My name is michael and im going to review the phoenix 8 mini its a perfect phone for people who want something more minor but still want some of the features they would find in a bigger phone in this video. I will show you all about what makes this such a fantastic phone and how it compares to other small phones out there. This is perfect if youre looking for something that falls into that category of being compact, without sacrificing quality or features in a world without the dji mini 2. We might be looking at your perfect entry level, 4k drone its not just easily portable and lightweight enough to fall into that 250g category. It also flies well in average weather conditions with excellent battery life, making this one of those drones you can take anywhere. One of the main selling points for this phoenix 8 mini is its lightweight. Our digital scales showed us that it weighed 244 grams with a memory card inside, which means you wont need to register anywhere. The femi x8 mini is a much smaller drone that folds up to a large yoga mat. It has four folding rotor arms, just like other drones in its class, such as dji mavic, minis and dji mini 2s. This will make it easy for flyers to carry around without having too much extra weight on their shoulders or back sides when folded away into this compact form factor 145 x, 85 x, 56 mm.

The battery on this drone can be charged via a usb type c. Cable, because its located inside the unit itself, you dont have to worry about plugging in when charging. There is also an sd card slot for storing images, videos taken by yourself or while flying as well as a micro, usb port. The controller is a lot more solidly constructed than the drone. It feels fine in your hands and offers clever design touches with its removable thumb sticks that can be stored on or taken off at will. It comes equipped with lightning devices as well as usbc cables. So you are not left out if its time to charge up the dimensions are 165 x, 89 x, 47 millimeters, which may sound significant. Still, this little guy weighs only 260 gms making him portable enough, whether working long hours away from home or just running errands around town, while prepping yourself before taking on another project. Later, the controller by control lab seems like an exciting option for gamers, looking forward to playing their favorite video games anytime anywhere. The layout is intuitive and straightforward theres a power button under left control and an led battery indicator that flashes red when its time to charge your drone or replace its batteries. If you go on vacation without fully charging them before takeoff, theres, also one for returning home on the right side, just tap this with your finger in case, something goes wrong. Tapping upwards shifts everything into video mode, so all those captured can last forever at a higher resolution than still images perfect.

If mobility isnt such an issue but capturing every tiny detail, matters more than ever femi claims. The x8 mini, has a theoretical transmission range of up to eight kilometers from its controller, which is less than djis latest offerings. But since most countries regulations state that you have to keep your drone within the visual line of sight while flying it any difference in the distance becomes academic. Anyway, we were impressed by the controllers performance. It maintained a solid connection with our iphone and x8 mini drone. Losing it only at one point when we tested that this was not because of range just close enough for us, the app also has real time, gps tracking. So if anything goes wrong during a flight, then youll know where to find your aircraft again. If something happens to its usual signal, strength or location, this small helicopter is an excellent choice for those who want to learn how to fly or have always wanted to take up flying. It has downward facing anti collision sensors to land on its own without crashing into anything. Still, the downside of this design is that if you hit something with such force, then theres not much chance at stopping your fall, because these types only withstand about eight meters per second worth of winds. We had no real problems, getting it where we wanted to go. The board is a nippy, responsive flyer that controls nicely and can move at about 16 meters per second with the wind behind it, with up to 30 minutes of flight time on a full charge.

We have no complaints about battery life. In addition, youll get warnings through the app when power is ebbing with an easy retrieval button at your disposal for those leg or thumb heavy moments, the feeney navi mini app is an essential part of the flight process were happy to report that its less demanding than Fly, but does everything you need in a well organized way. The ui may be simple compared with djis impressive interface options. Still its cleanliness makes things easier when setting up flights. There were never any crashes during our tests either. The x8 mini offers a 5.8 gigahertz wi fi flight mode. That lets you ditch the hardware controller and create an easy connection between your phone, with no cables messing up your run. At the same time, this is a less comfortable way to fly drones, but can come in handy as a backup if something goes wrong during real time control sessions, as you can see from our sample footage above 4k, videos exhibit fine detail and benefit from the drones. Aerial stability, however, they are a bit lacking in dynamic range, no surprise, given their tiny size sensor, but thankfully, in camera, processing provides us with an idea of what were missing out on by not shooting with professional cameras. A few clips were shot using a standard, color profile, in contrast, others had f log enabled so feedback could be seen more clearly at different isos brr settings. The tiny camera on the drone captures photos at 12, mp or 8mp resolution in jpeg and dng raw formats.

There isnt a lot of dynamic range, but this could be mitigated by post production.