Unfortunately, my little femi uh has had uh is, is injured, had a little bit of an accident wasn’t flying at all. It was me dropping it and uh, basically i’m gon na see. If i can get this in here, where you guys can see it. Hopefully it looks like it’s focused there. You can see a crack in the arm, let’s see if we can look at it from that angle uh. So that arm is cracked and then also i’m, getting a a gimbal error. Now let me get the gimbal cover off and uh the gimbal uh appears to be. Hopefully this will focus here. Yeah it looks like it is now. The gimbal does not appear to be damaged in any way and or at least any physical damage, yeah we’re. Having a little struggle in focusing there uh, but i am getting a gimbal error on the screen, uh and in fact we’ll fire it up here and i can. I can show you what the gimbal is doing so. Give me just a second and you can see that gimbal kind of having a little bit of a spaz attack there uh, and so i don’t know what that why that is. You know unless there’s a cable that came loose inside there or something uh there doesn’t appear to be any physical damage to the gimbal uh, but clearly there’s a problem. So let me tell you what happened uh i was out last evening.

I wanted to get some low light sunset shots. The sun was just going down, so i went to the school grounds kind of next door to me over here and i was getting all set up and i was in a hurry unfolding the drone and i dropped it from about. I mean it was very close to the ground, a foot, foot and a half. I was bending down just to put it on the landing pad. In any case, the drone fell, and i think i believe it fell first on this arm and that’s what broke that arm uh other than that i mean you. Look at the drone there’s no marks on it, there’s! No, so in any case it did, it did break it, and what i’m going to tell you is this is a very fragile product. So if you get it be very careful with it and handle it with care, probably more care than what you would with your with your dji mini, i i’m not going to try it. I suspect that this drone would have handled the same thing without an issue. I can’t say that for certain and of course, i’m not going to try it but that’s, my gut feeling, but i did get a hold of the people at femi to see if they could just ship me. Another drone body right just the drone itself and of course they told me because of high demand. They don’t have anything available to ship.

They offered, they said, hey, send it back into us to our repair service, well, obviously that’s in china. So, by the time i paid for shipping back and forth to china and whatever they charge me for repair, i might as well just buy a new one right so uh, so that doesn’t make any sense either so i’ll. I really want to continue testing this drone and my sincere hope was to do a bunch of comparison tests with the mini 2, but that’s not going to happen at least on my channel anytime soon, but i am going to replace this one way or another now, As you guys know, there just aren’t any available at this time to to purchase you know they all say pre order. Even on the femi store on aliexpress they’re saying the same thing they just don’t have any available, but when they do become available, i for sure will just purchase another one in the meantime, i’m going to take this guy down to an electronics repair store and see What they can do, i am quite sure that this leg could be glued plastic, welded and mended to be very likely good as new. Now the issue is what’s going on with the gimbal. Now you know i’ve looked down in there, i don’t see any kind of ribbon cable that looks like it’s broken or come loose or anything, but clearly there’s, something there’s, something that caused that error so i’m, hoping that they can look at it isn’t.

Is it a mouth that came loose, although i can’t see that there it looks, you know pretty normal, so uh anyway, i’ll take that in and i’ll see if i can get it repaired. If i can, we might be up and running fairly quickly if i can’t it’s just going to have to wait until i can, i can buy another one and then we’ll uh we’ll go with that. I do want to talk a little bit about what i’ve seen so far while i can’t compare do make do a comparison, video on them uh. What i have seen with the femi mini 2 i’m impressed with it’s a really good effort on femi’s part and especially at the price i paid 319. Obviously the price has gone up now. Hopefully i could get one at a reasonable price in the future. We’Ll see, but with regard to the differences between these two drones, you know, i know there’s some feature set differences between them and i know there’s some people that are interested in tracking and waypoints that this drone will do and this drone will not uh. But i can tell you camera wise there’s, no question the dji mini 2 is heads and tails superior over the femi x8 mini. This camera has a lot of promise. It looks pretty good the the i love the colors in it. I love the sharpness in it. Some people say it’s over sharp, i kind of like sharp video.

So i like it, the issue i had in and you saw in my videos we had some gimbal shake, particularly in forward flight. When i was out over the canyon, you saw it noticeably, but even the flight that i did at heroes park, you could see it and that’s just the problem. The reason you buy a camera drone is to get some nice stable, smooth video. Now the other thing i saw with it is there’s a fair amount of video netting in the video, and by that i mean the center of the video, is a lot brighter than the edges, the corners and the edges. If you go back and look at the videos that i’ve taken with it, particularly the one in the canyon it’s very evident there, uh you can see it now is, is that a deal breaker for me? You know what it isn’t. I i still thought that the video looked uh pretty good. The deal breaker for me was the shaking the gimbal shake in the video, so in any case, we’ll keep moving forward and i know there’s firmware, updates and so forth. So i will take this guy in and see if i can get it repaired, whether i get this one repaired or not. I will uh order another one and and we’ll do some comparison. Videos uh with the uh dji mini 2., now obviously uh the uh, the the 800 pound gorilla in the in the room is the announcement from hubsan with regard to their new uh mini it’s, the xeno mini pro.

You got ta remember these names that one has some amazing features on it. It’S got a much bigger sensor. It’S got a a 100 megabit bit rate, which is tremendous on on a little mini drone like that it has they’re claiming a 40 minute flight time. Uh it’s got a ton of features on there. That should be very interesting, so i’m, going to assure you that i’ll get a hold of one of those just as soon as i can, and what would be really fun is do a mini versus mini versus mini video, so hopefully we can uh. We can get that going uh in the future uh, but i just wanted to update you with what happened with my femi x8 mini and why you won’t see any videos on it for a while uh, but hopefully we’ll get that resolved soon. So i guess that’s about it uh. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like, this kind of content, please subscribe to my channel and i do appreciate you taking the time to watch this video and, of course, we’ll see on the next one.