrees take some pictures of the clouds. You can do that. If you wanted to, i don't, i didn't see a setting where you can uh put it any higher than that. So that may be the limitation let's go all the way down and take one all the way down towards the park. So really looking at the coloring right, it seems to have gotten better remember that first edition had coloring issues, there's, just a regular photo in normal mode. All auto of the grass there on the park. Let'S do one kind of at a sort of a 45 degree angle let's turn here so that we're not getting anybody's house there. You go right about there, wait till it kind of stops. It does take a while for this one to kind of stop. Moving to the left and right so keep that in mind take a photo right. There, maybe something a little bit more to look at there we go there's like a little baseball dime in there fence and we'll. Take a photo of that we'll pitch up. Take a photo of haleakala mountain there's that new little playground up here in kula.

Oh, you can see up there too, see that all the way at the top there's poly pulley. I love to fly at right in the center of the screen. There let's take a photo of that, as you can see the auto darkening as i get up higher it's the auto exposure value adjustment, going on a little bit cloudy up there today and we'll just take one of the north shore. Oh, i saw the propeller on the left in there for a second wait till it stops and take a photo cool well check it out. My maps do seem to be coming in just clicking on that little icon on the left and yeah. Look at this guys. It did seem to cache the map i'm, not connected at all, to any kind of internet right now and check it out it cached the map i had looked at previously at my house when i was connected to wireless, and so this is great. So those of you who are saying they didn't think the 2020 version caches the map on at least it does on the ipad mini the drone's. Actually, where that little um red icon is so maybe the gps on the ipad is a little bit wonky, it thinks i'm over at that side of the park. So maybe not that accurate anyway we're going to click back on the fpv. You can see how you can change in and out of there, real, quick and let's go back to video start recording again there we go remember we're in just regular gps mode, let's come down and start some of these advanced smart flight modes, because this is a 30 minute flight time, drone right.

So of course, your mileage will vary on that because, if you're flying hard in sport mode, you're gon na really deplete your power. If you're flying um really slow, it actually takes more power to hover than the fly like at 20 miles per hour. So your mileage will vary. Let'S start these smart modes, so we're clicking on this little robot icon on the bottom right and um let's. Just try dronie first okay let's just kind of go down the list. We'Re not really doing the waypoint flight, keep in mind. This can do waypoint flight, okay, so let's click on droney here and we'll. Just do an uh we'll just do a rocket first. So select the target automatically adjust and it will go up. Video in the meantime, please fly in an open area. Okay drag rectangle see how it kind of wandered to the left. A little bit. Let'S drag a rectangle that was pretty easy. Doesn'T seem like it cares. How high it is in this mode and all i'm seeing is an arrow to the right so i'm pressing it there we go so we can adjust our flight speed. Let'S, go all the way up and our distance. What the heck let's just do: um 200 feet. Okay, auto return. I want it on, looks like you have the choice for it to just stay out there. I don't know why you'd want to do that. Okay, let's press go flight is too low.

Okay, i thought it might have asked me that so it doesn't really say how high i put it. So this is something we really need to look at too, because remember, the original version had trouble with tracking okay let's. Try this again everything's still the same and go flight height too low, so that's kind of lame. If you ask me, if you're just doing a dronie, you might want it to be closer and the thing about this little irritating is, i can't see any height on my screen right now. You just have to guess how how high you need to be there. We go it like that at 20, feet let's see what it does: okay, it's gon na come. This is a rocket that's right, so it's coming directly above, hopefully it's filming. Yes, it is all right start whenever you're ready, it's just hovering there. Okay, it starts off really slow, so this is where you could do like. The lay down looks like it's tracking, pretty good. Still, you can get your rocket shots. Remember we maxed out the speed and we we're having to go about 200 feet so definitely takes a while to to start the rocket. At least you can see your height yeah. It went over 200 it's at 226. Right now looks like it finished at least it's still, recording that's cool the dji stuff stops recording when it finishes, go ahead and get back up, let's see kind of where it stops.

If it goes out and stops out there again or if it'll just stop right over her head, okay, it's just gon na stop over your head, so be aware of that. Remember how i started like out here and then it came over to start so that's a rocket guys looks like you have to pull your gimbal back up too. Obviously, because it's stopped right over our head, okay uh, we still got 32 percent power. Let'S see how much it lets us do. I'M. Just gon na really um get this battery down. There let's do an invert, so this will just go up um up and out, like a regular, dronie, pressing, okay and same thing. We want to drag a rectangle so target whatever it may be you. It can be somebody else from a different distance. Different area as well and we'll do faster, slights flight speed max it out at 22. We'Ll do another 230 and we'll have an auto return. Go all right that one didn't seem to have to be that high look at that's only 10 feet and it started that that's weird, how it's kind of randomized okay it's going out there, and it is tracking me quite good, see if i move over a little Bit wow look at that see that little box – okay, i just said low battery – please land asap to avoid damaging look at that from way out there, it's still tracking me see that little box on the screen, that's great, to know let's see if i walk over Here, where it comes back to that'll, be just interesting, is it going to come back to me, or is it going to come back to that oh yeah, so there we go there's a little bit of a limitation just trying to compute a few things.

It was actually coming back to me until it lost my tracking and that stopped the video, so it does little video clips, so that's cool, so we're now in low power mode, guys um, you see how we're at 26 let's rotate this gimbal back up and let's. Just keep trying a couple more of these things: let's just try a tap fly. We'Ll get to some of these things uh when we put a new battery in okay. So this is a tap fly. Oh, but you can't do it in the fpv it's only going to be doing it on this little map here. So you just do one at a time. Let'S see how i just tap. There let's see what it does 16 feet away, and then you can select your mile per hour and i'm just doing the slider and go so remember. There'S, no obstacle avoidance on this. So i'm surprised it can be that low and do this blindly so it's just going to go 16 feet away, that's, definitely more than 16 feet. So that's the tap fly, it's kind of unusual, unusable, it's, just kind of a waypoint type of mission. Thing let's come back, so it just completely goes out of it. So you got to kind of control it back. I don't even know why you'd want to use that not incredibly useful it's, basically just a one way point: sixteen percent. You know what i'm gon na bypass these others for this battery and let's just try.

This let's fly out here and let's. Let it do a return to home low battery. Please land asap low battery, please land, okay, oh so it's trying to land so be careful with that. Okay, you don't want to be flying out there when it's below like 20, because it didn't seem to want to initiate a return to home it's just slowly going down. That'S no good, so be careful with that. Let'S just try a return to home, see if it can do it. Okay, i just see h battery level left. The drone is returning okay, maybe it would have i just i just um i kind of took over because it was already kind of landing on its own and it didn't go into rth until i switched this orange button here, so pulley off the sticks. Supposedly this camera, when it gets over the home point, it's supposed to angle down and visually track, the landing pad let's see if that's the case when it gets to a certain point or if you need to yeah see it looks like you need to like pull The gimbal down yourself because it said landing pad not detected that was kind of lame you'd. Think if it's going to use the camera their landing pad detected. So you kind of have to pull it down yourself, so it is working it's adjusting itself for the landing pad that's good. It had a problem there at the end, but that was okay.

It got to critical critical at like nine percent, and you also have flight logs right, so you can see like how long you've been flying and stuff let's see. If we can access that really quick and you go down here in this little dots here and you can go in flight records, and so it shows you, i did a few flights at home just to test it out. You can go on the flight list and here was the flight. We just did right here, see that and what's cool about this. It looks like it. Doesn'T want to pull in there. We go yeah that did cache the map. So that's great, you see these things on the bottom right i'm clicking on you can have your map. You can have your what your controllers doing during the flight and you can have the info of your battery. I think that's fantastic. So you have all that information, and so, if we go all the way to the end, when we landed, you see our flight route there in red. It also has your gps coordinates. It shows you the temp, it shows you what the battery was taking an amperage while it was flying through the flight, and that will change. You see how, if i scroll to the left here, you see how right there was taking nine amps and when it landed, it was taking one amp and you can see the voltage of your cells when it landed so 3.

6 still perfectly fine, and that flight was 28 minutes and 50 seconds to 9, so i wouldn't definitely doubt this can go over 30, like they claim so that's great, maybe we'll, test that in the next test, but as far as the precision landing again, i always push my batteries a little bit, so maybe That affected it when it was down to nine percent, so it's, pretty cool. You have a really amazing heads up display in your flight record, just as like you were flying so that's really cool anyway. What i was saying is the precision i'm not going to knock it too much. I mean this is literally a foot off from where it did launch. It did have a little bit of wind when it launched up. Remember that on the first launch, so it pushed it over about over here. The reason i like to have that precision landing auto to all. Do it all by itself is say: you're out there doing something and you fall down your controller breaks. You you're right next to the water there's people around you, whatever it may be. You want this thing to automatically take over, and land is closest to where it took off, because that's kind of your safe area right where the drone was taking off. You don't want it to be landing over here. If something happens to you and possibly hit a person or go right in the water say you're on the edge of a cliff or on the edge of the beach you don't want that to happen.

It is a feature that should work good if they claim stuff like that works anyway, guys that was good fun, let's put the other battery in here and do the rest of those flight modes. We'Ll do some tracking and all that kind of stuff, and just see really how good this thing is with that second battery and then we'll do a final pros and cons all right here we go guys brand new battery in the x8 2020. Initially, since we forgot to do our compass cal, it seemed to fly fine. I just did a compass cal at home, but you always want to do one kind of in an open area at home. I was kind of around some interference and i did it kind of on my trampoline area, where there's some metal surrounding it, so you really want to do it in an area like this that's completely void of any interference. Aside from, of course, your controller it's going to be kind of close to it and stuff, you don't want to have your phone in your pocket and stuff like that, so let's just doing real, quick before we start all these other advanced functions, we're going to go Into the options here – and you see how we have a little that's, actually a good gauge too, you see how it says: amount of magnetic interference there's a little meter, though so it's super low right now so perfect place to do it.

Let'S just do go through a compass calibration, and so i want to set my controller down in the ground. You know a few feet away from it and then you'll see what i'm doing on my screen i'm going to press start, and we want to just lift it up kind of away and look at the screen while we're doing this, and you can see how i'm Just kind of turning it horizontally clockwise until it tells me to do something else: okay, now it's telling me to face it up towards the sky with the camera and now do another clockwise rotation or keep doing it until it tells you something else on the screen And there we go, we got a check mark i'm going to put this guy back down and every time you do that i mean it's not saying to restart, but i honestly would just go ahead and restart so i'm going to restart this thing and then we'll Get flying and do our other stuff so just went through the whole restart process, and there we go so anyway. Let'S try a manual manual launch this time, so what we'll do is we'll bring both sticks down and in excessive vibration detected. Please check the blades and drone body for any damage now. Did you see that i didn't spread the propellers out and it did some weird vibrations, so um definitely want to be careful of that, definitely want to spread those propellers out.

Otherwise, you might have that vibration issue now that they're kind of spread out now we should be okay, let's, try that again there we go so at least it warns you that's kind of a good fail safe if one of your propellers isn't on correctly. So i actually do kind of like that it did stop, recording, though so i'm going to need to start recording again and well that's great that's, exactly what i like to see see how that the propellers turned off at about 10 seconds without me launching that's awesome. So a good fail safe too. You start it up. If you don't launch for 10 seconds, they'll shut off, so let's just push up and we'll just do a manual launch. Of course you can go as high as you want here and let's start doing. Some of these smart functions of well more of them finish them out and let's. Give i like to give the drone the benefit of the doubt by kind of putting the subject which is going to be me and the sun as much as possible. So we have a good contrast and so we're going to immediately go into this little smart robot head we're going to do smart track, and this is kind of unfortunate that it's still in beta. If you look up here on the top right, remember, it was in beta on the first one too, like a 2018 or was it the 19 model.

Let'S just try a trace, so drag a rectangle and it'll just trace you, so this doesn't have any obstacle avoidance. So be careful of that stuff! Let'S! Try it in this kind of low sunlight, see how i did a rectangle. Now remember the first one i'm just kind of redoing, the rectangle, so it has the best possible tracking of me. This is where the first one had issues where it would lose track and just start tracking the grass so we're going to press go on the screen flight too low, so it's kind of odd how some features the height can be lower than others. It seems like that goes should be red instead of telling you the flight's too low, when you click on it, why not make that red and then make it blue when it's able, okay, there we go so it's already should be tracking and let's see. If it does do that, so it should actually kind of follow me, while it's tracking so far so good. Now in the settings guys, there is a track while moving backwards, that i have on it's just right in the settings, and you see how this box is kind of getting larger. So that is kind of discouraging you see how i'm getting on the edge of the box so kind of the same thing that the other one did that's, really unfortunate. Look at that. It already lost me and it doesn't know what to do.

It'S kind of going up and down right there getting confused let's, see if it'll retract when i come in view, hey well it's retracting, but look at that square is kind of giant and i'm just going out of the square. So they really need to work on their um ai right, their automated intelligence for tracking i can't even redo a square while it's doing this. I have to x out of this press, ok and then retract again go back in uh. Smart track, trace i'm, not going to show that again, and we need to do another rectangle. Okay, let it give it the benefit now, let it sit there for a minute. Whatever it's doing some kind of recognition and then press go let's, try walking forward towards the drone. I do have the backwards flight on in the option, so it should have no problem. Let'S. Do a little jog see how this does doing good juke to the right. A little bit see how it follows. Maybe when i was going too slow, it was having trouble seems to be doing pretty good now. Go this way see how it follows a little bit delayed but it's doing pretty darn good to go towards it, see how quick it reacts. All right you just can't do more than maybe running or else it'll lose. You go back here. Watch i'm running at a steady pace now i'm going to turn around let's see if we can make it lose me: hey man that's, actually better than a lot of than the mavic air too.

Remember when i did that with the mavic air too, it couldn't keep up so on occasion, it'll screw up, but man that did really well for this 2020 version. Let'S go around this thing hide behind it get back up. I know it's weird, but i like to do these little weird things just to see okay, that time it did really well and check this out. You can move it wherever you want i'm going to pull back on the controller let's see. If we go down how far we can go down hey. Actually, i can go i'm. Just gon na go right above my chair and see if it can still do this. Wow, not bad so it's trying to maintain its distance right, so you want to really be careful. Is it coming back towards me yeah? It is so i put it out there it's staying out there. It seems to be better farther away. It'S, like the truth. Let'S run at it. Oh, it took a while to back up for some reason now: it's kicking in all right let's, try a few jukes, while it's tracking from this far away, hey that's, not bad at all, all right, that's, some way better than the last version did. Even though we had that little problem in the beginning there now i can push it forward and put it wherever i want that seemed to screw it up, that's, okay, it did well when i set it and over on the left.

Here we can change the stuff we're doing instantly, although now see that box is messed up and i can't readjust it. So i have to go out so i just changed the profile i'm gon na press okay, get out of there go back into smart track. Let'S go into profile so remember we can switch between these three on the fly as long as your your box is tracking correctly let's see if we can go from this height. Yeah see height is too low. Why not make that red if it's too low? Instead of you having to click on it and figure, it out seems like it needs to be about 10 feet, or so all right that time it worked now this is profile. It should just kind of track me. It seems like you can bring it down now. After you start tracking, it seems like this will lock the head in and it should just follow. You sideways let's see if that works, yeah, so it's not turning its head, it's, just locking in and doing a profile shot following the subject at a fixed position. Fixed height and fixed distance, without turning its head let's go back a little bit. Kinda like we did the other one right about there and let's start moving. So if you wanted to do some cool profile, shots of somebody riding a bike whatever it may be, it seems to work pretty well go forward at it.

Oh screwed, up on that profile, wouldn't want it. Doesn'T want to go back, seem like it can only do that in trace, let's see if it comes towards me, will it no so that's kind of a bummer other drones can go farther or closer and follow while it's profiling. This will not follow you, while it's profiling only sideways see this from starting to get closer or whatever it will not back up. It will not come forward. It just stays there let's see if it can track. Underneath. Oh okay fail yep, okay limitations. We always find the limitations, so would be great if they could work on that can't. Do anything here, it's really freaking out, doesn't know what to do so. I got ta get out of here and move my gimbal back up all right. Finally, getting some exercise with you guys 69 power left bring it over whoop, just so we're in the sunlight, give it the benefit of the doubt here back into smart track that's. One of the main things i wanted to test in these in these advanced functions get over here: okay um, so we did the profile and you can see the pros and cons of each let's do a lock now. This should just be like a tripod tripod sitting on the ground on a pole and not able to move at all just turn the head yeah still too low to start well, that's that's kind of lame.

They need to fix that man had to go up manually, pressing, go so say: you're like i was saying in another video, say: you're doing a frisbee match on the park here and you have a cordoned off area that the drone's in you don't have a tripod. You want to get some aerial shots you're, watching the match say from up here: let's go even higher see if they can tr uh track me from that high there we go you're droning a match and you don't want the drone to move. You just want the head to move and the camera to go up and down and follow whatever subject you choose there we go fail again kind of in the shade of the sun. I have to unfortunately get out of this, so sure would be nice if you could. Just let me try to go back in the box, but sure would be nice if you could re adjust that square while you're still in this mode, let's see if it will re, detect yeah, so failure bummer guys and you can't do anything until you get out Of this so that's definitely a big con. In my eyes there on these smart functions, there were a few um things. I want to check out here, while we're doing that we'll try that again um. Did you see these these little guys here so on the bottom? Here i have this thing i can move. So what is this gon na? Do? Oh well, that's cool it's like a tripod orbit, so you see that i just slid it to the right and now it's, going at 6.

4 feet per second let's. Try 10 feet per second, a good way to do a orbit. Now it doesn't seem like it's keeping me very in the center of the screen, but at least it's doing a decent orbit orbit, and can i run around sorta? That box is scaring me it's, getting kind of larger and out of whack. Is it backing up? Okay, this is interesting. Now the drone is actually kind of doing a trace because it's backing up a little bit as i'm going forward. Well, that's, pretty cool, so go in tripod mode. Guys and you can you can do this cool orbit function while you're moving again something that the mavic mini can't do remember, and this is the same price as the mavic mini. So for those of you looking for this infinity tracking capability, doing pretty good in this round, look at this. Of course, the contrast against the grass is helping it. You know doing sports doing soccer whatever it may be. I don't know how other players would be on the screen, but that's actually tolerable. Even though i'm slightly out of the screen, i mean not centered, but it's that's, not bad at all, so let's see if we slide the other way. Let'S, go all the way to the left maximum 13 feet per second now the sun's coming out: okay, now it's starting to orbit the other way check this out guys. So this is the best i've seen in a budget drone like this fully stabilized gimbal at this cost and it's able to do these orbit tracking functions that work pretty good better than most okay.

So i am definitely satisfied with that. Little session there so i'll wait till it kind of comes around here. Um let's see if we move the head or anything what happens? I just moved the head to the left and it kind of stopped doing anything. It took away the orbit start the orbit again just pushing the bar to the left yeah. So it has trouble keeping the subject perfectly centered, but you know that's not that bad let's see if, while it's doing this, we can kind of come down and forward. So it completely stops the orbit okay, but i do want to see if it can do like a really low and close orbit. Remember, like the mavic air air could so i just came and i'm letting off the sticks, let's see if it continues doing what it was doing. Nope i'm gon na need to push to the left again wow. I can do it from this low it's. Only like two feet off the ground right now, whoa having some issues, it's still kind of trying to do it. Oh it totally whacked out so it's not going to be able to do that, like the mavic 2. Can that kind of low orbit? Remember that i tried that in the mavic 2 video hey but it's recalibrating and getting me here, that's pretty cool let's try a little bit slower speed 6.7 feet per second, it seems to be wanting to go a little bit farther out on its own.

So you really to do this kind of stuff, guys you're going to need to and see it's losing me and hitting the chair now whoa and it just totally got whacked out: okay, so we're again finding some limitations but that's to be expected with this cheap one. It probably just doesn't, have like the ai and the processing power to do these. Okay, we're at 47 percent, guys let's switch to something else here. I just really want to see if it'll do, that in the regular smart track. If we can adjust, things got to go up again. Remember: okay, so the trace you don't even have that option on the bottom to to do a um orbit. So it's, like you, got to go into that tripod mode. To do that, so really good to know, see how it doesn't want to keep tracking me. Look at that, so i just pushed roll to the left and it just didn't want to track anymore. So if you want to do those moving orbits guys, you have to go into this mode right here: the lock mode, okay, all right enough of that i'm sure by now you got that keep repeating it, but let's just go back in here and let's. Do a couple other things we did: the tap fly that wasn't very good um let's just try and orbit. So this is when it kind of does uh like a gps point orbit. Please fly to the top of center.

Okay let's do this chair and these guys way better at doing this because it triangulates just from the camera you don't have to fly over the subject. If you don't want to let's just do this chair right there, okay and setting center. Now we need to set the radius so i'm going to pull back and let's go up. Okay, so that radius is gon na be about a hundred feet. Okay and let's set radius. We'Re gon na go all the way fast we're going to leave it let's. Let the heading be center and it's going to go counter it's going to go clockwise go so when you do this guys, you're going to need to move the gimbal see how the gimbal is still facing down. So i need to push it up manually with my left finger on the roller there. We go, but at least it locks in that gps point in its memory and you can get a pretty good orbit shot. It looks like you see how that's nice and centered i'm just moving the camera up and down as needed, so that's a pretty good orbit i'm satisfied with that let's see what happens if we move up while it's doing this orbit up and back very good okay. This in this instance, you can move the controls anywhere. You want, while it's orbiting let's try to come close closer and down. Oh, and of course this is going to be tough because you need to move your gimbal right.

I want to get closer within this fence and down keep going down, let's see how far down we can get and if it can still do this. Okay, so there's a way to get low and fast orbiting. The drone has reached auto takeoff altitude can't go lower than that look at this 16 feet, but check out that orbit, that's doing it all on its own. It seems to be pretty centered. Okay, so pretty good let's stop pressing x, okay, 33 power. My gosh don't have enough time for anything all right. Um let's do a spiral, real, quick, it's, the same thing: okay, really quick right over this chair again. Let'S try this again boom spiral. Okay, set center that's, where it's going to take off from go i'm going to have it go let's just do 150 feet about, and we'll have a auto return. Go quick before the battery runs out. All right, let's see what it does should do. A spiral come on start fly away. Am i too close? What'S up go okay. I was too close to it. So i flew away there we go. I still have to adjust my gimbal. It seems but see what it's doing it's just doing up and out in a circle. Okay, so spiral point of interest all right. We get the idea we're gon na stop it come on back and let's just finish up we're at 20 power. Let'S finish up with a couple things here: start recording it.

Apparently that stopped okay. So we did pretty much everything here: um cinematic mode, basically it's, just slowing the flight characteristics down. So we don't need me to be in view here that's. All this is doing gimbal full up, see how slow that is. Everything just is a little bit more delayed, see that and it's taking a long time to stop so it kind of slows it to mid level let's get out here. So you guys can see that that's cinematic mode guys off on that tripod tripod is incredibly slow. Look at this full throttle up only going 2 miles per hour. Full throttle forward we're only going 2 miles per hour, that's full throttle forward there and that's full yaw. Turning so you can get some really slow, tripod shots again, no obstacle avoidance, so be careful Music it's just about to go into its auto landing, and i think that's enough for today course lock. All that does is it. It takes off where the head is. You know what i mean so now it wants to land, so it looks like 15 percent and then fixed wing is just like it incorporates the controls, so it feels like an airplane flying um. You don't really need to test those out. What i was trying to say is um coarse, lock is basically, if i had the head pointing that way, and i set it. The head would still be that way, but it would be in accordance to the direction.

I was from the drone like if i pushed forward it would still fly out from me, even though the head was that way. If i pushed right, it would go right, left back so that's all that is if for like super beginners, maybe so i'm kind of just holding it up guys um. I want to see really how how long this thing can fly for and um the gimbal looks decently level now, keep in mind i'm on the side of a mountain, so that's why the mountain is so facing down right, going down the hill, but what you really Want to look at is this park should be pretty level and that's what we want to look at so um i'm, just going to keep flying i'm having to push up on my throttle. Otherwise, look it's going to go down only landing battery level left. The drone is landing low battery for landing. Please fly carefully so did you hear that it's talking to me only enough battery for landing left, it seemed to say that right when i got to 10 percent so i'm having to push my throttle up so good for emergency, if you did need the power to Get home look, you can still do this push up a little we're at nine percent. I really want to just fly until it forces me to land, which i think will probably be around – maybe five percent or so it's at eight percent.

I can still fly it and control it perfectly. Just have to put up push up a little bit, we're still just in regular um, gps mode aren't. We yeah, you see this thing, doesn't have any sensors left. It will run into an object. So you guys don't need to test that it doesn't have any sensors whatsoever for obstacle. Avoidance only thing that camera does is track and fairly well and detect the landing pad. But you seem to have to put the camera down towards the landing pad so i'm. Still just kind of flying around the horizon, yeah it's still level and see that fence the fence should be totally level there. We are at five percent, guys let's, just keep it up, keep going slowly. Moving for more efficiency. Now keep in mind that remember, i was saying if you're moving at around 20, it seems to be the perfect efficiency for this craft.